tagIncest/TabooNaked Mother Ch. 08

Naked Mother Ch. 08


I was waiting for my son's masturbation party fixed for the Friday night. Late in the Friday evening, I slipped into a skimpy bikini and proceeded to the swimming pool.

"Mom its too late in the evening to be swimming. Please go in mom and wear something proper. I've invited my friends over for a party." Andy told me.

"It will take just a minute more." Moments later I was out of the pool.

The very next moment a good-looking guy walked in.

"Hey Harry." Andy jumped with joy.

I was no less excited. Harry was probably the best looking guy I'd seen in recent times.

Andy introduced me to Harry. Harry's eyes were fixed on my bikini cleavage. Both the boys were in their shorts. I saw two youthful erections.

"Well Andy I better go in and change."

And I walked back in to my room. Harry followed Andy in to his room. I changed into silver colored sexy lingerie and a sleeveless black evening gown. The V shape showed ample cleavage, shoulder curves, and armpits, which I had shaved just for this party. The gown slits allowed both my legs to move out. In fact, the slits even allowed a glimpse at my panties.

I slowly walked out of my room and moved towards my son's room. I heard Andy and Harry talking. Like a spy, I stood outside their room to listen to them talking.

"Your mom looked stunning in her bikini. My masturbation party has already begun."

Andy clearly looked embarrassed, not knowing what to say.

"Hey, you are hard too. Is that because of your mom?"

I moved into the kitchen. Minutes later I was ready to serve the dinner. I called out the boys. This time there were 4 of them. Andy introduced me to Tom and Dick.

After the dinner, I decided to talk to the boys.

"Mom, this is a boys only party." Andy tried to remind me.

"Well let me see if the boys want to talk to me or not."

"I don't mind," said Harry.

"Why should I mind either," said Tom.

Dick did not seem to object either.

"So there you are Andy, your friends want to talk to me." I said with a triumphant smile.

"So boys I've decided to talk about something really hot. I hope there is nobody here below the age of 18 years."

"None mom."

"Good. Any guesses what we are going to talk about?"

"Well you asked for "older-than-18" so I think it is sex," guessed Harry.

"You are close, in fact, I am going to talk about masturbation." I had a naughty smile on my face.

"Oh my God." Andy seemed a little embarrassed.

"So how many boys in this room have masturbated at one time or the other?" I asked smiling seductively.

Harry's hand went up. "I just love masturbating," he said with a naughty grin

Tom and Dick were the next to confess. Then I turned to Andy.

"What about you darling?" I knew it all. But I just wanted to ask him in the presence of his friends.

"Yes mom. I masturbate too."

"So whom do you masturbate to, boys?"

"There are so many of them--busty beauties who appear naked in the magazines," said Tom.

"I just love Pamela Anderson," spoke Dick.

"And you Harry?" I asked with a smile.

"Well it has to be my mom. She is simply stunning--a real sex bomb of a brunette. Her tits looking amazing in bikinis; masturbating to mom is such a joy." Harry hardly showed any nervousness as he revealed his masturbatory preference.

Now this was turning me on. Harry had just admitted masturbating to his own mom.

"So you think of your own mom when you masturbate? Isn't that strange? I am sure that must be extremely rare--a boy fantasizing his own mom to masturbate." I pretended my surprise.

"I don't think so. I am pretty sure there are lots of young guys like me masturbating to their own moms," argued Harry.

"What?" I knew my son masturbated to me. But I just loved this conversation. So I continued with my pretense.

"Yeah just look at yourself; you are so damn sexy--just the perfect masturbation babe for a horny young lad. You are just the hot mom young guys would dream of. I can bet your son Andy has masturbated to you. When I came in you had a bikini on; and both of us had huge erections. I don't think any virile youngster who has seen you in a bikini can resist masturbating." Harry hit the nail on the head.

"That can't be true." I was now arguing just for the sake of argument. I knew Harry was telling the truth.

"I am ready to put ten bucks on that. Why don't you ask your own son?"

I was sure I was going to lose ten bucks. But I couldn't care. Just to tease Andy in the presence of his friends I decided to ask Andy.

"Is that true Andy?"

"Oh mom I am sorry; you just lost ten bucks."

"Surely...you must be joking Andy."

"No mom I am not."

"Well how do we settle this issue?" I asked.

"Lets ask Andy to strip. I am sure he has a huge erection looking at his mom in a sexy, cleavage-showing and curve-revealing costume," suggested Harry.

"Andy you must strip now." I ordered.

My son lost little time in getting rid of his shirt, his vest, and shorts. I could see the bulge in his underwear.

"Now drop your underwear." I smiled as I ordered him.

"Mom, my friends are watching," he protested.

"I don't care. Drop your underwear."

He hesitated again. So I went up to him and gently pulled it down inch by inch till it was down to his feet. I picked up my son's underwear and tossed it away. I saw his hard penis with a drop of moisture at the tip, as he stood naked amongst his mom and friends.

Harry pointed to Andy's cock. "Just look at your son's erection. I am sure he just can't wait to masturbate."

"What about you guys? How many of you think I am sexy enough to be a masturbation babe?"

"Mom...please don't talk like that. I am already hard." Andy complained.

Harry continued, "Wow you are no less hot than my mom. What do you think Tom and Dick?"

Tom and Dick nodded their heads in agreement.

"Guys lets have a masturbation party. Get naked all of you. Andy, ask your friends to masturbate to momma." I announced as I got rid of my gown and posed for the boys in my silver colored bra and panties.

"Mom, are you crazy?"

"Just a little naughty darling. Look at your own erection honey."

Tom, Dick, and Harry lost no time in getting rid of their clothes. I saw 4 naked young lads with erect cocks dangling out.

"Andy, now watch your friends masturbating to momma. But Andy you must not masturbate because I don't think it is right for a boy to masturbate to his own mom." I said as I teased my son.

"Mom, please be reasonable; look at my hard on and you think I can resist this hard on. Mom I just have to masturbate to you right away." Andy explained his condition.

"Just see what you have done to your son," pointed Harry with a wry smile.

"Mom...I can't believe you are letting my friends masturbate to you," said my son.

"Masturbating is so normal...so natural. It is so healthy. I guess everybody masturbates at one time or the other. I see no harm in guys masturbating together. And what's wrong in a sexy woman letting her son's friends masturbate to her. I mean if I am really sexy these guys are really going to masturbate to me in any case. So why not enjoy it all together. So guys just grab your cocks and get going." I encouraged the guys to masturbate.

"Me too mom. I want to masturbate to you too mom." Andy asked me so very sweetly and politely.

"Yes Andy you too...you too can masturbate to momma and have fun. I know you love momma and momma loves you too." I assured my son just as sweetly and politely. I went up to my son and ran my finger all over his cock.

I was glad that my son had not spoken a word about all that had happened between us at the beach and in the showers. He had kept our secret a secret.

What I saw next was--4 virile young lads in their early 20s holding their cocks and playing with them as I struck poses in my sexy lingerie.

"Slow boys slow don't be in a hurry to finish things off." I suggested to the masturbating boys.

"Are you enjoying it?" I asked the boys.

"Yeah you are stunning--just the kind of sexy moms I look out for," replied Harry.

"So tell me guys the words you use for masturbation. One is jerk-off. Is that right?

"Yes mom." It was Andy.

"Jack off." That was Harry.

"Beating the meat. That's how I call it," said Dick.

"How about spilling the sperms?"

"That sounds hot too," said Tom.

"Andy, are you turned on watching your friends masturbating to momma in skimpy lingerie?" I asked my son.

"Mom you must not talk like that. That will make me cum right away."

"Andy, just ask your friends how hot and sexy they find your mom as masturbation material." I teased my son.

"Mom this is making me so hard," my son yelled as he continued to masturbate.

"Andy just ask your friends if they'd like to see momma in even lesser clothing." I continued to tease my son.

"Mom you are already down to a 2-piece lingerie." He sought to remind me.

"I know that honey but guys do fantasize sexy babes in lesser clothing."

Harry couldn't keep mum for long.

"Andy...you know, my mom is so sexy. I'd love to see her naked."

"See Andy your pal Harry wants to see his own mom naked." I reminded my son.

Tom chipped in, "Harry what about Andy's mom?"

"Why not just look at her figure. I saw her in a bikini minutes before you guys came here. I'm already thinking of Andy's mom posing naked for our magazine," said Harry. He was clearly enjoying the conversation.

"Yeah...and she has such beautiful eyes and gorgeous lips--and an awesome smile, beautiful long hair. Harry is right. Andy I'd love to see your mom naked too." Dick opened his mouth.

"Mom you are driving my friends crazy?" complained Andy.

"Andy there is nothing unusual in guys wanting to see a beautiful woman naked." I declared.

"Mom you are so naughty. They are talking about you mom," said Andy.

"Does it turn you on? Tell me Andy honestly." I asked my son as I smiled again.

"Mom my cock has never got so hard."

"Andy that says something; you too want to see momma naked just like your friends. Don't you?" I asked.

"Oh mom." My son let out a moan as he spilled his semen.

It didn't take long for the boys to shoot their loads.

"Boys...it is time for you to relax before we have another round of masturbation. I bet I will make it hotter." I announced with a smile as I disappeared into my room to fetch some coke and fries for the boys.

Fifteen minutes of resting later, I was ready for another round.

"Mom...mine isn't hard yet." It was Andy.

"Andy...just ask Harry to remove momma's bra; that will make you hard in no time." I suggested to my son.

"Harry, get rid of my mom's bra." Andy requested Harry rather timidly.

I saw Andy's cock getting bigger aroused by his own words. Harry walked up to me and placed his hand on my bra cup.

I smiled. "Andy just watch what Harry does to your momma."

Harry kissed my neck and shoulders and then lost no time in unhooking my bra. I helped Harry in freeing my arms out of the bra. I was topless now.

"Now Harry just toss my bra away for my son to catch," I told him with a smile.

"Here Andy catch your momma's bra...wow aren't your momma's tits gorgeous," said Harry.

"I hope Andy that gives you enough stimulation for another round of masturbation." It was my turn to ask my son.

"Mom...its incredibly hard. Thanks for making it hard mom." said Andy as he grabbed his cock.

The boys got busy masturbating.

"Anybody about to shoot his load?"

"Me," Harry raised his hand.

"Andy I hope you don't mind if Harry shoots his load on momma's tits." I asked my son with a wicked grin.

"Mom...I'd love to see Harry cum on your tits. Yes Harry, spill your cream on my mom's boobs."

Harry blasted his cream all over my tits.

"Anybody else who wants to cum on my breasts." I made an irresistible offer to the boys.

This got Tom and Dick excited. They moved closer to me and spilled their sperms on my oranges.

"Andy what about you darling. Want to cum on momma's tits." I pointed to my creamy boobs.

"Yes mom me too. Mom say something hot before I cum."

"Andy we are going to have more rounds of masturbation tonight. And your momma will make the next round hotter than this with more stimulation for you boys."

"Oh mom. This is driving me crazy."

Andy drew closer to me and sprayed his semen all over my breasts.

"You boys need some rest before the next round while I wash my tits clean." I announced and walked out of the room into my shower.

Around 20-25 minutes later I was back again in a bikini bra and a fully transparent mini skirt and no panties inside. This sexy costume had the boys erect in no time.

"So boys ready for more. Want some more stimulation?"

"You remember guys the last time around we had a masturbation party...we had a strip dancer to entertain us." Harry reminded the boys.

"Yeah how about some belly dance your mom certainly has the figure for it." Tom joined in.

"So guys you all want a belly dance." I said. I was soon shaking my belly very much like a belly dancer.

"Mom...this comes as a real surprise. I never knew about your belly dancing talent." It was Andy getting pretty excited.

The boys masturbated while I danced in my skimpy no-panties fully transparent mini skirt, offering the boys a view to my cunt and ass. The mini flew around flashing my neatly trimmed hairy cunt.

"Wow this is more of a pussy dance than a belly dance," commented Dick.

"Andy do you mind if momma makes this even hotter and sexier?" I asked my son.

"Sure mom. Just the idea is turning me on."

"So guys I've decided to make things hotter for you. I've decided to get rid of one of my pieces of clothing. And it is for you guys to decide which piece." I announced with a slut like smile.

"I vote for the mini taken off." It was Harry.

"Me too." Tom followed.

"Well I just love your momma's tits, what lovely nipples. I vote for the bikini bra." Dick made it 2-1 in favor of the mini.

It was my son's turn now to vote.

"Mom I vote to make it 3-1 for the mini. Take off your mini mom." Andy declared the voting result. I was delighted at the thought of taking off my mini and completely exposing my cunt and ass to the boys. What I loved more was my son's confidence.

"Oh my God Andy don't you think that will make it too hot." I protested nevertheless.

"Mom my friends are our guests and I guess you ought to entertain them to the best of your ability."

"The best of my ability honey--that sounds interesting. Do you have an idea of momma's best abilities?" I asked my son looking seductively into his eyes.

"Wow that really sounds hot." It was Harry interrupting my conversation with Andy.

"How many of you want to see me completely naked right here right now." I asked my son and his friends with all the confidence I could muster.

"Fantastic idea. Andy I want to see your mom naked," said Tom as he rubbed his cock against his thighs.

"Tom is right. Your mom is must-see-naked material. I can go miles to see a sexy and beautiful woman like her naked." Dick seemed as excited as Tom.

"What do you think Harry; want to see me naked? I asked the handsome lad.

"Why not? I bet even your son wants to see you naked." Harry replied as he pumped his erect penis.

I turned to Andy. I had been reading his private diaries secretly. So I knew everything. But I decided to ask.

"What about you Andy? Have you heard what Harry just said? Do you want to see momma naked?" I smiled like a slut as I asked him.

"Oh mom, yes mom. I'd love to see you naked."

"You too Andy. I am your mom, darling."

"Get naked mom," my son ordered me.

"Oh God...do you know your friends will be watching." I argued just to tease him.

"Oh mom...that is precisely why I want you to strip. I want my friends to see my mom naked." That was my own horny son talking.

I was now on the verge of taking my exhibitionism to a higher level. I could feel my juices flow as I prepared to get rid of my transparent mini and the skimpy bikini bra. I peeled my see-through mini down to my feet. I picked up my mini and threw it away. Then, dancing, smiling, I untied the bikini knot to free my arms and tits. I tossed the bra among the boys. My son, Andy, caught it. I was now dancing naked in front of the boys.

"Wow that is absolutely terrific! Guys my mom is naked." Andy was really excited.

"I've decided it. I want your mom to pose for my magazine." Harry declared and then turning towards me asked me, "Are you interested?"

"Well I'll think about it." That was all I could say. But the talk was turning me on.

"Well why talk of nude modeling? She is porn material; what do you think guys." It was Dick coming out with the idea. Tom and Harry seemed to like it. I decided to turn to my son.

"So your friends want to see your momma in porn. What about you Andy? Do you think momma is porn material?" I asked and I smiled. I couldn't resist poking a finger into my pussy as I finished my question.

"Oh mom I can't believe you are talking like this. You are making me so damn hard."

"Andy, think of momma in blue films or porn as it is called these days. That will give you great joy while masturbating." I tried to make things really hot for him.

"My sexy mom--all naked in blue films, all naked in porn." My son screamed as he shot his load out. His friends spilled their sperms as well.

"Guys you need some rest before the next round. I'll call you all over to my bathroom. I'll take a shower while you guys can watch and masturbate. But before that...take some rest boys."

And I moved out to my bathroom. I showered myself and then jumped into my tub. I whipped up soap lather all over my body as I fingered myself. Minutes later, I picked up the cell phone and gave a missed call to my son. It was a signal to the boys to move in to my bathroom for another round of masturbation. My bathroom was large enough for that.

As the boys moved in to my bathroom, I emerged out of my tub. The foam and lather covered me from my shoulders down to my feet.

"So boys, ready for the fun?" I asked them.


I picked up the shower piece and began to water down the soap lather—first from my feet, then my legs and thighs, then my shoulders, my arms, my tits, my ass, and finally my pussy. The boys were in absolute delight as I showered myself naked in front of them. It was exhibitionism at its best.

"Wow, doesn't she look sexy all wet and naked. Just look at the drops of water on her taut, fresh skin." That was Dick with his observations.

"And what beautiful tanned body--with no tan lines. Your mom must have been sun bathing naked," said Tom

"That is right, boys. I do love to be naked in the sun. I want one of the boys to help me masturbate. Harry, are you interested?" I asked with a naughty smile as I ran one finger all over my boobs. I just could not resist flirting with the handsome Harry.

"Oh my God" said Andy as he grabbed his penis.

"Come, Harry smell my armpits," I asked Harry as I raised my arms. I had shaved my armpits just a day back. Soon Harry walked up to me and began smelling my armpits. Then he began to lick my shoulders and armpits before moving over to suck my tits. His hands played with my thighs and ass. I slipped one finger into my pussy and grabbed Harry's cock with the other hand.

"Masturbate him mom." Andy made a request.

I began to stroke Harry's penis up and down, just the way guys do it when they masturbate. All the boys were now busy masturbating.

"If only I could make a video of you naked in the shower." Tom put forth another hot fantasy.

"Wow. What a smashing idea! That really arouses me mom."

"Just shut up," I said firmly. But deep down in my heart, I liked the idea.

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