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Nadine Jansen, Agent 48EE


Nadine’s Mission #1

This is Story One in the Nadine Jansen, Agent 48EE series. I should have Part 2 done by Sunday. This is a celebrity parody, intended to spoof live persons without inferring, intimating, or representing those person(s) views, sexuality, or activities as actual.

Nadine walked into her supervising agent's office ready for her first mission ever. She had no details as yet, and she was a little apprehensive, as well as anxious, to begin her first assignment. She'd never met her supervisor; the only thing she knew about him was his name, John Hoff, and that he'd been with the agency 10 years. She used her "card key" to gain entry to the reception area she knew Hoff's secretary was stationed, and as she walked up to the desk she smiled brightly at the pretty, exotic-looking receptionist seated there.

"Hi" she greeted the woman in her accented English. "I'm Agent Jansen, here to meet Supervising Agent Jansen at 10 o'clock”

"Yes, hi, he's expecting you" the woman answered back, her eyes roving over the sweater that Nadine's tremendous 48EE cups were straining to the limit. "He should be out in a few minutes; have a seat over there " she invited, pointing to some comfortable-looking leather chairs along the wall.

"Okay" Nadine agreed, and as she walked away she could have sworn she heard the receptionist mutter “The Chief is gonna LOVE you” under her breath. Five minutes later, a tall, athletically-built black man came out of the office Labeled "J. Hoff, Supervising Agent" and spoke briefly to the secretary in a low tone. Though she was too far away to hear the conversation clearly, she thought she heard the woman say something like, “get a load a' those jugs”, which got a low chuckle from Hoff.

"Agent Jansen" he called, motioning her to follow him, “Good to meet you. Let's get this over with so that you can start your assignment, hmm?" He had a deep, melodious voice, well-modulated, and he was very handsome, Nadine noted as she shook his hand and then followed him into his office.

The receptionist, Iris, followed a few moments later with a silver coffee service and an array of liquor bottles on a cart. "Would you like coffee or a cocktail?" she asked Nadine.

"I'll have whatever Agent Hoff is having" the busty agent replied.

"Scotch rocks for me, please, Iris" Hoff stated, and Iris poured each of them two fingers of scotch into split crystal tumblers. She left, closing the door, leaving the two spys alone. Sipping at his drink, Hoff surprised Nadine by asking, "Surprised that I'm a black man?"

"Well, I, umm I, actually" Nadine stammered, "I am a little; Hoff is a common last name in Germany, and so I guess I thought…..." she trailed off.

Hoff grinned. "Don't worry; I get the same reaction all the time. I have a grandfather from Berlin, hence Hoff. Anyway, you didn't come to discuss genealogy; I'll fill you in on your assignment.” Hoff sat back in his chair, and took more of his drink. "I want to make it clear, just as reinforcement, that the agents working in this organization do whatever it takes to infiltrate and sabotage our "opposite numbers’" networks, and often that includes screwing them, to be frank. You were chosen and trained for just that purpose, just so we understand each other"

Nadine nodded. She had been briefed on this job requirement and had no qualms about her ability to fulfill it.

He finished his scotch and set the empty glass on his desk. "Your "assets" should allow you to easily bed enemy agents, get information from them, and then destroy your targets. You know the area of operation, in this case Germany, and you have received the best training available. That's why you're here. Any questions so far?"

"No sir"

"Good...some of the enemy spies will be women; is that a problem?"

"Welll...I'm a little inexperienced in that area, sir" Nadine admitted.

"No problem; I've already assigned Iris to give some additional training" Hoff stated, a slight smirk on his face. "Report to her after we're finished here; she’s the receptionist, though she does some training and other tasks as assigned. Now, about the assignment: a German industrialist, with ties to neo-nazi organizations, has stolen a nuclear weapon and is planning to detonate it in Africa. Her name is Helga Kruger, and she's very serious. You are to infiltrate the organization, kill Kruger, and stop the bomb from going off. Kruger is married, but she is a lesbian, and she is especially fond of beautiful, voluptuous women like yourself. The rest of the information you need, as well as money, plane tickets, etc, are in this packet" He handed Nadine a sealed manila envelope, which seemed quite bulky. “If there's nothing else, Iris will take over your training from here. Good Luck, Nadine"

"Thank you, sir"

He followed her to the door, and as she went through it, he palmed the left cheek of her lush ass and squeezed it. Nadine flashed him a knowing smile as she continued to Iris's desk. "I'm ready for my training" she announced.

"I bet you are" Iris snickered.


She led Nadine down a long hallway and into a large, spacious room set-up like a bedroom suite. The bedroom part is dominated by a king sized bed, among other things. “ Some of your targets will be men, but the majority will be female” Iris began. “Because of this, I’ve been assigned to give you some instruction in seduction techniques that you will need to do your job”

Nadine raised her hand, a little timidly, and said “Ummm…...I’m not gay”

Iris waved her off. “Gay, straight, bi...none of those things really matter, sweetie. Giving a another woman head isn’t a function of sexuality, at least not here. Some of our best female operatives don’t have a “gay” bone in their body; call it “situationally gay”. Now, we don’t have a lot of time, so pay attention; you’ll need to learn fast. Let’s start with you stripped and on the bed”

Nadine has her orders, and so she strips-off her dress and tosses it onto a nearby chair. Iris knew she was stacked, but her eyes nearly pop out of her head at the sight of Nadine’s voluptuous curves clad in hot-pink bra, garter-belt, thong, and three inch heels. Her sheer, seamed stockings are smoky-black.

I KNOW, I KNOW…ya want HOT< NASTY S-E-X! Don’ worry, it’s cumming...

Part Two soon 2 cum!

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