tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Lovers

My Wife's Lovers

byOne Wounded Dragon©

I had told my wife of my panty fetish long before our marriage. I explained that I was heterosexual, but had worn panties most of my life. I'm normally very masculine, but when I was very young, my mother had dressed me in panties. I find them soft and very sexy, a daring secret I enjoy. My favorites were the silky feminine styles, usually soft pinks and lace. She hesitated and I feared I'd lost her. Then, she asked me what my favorite fantasy was and I quietly told her it was to be forced to show my panties in public. Not really humiliated, but maybe asked to model my panties or maybe walk some trails in a distant park. She smiled. To my relief she lovingly accepted my fetish and arrived on her next visit with a gift of several pair of high-cut panties. They were beautiful and she daringly displayed the pair she was wearing, then asked me to wear the matching pair. My fears were erased and my cock grew harder, I slipped the bright pink panties on and she rubbed her pussy against my hard cock, teasing us. "Later..." she promised.

As our relationship progressed, we became more daring, often spending summer weekends wearing nothing but panties and maybe T-shirts. She was gorgeous, her full breasts swayed and her large nipples hardened. Her long blond hair was sun streaked and she liked to show off her gorgeous all over tan. We even made short trips outside in the evening, checking the mail, watering plants, etc. I loved seeing men watch her and she loved it even more when traffic slowed as they saw me in my panties. We had begun playing with a fantasy, of me watching another man or men fuck her and it always produced powerful orgasms for both of us. Afterward, we would re-affirm our feelings for each other and agreed we only wanted each other, falling asleep in each other's arms. Her love for me was unquestionable and mine for her was deep and sincere. During one of these fantasies, she daringly told me her imaginary lover was getting her pregnant, and we both had tremendous orgasms.

"Someday Love, we're going to do that." She promised. Our fantasies were becoming bolder.

One night, I awoke to the sound of my wife slipping into the bedroom. She often worked late, but it was several hours later than usual. She carefully sat on the edge of the bed and the sheets rustled against her clothes. She was undressing as she bent to kiss me.

"Hi Swee, sorry I'm so late."

I kissed her and smelled the pungent odor of perfume, sweat, and something else, the unmistakable smell of sex. Even in the darkness I could see her hair was a mess and her clothes disheveled. She kissed me again, deeper. She pushed me back on the bed kissing me deeply, pulling my tongue into her mouth.

"Oh Lover, I did it... Please don't be angry, it felt sooo good..." she whispered. She was aroused and very sexy, undressing as she climbed into bed with me.

My mind reeled, twisting, churning, a mass of emotion, she had done it. We often played the fantasy, but fantasies were safe, but now...? I was hurt, jealous, angry, confused and my cock was hard as a rock. She reeked of sex. Did she still love me? I started to speak.

"Sshhh... " she held a finger to my lips and kissed a trail down to my cock.

"Ooh..." I held her and caressed her. She wore a satin camisole and sheer matching panties and I could see two hickeys, dark on her throat and the inside of her breast. Her nipples were hard erasers and she lay back, spreading her legs wide. Even in the darkness, I could see her panties were soaked. My hands roamed freely and I cupped her dripping panties. Below her panties I found the tops of her lace top stockings. My hands slid back to her pussy. She was soaked, and very slippery.

"Oh Hon, I'm going to fuck you." I spoke softly.

"Oh Lover... I am sooo full of cum..." She moaned as I caressed her wet panties.

She kissed me deeply and climbed onto me, humping her wet pussy on my leg for a moment. Reaching down, she slid one leg out of her panties and deftly rolled her hips until my cock nestled between her pussy lips. They were swollen and soft and I humped against her clit.

"Oh Hon, I let him undress me in front of his friends." She kissed me as she described her night.

"I just leaned back against him and let him undress me. He tugged on my nipples and caressed my pussy while everyone watched. I just lay back and spread my legs and let his cock slide into me... Ooooh... it felt sooo good... everyone watched him fucking me..." she moaned.

"Ooh... did they fuck you too?" My cock slipped into her pussy.

"Uh-huh, is that ok? It felt sooo good, I let them fuck me and cum in me again and again... Oooohhh.... Oh Lover, I took my diaphragm out before they fucked me. Is that ok?"

"Oh God, you're ovulating... you feel sooo good."

"His cock is sooo big; I wanted all his cum inside me... I didn't use any protection." She pinned my shoulders to the bed, watching my eyes as she rubbed her clit against my cock. She was soft and very wet, her pussy warm and open. She rose up slightly and teased the head of my cock, bumping it in and out of her wet pussy.

"Ooohh Lover, I fucked a black man and let him fill my fertile pussy with cum. Everyone watched me cum on his cock, it feels so good..."

"Ooohh, Oh yes, I can feel his cum... your pussy feels sooo full..." I moaned, holding her ass and feeling her pussy squeeze as she rode me. She gently eased over me, watching my eyes and humping her wet cunt over my cock. I felt her clit rub against me and I was fully inside her. She wrapped her legs around me and we rolled over so I could ride her.

"Ohh God... you're so full of cum... " I gently deep fucked her.

"Ooohh Hon, I knew you'd like this. Your cock is soooo hard, I know you want this. You feel sooo good inside my cum-filled pussy. Ooohh... he fucked me again and again...it felt soooo good. I just lay back like this and let him cum in me, I didn't care if he got me pregnant." She raised her arms over her head and lay back for me.

"Oohh God, my gorgeous wife. Did you pull him into you when he came?"

"Ooohh yes, I wanted his cum deep inside of me." She pressed her full pussy against me, rubbing her clit on my pubic bone. "It feels soooo good, we never use protection..."

"Oh... did you tell him you love him?"

"Yes, yes but only while we were cumming... it felt sooo good..."

"Oh Lover... you're ovulating..." I moaned.

"Yes, oh yes... I love feeling his cum pumping into me. I want to be full of his black baby... Oh yes! I want everyone to know your wife's fucking a black lover, " she humped me deep inside her pussy.

"Oohh... you're getting pregnant on his cock on purpose... "

"Uh-huh, it feels sooo good..."

"Ooohh God, do I know him?" I moaned, my cock thrusting deep inside her.

"Uh-huh... it's my boss, I'm full of his cum. I want you to watch him fuck me. I want you to watch him get me pregnant.... Ooohh... Every one knows, and I'm going to fuck him again, and again..."

"Oh God, you're getting pregnant on his cock on purpose... Oooohh... I'm cumming, yes, I'm cumming in your full pussy... oh god..." I humped into her as my cum streamed into her wet cunt again and again. "Ooooohh... yesssss... yes, fuck him again and again... I always want to feel his cum in your pussy..." I moaned, streaming cum into her full pussy

Oh! Yes! Cum in me, cum in me... " She convulsed, moaning with her orgasm. "Oh Lover... Oh Hon... yes, cum in me... yes, cum in my pregnant pussy, I want everyone to know your wife is pregnant with a black baby."

"Oh yes," I moaned softly, then fell asleep lying beside her, my cock still buried in her wet cum filled pussy.

I awoke the next morning and the stained sheets told me it hadn't been a dream. I found my panties and stumbled down to the bathroom. My wife met me and hugged and kissed me good morning. I returned her hugs but felt uncertain.

"Did you really...?"

She cautiously nodded, waiting for my morning-after response. My doubt and fear returned.

"I'm sorry Swee, it just sort-a happened. I still love you, more than ever. It was just sex..." She waited for my response. I thought a moment.

"I guess if I'd been involved..." I chose my words carefully, fighting the anger. "Do you fuck often?"

She slowly nodded. "A few times... I'll never do it again, if you don't want me to. I'm yours, always and forever." Her eyes welled up with tears. I stood for a moment, collecting my thoughts. I had everything to lose and little to gain, if I split up with her.

"Does he know... we, a... I mean, does he know I know he's fucking you?"

"I told him about our fantasy." She nodded.

"Don't tell him I know about this. I need to think, to sort this out." We didn't speak for over an hour and I heard her softly crying in the other room. Finally I approached her.

"No more secrets. No more going behind my back." I stood in front of her.

She nodded.

"I love you, now more than ever too. I won't split us up, but I need some time to sort this out."

"Thank you, thank you. I love you." She hugged me and I hugged her back, pressing myself against her. My cock responded, pressed against her panties. 'Boy, a man's dick has no remorse.' I thought.

Throughout the day we went about our normal weekend routine. My wife wore her sheer lacey panties and a crop top T-shirt, humming to her self and hugging me often. That evening she hugged me, rubbed her pussy against my cock and kissed me deeply.

"Oh lover, you know that makes me hot." I kissed her back.

"Are you ok?" She humped me slowly and my cock rubbing against her clit. I closed my eyes.

"Uh-huh, but next time, if I'm not involved, it's cheating and we're done. Understood?"

"Understood," she nodded. She still hugged me and kissed me again.

"Would you come make love with me?" She cooed.

"Oh God, you know I will..." I kissed her and caressed her ass.

"Oh Hon, you make me so wet... please make me wet, wet and full of cum." She guided me toward the bed and lay back, as I rubbed her pussy through her panties. She spread her legs and smiled up at me as I rubbed her now wet panties. I lay beside her and kissed her, sliding my tongue against hers, then down her throat to her hickey. I kissed it and gently sucked on her throat.

"I wish I'd been there." I gazed at her passion mark.

"Me too... I love pretending you're watching while he fucks me... Is that ok?"

"Uh-huh," I closed my eyes and cupped her now wet pussy.

"Would you like to watch him fuck me?" She asked.

"Oh God, yes, yes please... I'd watch him get you pregnant." I slipped one of her legs out of her panties and she raised her legs so I could lay beside her, stroke her clit and fuck her at the same time. My cock now bumped in and out of her and she arched her back as I stroked her clit.

"I would undress you and pet your pussy in front of everyone."

"Oh yes, I'd love that. I want that. Please undress me and pet me in public, please? I love people watching as I fuck him." She arched her back, rolling her hips.

"Oh Lover, they'd watch him get you pregnant...?" I felt my orgasm building.

"Ooh... oh yes... Oohh... Oh Lover, I want you to spread my pussy for his cock..." she moaned.

"I want you to watch, I want you to watch his cock slide into me and get me pregnant? Please?" She pleaded, as she deep fucked me and rubbed her clit against my fingers.

"Oooh... you're getting pregnant on his cock on purpose..." I moaned.

"Yes, Oh yes, watch him cum in me..."

"Everyone will know you fucked him to get pregnant, Ooh, I want you to fuck him in public, again and again..."

"Oh God..." her eyes widened.

"I'd watch him cum deep inside you. I want him to get you pregnant. Oooh yes, he'd fill your pussy sooo... full. I'd slide my cock into you and feel all his cum... oh god, I'm cumming, Oohh yesss..." I slid my cock deep into her pussy. Her eyes squeezed shut and she moaned.

"YES, OH YES... Oohh, Yessss.... please, he's cumming in me, I'm pregnant. Everyone knows I'm pregnant on his cock. They're watching him fuck me... yes, yes, yes... cum in me..." she came explosively and I filled her with a tremendous orgasm. We fell asleep like lovers, with me growing soft inside her.

She didn't return to work until Monday, which gave the weekend to sort through her affair. My hurt diminished, but traces will always linger; she saw the hurt in my eyes and understood that. She also understood that if I had doubted her love for me, or we hadn't had a strong active sex life, it probably would have ended our marriage. Monday morning we did our usual 'I love you, have-a-nice-day,' routine, and I reminded her of our new understanding.

"Remember, secrets will destroy our marriage. You have complete freedom, providing I'm involved. I need the pleasure and details, ok?"

"Ok, I promise and I love you." She hugged me once more.

A little to my surprise, and disappointment, she didn't fuck her boss, or anyone else, for the entire week. By Friday we were both looking forward to the weekend. She changed into a light summer skirt and blouse after work and smiled at my admiring looks. Her skirt and blouse were both sheer and offered hints of her panties and dark nipples. She'd buttoned just the bottom button of her blouse and smiled at my admiring gaze. I kissed her and sat out on the back deck, reading until my wife joined me. She wore a mischievous grin and acted mildly surprised when the front doorbell chimed. I opened the door and found my wife's boss, still in his suit and tie.

"Yes, of course, please come in." I shook his hand and stepped aside, holding the door. He was my height and very polite, almost embarrassed at his intrusion. He explained that he was on his way home and remembered some papers he'd forgotten to give my wife. He stood just inside the door, holding his briefcase with both hands. He glanced around, seeking someplace to open it.

"Please, come on in. We're out on the deck." I turned and led the way through the house, enjoying his awkward moment. It must have been rather important for him to stop, either contrived or legit. I stepped through the sliding glass doors onto the deck and told my wife he was here, then stepped aside to observe their expressions as they greeted. He visibly relaxed as she stood and greeted him, as though he'd found a friend in enemy territory. My wife acted surprised but smiled warmly, shaking his hand as she introduced us. I hovered in the background, watching as he opened his briefcase. He handed her a folder and discreetly looked her over as she accepted it. She held the papers and stepped back, almost posing for him as she glanced through the folder. She stood casually with her sheer skirt pulled taut over her hip, showing her dark panties. I noticed the top buttons of her blouse were still undone well below her breasts, the remains of his passion mark plainly showing. He drank her in, moving closer for a better view.

"May I offer you a beer? A drink maybe?" I invited him to stay.

He glanced from my wife, to me and then to his watch.

"Please," my wife added.

"Well, yes, that would be very nice."

I waited a moment for him to choose.

"A scotch on the rocks would be very nice."

My wife shifted her eyes from him to me and smiled. She offered him a chair and he closed his briefcase and removed his jacket and loosened his tie. I stepped into the kitchen and got three glasses, watching them through the window as I prepared our drinks. My wife sat in the lounge facing the window and her boss. My heart skipped a beat as she casually raised one leg, offering him an unobstructed view of her upper thigh with a glimpse of panty. I was wearing light lounging pants and had to button the bottom button of my shirt to hide my growing erection. I carried the tray of drinks out, serving our guest first. My wife leaned forward to accept hers and her blouse opened completely, briefly displaying her breasts to both of us. She thanked me and leaned back, casually covering her breasts. Her boss smiled and graciously accepted his drink, enjoying his view. My wife took a sip of her drink and her blouse slowly drifted open again, her nipples were big and beautiful and she smiled at our open admiration. I sat behind her and shared the lounge. She leaned back against me as she relaxed, allowing her blouse to fall completely open. Her boss shifted his eyes from her to me, then back again. He sipped his scotch and removed his tie and white shirt. My hand rested just below the waistband of my wife's skirt, softly stroking her. I softly caressed her breasts with one hand while my fingers traced the waistband of her panties through her sheer skirt. The drinks were relaxing us and she shifted slightly, allowing her legs to drift open. She smiled up at me as my fingers fumbled with the button of her skirt. She casually unbuttoned it and her skirt fell open, displaying her in just her open blouse and panties. My cock hardened as I saw her pussy lips through her sheer panties. They were soft and wet and I openly caressed them, feeling her swollen pussy through her sheer, wet panties. She closed her eyes and rocked her hips to meet my caress, then smiled at her boss. He watched nervously, then cleared his throat and began an embarrassing story. He'd given a presentation he had given in front of the women's league. All the while his fly had been unzipped and that day he'd worn pink boxers. We laughed and my wife boldly asked what he was wearing now? He got quiet for a moment, then set his drink down, stood and began unhooking his pants. He glanced at me and I smiled and nodded. My wife sat up slightly, watching. He hesitated and my wife looked up at him, nodding encouragement. He turned sideways and let his pants slowly drop. My wife beamed and we both laughed. Her boss was smiling broadly, wearing his pink, satin boxers.

"Oooh, I like those." She beckoned him closer and stroked the fabric of his shorts. He stood beside us and she boldly slid her hand over the front of his boxers and caressed his hardening cock. He closed his eyes and gently rocked his hips.

My wife looked up at me, her eyes met mine and she caressed my cheek and kissed me, nodding ever so slightly, then she turned her attention back to her boss. He stepped closer and she caressed him. I watched as she leaned closer, kissing his satin covered cock. She glanced up and he smiled down at her, again closing his eyes. He gently held her head with one hand and caressed her breast with the other. His hips rocked as her mouth teased his cock through his boxers. She glanced at me, then worked his shorts down, revealing his nine-inch cock. She kissed it, teasing, tasting a drop of cum as it leaked. Then with an impish smile at me, she slid her mouth over it, sliding her wet tongue around it as she moved up and down the shaft. He rolled his eyes and moaned. I licked my fingers and boldly slid my hand into her panties, slowly petting her as my fingers slid over her lips and stroked her clit. She was wet and very slippery and moaned as I stroked her clit with feathery strokes. Her boss moaned again and she knew he would cum if she let him, but she pulled away and gave his cock a promising kiss. She leaned back, closed her eyes and rested her arms above her head as I gently tugged on her nipples and stroked her clit. Her boss watched, openly gazing at her pussy. My wife smiled and opened her legs wide, offering herself to us. He knelt between her knees and kissed her wet panties. She looked up at me with dreamy eyes and lifted her hips. I slid her panties down in a trance, exposing my beautiful wife to her boss. He kissed her bare pussy and she moaned, spreading her legs wide. I gently spread her lips, exposing her swollen clit as his tongue stroked it. She liked his warm wet tongue on her clit, but he knew that, and slid his hands under her ass, lifting her as he licked her. He alternated long warm licks and light feathery strokes and she moaned. Then he gently sucked her clit between his lips, holding it as his tongue licked her. She moaned, rocking her hips.

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