tagIncest/TabooMy Taboo Lesbian Life Ch. 01

My Taboo Lesbian Life Ch. 01



This story heavily focuses on consenting lesbian incest between adults. If you do not enjoy that theme, or if it offends you, please do not read this.

Despite sometimes being referred to as "little girl" or "baby girl", all females are 18 years or older. This is not a true story, it is just a fantasy. Events and persons are entirely fictional. Views expressed by the characters are not necessarily my own.

English is not my native language, so please be forgiving if my grammar or wording is sometimes strange.

My name is Lucy. I live in a fairly unpopular town in California. With unpopular I don't mean that it's a bad place. On the contrary, living less than two hundred miles from the pacific, I like it quite much. It's just not one of the well known cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles or Berkeley. For privacy reasons, I'm not going to say which town though.

I have the luxury of still living with my family, which consists of my Mom Carol and my younger sister Amy. Mom is in upper management, so she could have supported me even if I had decided to move out. But since we have a fairly big house and campus is not too far away, she doesn't mind still having me around. And neither do I.

My dad doesn't live with us anymore. He didn't die in a car accident, nor did he run off with his secretary. In fact, he's a terrific guy and both Amy and I loved him to bits when we were kids. He and mom divorced when I was 8 years old. It wasn't a big drama, just one of the small tragedies in life. They just couldn't make it work any longer, since they had developed very different personalities and views on what they wanted in life. When he was still close by, Amy and I regularly visited him. But he had to move east coast due to his job.

My little sister Amy is a high school senior. She's a wild one and she's always up to something. She does have good natured spirit though and we actually get along very well. Especially considering the stories I hear from my friends about the fights with their sisters.

Our mother is a strong and confident lady. The perfect manager if you ask me. She is also still quite beautiful for her age. I guess it's partly due to her job. She works hard to remain attractive, be fashionable and maintain her elegant appearance. She's a brunette, just like Amy and me. She has also passed on her voluptuous figure to us.

I'm really grateful for that, because I like full breasts, wide hips and round ass cheeks. Not just on my own body, but with females in general. When I hit puberty, I fairly quickly discovered that I loved girls.

In a way I was blessed though, because unlike many girls, I didn't have to hide in the closet and keep it a secret. My mother is a lesbian too and she has always been open with us about the fact. So I didn't have to fear her reaction when I came out. I could discuss all the complicated implications and the mixed emotions with her, and that helped a lot.

My first girlfriend was a cute girl named Lisa. She was my class mate and also my best friend. We kind of started to experiment with each other. Unfortunately though, unlike me, she decided that she wasn't really a lesbian. So this was done eventually.

In my senior high school year I hooked up with a sexy raven-haired beauty named Heather. She was an experienced and convinced lesbian. Most of what I know about making love to a woman, I learned from her. I really loved her very much. Unfortunately she had to sacrifice our relationship for her career plans when we graduated. She had the opportunity to study in Stanford University, so of course I didn't want to stand in her way. It was one of the sadder moments in my young life.

Anyway I'm digressing. After all, this is about my taboo lesbian life, not my depressing past relationships.

One late evening, while I was in bed reading a book, Amy knocked softly onto my door. When I answered, she stuck her head through the door.

"Hey Sis, mind if I come in?" Amy asked humbly.

I shook my head and put the book away. "Sure Little Bit, what's on your mind?"

Amy came in and and closed the door. Wringing her hands nervously she looked around my room. She wore white cotton pajamas with bears on them. It may have been a bit silly for a girl her age to wear these, but she did look cute in them. Amy came up to my bed and still seemed unsure of herself. So I decided to take the initiative.

"What's up hon, you seem tense." I told her in a warm voice.

"I wanted to ask you something," she said reluctantly, "but can we cuddle while we talk, like we did when I was little?" Her cheeks were reddening when she spoke.

I gave her a gentle smile. "Be my guest," I answered.

Instantly, Amy's face lit up and she crawled in bed with me. When she slipped under the blanket and snuggled up against me, she made a surprised face and blushed even more.

"Oh sorry, I didn't know you slept naked!" Amy exclaimed.

I chuckled. "Well, now you do. Do you mind? I can get up and put something on if you want."

Amy shook her head. "No, don't bother. It's okay," she quickly replied.

As Amy snuggled up to my naked body and put her head on my shoulder, I put my arms around her and pulled her close.

"Mmmm, this feels nice," I said softly, "We haven't done this in a long while."

"True," Amy replied, sighing contentedly as she rested in my embrace.

After a while I said, "Well Little Bit, what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Well, it's just ..." Amy stopped unsure of herself.

"Spit it out baby, you know you can be completely open with me," I encouraged her.

"It's just, how did you know you're into girls?" She blurted out.

I chuckled. "Oh dear, what brought this on?"

"I dunno. Just curious I guess," Amy replied shyly.

"Well, let's see," I told her, taking a moment as if I had to think about it, "I guess I really knew when none of the boys I had been with turned me on, but seeing some of the girls in the changing room did."

"I see," Amy replied thinking, "So you had to be with a boy to find out."

"Well that's one way to be sure," I told her, "But everyone is different. Some girls are sure about being gay without ever having touched a dick."

"But you weren't?" Amy asked.

"Let's just say, I already knew I liked girls, but I wanted to find out if it was really my preference, or if I had just had bad luck dating the wrong guys."

Amy nodded and remained silent, thinking for a moment.

"Are you trying to decide whether you're gay, Little Bit?" I asked her softly.

Amy sighed. "Yeah I guess I really am. I'm just wondering ..."

"Go on, I'm listening," I encouraged her.

"You know, many of my friends are dating guys now. And I noticed I'm not interested in dating any guy. Like, not at all. So that got me thinking, and I realized that I enjoy being around girls much more."

Amy paused briefly and looked at me. When she saw that I was still listening, she continued.

"So there's this friend I have. Her name's Andrea. I knew her for quite a while, but we never talked much. Anyway, one day she told me how it annoyed her that all of her friends were constantly talking about guys or their boyfriends. That was kind of a revelation for me. She was actually saying something I had been thinking for a while. So I started talking to her more. First it was just because I could be sure she wouldn't annoy me with boy talk. But later I realized we had more things in common than I thought. And well, lately I've caught myself checking her out or thinking about her when she's not around. So that made me wonder if maybe I'm like you and Mom."

"Or maybe you're just not yet ready for hooking up with guys, baby. You could be a late bloomer," I giggled and she joined in. "Have you ever thought about someone sexually? While masturbating?"

"Yeah," she admitted bashfully, "about Andrea. That's why I wanted to ask you how you were sure."

"I see," I replied. "Well only one way to find out," I said jokingly.

Amy giggled shyly and then said, "But I don't want to try it with a guy. I'm really not interested. They just don't cut it for me."

I chuckled. "You don't have to baby. Like I said, everyone is different. I wanted to be sure it wasn't the guy's fault. But if you're already positive that they don't turn you on, then there's no point forcing yourself. So then, try on a girl. See what happens."

We both giggled again. Then Amy whispered shyly, "That's just the thing ... Andrea and I talked about that recently, and ... Well, we sort of got crazy and decided to try it. So she took me to her place to experiment with each other."

"Oooo," I cooed, "that sounds interesting. And? How did it go?"

"Not good," Amy replied sadly, "We made out with each other and it was hot and all, but we kinda couldn't get up the nerve to really go through with it."

"Aw," I said, "that's too bad. Well, just keep it up. Eventually one of you will get over her shyness."

"Not so sure," Amy sighed, "We're both really shy, Sis. I just know I wouldn't know what to do. And right now, I can't imagine her taking the initiative either."

"Hm," I just replied, wondering what advice I could give her.

"Maybe we just don't match," Amy said, "I mean, I really like her. A lot actually. But obviously we're both too shy and inexperienced, so I guess we're not right for each other's first time. Maybe if I found a more experienced girl that could, you know, teach me, then I wouldn't be so shy around Andrea anymore."

She looked up into my face questioningly. I raised an eyebrow. "Are you asking me something, Little Bit?"

Amy's cheeks were flushed, as she bashfully looked into my eyes and whispered, "I don't know anyone else who is into girls, Sis. And I don't want to do anything with some strange girl. You're experienced and I love you and trust you ..."

Hearing her say that was so sweet, it really made me happy. "Aw, I love you too hon," I replied softly, "but what you're suggesting would be wrong. It would be incest."

"I know," Amy sighed, "but what if it wasn't. Like, if I wasn't your sister, would you then do it?"

Wow, my younger sister had some tough questions for me this evening. I thought about it for a moment, then said, "Sure, if you were the neighbors girl and you were interested, I guess I would. You're cute, you're intelligent, you're sexy," I mused.

Amy smiled, her eyes shining when she heard that. She hugged herself closer to me. "Then let's do it please? I don't think it's really incest. I mean, we're two girls. It's not like I could get pregnant from you or anything."

I sighed, "Yes, but that doesn't make it right, hon. Even if it's between two sisters, society thinks it's wrong."

"Then fuck society," Amy muttered, "This is a private matter. What I do in private shouldn't be anyone's concern. Not if it's between adults and they do it willingly."

Her strong remark had me chuckling. "Gosh Amy, you're too much," I said amusedly, "Trouble is, you're actually making sense."

Looking into her expectantly upturned face, I thought this through for a moment. "Alright," I then said, "let's say I agree and we really go through with this. Are you sure that's what you want, honey? Because what's done is done. This may change everything. We wouldn't be normal sisters anymore. And there would be no going back."

"Yes," Amy whispered firmly, "I know it could change things, but I don't mind. Like I said, I love you and I trust you, Sis. I just can't see how there could be any harm if we made love."

Amy looked up to me with sparkling eyes. I realized she firmly believed in what she was saying and that she obviously had thought this through. So I just put my hand onto her cheek and bent my head down until our lips met. I heard her sigh softly when we made contact, and that dissolved the last reservations I had.

As our kiss increased in passion, we turned on our sides. Amy fleetingly let her fingers travel across my upper chest exploring the soft curves of my breasts. I felt the familiar tingle in my nipples and clit, announcing the moistening of my pussy. It still seemed a bit unreal for me, but my cute little sister actually got me hot.

When I let the tip of my tongue trace her closed lips, Amy opened her mouth and let me in. She sighed sexily when I entered the hot wetness and touched her tongue with mine. Amy moaned softly as our tongues intertwined and that was getting me so hot, a little gasp of pleasure escaped my throat.

Amy's exploring hand had enclosed one of my naked tits and was gently kneading the soft orb. It felt absolutely divine and I wanted to return the favor. So I had Amy briefly sit up and hurriedly pulled her pajama top over her head.

Her breasts were absolutely beautiful. She wasn't as busty as Mom or I, at least not yet. But they were more than a handful and rose firmly from her chest. We didn't lay back down on the bed when I tossed her top to the floor. Instead, we sat across from of each other on the bed and admired each others softly jiggling breasts.

Amy's nipples were as erect as mine. They were pink, unlike my dark brown ones, and stood from her small aureoles like cute little pencil erasers. We looked into each other's faces and smiled. Amy's eyes glimmered with passion. My hands cupped her soft mounds, gently pushing them up. When I squeezed the warm flesh gently, Amy closed her eyes and sighed softly. Only moments later Amy's exploring hands found my voluptuous orbs.

We gazed into each other's eyes and sighed excitedly as we caressed each other's breasts. I leaned in and pressed my open lips to my sister's hot mouth. Only seconds later Amy welcomed me in. When she returned my kiss, she was very enthusiastic and passionate.

All the kissing and groping soon had me burning with lust. I could feel my pussy oozing girl juice. So I grabbed Amy by the shoulders and pushed her firmly down onto the bed. She actually gasped in surprise when I was handling her so forcefully.

When she was on her back before me, I wasted no time and pulled down her pajama bottoms. She had a nicely trimmed bush of silky brown hair atop her pussy. The sight of her closed puffy lips, already shiny with wetness, was making my mouth water.

When Amy saw me looking as I tore off her bottoms, she willingly spread her thighs to let me drink in all of her beauty. And oh my gosh did that turn me on! I actually moaned. Seeing my appreciation made my sister smile happily.

I knelt between Amy's splayed thighs, bent over her curvy body, supporting my upper body on my outstretched arms and then let my head sink down toward hers. This time, her tongue was already out before our lips even met. I lustfully sucked her tongue into my mouth. We both moaned in pleasure when my dangling breasts made contact with hers. Both enjoying our hard nipples poking into the other's soft warm tit-flesh.

We stayed like that for a while, Amy cupping and squeezing my large tits while I tongue fucked her willing mouth. When I started to kiss my way down her velvety skin, I heard her longingly sigh, "Oh yes Lucy!"

Boiling with lust as I was, I didn't really need any encouragement, but Amy's vocal display of horniness served to turn me on even more. When I reached her softly flattened mounds, I held them together with my hands and bathed them in gentle kisses and wet tongue lashes. My little sister moaned sexily as I devoured her ample breast-meat.

I don't know how long I played with my sister's beautiful breasts, but eventually I let go and continued to kiss my way downwards. When I reached her tender delta, the wonderful scent of an awfully excited girl reached my nose. I took deep breaths through my nose, enjoying the strong fragrance her young pussy released. Her little cunt lips were swollen and shining with juices. As I scooted back between her splayed thighs, my lips closing in on her tender labia, I looked up to my sister's sweet face.

She was gazing down at me over her softly quivering mounds, her face flushed with desire. She was involuntarily sucking a finger between her parted lips. Damn, she looked so very hot and sexy! I felt a mind-blowing wave of excitement wash over me and with a groan dove right into my sister's young pussy.

Amy gasped when she felt my tongue make contact with her tender lips. I slithered my flattened tongue across her wet labia with relish, collecting the drops of girl juice that had gathered there. The taste was making my head spin, as was the thought that I was licking my baby sister's sweet cunt. I drew my tongue from her perineum up to the little hood that covered her aroused little clit. Moaning in pleasure, Amy let her hips roll sexily.

I spent a good while probing the depths of her tight love channel, poking my stiff tongue in and out of her, enjoying my sister's squeals of pleasure. She wasn't watching me make love to her little pussy anymore by then. Being so swept up in the feelings that washed through her body, her head had rolled to the side and her eyes were closed. She still sucked her finger though, which I found incredibly cute and erotic.

After I had temporarily quenched my thirst for her freely flowing juices, I focused on bringing Amy off. With my fingers, I tenderly pulled her little clit free from it's hood and started to suck and lick it. I was gentle and careful at first, not wanting to overstimulate her sensitive nub. But as Amy's moans were getting louder and her hips were mashing into my mouth faster, I increased the intensity of my ministrations.

When I felt the telltale signals of an approaching climax, I pushed two fingers into Amy's gushing sex, making her moan so loud, I briefly was worried our Mom could hear it. Seconds later, her body shook in the throes of her first lesbian orgasm.

She was thrashing about so much, I couldn't lick her anymore, but I continued to finger fuck her through her cum. When she finally came down, she squeezed her thighs shut, trapping my hand between them.

I pulled my fingers free and sucked them into my mouth. Mmmm, I loved her musky taste. When I lay down next to her, she rolled on her side and pulled her arms around my neck, dragging me into a tight embrace. Her sweaty breasts pushing into my larger ones. We shared a long passionate kiss.

"Mmmm, that tastes like me," she bashfully said when we pulled back.

I smiled at her. "Yummy isn't it?"

"Gawd, that was so good Sis! I had no idea," Amy sighed contentedly, her eyes shining lovingly at me.

We lay on my bed for a while, just cuddling and caressing. Then she looked at me questioningly and whispered shyly, "Do you want me to do it to you now?"

"Gawd yes, baby!" I gasped. "I really need you!"

My obvious heat seemed to turn Amy on a lot. I could see her face getting swept by a wave of arousal. She got up from the bed and I rolled onto my back.

Helping my hands to the wonderful feeling of her ample breasts as she bent over me, I exchanged long, passionate French-kisses with her. We tweaked each other's nipples for a while, our lips remaining locked to each other as we hotly kissed. Then Amy pulled away and started to explore the rest of my body.

By then I was so hot, I just couldn't wait any longer. I knew Amy wanted to make love to me just as slowly as I had done to her, but I was so primed, I just couldn't take it anymore. So I pushed down on her shoulder until she got the message and lay down between my widespread legs.

Her face had an absolutely beautiful expression of wonder and excitement as she looked at my oozing cunt. She started tracing my outer labia with her fingertip and I groaned with need, my hips rolling and pushing automatically in search of more contact with her exploring digit.

When she finally bent her head down and I felt her tongue make first contact with my needy slit, I squealed loudly. My hands found my tits and my fingers pulled my hard nipples as a wave of pure bliss washed over me. Amy was now licking me in earnest. And even though she was quite clumsy and inexperienced, the feeling was heavenly.

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