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tagIncest/TabooMy Sister Laya Wants To Touch...

My Sister Laya Wants To Touch...


My sexual awakening started with my Aunt Karen and this continued, I experienced her friend Justine on quite a few times too, one I have wrote about on here.I would like to share with you the time my sister Laya shared her love with me, albeit a tentative, nervous but excited moment at home. This would lead to more with her.

I was 20 and Laya had just turned 18, we had our ups and downs but, by and large we got on well together.

For quite a few years previously I would try and spy on my sister Laya in the shower or her getting dressed, looking down her tops. Anything I could see what I could masturbate about in my room.

I thought she was a beautiful young girl. She had dark blonde hair which was very long, almost to the bottom of her back. She had olive colored skin and possessed a very beautiful body, her breasts were rounded and large and had a bottom you could take hold of. All in all a perfect size 10.

One Saturday morning our parents were busy outside doing the gardening. I woke up about 9.30 and got up had some cereal and went back upstairs for a shower. I could hear my sister Laya in the shower so I was about to wait in my room when I saw that the bathroom door was slightly open, I could not resist a look! After all I could have a wank about her later. Too good an opportunity to miss.

I started to peek through the door and looked over at the shower. Laya was enjoying her shower. I watched her soaping up her body, washing her breasts and fanny. I noticed she did not shave her vagina area completely, she had a little mound of pubic hair. For a good 10 minutes I watched through the door of Laya washing herself, for a couple of minutes she was definitely touching herself too squeezing her nipples and fingering her fanny. This made me start to rub my cock over the top of my shorts.

I watched her get out the shower and dry herself. Just looking at her more than ample sized breasts wobbling and moving about got me excited! Her bending over for me to see her fanny from behind was so arousing. I could see that she had put her robe on so quickly made off to my room.

I got my things ready for my shower and went to the bathroom 5 minutes later. I jumped in and got washed. Nearing the end I started to think about my sister Laya and started to get an erection, I needed to masturbate about her. I proceeded to get the soft sponge and put some shower gel on it, I then wrapped it around my erect cock like it was in a vagina and started to stroke my cock. I thought about her naked and my aunt Karen naked both asking me to fuck them. This got me so horny, I gave a few quicker strokes and I had cum, fantastic!

I got dressed into my shorts and t-shirt and began to hang out n my bedroom, listening to music. A few hours had passed when Laya came in to my bedroom still in her robe with some clothes in hand.

"Which outfit do you think I should wear to go out later with the girls from college? The summer dress or more casual with jeans and a top?" she asked.

"First you better put a bra and knickers on! I mean Laya your tits are nearly out of your dressing gown! The summer dress will look great by the way" I answered.

Laya began to giggle and attempted to cover herself up, not very well I may add. Her breasts were a really good size and seemed to want to burst out!

"Hey cheeky! I know I am going to put underwear on! Besides what you doing looking at my tits so much? Not just now but I know you spy on me too. I've known for ages, just as long as I have known you have been doing naughty stuff with Auntie Karen!" Laya replied.

I was shocked to find out she knew of everything. So thinking quickly and calmly I just said "Okay so what is going to happen about it all?"

Laya took a look out of the window. Our parents were at the bottom of the garden, the coast was was clear. She undone her belt on her robe and opened it up to show her beautiful breasts and body.

"We are saying nothing about it as long as we are honest with each other. I spy on you also but I never really get to see your cock. I want to see it now. Girls at the college say its a nice cock and I once heard you fucking Aunt Karen and I heard her say your cock was big. Take off your shorts and let me me see it" Laya said.

I could not resist this. I quickly pulled down my shorts and stepped out of them and just stood there.

"Oh fuck, it is a nice big cock, really thick" Laya giggled.

"Your balls are so full looking too. Can I touch it? This is so fucking naughty" she added.

I nodded my head and said "Go ahead stroke it, do what you want. Lets keep listening out for mam and dad too, if we get caught god knows what will happen".

Laya began to hold my cock and look at it, she started to stroke it as I started to get a full erection in no time. She sat on the edge of my bed as I stood in front of her. She wanked my cock excitedly, now and again giving a little nervous giggle as she knew this was really naughty in the thought of being caught.

"Oh my god, your cock is beautiful Lee. I've wanted to see it up close for a long time. I think me finding out about you and Auntie Karen got me wanting this, I was so curious about your cock" Laya told me.

"I have thought about you lots of times when I have wanked my cock Laya. This is special. When I do it with Aunt Karen it feels great too, this is the same" I assured my sister.

I took off her robe and gently pushed her back onto the bed, she looked so beautiful on my bed naked. I took off my t-shirt and got on top of her. We kissed and she naturally opened her legs apart, we found ourselves in a genital embrace in no time, my cock eased into her vagina. We were making love after years of silent attraction, this was real.

I could feel her vagina around my cock, I filled her completely. We got into a nice motion being careful not to make the bed make a noise too much.

"Oh Lee this is beautiful. I now know how Auntie Karen feels when she is with you. Don't stop" Laya quietly moaned.

We carried on in the missionary position for a while, it was great to look Laya's large rounded breasts moving up and down, she was also rubbing and squeezing her nipples, they were so erect. This was so hot.

We got up and I sat on the chair near the window. Laya then facing me got on my cock and sat on me up close. This way she could see if mam and dad were on their way back, through the window.

Laya was grinding on my cock back and forward she was so wet.She put her arms around my neck and began to press her breasts against the top of my chest and began to grind on me quickly, my hands were on her buttocks moving her back and forward too. I knew I was not far away from wanting to cum, and I felt my sister was ready to cum too.

I picked her up with her still inside me and we crashed back onto the bed. She wrapped her legs around me me as I started to buck her. I moved her legs up high and wider so I could get fully inside her and carried on.

"Oh Laya this is so fucking good. I am going to cum soon, fucking my little sister feels so good" I told my sister.

"Keep going Lee. I am so hot thinking that mammy and daddy are only outside. Their son is fucking their daughter. Your big fat dick feels so good inside my fanny" Laya joined in.

I could feel my load on the way. I started to buck my sister very hard and fast, I could feel her vagina sucking my cock in her as she started to orgasm.

"Oh Lee, fuck. Oh Lee I am cumming" Laya moaned.

I gave a few more thrusts and pulled my cock out, stood on the bed and Laya knelt in front of me as I put my cock in her mouth and started to shoot my load inside. I have a lot of cum so she could not take it all and it started to dribble out her mouth and onto her body. She swallowed some of my cum.

"Oh fuck look at all your cum on my titties and tummy Lee. I loved that fuck. I think the fear of being caught by mammy or daddy made it more exciting. I am so wet from cumming" Laya said smiling and giggling.

She sucked the remaining bit of cum out of my cock as it began to soften, semi erect.

She put on her robe gathered her clothes and made her way to her room, looking round at me.

"When I get home later tonight, after mammy and daddy have gone to bed I want you to fuck me again doggy style. But I want you to cum inside your little sister's fanny, like you cum inside Auntie Karen's fanny" she told me excitedly.

She blew me a kiss, I lay on the bed smiling. This was another new chapter in my life.

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