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My Mother's Nights Out

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She always came home drunk and wanting sex.
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The sound of the front door slamming woke me up, followed by my mother's voice.

'Shit!' she said loudly, and I swung my legs out of bed, still half asleep, but knowing what was coming.

My mother couldn't hold her drink – a couple of glasses of wine would be enough to practically put her under the table, and she'd probably had more than a couple. And when she'd had a few drinks, she wanted sex, and after that, more sex. I always masturbated, thinking of the men fucking her, and her sucking their cocks, and looking forward to her coming home.

I went into the hall, and found my mother on her hands and knees, scrabbling around for her keys, which she'd obviously dropped.

'I'll get them, Mum,' I said, and she smiled up at me gratefully, her eyes obviously having difficulty in focussing. As I picked them up, I noticed her staring at me – I always slept wearing just my pyjama bottoms, and she was looking at my bare chest, running the tip of her tongue over her lips. I was eighteen, but I looked a lot younger, and lots of women looked at me like that.

She struggled to get to her feet, and the hem of her short, plum-coloured dress rode up over her bare thighs – I reached down to help her up, and was rewarded by the sight of her near-naked breasts almost falling out of her low-cut neckline, restrained only by a scrap of a bra that scarcely covered her nipples. She stood up unsteadily, and I put my arm round her to support her.

'Mummy's had a good time,' she giggled, and slid her arms round my neck, moving her body against me sensuously. When she was like this, she always referred to herself in the third person, and called me her 'little boy' or 'baby.' I knew too that 'a good time' meant that she'd been fucked, and that she was probably still enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm – or orgasms. I also knew that next morning she'd hardly remember anything – if at all – of what was happening now, and then her mouth covered mine, and she kissed me wetly, hungrily, her tongue hunting for mine.

Finally we broke apart, and she smiled at me languorously. 'That was nice – you kiss Mummy beautifully, darlin'!' She wriggled against me once more, and then her expression changed.

'Mummy needs a wee – she mustn't wet herself, must she!' She giggled again, and moved away, but held my arm round her. 'Help Mummy to the bathroom, darlin'!'

Once in the bathroom she reached up under her dress to pull her panties down, and then sank down onto the toilet seat and took my hand once again, sighing blissfully as she started to pee. She rubbed my hand against her cheek as I stood beside her, staring down at her beautiful bare breasts inside her dress, and her completely exposed thighs.

By now my penis was fully erect – Mum glanced side ways at it and nuzzled her face against it. 'Mummy's little boy is being naughty, isn't he!' she chuckled. Then she got to her feet and wiped herself between her legs with a couple of pieces of toilet paper, pulled up her panties and flushed the toilet.

'Mummy can't be bothered to wash her face or clean her teeth – you don't mind kissing her if she hasn't cleaned her teeth, do you, darlin'.' As if to prove it, she turned to me and kissed me again, as passionately as before. I dropped my hands to grip her bottom, pulling her against my throbbing erection, and my mother responded, writhing against me. The kiss went on and on, and then she broke away, panting breathlessly.

'Help put Mummy to bed, darlin', she slurred, and again I put my arm round her to help her to her bedroom. Once inside, she turned her back to me, and I unfastened her dress and slid it off her shoulders. I lowered my head to kiss her slender neck, and she practically purred as I pushed my tongue into her ear – I knew that drove her wild. Next I unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor, and then I cupped her naked breasts in my hands as she leaned back against me.

She giggled. 'You love playin' with Mummy's titties, don't you, darlin'. She sighed. 'Mummy loves it, too!'

Again I kissed her neck as I fondled her breasts, toying with her nipples, pinching them, tugging them, rolling them between my fingers and thumbs, and she twisted round so that I could kiss her mouth. I slid her dress down over her hips, and then her panties – she pushed them away with her feet, then kicked off her shoes, and for a moment she was naked in my arms, before she reached for her nightdress.

She slipped it over her head, her naked breasts rising erotically for a moment before the nightdress hid them from my eyes, although not my hands, and we kissed again.

'Cuddle Mummy for a little while, darlin',' she whispered, and I followed her into bed. The nightdress was very short, and I ran my hand over her bare thigh and hip before she turned towards me and I put my arm round her. We kissed again, and my hand found her breast.

We'd done this many times before – I knew that when she was in this condition I could do what I liked to her – sometimes she'd ask me to spank her, or suck her breasts until she reached an orgasm. The only restriction was that I couldn't put my hands between her legs, or fuck her – she'd made me promise a long time ago, but what we did was the next best thing.

We kissed for a long time while I played with her heavy breasts, and then I felt her fumble for my penis. She sighed, and started to rub me slowly, her gentle fingers sliding up and down my shaft. We kissed again, and she writhed against me, pressing my cock against her soft belly as I held her tightly, kneading her yielding breast with my free hand. I held back as long as I could, but eventually I reached for a handful of tissues from the box on the bedside table.

I was just in time to catch the first spurt of semen as it shot from my throbbing cock, and Mum sighed, kissing me as she continued to rub me as I spurted again and again. At last I began to soften, and my mother looked at me dreamily.

'Mummy loves it when you come in her hand, darlin',' she whispered. I tossed the sodden tissues away, and she continued to fondle my cock with wet, sticky fingers for a while, and then she threw her leg across my thighs.

Her nightdress was up around her waist, and I gripped her bare bottom as she started to hump against my leg, staring into my eyes as she clung to me while we exchanged wet, open-mouthed kisses. I gripped her bottom with one hand and crushed her breast with the other as she ground herself against me, until at last she cried out, and I felt her body shudder uncontrollably, and our mouths fastened together in a frantic, seemingly endless kiss. But then she relaxed in my arms, her eyes closed, and I slipped out of the bed and covered her with the bedclothes. I bent to kiss her lightly once more, and then I made my way to my own room.

The next morning at breakfast my mother smiled at me uncertainly. 'Darling – was I terrible last night?'

I admitted that she'd been pretty far gone, and she took my hand, looking at me pleadingly.

'I – I found the tissues by the bed. Did I – you know – to you?'

I nodded, and her face flushed. 'Oh, God ... but you didn't – we didn't ... did we?'

I grinned. 'No, Mum. It's OK. You're still a virgin!'

She came round the table and put her arm round me. 'I'm so sorry, darling! It's just that – when I get like that, something happens to me, and I can't help myself.'

I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek, and told her it was all right. Once, when we'd gone through this regular ritual, I'd kissed her on the mouth and squeezed her breast, and she'd slapped my face – it was as if she was a different person to the woman I'd kissed and caressed the night before, and I'd never repeated it.

'Oh, darling – it'll never happen again! I promise!' she cried now, and I smiled to myself – it was a promise she'd made many times before, and I was sure it wouldn't be long before she broke it again.

I was right – two weeks or so later I heard her come in. I was surprised – it was much earlier than usual, and I was only just about to go to bed, but then I heard her call out to me.

My mother was leaning with her back to the door, her hands by her sides, and I noticed her breasts rising and falling as she breathed deeply. She was wearing a new dress – it was emerald coloured, leaving her arms bare, cut to a deep vee between her breasts, and very short, ending several inches above the knee. As usual, her legs were bare, and on her feet she wore high-heeled sandals consisting mainly of a few straps that showed off her scarlet toenails.

'Are you all right, Mum?' I asked, and she held out her arms to me.

'Mummy's a bit shaky, that's all, darlin',' she said, and fell against me as I reached her.

'Kiss Mummy,' she whispered. In a moment we were caught up in one of our wet, lingering kisses, and tongues clashing as she moulded her body against me. She seemed to hesitate for a moment, and then she clung to me, squirming against me. I pushed her dress off her shoulder and discovered that she wasn't wearing a bra, and she gasped as I gripped her bare breast.

We kissed for a long time, my hand busy on her breast, still standing in the hall, and then I asked her if she wanted a pee. Again she hesitated, then she nodded, and I got her into the bathroom. She couldn't stop kissing me, her arms wound round my neck, and I reached under her dress and pushed her panties down, and then lowered her onto the toilet seat.

As always, I looked down at her – her breast was still uncovered, and I saw that her nipple was jutting rigidly. I pulled her head against my groin, and heard her moan as she felt my cock against her face, and she nuzzled against it.

She sat there, staring up at me, and eventually I grabbed a couple of pieces of toilet paper and slipped them between her legs. I'd never touched her like that before, and it was wonderful, feeling the paper getting wet in my fingers. Then I lifted her up and clumsily hauled up her panties while she hung on to me.

Somehow I got her into her bedroom and she sat on the edge of the bed, still staring at me almost as if I was a stranger. I sank to my knees in front of her and started to unfasten one sandal. I lifted her foot onto my knee – by raising her leg I got a clear view of her panties. They seemed to consist of merely a wisp of thin black gauze, and I ran my hand up her bare thigh. Then I took the sandal off, and fondled her foot for a moment. I couldn't resist lifting it to my mouth, and I kissed it, and sucked her toes, and sank my teeth into the soft flesh of her instep. I did the same with her other foot, and then started to kiss her legs, working my way up to her thighs.

'Take my dress off, darlin',' she said, and helped me get her out of it – it took quite a while, because I kept kissing her and fondling her swelling breasts, but finally we managed it, and then I tugged her panties off, leaving her completely naked. I gazed at her beautiful body, studying those glorious breasts and the patch of hair at the base of her belly. I was still kneeling in front of her, and I started to kiss her body, sucking and nibbling her breasts, biting her soft, quivering belly, and kissing her thighs once more. I wanted to bury my head between her legs, but I was afraid it would break the spell and she'd make me stop, and contented myself with brushing my lips over her mound as I stroked her smooth firm thighs.

At last I reached under her pillow for her nightie, but my mother pushed it away. 'I want to stay like this,' she whispered. 'Now it's your turn!'

She watched avidly as I struggled out of my clothes, and she gasped when she saw my rigid cock. 'Christ, darlin', you're beautiful!' she cried. As I lowered myself onto the bed she reached for me and began kissing my cock – it felt wonderful, and just as exciting was watching my naked mother's lips at work on it.

Finally we stretched out side by side and started to kiss each other, our hands roaming over each other's naked bodies. For the second time that evening my hand found its way between Mum's legs – she didn't object, and I discovered that she was soaking wet. It seemed that we were kissing more passionately than ever before, and I longed to feel her fingers round my cock and rubbing me. I grabbed her hand and dragged it to my groin – Mum fondled me for a while, but then twisted onto her back and parted her legs.

'Come on top of me, darlin',' she whispered.

'No, Mum – you made me I promise I wouldn't!' I groaned, but she laughed.

'I'm not drunk this time, darling! It's all right! I want you in me – I need you in me!'

I squirmed between her legs, and she rubbed the head of my cock against the lips of her vulva. It felt like heaven, and then she guided me into the warm, wet paradise that was her vagina. She tightened her muscles on me, and arched her body, grinding her breasts against my chest.

'Fuck me, darling!' she whispered.

I started to move in and out of her, very slowly at first, wanting to make the sensation last forever. We were kissing each other again, hungrily, passionately, her nails were digging into my back and I was kneading her breast. She writhed beneath me, her skin moist with perspiration, her teeth sinking into my bottom lip, and I kept fucking her.

How long it went on I don't know, but then my mother began jerking uncontrollably, and I speeded up, ramming my cock into her with increasing force. I was afraid I'd slip out of her, but she wrapped her legs round me, forcing her hips up to take me even deeper into her. It felt as though my cock was swelling inside her – I heard myself grunting, and my mother was making little choking noises, and then suddenly I erupted into her.

Mum gave a wail that turned into a scream as my semen jetted into her in great spurts, with a force that I would never have imagined possible. I tasted blood from her teeth locked on my lip, and felt her nails gouging furrows down my back, and I slapped her face with one hand while the other crushed her breast. She was jerking in uncontainable spasms, and still my cock pounded into her, and then we were kissing each other violently, our damp bodies squelching together and her legs locked round me.

I almost blacked out, and then my mother was sobbing and stroking my face, and we were saying how much we loved each other, laughing and kissing and gasping for breath, our hearts pounding.

My mother finally unwound her legs, and I reluctantly slipped out of her as I softened, and we just lay in each other's arms, and I finally realised what had happened.

'Mum – I – I'm sorry,' I began, but she just laughed softly.

'Don't be silly, darling! I told you I wasn't drunk, and I wanted it. I only had one drink, and I didn't finish that. I was with this man, and he had his hand on my leg up under my dress, telling me how much he wanted to fuck me, and I suddenly thought of coming home to you afterwards. I wondered what we did together, and knew that that was what I really wanted, so I just came home and pretended to be drunk. And, oh, God, it was wonderful! You fucking me like that ... I don't know why I ever bothered with those men ...'

She kissed me. 'Now, I'm going to get you hard again, and you can fuck me once more!'

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