tagBDSMMy First Nipple Torture Experience

My First Nipple Torture Experience


My nipple torture fetish began quite by accident. I was a young, naive college student at a small Midwestern university and was having difficulty with a high level pre-med class. I was working at the time to put myself through school and I was really struggling with this biology class. I had to pass an upcoming exam or I would need to repeat the course - something I couldn't afford to do.

Sensing my nervousness over possibly failing the class, my professor invited me over to his house to work with me on a few key topics. This is a very common practice at my alma mater and so I readily agreed to meet with him one evening after lecture. I was grateful that my professor had taken a personal interest in me and wanted to help me succeed.

I arrived at his residence, a charming brick rowhouse in an up and coming neighborhood, and he greeted me warmly at the door. He offered me a glass of wine and we began talking about the class and my areas of difficulty. My professor was a tall, good looking, fit man with jet black hair, piercing blue eyes and beautiful lips that revealed straight, white teeth when he smiled. I had a secret crush on him. I wondered if he knew?

After several minutes of discussing the finer points of nerve function, he offered to show me what he meant. Naturally, I agreed. He then asked me to take off my blouse. I was shocked. What? He asked me again, telling me that because I was failing, I really had nothing to lose by letting him demonstrate and that there really was no better way to learn than by hands on experience. I was oddly excited by his request and feeling the effects of the wine, nodded. I unbuttoned my blouse and laid it aside. He asked me to remain standing. I was wearing only my black lace bra and pencil skirt and a pair of shiny black pumps. Standing before him, clad as I was, made me exceedingly nervous. I could feel my skin warming slightly and an electrical energy began to humm through my body. When he got up and approached me, I shivered. What did he mean to do with me?

He came around behind me and began stroking my arms, talking all the while about the differences in sensations as perceived by the body's nerve endings. His hands felt very nice and cool on my skin and immediately my nipples hardened, standing out noticeably against the lace fabric of my bra. His blue eyes noticed this immediately and a wicked smile played upon his lips. He continued stroking my skin, gently brushing my upper arms, my sides, lightly across my chest, his hands barely skimming my body. I stood stock still, afraid if I moved he'd stop his sensual caresses. He took my hand and led me to a chair and asked me to sit down. I did. He then took out a silk scarf from his pocket and tied it across my eyes and then fastened two others to my wrists, securing them to the arms of the chair. My breathing became short and fast and I asked him why he needed to restrain me to the chair? He replied that the senses are heightened when the body is deprived of sight and the ability to control one's environment.

Then I heard him open a drawer in his desk and shut it again. He was next to me in an instant and I felt hard, cold steel slide under my bra straps and between my breasts. Deftly, he cut off my bra and let it fall to the floor, exposing my large and very firm breasts to his gaze. The combination of excitement, nervousness and uncertainty about what was to come made my nipples harden more rigidly than ever and immediately he began to stroke my breasts with his cool hands. His fingers glided over my ripe curves avoiding the tips, causing goose bumps to stand out against my fevered skin. After many breathless moments, I felt his fingers begin grazing my rock hard nipples, so lightly at first, I wondered if I'd imagined it. My body confirmed what I had been wondering when he began lightly pinching and pulling my nipples. The sensation was heady. My head began to spin - the feeling was so gentle, so arousing. Soon he went from gently tugging and pulling my nipples to twisting them and pulling them - roughly. He tugged and pulled, harder and harder, flicking them with his fingers while I was powerless to stop him. I gasped - no one had ever touched my delicate nipples with such wicked cruelty before! I was not prepared to feel his warm, wet mouth on them. Ahhh, he sucked and nibbled my nipples until my pussy began to drip steadily with moisture. I gasped as soon as I felt his teeth - not a gentle nibble, but hard, firm bites on my nipples. His teeth bit into my sensitive tips and he grazed them from base to tip with his beautiful teeth, pulling and stretching my delicate flesh. I moaned and he commanded me to be quiet, telling me that I hadn't experienced anything yet.

He stood up and I heard him rustling around the room. When he returned, I felt the cold sting of freezing metal on my freshly bitten nipples! I cried out in pain and he laughed, asking me if I'd ever had clamps on my nipples before? I shook my head. The pain in my nipples was both terrible and exquisite at the same time. The more pain that shot through my sensitive, swelling nipples, the more my pussy began to throb with a need I'd never felt before. Hiking up my skirt, he pushed aside my underwear and began to finger my clit while brushing his fingers across the clamps. The pain was intense and I could feel my poor, helpless buds swelling and hardening like I've never felt before in my life. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more, he pulled the clamps causing them to bite down even harder on my throbbing nipples. Making matters worse, at the same time, he continued rubbing my clit until I screamed with both the shock of pain and the shuddering orgasm that seemed to come out of nowhere to consume me.

I was so stunned at the way my body had responded, I couldn't move for a moment. I felt him begin to roll a prickly metal wheel over my flushed skin, concentrating the points over my aching nipples. Around and over my areolas and the tips of my nipples he rolled that devilish thing and I arched my back and bucked my hips to escape that horrible little device but it only made him laugh and continue his deviant torture. After a few minutes, I felt something rough and scratchy close over my nipples - clothespins! They clamped down so hard on my abused flesh, I whimpered miserably. He placed the pins all over my breasts and moved his hand back and forth to make them create wave after wave of pain across my most sensitive parts. The pain in my breasts and nipples was so intense I didn't think I could stand another moment. And then I heard the unmistakable humm of a vibrator moving closer and closer. As he pinched the tips of my nipples that were protruding from the pins, he moved a large wand vibrator across my now dripping pussy. Pleasure, pain, pleasure pain. My clit swelled and strained against the giant head of the vibrator while my nipples pulsed with glorious needles of pain. I exploded with a shattering climax and when I was at the height of my pleasure, he ripped the clothespins from my abraded breasts and nipples and I came yet again violently and unexpectedly, drenching the fabric of the chair.

He then removed the blindfold from my eyes and let me gaze at his big, stiff cock....apparently he was as aroused as I was by his depraved torture of my ripe, young body. I wanted so much to take him into my mouth and taste him, but he was the one in control and he shook his head. He moved to stand behind me. Untying me from the chair, he bent me over the back and proceeded to fuck my tight, drenched little pussy with his massive cock. He pulled my arms tight behind me and pinned them there with one hand while slapping my tits and roughly pulling my abused nipples with the other. He pumped in and out of me mercilessly, all the while stretching, pulling and pinching my throbbing tips until I cried out. We both came, me practically collapsing from pain, exhaustion and an unfamiliar sense of satisfaction when it was finished.

That was my first experience with a sadistic yet sensual nipple torturer...and I've been hooked ever since. I am also pleased to report that I passed his class with flying colors. ;)

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