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My Best Friend, The Tease

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Tim is sick of being best friend's backup boyfriend.
2.3k words
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*** Rape sucks ass. However, fantasizing about it is not the same thing. Enjoy! ***

Jenny was my best friend. The two of us had been buddies since junior high. I was the guy she ran to when boyfriends dumped her, the one who she took as dates to formal events when she was single. I cared about her immensely-but I was sick of being the backup man. Tonight was my turn. Tonight I was finally going to have her, whether she liked it or not.

She was between boyfriends again, and we had decided to go out drinking, along with a few other friends of ours. After three or so, she began to flirt with me, like always. Normally I enjoyed the attention, but tonight it made me angry-I resented how she always used me as her boy toy when she was single. I hid my anger and played along, allowing her to dance close to me, and nuzzle against my neck during the slow numbers. When they played "Animal" by Nine Inch Nails, she was grinding her pelvis against mine. There was no way she couldn't tell I had a hard-on, as she was basically dry humping me in the middle of a crowded dance floor. Several guys around us looked at me enviously. I grinned at them as her hands roamed all over my body, sometimes slipping underneath my untucked shirt to caress my bare skin. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I felt her up over her clothes, then slipped a hand under the hem of her short skirt and ran my hands over her silky underwear. I lifted the hem and gave the nearby men a peep at her panties. She either didn't notice or didn't care.

I continued to buy her as many drinks as she wanted, and the more she drank the more touchy-feely she became with me. By midnight, she was holding my hand and grabbing my ass constantly. At last call, she asked me to drive her home. Saying goodbye to the others, I dutifully led her out of the bar and to my car, taking her home like so many nights before, the trustworthy guy friend. Tonight I would take what I was due.

At her apartment, I took out my own set of keys that she had given me long ago and let us in. She was so drunk I had to half carry her. I sat her down on the couch and then made a pot of coffee in the kitchen, then brought her a cup, with cream and lots of sugar the way she liked it. When I handed it to her and held her hands steady as she brought the cup to her lips, she smiled sweetly at me and said, "Thanks, Tim. You always take such good care of me." I urged her to down half the cup before I set it down on the side table. I sat down next to her on the couch. She snuggled up against me, laying her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her. This was pretty typical as well. Soon I could hear her snoring quietly. I squeezed her breast with my free had, softly at first, then harder. She was sound asleep. I slowly eased off the couch from around her and picked up her petite frame in my arms, and carried her to her bedroom. Her bed was unmade, as usual, so I laid her down on it and tossed the rumpled blankets onto the floor. Previously, I would have tucked the blankets around her and went to sleep in the living room. But tonight would be different.

Looking at her unconscious body, a tiny smile on her lips, her blond hair splayed out around her head on the pillow, I felt my groin begin to stir. I pulled my sweater over my head and tossed it on the nearby chair, followed by my t-shirt. I stood over her for a moment, relishing this moment, as I was finally going to take control. I reached down and undid the zipper at the side of her short skirt, revealing fuchsia satin panties as I pulled the zipper down. Gently, I pulled the skirt down her hips and off her legs. She did not even stir. I ran my fingers lightly over her legs, starting at her delicate feet, past her ankles, up towards her hips, then down again on the inside of her slightly spread legs. She breathed in as I grazed the crotch of her panties, but still she did not wake. I sat down beside her and began to unbutton her shirt. I could feel the pressure in my jeans as my cock was now almost completely hard.

She was wearing a matching satin bra, with a clasp in the front. I touched the tops of her breasts gently, marvelling at the softness of her skin. She shifted on the bed, making her breasts jiggle enticingly. I undid her bra and pushed the cups to the side. Still she slept, snoring lightly. I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up, and stripped out of my jeans and boxers. My 8 inch cock sprang forward, ready for action. It wasn't the biggest dick in the world but other women have told me I use it very well. I got back on the bed and straddled her, so that my rod rested between her succulent breasts. Reaching down, I pushed her breasts together so they were squished around my penis. I began to move my hips so that my penis slid between her breasts. God, it felt so good.

I continued to titty her slowly, looking down at her unconscious face. The sense of power I felt was incredible. Watching the purple tip of my cock slide in and out of view between her large breasts, I soon became extremely aroused, and I felt the need for release. I began to squeeze her breasts tighter and thrust faster between them. I loved the way she was flopping around a bit as my thrusting shook the whole bed. I soon felt the tightness in my balls as the cum began to build up.

Just as I was about to blow my load, Jenny opened her eyes. For a moment, she looked confused, and then her face changed to an expression of disbelief as she saw my dick thrusting towards her face. She let out a half yell, half moan sound. "Tim, what the fuck are you doing?!" She said. She began to struggle beneath me. I shifted up a few inches, grabbed a handful of her hair, and shoved my twitching hard cock in between her lips. "Bite down and I'll shove a baseball bat up your ass when I'm done with you." I pinned her upper arms down with my knees and fucked her face, my hands intertwined in her soft blond hair, pulling her head up and down on my cock. My balls hit her chin every time I brought her head forward as she made gagging noises. I knew she had never deep throated someone before, which made me enjoy forcing her to do it more. Her attempts to twist and struggle out from under me made it easy for me to justify using more force with her. Slamming my cock in and out of her mouth made me come pretty quickly, and I held her head tight as I squirted hot cum down her throat, then waited until her mouth and tongue had cleaned me off completely before I let go of her head and she fell back onto the pillow.

I slid down on the bed, still straddling her, and I grabbed her flailing wrists and pinned them down to the bed beside her head. She started to shout. "Be quiet." I said, in a calm, deep voice. She stopped, staring at me. Seeing her lips wet with my semen started to make me hard again, my cock against the hot skin on her thigh. Pulling her arms up over her head, I transferred both wrists to my left hand, and reached over the side of the bed for the closest piece of laundry. Quickly, I tied her wrists together to a bar on the headboard. I kissed her, hard enough that I tasted blood. Then I lifted my head and looked deep into her eyes. "I'm sick of being your trustworthy guy friend that you always call whenever a boyfriend dumps you. Tonight I'm going to take what's due to me." I waited a moment for those words to sink in, then she began to struggle again. Her writhing body beneath mine just made me even harder. She was no match for me; I was at least 10 inches taller than her and had a football player's body. I let her push and hit me as I ripped her shirt and bra off her body. I lowered my face onto her neck and bit it, hard enough for her to cry out. Her struggling slowed. I kissed and licked her neck, her shoulders, her face, then moved to her breasts and played with her nipples with my tongue. At the same time, my free hand reached down to her crotch and I rubbed her mound through the silky underwear. Despite herself, I could feel her getting wet.

I continued to ravage her with my mouth and my hand, as she drifted between struggling and semi-consciousness from the alcohol. My cock slowly became harder and harder. When I couldn't take it anymore, I reached down and ripped her panties right off her. That move caused her to come out of her semi-conscious state more than before and she began to struggle again. "Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, you know when you try to push me away it just makes me want to fuck you harder," I said. Reaching down with my free hand, I grabbed my throbbing cock. Spreading her legs with mine, I guided my eager member to her soppy wet pussy and slowly eased the head of my penis inside. "Oh, Jenny, I thought you were becoming such a little slut... but you're still nice and tight." I said. I eased in another inch. She became stiff as a board beneath me. I lifted my head enough to look at her face. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut. I waited a moment, both of us completely still. She began to open her eyes. Just as her gaze met mine, I let go of my cock and slammed it all the way into her pussy, my balls slapping against her thighs. She let out a cry.

Kneading her breast with my free hand, with most of my weight on her, I fucked her slowly, sliding almost completely out of her cunt and then all the way in again, over and over. I had jerked off countless times before fantasizing about what it would be like to be with her, but it couldn't compare to the real thing. I lifted my shoulders and chest up and looked down between us, looking down at my meat moving in and out of her. I kept a steady pace, determined to last a while. She was beginning to give in, and was no longer struggling.

I moved my lips close to her ear. "Jenny, admit it, you've wanted me forever. Doesn't it feel good now that I'm finally fucking you?" I whispered. She didn't answer. I thrust my tongue in her ear, flickering it in and out. I felt the sharp intake of her breath as her back arched beneath me. Her cunt was dripping wet now, coating my cock as it slid in and out of her pussy. "I'm not going to stop until you come, so you might as well just give in and let it happen. Otherwise I'll just keeping fucking you."

"No, Tim, this isn't right... please, stop..." She pleaded. In response I began to fuck her a little faster. She let out an involuntary moan, which just urged me on. I slipped both hands under her ass and pulled her hips up towards me with every thrust. "Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh..." I couldn't help but grunt every time I slammed into her tight pussy. I concentrated on maintaining control as I continued to fuck her.

"Oh GOD!" Finally, she was giving in. In response I began to fuck her as hard and as fast as I could. Bracing my arms beside each of her shoulders, I lifted my head up and looked down at her. We glistened from the sweat on our bodies. Her eyes were closed, and her breasts rubbed up against mine violently with every thrust. I felt her vagina begin to spasm around my rod. "OH, OOOOOOOHHHHH, TIM! Oh God, I'm going to, I'm going to cum, oh TIM!!!!" She screamed. Then her orgasm hit her and her entire body shuddered beneath mine. I stopped thrusting for a moment, and felt her cunt twitch around my penis. As her breathing began to slow from her climax, I began fucking her again, fast. She started shouting again. There was so much wetness between us that I could hear wet slapping noises as I rammed my cock into her.

This time we came together, her back arched, her pussy gushing aromatic juices, my balls pumping hot cum into her depths. I collapsed on top of her, panting from the exertion. When I finally rolled my aching body off of hers, she was asleep again. I untied her, got dressed, and snuck out of the apartment.

The next afternoon around one, Jenny called me just as I had finished jerking off to memories of the night before. "Tim? It's me. Could you come over? I think I took some random guy home last night, I'm all sore inside and there's cum all over my sheets. I'm really scared because I don't remember what happened!" I told her I would be over right away, to help her get cleaned up and get to a doctor for some tests, just in case. After all, I was her best friend.

*** This is my first submissions so I would love to get some feedback! Please be gentle with me! ***

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 Anonymousabout 1 year ago
Definitely a fantasy

Obviously this is just a fantasy, as I’d hope no real friend would assault a girl this way. If you think she’s a tease I’d hope you’d talk to her about it rather than rape her. Also, shoving you dick down someone’s throat doesn’t seem that enjoyable, as how do you avoid teeth when you’re choking her out. That’s like a porn fantasy that has no basis in reality. Plus, with her being that drunk she would’ve definitely thrown up on his dick.

 Anonymousover 5 years ago

Cool storu

ThemaskedmanThemaskedmanalmost 9 years ago
Great story!

Personally I have been known as a nice guy, I don't have any best girlfriends, but I hate it when a girl doesn't realize how big of a fucking tease she is being and I have wanted to rip off her clothes and fuck her silly. Great story, keep writing.

 Anonymousover 9 years ago
Love it!

This was a great story. I love how it's short enough for one page but detailed enough to show nuances of this particular fantasy. Please write some more. :)

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