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tagIncest/TabooMom's Sexy Feet

Mom's Sexy Feet


The fascination with the female foot started when I was a teenager. My mother's feet were the object of my curiosity; since she was the one female I saw all the time.

As long as I can remember, she went barefoot from springtime to fall. I do remember it seeming odd to me that she went around the house this way.

Pantyhose covered feet were a special curiosity to me. The nude colored hose made her feet look sexy. It was a special thrill to sneak into her room and touch her nylons and hose. They felt fantastic, especially when I slid one over my hard-on. Kissing her used, hanging pantyhose was one of my favorite things to do.

My curiosity to view turned into a longing to touch one month after my eighteenth birthday. I was at the local "late night" bookstore and I stumbled upon a discount rack of adult books.

I bought two three-packs of books and made my way home. One book really caught my attention. It was about a sex-starved mother who seduced everyone in her path.

The part of the book I wore out reading was where the mother seduced her college bound son. She seduced him by dressing provocatively around the house. Low cut tops, skirts and nylons caught his attention.

Next, she asked him to massage her tired, nylon-clad feet, a couple times a week. After teasing him for some time, she came up with a plan.

His mother gave him money to buy clothes for college but with a stipulation. He had to buy a sexy pair of nylons he would like to see her wear.

He purchased a pair and to his surprise, she wanted to wear them while they sat down together for their movie night. To send him over the edge, she told him he was to put the nylons on her legs before they started the movie.

He did as told and by the end of the night he massaged, kissed and came all over her nylon feet. After that point, I really became attentive to my mom's feet.

I spied looks at my mother's feet whenever I could. In order to do so, I helped out once and awhile with chores that she did. The nightly dishes were my best chance to sneak a peek.

I was treated to a solid fifteen minutes of foot action. I enjoyed her bare feet, but I really enjoyed looking at her pantyhose covered feet.

Sunday was the one-day of the week when she always wore pantyhose, although she usually blocked my peeking by wearing slippers.

I cherished the Sundays where she wore pantyhose without the slippers. On those days, I helped her out every chance I could.

I would take my sweet time drying the dishes in order to get the most viewing time. Sunday was also our family movie night. You could not beat two hours of pantyhose feet watching.

On our family movie night, I moved from the couch to the floor. The floor was the best spot to be treated to constant foot action.

My mom couldn't sit still while watching a movie, so she was always flexing, swinging or rubbing her feet on the carpet.

I loved to watch her little toes flex but my favorite was when she pushed her feet back and forth on the carpet.

Watching her feet moving back and forth in unison was usually better than the movie. She had to have liked the sensation of her feet against the carpet because she did it a lot.

I lay there wondering what it would feel like to have her hose clad feet going back and forth over my face.

One night, the family dog made me totally jealous. I was watching television with my mom while playing with the dog.

I finished playing with the dog and he went over and lay down next to my mom. She was swinging her foot and when she stopped, he raised his head and began licking her heel.

I watched this in wonder for a minute before I spoke. "Why are you letting the dog lick your foot?"

She responded with "He does it all the time. He must enjoy the salty taste"

I asked, "Does it bother you that he licks your feet?" She chuckled at my comment and said,

"Not at all, in fact I kinda like it. His tongue tickles all the nerves in my foot".

The dog licked every inch of the bottom of her foot and then she lowered her foot to the floor and had him lick the whole top of her foot.

I was floored; she definitely was enjoying the dogs tongue bath.

I sat there wondering if I were there instead of the dog, would she still like the tongue bath?

After she was satisfied with the one foot, she moved her other foot over for its turn. I watched with interest and envy as he licked the other foot.

My intent staring was certainly noticed by my mom, but she refused to say a thing about it. I saw this again, over a week later on Sunday morning.

I was watching the football pre-game show and my mom was reading the Sunday paper. The dog came in and started to lick her pantyhose covered foot.

It took a few licks for her to register that he was licking her hose. She scolded him and went back to her paper.

Seconds later, he was back at it again. She scolded him again and this time I decided to chime in.

"Since you always let him lick your feet, why don't you just take your pantyhose off and let him continue?"

She paused a moment, lowered the newspaper, looked at me and said, "OK wise guy, come on over here and kneel down".

She stretched her legs out and rested her feet on the coffee table. My mom then said, "Since the dog can't take them off, you can do it for him and drop them down the shoot so they get washed."

I looked at her baffled and she said, "Don't be scared, they are nylons, not pantyhose"

She lifted her dress up to her knees and said oh so softly "Go ahead and take them off, my legs won't bite you"

She watched as my reluctant hands went around her nylon covered leg and slid up her dress. I was in heaven with the feel of the nylon on her leg.

I crept my way up her leg, realizing that the tops were higher than I thought. I reached the top of her nylon knowing that my fingers were only inches away from her panties.

I started to roll them off when she stopped me. "That's not how I take them off, I'll instruct you,"

She told me to slip my fingers under the nylon and pull to the end of the foot. Then, you take the nylon off from the top of the toes. She watched as I did as instructed on the foot that the dog had licked.

My mom then went back to reading the paper. I stared at the contrast between her two legs. I also was fascinated that this was the first time that I got to hold her delicate foot in my hand.

I now had an extreme close-up of her toes. I marveled how sexy her toes looked covered in the nude nylons compared to the bare ones.

She must've wondered what I was doing because she lowered the paper and pushed her other foot up inches from my face.

"I've got one left, if you haven't forgotten sweetie". I snapped back from my stare as she went back to reading the paper.

I decided to savor the feel as I slide my hands once again up her leg.

This time, instead of moving up with my fingertips, I opened up my hands so my whole hand could feel her leg. I felt her body tense a bit as I inched my way up.

The hard-drive in my brain was storing every inch for future usage. She didn't say a word or lower the paper as I reached the top and stopped.

I traced my thumbs along the top of her nylon causing her to shift on the couch. Her shifting caused my hand to lightly brush against her panties. I froze as my hand contacted her panties.

I took my time lowering her nylon, knowing that this may be turning her on like it was me.

I held her heel in my hand and pulled her nylon off. I stared at the beauty of her naked foot resting in my hand.

Oh, how I wanted to stick out my tongue and run a trail up her foot.

My mom broke the silence with, "Since the dog is licking my other foot, why don't you be a sweetie and massage this one for me?"

I was shocked. She was actually asking me to massage her foot.

I went ahead and began massaging her foot. I took my thumbs and pressed them gently against her arch and started tracing small circles.

Seconds later, this caused a happy response. "mmmmm....That feels nice."

As I continued, I wondered if she was getting wet. Luckily, she was reading the paper; otherwise she would've seen the growing erection in my pants.

The dog was licking away at her other foot while I was hoping to do the same with mine. I moved my face inches away from her foot as I massaged it.

I decided to ever so gently blow on her foot as I caressed it. This caused her to once again respond with another drawn out "mmmmmmmmm".

I decided then to push a little further. I held her foot around her ankle and lightly blew my breath up her foot in circles.

As I reached her toes, she shifted on the couch and her foot brushed against my face. I decided to go for it and as I opened my mouth to lick her foot, I heard my father coming up the stairs from the basement.

She pulled her foot away and whispered, "Thank you for the massage, it was very sweet of you, now go put those away before your father comes in here."

I grabbed the nylons and headed for the laundry shoot in the hallway.

Good thing my dad didn't come into the room until I left because he might have seen me holding her nylons with a tent sticking from my pants.

He went into the family room and talked to my mom so I made a pit stop into the bathroom before sending her nylons on their way.

As I waited for my father to leave, I took the nylon that the dog didn't lick and inhaled the slight aroma from her foot. I then put my hand in the nylon and pulled it on.

Temptation got the best of me and I put my fingers into my mouth, pretending I was licking her toes. I then decided to go further.

I dropped my drawers and put her nylon over my hard-on. I proceeded to masturbate and shoot my load into her nylon.

My happiness soon turned to terror as I stood there wondering how I could cover up what I just did. I squeezed out what I could and I ran them under the water. I snuck to the basement and hid them underneath some clothes.

I came back from the basement and went back to watching the football game. To my surprise, when I returned, the dog was back licking her feet.

Mom was still reading the newspaper, so I watched with jealousy. A minute later she lowered the paper and caught me staring.

She smiled at me and said seductively, "My foot would really like some more pampering...... will you help?"

I paused, not wanting to give away the fact that I'd love to. Mom then tried again, "You can sit here in front of the couch and watch football while you do it".

I caved and sat down in front of her. She placed her legs over my shoulder and offered a foot to me. I stared at her sexy pink toenails as I began massaging one foot.

It didn't take long for my excitement to rise again. I paused my work and adjusted myself so the evidence was harder to see. She definitely knew what I was up to.

After nearly ten minutes of constant purring, she stopped me and said,

"That was wonderful. I could take an hour of that. Since you were so kind, the least I could do is massage your shoulders for you".

Before I could say no, she slid forward placing her hands and my shoulders and her feet rested on my thighs.

As she rubbed my shoulders, her feet started to slide up my thighs. They stopped an inch away from my happy captain.

Mom continued for another minute before she stopped and needed to re-adjust. As she shifted her body, her feet just happened to find their resting spot right in my crotch.

I tensed up and she refused to move her feet from their place. For the next few minutes, she rubbed my neck while her right foot lightly brushed my hard-on.

The telephone soon rang, ending our little foot encounter. I got up to answer it and Mom got up and went to the bathroom.

She came out of the bathroom several minutes later. Instead of coming back into the family room, she went downstairs.

I froze as I heard her go down the steps. Would she see the nylons that I dropped down the shoot? I know they were totally wet from my tasting and my cum. Mom was down there several minutes, which frightened me.

Mom finally came back and when she walked past me, she smiled and blew me a kiss. She was wearing slippers but she had nylons on her feet!

Did she put on a new pair in the bathroom? Did she discover what I did? If she did, was she wearing the nylon I shot my load into? And if so, was she turned on by the fact that I did it?

I sat in confusion while watching the football game. My mom continued her reading of the newspaper.

I glanced over by her to see that she was dangling a slipper. A minute later, she called me over to show me an article in the paper.

I checked out the article and as I was about to go back to my game, she asked; "Would you be a sweetheart and hand me the sales ads?"

The ads were on the floor, so I got off the couch to fetch them. Two sexy feet were resting on the ads.

My mom was flexing her toes and as I looked at the pair, I could see that the nylon on her right foot was totally wet.

Her right foot was wearing the nylon I shot my load into!

Mom stopped flexing her toes and she started rubbing the bottom of her left foot over the wet toes of her right foot. She knew she had me hooked, so the show continued.

She lifted her right foot off the ads and started moving it up and down her left leg. I stared at her wet toes as they ran up and down her leg several times.

When she finished this, she crossed her right leg over her left, which put her right foot inches away from my face.

She then started to flex her toes right next to my face. I quickly gave her the ads and went back to my football viewing.

My mind certainly wasn't on the game. I was going through what had just happened in the last hour. The teasing ended that day and weeks went by without a word, like nothing happened.

I did notice that she began to wear nylons more often and on Sundays she walked around in her nylons for the whole day without slippers.

A month later, things changed for the better around the house. My father got moved to second shift and my mother decided that she was going back to work.

This meant that my dad would not be home until eleven or so at night and my mom would be dressing up in pantyhose everyday.

On the nights when she left her pantyhose on after work, I conveniently joined her in the family room to watch tv. I played with the dog on the floor, which gave me the best vantage points.

She realized my plan and when she brushed her feet on the floor, she would push them right up to my face before taking them back. The nylon teasing went on for some time. My mom even let the dog lick her nylon-covered toes one night.

I was lying on my back in front of the sofa with the dog in my lap. As I played with the dog, my mom positioned herself above me and rested her feet on each side of my head.

She then slid her feet back and forth from my temples down to my cheeks. I loved the feel of her feet on my face.

She stopped and then she lifted a foot and offered it to the dog. I stared with wonder as the dog licked her nylon covered toes.

Mom then took her other foot and started tracing circles on my cheek with her toes. Her toes brushed my lips, so I took a shot and pushed my tongue just outside my mouth.

Her toes passed over my tongue three times before she lifted her legs and went back to resting on the couch. I lay there in wonder at what just happened. Not a word was spoken as I went back to playing with the dog.

This did start the point where my mom kept her hose on after she changed her work clothes. She even started wearing a wider selection.

I was treated to black, nude, tan, white and even patterned sets that looked spectacular.

Most nights my mom would rest on the sofa and fall asleep until my dad came home. I joined her and often stared at her sexy feet as she slept.

When she fell asleep on her stomach, I would lean over and closely examine her wrinkled soles. I also would lie down at her feet and stare at them, wishing she would wake and ask me to lick them.

One night, Mom was lying on her stomach with her feet stretched out next to me while watching the television. I was watching the television with a pillow in my lap.

The pillow was concealing the hard-on I had while watching her feet. Mom then raised her legs and scooted closer to me.

She surprised me by asking; "Would you be a sweetheart and rub my feet for me? They are really tired." I replied; "Sure."

She lowered her feet and rested them on my pillow. I had not held them since that football Sunday and now I could massage them without the fear of my dad walking in.

I took hold of her foot and began massaging it. I pressed my thumbs into her arch and began making little circles. The feel of her sexy feet in the silky nylons was intoxicating.

My mom furthered my excitement with her words and sounds; "mmmmm....That feels really nice. I think I could really get used to this."

I was standing at full mast with one foot in my hands and the other resting on the pillow. The pillow was soft and not too thick. I think there was no doubt that her resting foot could feel my hard-on underneath.

As I continued kneading her foot below the toes, mom would raise her foot off the pillow and drop it back down. This caused my hard-on to twitch with excitement.

Mom then pressed her foot lightly into the pillow and moved it back and forth over my hard-on as she purred; "mmmmmmmmm." I continued the massage going to her toes. I wanted to taste them, but I wouldn't without her go ahead.

Her praise made me feel awesome. "Your hands are very skillful and My feet are forever in your debt"

I switched to her other foot and continued as slow as I could. I certainly didn't want this to end.

I brought her foot up to my mouth and started to gently blow on her toes. She instantly replied, "mmmmmmm......that feels sooooo nice" I wanted her to tell me to lick her toes, but she didn't.

One thing stood out to me as I massaged her feet. There was no odor of nylons that were worn all day long.

She must have changed them before she came in to watch television. She also continued her teasing with the other foot. Again and again, she lightly pressed her foot in the pillow tracing it along my shaft.

Each time she would press on it she would softly purr, "mmmmmmmmmmmmm".

I was about to shoot any minute. Her next reply made me smile. "If you are around, would you possibly be able to give my feet a weekly massage?"

I didn't answer before she spoke again; " Your hands are very talented, I would certainly be grateful."

I answered; "No problem. You do a lot for me, this is the least I could do."

Mom then took her feet back, turned around and crawled next to me on the couch. She then placed her hand on my upper thigh, inches away from my hard-on.

Her hand slid to the head of my shaft as she spoke, "I'm so happy that you will help out my tired feet".

She kissed me on the cheek and got up and went to bed. After that night, I got to weekly massage her feet.

One night, I tried something new. I decided to lie down on the couch and rest before my mom did.

Five minutes after I lied down, my mother got up and went to her room. See came back fifteen minutes later.

I waited a while and closed my eyes feigning sleep. A few minutes later, as I expected, my mom laid down to rest.

She stretched out and I felt her feet lightly touch my hair. Five minutes later, she rolled over and stretched out completely, resting her feet inches from my face.

Once again, her pantyhose clad feet were resting only inches away from my wanting lips. I longed to lean over and taste those wrinkled soles.

My eyes traced a path along her feet following the wrinkles up to her pretty little toes. My arousal grew as she started to flex her toes.

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