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Literotica Monthly Awards 2021: 11 November

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Read November's Reader's Choice winners & category nominees!
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Manu and I would like to thank all the authors who submitted during the month, and all the other months for that matter! We've tallied the reader's votes, and are happy to announce the winners of November 2021's Reader's Choice Awards.

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
The Twelve Zenati Pt. 40 by xelliebabex

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Surefoot 71: The End by Surefoot

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Prussian Blue by Thefireflies

Around the middle of every month, we tally up the votes from stories submitted during the previous month. The story in each category the best voting score compared to all other stories with fifty (50) or more votes submitted that month is automatically eligible for the 2021 Literotica Author Awards voting.

At the end of the year, we will have 12 nominees in each category. The 4 stories in each category with the best voting scores at the end of the year will go on to the final voting. One will be selected in each category as the top story for 2021.

Congratulations to the authors below, whose stories were ranked top in their category for the month. These are November's eligible works.


Anal - Schoolgirl Uniform; Mandy by PrevertedMe
Audio - A Busy Night at the Switchboard by BrittanyBabbles
BDSM - The Twelve Zenati Pt. 40 by xelliebabex
Celebrities & Fan Fiction - Surefoot 71: The End by Surefoot
Erotic Couplings - Senior Year Memories Ch. 33 by aimingtomisbehave33
Erotic Horror - Widow's Welcome by Snekguy
Exhibitionist & Voyeur - Naked Attraction by shygeek
Fetish - Golden Bukkake Beach by Sams_Island
First Time - The Witches of Huntington by Frankenstein1962
Gay Male - Naked Yoga for Men by rowingbigboy
Group Sex - The Big Tits Club Ch. 51-52 by bluedragonauthor
How To - How to Fuck Without Saying 'Fuck' by Trionyx
Humor & Satire - White Castle Christmas by MelissaBaby
Illustrated - Different Women of the Manor by HeyAll
Incest/Taboo - The Cunning Linguist by nikki_2021
Interracial Love - Fulfilling Your Asian Fetish by sluttykimiko
Lesbian Sex - Hoff and Hols, a Romance Ch. 17 by Pixiehoff
Letters & Transcripts - Dear Steve: I Just Fucked Your Wife by windar
Loving Wives - Flash 04: OJT, Part 02 by saddletramp1956
Mature - Selfish Love by MsCherylTerra
Mind Control - The Cursed Tattoo Pt. 10 by FacetiousTales
Non-Erotic - Let it Be by NYSwede
NonConsent/Reluctance - Ryne by gabthewriter
NonHuman - Home for Horny Monsters Ch. 76 by writerannabelle
Novels and Novellas - The Adventures of Ranger Ramona Ch. 02 by MelissaBaby
Romance - Prussian Blue by Thefireflies
Sci-Fi & Fantasy - The Keeper Ch. 38-41 by CharlyYoung
Toys & Masturbation - Mutual Masturbation Pt. 02 by martin_shecter1971
Transgender & Crossdresser - Ambiramus Ch. 02 by UltimateSin


Erotic Poetry - Hands – 1 by Maydaypilot
Non-Erotic Poetry - If this is farewell by Pixiehoff


Adult Comics - Mom's College Visit by AndisTaboo
Erotic Art - Nala Fitness! by dreamsketchmaker

* * * * *

A huge thank-you to all the readers and authors who have made this year so much fun! We wish you and yours all the best in 2022!

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