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Law of the Heart: Consequential...Ch. 04


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As Sally gaped at Jill, I could see Jill start in on her. I couldn't tell what she was saying because she was too far away, but it was obvious that she was telling Sally off in no uncertain terms. As Jill's lecture went on, Sally looked around nervously trying to see if anybody was watching.

As Jill's harangue slowed down, Sally tried desperately to defend herself. I could see her pleading with my wife, but Jill wasn't buying it. Jill cut her off at every turn. Eventually, Jill lost her temper and turned to walk away. At that moment, Sally made a mistake that would cost her.

Sally was standing next to the pool and reached out to grab Jill to stop her from leaving. Jill turned and shoved Sally away. As Sally fell back, she stepped on the edge of the pool.

For a moment, it was like I was watching a movie. Sally teetered on the edge of the pool windmilling her arms yelling as she tried to regain her balance. Jill stood there watching her and with a smile reached forward and gave her another push. Except this time, Jill grabbed hold of Sally's beach cover up and did not let go. As Sally fell back into the pool, the cover up ripped and Jill ended up holding it as Sally fell backwards into the pool in nothing but a short baby doll nightgown. The whole class saw Sally as splashed down.

Sally sputtered to the surface standing in thigh deep water. The nightgown was translucent showing off all of Sally's dubious charms. All of a sudden, Sally turned beet red as she realizes that she was as good as naked in front of everybody and sank back into the water with a groan. Jill looked down at her and deliberately threw the cover up as far away from the pool as possible.

Jill stood over Sally at the edge of the pool and continued to tell her off in a voice that every one could hear. "Stay away from me Sally. If I had taken your advice yesterday, I would have screwed up my marriage to Jake. You almost cost me my husband. You and your fucking perversions make me sick." At that, Jill turned her back on Sally and started back to the table where I was sitting.

Tom had sat there through this scene with a look of horror. Here was the woman that he had spent the night with getting humiliated in front of his face. He stood to go over to Sally, but I grabbed his arm before he could leave and spoke quietly to him. "Tom, Sally deserved everything that just happened. She has been pushing Jill to cheat on me for months. She gets off on the idea of a cuckold husband being dominated by his wife and her lover. Think about it. Do you really want to get involved in that type of shit?"

Tom looked at me in confusion. He was a nice guy and didn't want to leave Sally in distress, but my words had shaken him as well. He slowly got up from the table and walked over to the pool where he recovered the pool cover up and handed it to Sally as she got out of the pool. It had torn all the way down the sides. It would partially cover Sally, but she would be on display as she walked back to her room.

As Jill got back to our table, I stood and gave her a big hug and kiss. Looking intently at her I asked her if she was ok. Jill smiled at me wanly and hugged me to her tightly as she nodded. Sally had been her friend for a long time and Jill had been hurt by her actions.

Jill looked around the table at our friends and shook her head. "I'm sorry about that guys. This reunion has taught me that a true friend is someone who cares about me and accepts me as I am. Life is too short to deal with people who want to screw up my life in the name of friendship." Jill then gave an evil smile, "Besides, she wanted everyone to see my tits yesterday, its only fair that we got to see hers today."

With that, everyone broke into laughter as they recounted how Sally looked as she fell into the water. It wasn't politically correct, but sometimes a person's humiliation can be humorous. I smiled to myself as we talked. Jill had dealt with Sally, now I needed to deal with Juan and Hector.

About a half-hour later, I looked up from our conversation to see Juan, Hector and Maria walk up from the dock. Juan looked over and saw Jill and I sitting at the table. He nudged his brother and with a smirk pointed us out. After a short discussion, Hector shrugged his shoulders and followed his brother over to the table with Maria at his side.

As they reached the table, Juan smirked at me and walked up behind Jill and started to massage her shoulders. Jill batted his hands away and looked at him with a look of exasperation. "Cut it out, Juan." She snapped.

Juan laughed and sat down at the table. I could tell that my other classmates were torn between leaving or staying. They wanted to avoid what could be a bad scene, but they felt the curiosity that attracts crowds to accidents and executions. They wanted to see the blood.

After Jill's story last night, I was angry with Juan. He had done everything in his power to get her to have sex with him. It didn't matter to him one bit that she was married or what it might do to our marriage. My emotions were telling me to fly into a rage and start screaming at him. But my plan for payback required me to stay calm and collected. I wanted our friends to see what an asshole he was. I needed to set him up for the fall.

"You know, Juan," I stated mildly, "by now even an asshole like you should be aware that Jill isn't interested in your bullshit. Keep your hands off my wife."

Juan smiled broadly. I could tell that he thought I didn't know what had happened the day before. He wanted to cause trouble. "I don't know, Jake, she seemed to like it when she was in my arms last night."

I snorted in disgust. "Yeah, right. You buy her drinks until you get her drunk and then you start groping her while dancing. That's smooth Juan. Just like the frat boy you are. But, go ahead if you want and try Jill again. I'm sure that she wouldn't mind slapping you in the face again. You must be a glutton for punishment."

I looked at him with a look of pure venom. "Juan, you are a total asshole. You hit on married women. You harass them and keep pushing after they tell you no. You don't care if you destroy someone else's marriage. You don't give a fuck about anybody else."

Although Juan was still smirking, you could tell he was confused. This wasn't going the way that he had expected. He thought he was going to be pushing my buttons. He wasn't expecting me to attack him on his behavior. He had no qualms about his behavior. He was expecting me to fly off the handle at Jill not at him. At least, I had shut him up.

I turned to Maria who was standing next to Hector. "Hi you must be Maria. I'm Jake, Jill's husband. Jill told me a lot about you. Tell me, what do you think of Juan's behavior. How would you feel about a woman who tried to continuously hit on Hector?"

Maria didn't answer. She was uncomfortable in being put on the spot. Maria was the only concern that I had with my plan for pay back. From what Jill had told me, she was innocent. Any revenge that I took on Juan and Hector would hurt her as well. I consoled myself with the thought that she deserved to know the truth.

I turned to Hector. "And what about you, Hector? How would you feel if someone like Juan made a play at Maria? Do you get pissed at guys who make passes at her?" Hector glared at me. I knew that he was the jealous type, but had a double set of standards. He had a blind spot when it came to the games that he and his twin played. I was going to fill in that blind spot.

"Maybe it doesn't bother you Hector." I continued. "After all, if Juan had succeeded in seducing Jill last night, you were planning on fucking her too, right? Maybe you like to share Maria with your brother."

At these words, all hell broke loose. Hector's face twisted in hate and he took a step forward as if he wanted to attack me. Juan started to swear and jumped to his feet. Our classmates stopped them before they could reach me. Maria reacted as if she had been slapped. She glared at Juan and Hector and then looked back to me demanding an explanation.

I gave Juan and Hector one of their trademark smirks. "What's the matter?" I taunted them. "Didn't you let Maria know about your switching beds?"

I turned to Maria. "I'm sorry that I had to break it to you this way Maria. Last night, Jill told me an interesting story. It seems that when she was dating Juan, she caught Hector in her bed one night. They had switched beds in the middle of the night. They thought it was a big joke and told her that they like to share their women. Last night, Jill got Juan to admit that they were planning to switch beds if he had succeeded in seducing her.

"Tell me guys, how many times have you switched beds since Hector married Maria? Did you have any idea Maria that you were getting a combination package when you married Hector? Do you like being shared with Juan without your consent? Jill can tell you how to tell them apart if you want."

With each additional accusation, Maria looked more and more stricken. She stared at Hector and Juan pleading them with her eyes to deny the truth of my allegations. But, like little schoolboys caught with their hands in the cookie jar, they flushed with guilt and looked away. From their reaction she began to suspect that I was telling the truth. Finally she looked over at Jill and begged her for confirmation.

Jill nodded miserably. "Its true, Maria. I caught them one night when I wasn't as drunk as they thought I was. Juan has a mole on the back of his neck just under the hairline and it wasn't there one night when I ran my fingers through his hair. When I called them on it, they thought it was a big joke. They told me that they did it all the time when their girlfriends were drunk enough. They switch beds whenever they think they can get away with it.

"Last night as I was getting out of the hot tub, I saw Juan whisper something to Hector and Hector nod. Juan was convinced that I was too wasted to refuse him and it hit me that they were planning a switch. That's why I let Juan walk me back to my room. I wanted to confront him. His reaction told me that I was right. I'm so sorry, I wish you didn't have to find out like this."

As Jill spoke, Juan and Hector stood there guiltily. Maria looked at Hector daring him with her eyes to deny it, but he couldn't. She spat at his feet with disgust and walked away. Hector went after her pleading for her to stop, but when he tried to grab her arm, she turned and slapped him in the face. He just stood there dejectedly as she walked away.

Juan still stood at the table and glared at me with murder in his eyes. I turned to him and stared him down. "Its not as much fun when you are on the receiving end is it Juan? How many marriages have ended because of your games? Now, maybe you can understand some of the pain that you have caused.

"Do you have any idea how stupid these sex games are? You're damn lucky that you didn't succeed in seducing Jill last night. Otherwise you and your brother might be facing sexual battery charges this morning."

Juan stared at me in surprise.

"You're a lawyer for God's sake." I said with disgust. "Don't you remember that non-consensual sex is a crime in Florida? If Hector fucked Jill without her knowledge, where is the consent? Just get the fuck away from us."

Juan slumped and walked over to his brother. Hector pushed him away angrily and walked after Maria. Juan just stood there for a moment and then walked out alone. Strangely enough, I didn't get much satisfaction from the revenge. It left me feeling dirty. I knew that Juan and Hector had gotten what they deserved, but I was sorry for the pain that I had caused Maria. I could feel the tears as they slowly ran down my cheeks

After the fireworks, the mood at our table was somber. Nobody blamed me for my actions, but my classmates were thinking hard about what they had just witnessed. Jill reached over to me and squeezed my hand. She was crying too.

Needless to say, the mood for the reunion for the rest of the day was much different from the day before. The drinking slowed down as people remembered what the hard drinking at the Luau had caused. I could see many of my classmates spending extra time with their spouses as they sought to reassure themselves of their own marriages.

Jill and I sat together with Steve, Meredith and a few other friends and quietly relived some of our old times together. We saw no need to get wild; we just enjoyed the friendship that we shared. In some way, we had all grown older and wiser as a result of the day. We all spent a lot of time just touching and smiling at our spouses. Tonight, the hotel rooms of the reunion were going to be filled with the sounds of sweet love.

Jill and I retired to the room early. We were both exhausted emotionally, but ready to once again consummate our love for each other. As I slipped into bed, I saw Jill leave the bathroom dressed in the black negligee that she had worn in the fashion show. I smiled at her and beckoned her over to sit at the edge of the bed.

"Jill, How would you like to extend our stay for a few days as a second honeymoon? I'm sure that you're parents wouldn't mind watching Jake Jr. for few extra days."

Jill squealed in delight and pushed me over onto my back as she straddled me and covered me with kisses. I had got my answer and I knew that I was in for a long glorious night.

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betrayedbylovebetrayedbylove3 months ago


in fiction I guess this works. But it seems to see that to kill the lover and send the cheating cunt to a Mexican whorehouse would be more realistic than this. Just one idiot's opinion.

 Anonymous3 months ago

Didn't like the story for one reason and one reason only. None of the actions, from sitting at the dock as his friends and wife passed by to what happened between Jill and Juan are realistic. A wife isn't going to walk past her husband without some sort of acknowledgement. A husband isn't going to stand back while his wife is groped by another man at a party. It's simply a contrived story premise that doesn't work.

 Anonymous3 months ago

Dreadful. Hard to imagine a shittier effort to take this already fucked up story and fuck it up further. In your version and the original, Jake is a prissy little bitch who stands by just to see if his wife could be seduced. Who would do that in real life? But you make it worse by creating a story where the intoxicated Jill high on booze and pot has been (in her own words) "out of control", getting groped repeatedly, kissing and making out with Juan, loving it as she admits in your own story, takes Juan into her room and then nothing happens? Really; you can write any damned thing you want but this is not plausible. No woman intent on being faithful would have allowed Juan into her room. Jill's efforts to explain away her actions are lame in the extreme. I'm sorry I wasted the time to read this poorly written piece of crap.

julie4fun22julie4fun223 months ago

i thought this was a great story. It shows the power of communication between spouses and how important it truly is. This story also shows that many people can be petty and unkind. We only have a few close friends and they should be cherished. The couplehood is paramount. Acquaintances come and go. True friends are few and should be cherished. I gave the story 5 stars!!!

Legio_Patria_NostraLegio_Patria_Nostra4 months ago

You finally landed this bloated pig and kept it on the runway until it rolled to an uncertain, final stop. Good job, because you had two weak, gutless characters with which to work. You finally grew them a spine.

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