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Katy Perry's Ass Man


I meant everything I'd said about her ass needing as much attention as her tits. But these were Katy Perry's tits we were talking about. Even after everything I did with her ass, this was still the highlight of the day. And it ended way too soon when she took her tits off me.

Before I could even object, however, she put her mouth back on me and reached down to finger herself even harder. She moaned on my cock and licked it deeper than ever, while fucking herself on her fingers even faster.

Yet that also ended too soon when she popped her mouth off me. Before I could even object, however, she turned around, bent her ass down in front of me and sat it onto my lap -- right after getting my cock into her pussy.

She wasted no time bouncing on me in the reverse cowgirl position. I could only put my hands on her waist to make sure she didn't fall off. Yet the danger didn't slow her down, as she groaned and fucked herself on my cock faster and faster and faster.

Finally and inevitably, she came all over my shaft and came pretty fucking hard.

"Oh fuck, yes! All over that cock...." she called out as she rode through her orgasm. She stopped bouncing and laid back against me, with her back on my chest and her hair covering my face. I kept my hands on her waist and waited to approach her pussy, where I carefully felt up her soaked, still filled opening.

I gathered her leaking juices and let my face stay buried against Katy's hair, until I had to make her move her head. That made it easier for me to suckle her cum off my fingers. When I was finished, Katy put her head back against mine -- this time to actually kiss me for the first time.

She tasted herself on my mouth and tongue and groaned, while I also tasted her on her mouth and tongue and groaned some more. When she broke off, she informed, "Now we're even again. One picture, one orgasm," she counted.

"Still time for two," I responded, thrusting to show I was talking about orgasms -- though maybe I could bring up pictures later. For now, Katy sat back up in the reverse cowgirl position again, giving me room to see her ass bouncing in front of me on my lap.

I grabbed another handful of her peachy rump, though it was harder in this position. But there was something else I could do. And after all the attention I gave her ass, it would be inexcusable not to do this too. So I reached back to finger Katy's wet pussy again, collecting juices so I could smear them between her ass cheeks. I stopped before I went for her hole, in case Katy had any objections. But she just squeezed her pussy tighter on my cock and groaned, "Fuck me...." I was already doing it, but it seemed I could now do it twice.

I put the tip of my right forefinger into her asshole, which made Katy stop bouncing. When I got halfway in, I thrusted my cock deeper into her pussy, then started finger-fucking her asshole in earnest.

I went back and forth between fucking her with my cock and finger for a while, then tried to do both at once. Katy started bouncing again and arched back, though this obstructed my view of her ass. But she turned her head and moaned in approval, then grabbed my free left hand and put it on her chest.

Now I was trying to fuck her in both holes and squeeze her tits at the same time, which was a bit challenging. Yet Katy offered, "Oh yeah....let me help you with that," and finally took herself off my lap.

My cock and finger were free, but she soon turned around and entrapped my cock inside her again, settling back on my lap and facing me this time. Although I couldn't see her ass anymore, it did make it easier to reach back and start finger-fucking it again.

Once we got back into rhythm, I was DP'ing her in full -- only now her tits were bouncing in my face and her own face was crumbling in front of me. Maybe that beat out her bouncing ass after all.

"Oh, fucking hell," Katy cursed. "You gonna cum again soon?" Then you take that finger out and put that cock in....I want you to cum right in my sweet wet ass. Bloggers are jacking off to it right now, but you're gonna cum in it....fuck yes, that's so good."

"Mmmhmmm," was all I had as an answer. I almost fucked her faster so I could get to cum in her ass sooner. But fucking her pussy wasn't something I wanted to give up right away. And if I made her cum on my cock again, it'd help lube it up more for the finish.

So I shoved my finger all the way inside her ass, while shoving the rest of my cock into her pussy as well. For good measure, I finally got a taste of her supple jugs while I was at it.

I moaned onto her left nipple and hoped the vibration would help her along, and it seemed to work. Katy clenched her two holes even tighter around my appendages, and gripped my head to push it harder against her chest.

I started fucking her harder while trying to fit her tit into my mouth -- which wasn't that successful due to her sheer size. But I clamped down on her nipple and batted it around with my tongue, then did the same to her right boob. Meanwhile, my finger wiggled around in her ass while I gyrated my hips to help my cock along.

"Fuck me....fuck my big round ass and eat my big round titties!" Katy demanded.

"Don't forget the small, tight pussy too," I reminded her while eating her tits.

"Of course not....oh fuck, you didn't forget!" Katy realized after another big thrust. Inspired, I fucked her pussy hard and rapidly, hoping I could hold out before she came and I ran out of stamina.

To move her along, I got my free left hand back on her tits, playing with the parts my mouth couldn't reach. It bounced, groped and jiggled them around pretty roughly, but not rough rough. Still, when I pulled her right nipple with my teeth and pulled her left with my fingers, then buried my finger and cock all the way into her again, it seemed to do the trick.

"FUCK!! Shit fuck, I'm cumming!" Katy warned me, although her tightening pussy was a better clue. I stopped and let her ride herself to climax, while I buried my face in her tits. I breathed heavily -- even with her full melons against my mouth -- but I held from cumming as well.

Yet there wasn't much time to waste, so I waited until she was done to get her off me. Getting the message, she put herself onto the couch on all fours for me. I got on my feet and saw how well lubed up my cock was -- so much that I could afford to take some juices off it and feed myself, then gather some for her to suckle off my finger as well.

Katy's bright eyes burned into mine while she sucked my finger off, then they followed me as I got behind her and put the tip of my cock in her ass. She clenched around me, adjusting to having this bigger tool in her rectum, but she relaxed as I slipped in deeper.

I still had to control myself, however, as I saw my cock disappear into her curvy backside. I then savored being behind her curvy body, seeing her sweetly curved tits hang below her, and seeing her face and lips curve into a lusty smile.

"Fuck, you're beautiful," I let escape as I took the entire sight in. The scene probably called for something dirtier, but that was what I came up with anyway.

"Thank fuck my beautiful ass," Katy demanded, and I eagerly obeyed.

With the end coming, I took it and her all in as best I could. She was still staring back at me with her head turned, pushing her ass back once she was adjusted enough. My hands finally took the time to feel up the rest of Katy's soft, sexy figure, gliding over her back, chest, waist, hips and back to her ass.

When they got back there, I zeroed back onto Katy's ass again. I gave it a few more squeezes and jiggles, making it bounce around as much as possible. As if it wasn't enough to be inside her ass in the first place.

I went a little slower so I didn't go off too quickly -- it was a wonder I hadn't already. Yet I steadied myself and still squeezed Katy's ass to keep her satisfied. Her moans got softer but no less hotter, as I let her catch her breath as well. Then before she could get complacent or inpatient, I gave her three big, rapid thrusts in a row.

"Ooh! You sneaky, naughty boy!" Katy complimented. I had my second wind back and started to really give it to her ass. I even gave it a few little slaps before I finally let it go. My hands gripped her hips, moved up her waist and then went down below to hold her dangling tits.

"Oh, fuck, you are all alike! But I don't care.....just fuck my ass so hard!" Katy demanded. "I'm so fucking wet...."

"Even out of the water," I groaned out while squeezing her tits and getting all the way in her ass.

"Fuck yes....come on, make my ass wet again," Katy pleaded.

I was still standing in front of the couch while Katy was on it on all fours. Yet she suddenly got off me and stood up on her feet, but with her back still turned to me. She turned her head back and kissed me, while aiming her ass back at my cock again. Getting the hint, I shoved my cock all the way back in her ass with one thrust, then fucked her harder as we were both standing.

Her arm reached over to wrap around my neck as our lips and tongues ferociously wrestled. Meanwhile, my hands grabbed her tits and pushed them as far up as I could. "Oh, fuck yes! Cum for me, cum in me, CUM!!" Katy ultimately screamed into my mouth.

Our foreheads pressed together, our eyes closed and I pushed her tits together once more as I let myself go into her ass. I somehow stayed on my feet and kept Katy pressed against me as we rode out my orgasm. When we were finished, I only had enough energy to move over and sit on the couch, pulling Katy back onto my lap.

Katy managed to remove herself, then after catching her breath, she saw my wet, dirty, deflating cock and sucked off its remaining juices. God, if anything could have gotten me hard again, that would have been it. But since my cock was spent, I settled for fingering her ass clean of my remaining juices, and letting her suck my finger dry when she finished with my cock.

In one final act of inspiration, I got up, had Katy lay onto her stomach on the couch and put my face behind her ass. After all, I had to make absolutely sure it was clean.

My cum was probably all cleaned off by now anyway, so it was less creepy to lick her ass out after I came in it. Even if I could taste myself, Katy's taste still balanced it out. When I'd had enough, I all but laid my head on her ass like it was a pillow.

Everyone else at the water park just got to see Katy Perry's ass for a split second. Some lucky bastards got pictures in time and would drool over it forever, along with everyone else who went online later. But none of them would get to enjoy her ass -- and her other wet, tight, gorgeous body parts -- like I did that day.

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