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Katie's Massage


The following is a true story told basically as it happened. The names and place details have been slightly changed or left out for obvious privacy reasons. The events happened a little over 10 months ago. I've been prompted to write about them only because of events that have happened since that time. They will be the subjects of a follow up story, but to put them in context this story needed to be told first. I don't claim to be a writer, and if you're looking for a story about a gangbang in the first page, then don't read any further. If you're thinking about setting up a similar arrangement then I hope that this is not only helpful but also leads to the same lifestyle changes that ours did!

Katie and I had met as childhood sweethearts when we were both only 14 years of age. We have been a couple ever since, married at 20, and about to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Our marriage was as perfect as you could get. If you were to believe in soul mates then that's certainly what we were. We were, most importantly, best friends.

Our sex life was great, Katie was always a bit conservative, but there wasn't much we hadn't done over the years. Katie had never been with another man, and despite some minor role-playing games, had never expressed a clear desire to do so. We are both into sensual massage, and the only thing she had even hinted at was the possibility of having a nude massage by a well-proportioned male. When I had pushed the idea however, her conservatism came through. It seemed she was happier, or perhaps more comfortable, keeping the idea in role-play.

Having said that she was a sucker for a good therapeutic massage. On a regular basis she would get a body massage and preferred to have a male perform the massage. She said this was because they had stronger hands, and there was always a risk of getting a soft wimpy massage if the therapist was female. She had long gotten use to the idea of lying naked, partially covered by towels, under the hands of a male masseur. By giving her a massage at home, and simulating what would be happening at the various stages of a therapeutic massage, she was a little surprised at just how much of her body was on display. However, she was also quite clearly turned on by this small display of "safe" exhibitionism. She would then try to tease me by asking, while I was giving her a massage, if I liked the idea of some other man copping a view between her legs. My hard on probably told her well enough that I didn't mind. I would then turn the tables by asking if she would mind if he did "this", as I "accidentally" brush my hands against her outer lips. The more we played this game the more adventurous she would get before that ingrained "conservatism" would take over. Universally though, at some point, she would beg for penetration and a thorough fucking. She just couldn't continue the role-playing to that extent.

With our anniversary coming up I decided to do something special. I was unfortunately going to be out of town for some business meetings, but used this as an excuse to take Katie with me, for a couple of days at our favourite hotel. We would often do these things on the spur of the moment, taking in a good restaurant, and always having a couple of days of good sex. This particular Hilton was our favourite for a number of reasons. Firstly the rooms are huge, with massive king sized beds, wonderful views, and the best bathrooms I've ever seen in a hotel. The baths are huge and invite a long soak both before and after an extended session of sex.

Secondly they still have adjoining rooms, and while we usually travel alone, we sometimes go away with friends, and it's always nice to have the connecting doors. On this occasion it was going to serve a different purpose.

Thirdly, it was one of the few hotels that when a woman rang and booked a massage and requested a male masseur, they would actually try to provide one. I suspected that most hotels were worried about the consequences of a complaint from a woman being massaged by a male and hence actively "failed" to fulfil the request.

Katie liked the idea. The trip was a week away, which gave me plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements. Essentially the plan was for Katie to make as many of the arrangements as possible so as to allay any suspicions. This meant I needed her to book both the accommodation and her massage.

The next part of my plan involved replacing the hotel masseur. Here Google came in handy. Typing in "massage", "male", and "escort" produced a huge list of services. Unfortunately most of these were directed at the gay community, but by screening through and only selecting those who saw female clients only, I was able to narrow it down to a manageable number. Next I selected only those who provided photos or would send them over the net. This still left more than 50 "applicants", so next I selected only those who stated that they had massage experience. I realised that the whole session may go no further than a simple massage so there had to be some degree of expertise to ensure it wasn't a complete dud of a session. Also I didn't want it being so bad that a complaint to the hotel management would be made!

I then sent an email detailing my request to about a dozen sites, some of them agencies, some of them independents. The agency replies were all pretty standard and it seemed like they had a pre-prepared response, which was to be expected I suppose as they probably get a lot of junk emails to contend with. The independents fell into two groups. Firstly, and easily discarded were the ones obviously just out for a free root. Their services were either free, or some nominal fee, indicating they weren't the professional service I was after. The second group gave much more thought to their responses, and one stood out a mile on almost all fronts.

Joel's reply began with the words, "Thankyou for considering me for this service….". He went on to describe himself in more detail than his web site gave. He was an amateur athlete, having completed at national level, who was currently putting himself through college. Cycling was his sport, and obviously he kept himself in very good physical shape. To help cover his costs he did both therapeutic and sensual massage. Discretion was important to him and he guaranteed it for his customers. His fee was $200 per session, whether it lasted 15 minutes or 2 hours. This was unusual I thought, but impressed me as indicating he had a certain pride in his work, seeing each session as job to be completed rather than something to watch the clock by.

Further confirming a professional attitude, Joel also asked questions which he wanted answered before continuing further. In particular he wanted to know two things. One was what was to happen should Katie take offence? He would require either a note signed by myself, or my mobile phone number he could ring at the time of any trouble. He also wanted to know how far I was prepared to let this encounter go. He accepted that in this instance I was the "paying" customer, and therefore could place limits as I wished. He also reassuringly stated that he would also go no further than Katie wished to go. He would need signs from her to precede each step beyond a simple, sensual, but non-sexual, massage. He asked me to consider this carefully, as he accepted that both Katie and I would be his customers who needed to leave satisfied. He warned me he was extremely good at what he did and I should consider that she might wish to proceed further than I anticipate. This started me wondering just how far I wanted it to go and also how far I thought Katie would let it go. She certainly gets pretty wild once she's turned on, but I couldn't imagine her letting it get too far out of control. I thought she may allow a bit of touching of her labia and clitoris as long as it was discreet, and possibly some pressure or gentle insertion of a finger just inside her vagina. I was fairly confident she would stop short of orgasming in front of a stranger, which was a little disappointing as Katie was well and truly multi-orgasmic and if she really was being turned on by the experience it would be good to see her take full advantage. This combined with the hard on I had just thinking about what I was arranging for Katie convinced me to reply that I would leave matters entirely up to Katie and him. It felt strange that I was beginning to trust someone who was a complete stranger with my wife.

The final factor that confirmed to me that this was the best choice was his physical appearance. He was clean cut, good looking, and being a cyclist he obviously had a pretty good physique. I'm no slob myself, but this guy certainly left me for dead. His body fat level must have been close to zero, and he was very well muscled, not in a distorted "body builder" way, more of a "built for speed fashion". Add to that the fact that he was black and I at least knew that Katie was not going to be disappointed in the visual department. Looking at the photos on his web site, and those additional, slightly more risqué, ones sent in his email, I was beginning to understand why white women all seemed to have black man fantasies.

I emailed my response, and arranged dates and times. He requested half payment in advance, half after the event. As we usually bill massages directly to the room, I thought it simpler just to pay the whole fee in advance. After all it was only $200. I had a convention to attend on the Friday, and told Katie I also had meetings to attend on Saturday. I suggested she join me on the Saturday, which happened to be our anniversary. She had to work on the Friday so this plan suited her. I told her I had two meetings that day, the first between 10am and 11:30, the second from 2pm till 4pm. I suggested she might wish to go shopping in the morning, and have a massage in the afternoon, perhaps joining me for lunch in between. I suggested she book early so as to be sure to get a male masseur. She came back a few minutes later to say it was all arranged but that the massage would have to be in the room as they are renovating the health club. This meant a portable massage table would be bought to the room, which Katie had had before, and while it wasn't her preference, it made my plans much simpler. My plans were coming together…

The remainder of the week seemed to pass excruciatingly slowly. I was horny all week and we had sex every day. This only serves to make Katie more randy. Things really were coming together! I also made sure that we got to the gym and had a hard work out each day. There's nothing better than a good massage after a few days of solid workout, and I wanted Katie to be in the mood for a thorough massage.

Friday morning came and off I set. I checked in and made arrangements that would be necessary for the completion of my, and hopefully Katie's, fantasy. I told reception that not only would my wife be joining me tomorrow but that good friends would also like a room, and could we have an adjoining room that had a connection doorway. The night's stay was to be a gift to the other couple, so I would pay for the room, and pick the key up in the morning before I pick them up from the airport. There were no problems so I set off to my convention. The conference was on surveillance and monitoring. I part owned a small to medium security firm, and attending these conferences was important in order to keep up with any advances, and usually to meet with suppliers to arrange orders. This was a smaller conference and contrary to what I'd told Katie, there were no meetings scheduled for the next day. I must say that it was a waste of time attending as I was completely distracted by thoughts of the following day.

Having picked Katie up and taken her back to the hotel, I made my exit for my first meeting. As planned Katie was to go shopping so we walked the first couple of blocks together. I left her in an area that contains her favourite lingerie shops, walked on a block further, then doubled back to the hotel. I usually enjoy going lingerie shopping with Katie, let's face it, they usually have the horniest sales assistants, but today I had more important things to arrange.

Back at the hotel I picked up the key to the other room and unpacked my "work case". This contained two small surveillance cameras, appropriate lengths of wiring and portable video recording devices. There was also a connection that I could plug into the hotel TV and a controller to switch between the two. The first camera I set up in a bookshelf to the side of the king-sized bed, which was also the shared wall between the rooms. This gave me a slight angle from above and also a view across the other side of the room to the mirror on the opposite wall. The door to the room entered through the wall perpendicular to the far wall, which was the wall the head of the bed was against. Camera 2 I placed under the top of a table situated at the foot of the bed. This gave me a clear view from the foot of the bed, just slightly above the height of the bed. The wires I ran back under the connecting door to my second room set up. Checking the angles on the TV I realised that the only area I couldn't get a good view of was the bathroom. There was a partial view through the door, and a little more due to the heavy use of mirrors, which I thought was adequate, as I didn't expect much action to be taking place in the bathroom. Basically I was pretty happy with my work, then again as this was my profession I should be able to get a simple job like this right.

For anyone contemplating a similar set up, sure my equipment would be of higher quality than the average person could get hold of, but for as little as a couple of hundred dollars, a more than adequate system is available at most electronic stores capable of good quality, low lux recordings. It may be thought of as a betrayal of trust filming my wife like this, but Katie was use to me doing this and got off on watching the videos later. Also I had to remember that although Joel sounded very professional, I still felt it safer to have a little control.

A few minutes later Katie returned carrying a few shopping bags. It was a little early for me to "return" so I watched for a while. Knowing that in a few hours time I may be watching something quite different started a stirring in the loins. Katie took out the items she'd bought and placed them on the bed. She then proceeded to undress, obviously to try on her purchases. It was obvious that she had been busy in the couple of hours she'd been out. Standing naked in front of the mirror she slowly ran her hand down her belly and over her newly waxed pubic region. She knows I like this look and had obviously done it for our anniversary. Even allowing for my potential bias, she really does have a great body. Standing 5 feet 7 inches tall, with beautiful olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes, anyone would be pleased to have the opportunity to give her a massage. Her abdominal muscles stood out in the oblique light and her C cup breasts had to date defied gravity. Even though she was now mid-30's her physique would put most women 10 years younger than her to shame. Seeing her standing there now cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples made me want to rush in there and fuck her brains out. I suspected if I waited a few minutes longer I may be treated to a masturbation show, but unfortunately we had a timetable to stick to.

I left my (second) room and inserted my entry card into the lock of our room. As I entered Katie was hurriedly putting on her underwear, with her back to me, obviously wanting to leave her little waxing surprise till later. "How was the meeting?" she asked. "O.K." I replied, "I'm hoping this afternoon's will be more interesting. Spend much? "

"You didn't give me time!" she replied.

As planned we headed out for a quick lunch at the hotel bistro. Although we didn't have much time I ordered a bottle of Moet champagne. It doesn't take much to get Katie pissed and there's absolutely no doubt that the best way to get her to lose he inhibitions is to give her a few glasses of French champagne. This was, after all, our fifteenth wedding anniversary, so why shouldn't we spoil ourselves. Having pushed a few glasses through Katie and with time marching on I suggested we head back to the room so that she could get ready for her massage and I could get my last meeting over and done with. Katie, already starting to flush from the effects of the alcohol, suggested I cancel both my meeting and her massage, and we finish off the champagne in the spa back at the room. Clearly the champagne was having the desired effect! I declined the invitation, but took the remainder of the champagne back to the room with us, and poured another glass for Katie in the room. Katie began to undress for a shower before her massage, and in her slightly disinhibited state, and while holding both hands over her crutch, rubbing back and forth, teasingly said, "I hope they send a hunky man for my massage'. Knowing that this was indeed the case, and picking up on her obvious innuendo, I casually said that that was fine as long as she wasn't worn out by the time I got back. With a giggle and a glass of champagne she stumbled off to the bathroom, and I made to leave for my meeting.

By the time she emerged from the bathroom, wearing a white luxurious hotel bathrobe, it was five minutes to two, and I was well ensconced in my control (or lack of control) room next door. Katie finished the last few sips of her wine and admired her wax job in the mirror until there was a quiet knock at the door.

Answering the door I heard Katie say "Hi" followed be a slightly muffled reply, "hello, I'm Joel, I'm here to give you your massage"

"Sure, come on in", replied Katie, doing her best to sound sober, but failing miserably. Joel moved into the room and in one smooth movement took the Do Not Disturb sign off the inside door knob, and placed it on the outside. I felt a wave of nervous anticipation wash over me, and was aware of my cock being already semi erect. "I'm very sorry", said Joel, but as the leisure centre is being renovated and there are a limited number of portable massage tables, I have to ask if you feel comfortable using the bed for today's treatment? If you prefer we can wait till 3:15 when one will be available." As we had planned Katie was quite comfortable with this arrangement, as it would otherwise have meant he massage would not have been completed before I returned. "Great", said Joel, and proceeded to unpack the bag he was carrying, laying out a couple of large towels on the bed. While he was doing this I was able to observe Katie clearly checking out her masseur. His physical presence was impressive. Whilst dressed only in an oversized tracksuit it was clear that he was very well built. His head was completely shaven, and he stood probably 6 feet three inches tall with wide muscular shoulders. His web photos were clearly not fakes. Joel suggested Katie make herself comfortable while he freshened up. He said he had ridden here on his bike and hadn't had time to shower, so if it were O.K. with her he would have a quick rinse before starting. He asked her to lie on her stomach and handed her a towel to place over herself.

A few minutes later Joel returned to the room, wearing a loose fitting Larker's basketball top and a pair of tight fitting Lycra bike shorts. While he made some small talk and prepared his massage oils, I could see Katie, with her head turned away from me but facing the mirror directly opposite, continuing to check out her masseur. Joel took a small CD player out of his pack and turned on some relaxing "massage therapy" music. Joel then proceeded to explain his massage technique. He explained that the massage comprised two parts. The first would comprise a gentle and more superficial massage, with the second part involving deeper probing of the tissues. If at any time Katie felt the probing was too deep or if she was uncomfortable in any other way she should feel comfortable indicating this so that he could adjust his technique. Likewise if there was an area that she felt needed extra attention to please indicate this. Most important was for her to feel completely relaxed and he promised her it would be the most relaxing and at the same time invigorating massage she had ever experienced. Katie said this was fine and that she usually preferred a massage that was at least in part good and firm. Joel also explained that he used a number of different massage oils and that the first oil in particular may make her skin feel quite sensitive to touch. Things were about to get underway. I realised it may end in nothing more than a simple massage or may end who knows where. The nervous excitement I was feeling, mixed with a degree of apprehension, was almost unbearable. There was no turning back now.

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