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Kathy & Diane Score Ch. 01


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Not long after Kathy's shuddering orgasm, Gary looked up from between her sticky thighs with a pleased look and a self-satisfied grin: he'd just made another man's hot wife cream all over his face and he was gloating accordingly.

"Smug bastard," Kathy smiled down at him. "Think you're pretty wonderful, dontcha? Well, I guess you're entitled to gloat since you sucked my pussy so well! Wanna fuck it now, Baby? Wanna stick it in me and fuck me? Wanna fuck little Kathy's bald cunt?"

Gary was sorely tempted by Kathy's naughty offer, but instead of taking her up on it, he replied commandingly, "Not yet. You're gonna suck it first. You're gonna suck my cock like a good little whore!"

A shiver ran down my spine at the authoritative tone in his voice, but it was obvious Kathy loved his take-charge attitude. Her eyes flickered and a loud whimper escaped her parched lips as she thrilled at his arrogance.

"Yessss, Baby," she moaned tamely. "I'm gonna suck it for you. I'm gonna suck it real good for you. I'll get it all wet and slick so you can push it down my throat. I'm gonna be your little cocksucking whore!"

"Yeah, Kathy," Diane groaned in agreement. "Suck his cock for him. I want to see you suck his cock while I suck on Mark's."

Ready to feel Kathy's hot mouth all over his raging boner, Gary reached into his pants and pulled out his rock-hard prick. Kathy's eyes widened in delight as he pompously showed her his thick, eight and a half-inch dick.

"Ohhhhh!' Kathy whimpered with blatant craving, "That's a big one. That's a big fucking cock! It's so fucking thick!"

"Yes it is, Baby," he said conceitedly. It's a big cock. Now show me what you can do with it."

Mark had also pulled out his cock, and a just-as-delighted Diane reached her small hand out for his just as long, but thinner cock. "Kathy!" She exclaimed elatedly. "We hit it big tonight!"

"Yes, we did." Kathy said as she pulled Gary's substantial cock towards her famished mouth. "We got us two big cocks to play with!"

My stomach tightened in lust and jealousy as I watched Kathy leisurely lick all over Gary's big thick cock. Her tongue danced up one side, and then down the other, as she spread a thin sheen of salvia over every inch of Gary's huge pipe. She moaned loudly with wanton pleasure as her tongue swiped over Gary's leaking cockhead and lapped up the steady stream of cockcream oozing from his cockslit. Gary and Mark grinned drunkenly at each other while Kathy and Diane, side by side on their knees, asses churning in small circles, eagerly lapped the men's rigid cocks.

"Mmmm, Baby." Kathy moaned worshipfully for my benefit, "What a gorgeous fucking cock! It's so damn big! I love him already! He's still growing, so that must mean he loves me too!"

My jaw fell open as Kathy opened her mouth as wide as possible and sucked Gary's fat cockhead into her gorgeous face after proclaimed her love for his thick dick.

"Oh, Baby, that feels so nice!" He moaned in blissful appreciation. "Suck it slow like that and tease it! You've got no idea how good that feels!"

"No she doesn't, but I do!" I though to myself as Gary gradually started to fuck my wife's pretty face. Kathy's mouth sank lower and lower, taking in more and more of his throbbing prick as she moaned happily. Her lips were being stretched obscenely wide by the solid bulk of cockmeat spearing into voracious cocksucking face, and smudges of her bright red lipstick began to appear along the unyielding shaft of Gary's huge cock.

"Deeper! Yes, deeper! Take it deeper, Kathy," he encouraged, watching as a fifth, sixth, and seventh inch of cockmeat slide into Kathy's wet mouth and down her tight, embracing throat.

My cock was beginning to hurt – I needed to cum so badly! I knew, however, that the show was only half over, so I couldn't cum yet. I was in a fanatical state of arousal as I absentmindedly stroked my throbbing cock and watched my own wife feverishly sucking on another man's giant hard-on. As I looked on in torturous bliss, Gary held Kathy's face firmly in his hands and face-fucked her forcefully. I was awestruck at how beautiful she looked with his big thick cock repeatedly, resolutely, pistoning in and out of her soaking wet face.

Twisting her head in Gary's hands, Kathy glanced over at Diane and watched her dark-haired head bob up and down on Mark's cock. On each down-stroke, Diane appeared to take in a bit more of his stout fuckstick. Soon, she was sucking in over six inches of hard, bloated cock. Her lips, like Kathy's, were stretched to capacity. Wet, squeaky noises filled the room as Kathy and Diane swallowed huge mouthfuls of scorching cockmeat.

Slowly and cautiously, I took my cock out of my suddenly too-tight pants. I had to jerk it just a little as I watched Kathy and Diane repeatedly stuff their gluttonous mouths with hot dick.

"Aggghhhh," groaned Gary after five of the longest minutes of my life. "If you keep this up any longer, I'm going to blast my load down your throat, you fucking slut. Lick my balls for a while. Take them in your mouth and suck them. Otherwise I'm going to spray right down your throat.

My cock almost detonated when I heard him call Kathy a "fucking slut." Despite her frequent urging, I was never able to call her dirty names myself, but it always thrilled me when other guys did. I can't explain why, it just has that effect on me.

Kathy pulled her chafed lips off Mark's cock in mid-stroke, a mischievous smile on her face. "Am I good?" Kathy asked. "Am I a good little cocksucker?"

"The best, Baby. The best!" He groaned. "Now suck on my fucking balls, before I feed you my hot jizz."

Deliberately, Kathy slowly slid to the floor under his legs and began to lick and suck at his cum-filled balls. Kathy looked up at him, playfully, as she took his bloated balls into her mouth and he had to avert his eyes to stop himself from cumming too soon. Kathy took that as an opportunity to glance over at my hiding place, knowing how naughty she looked with her mouth full of Gary's swollen balls. As I looked into Kathy's eyes, I had to squeeze hard on my cock in order not to squirt cum all over the fucking place. Still staring directly at my hiding place, Kathy slurping first on one bloated ball then the other, wetting them thoroughly with her hot sucking mouth.

"Cocksucker! Sweet little cocksucker", Gary moaned, his voice tense. "What a hot fucking mouth you have. Keep doing that. Don't stop! Suck my balls for me, Bitch!"

Snuffling into his crotch, Kathy spit out the ball in her mouth and moved her lips over to the other one, smoothly capturing it in effortless motion. I saw the recently freed ball dripping and shining with Kathy's warm spit, and I heard Gary moan with pleasure. Suddenly we all heard a loud "Mmmmpphhh," and looked back to where Mark had just slid his big cock into Diane's trembling pussy. Kathy pulled her mouth off Gary's nuts, and looked up at him with pleading eyes.

"Do me! Please, Baby, do me! Stuff my cunt with this big cock and make me cum all over it!"

Gary couldn't resist Kathy's pouting face, and he positioned Kathy just as Mark had positioned Diane, her ass barely on the couch, in a semi-sitting position. Gary knelt in front of Kathy, and with a great smirk covering his face, slowly, teasingly rubbed his cock all over the outside of Kathy's creamy bald pussy.

"Nooo!" Kathy whined piteously. "Don't tease me! Give it to me! Fuck me with that big hard cock, you bastard!"

Gary grinned cruelly and, ignoring Kathy's distressed pleadings, continued to stir the outside of her pussy lips with his thick, heavy cock. Soon Kathy was a whimpering, mewling little fuck puppet; she wanted his big cock in her so bad!

My cock throbbed angrily as I watched him tease Kathy mercilessly. After months of seeing Kathy tease men and turn them into helpless pawns, it was amazingly hot to witness this "payback" and see her reduced to a whimpering, begging little slut.

Using his heavy cock as a club, Gary spanked Kathy's pussy and clit repeatedly as he watched her thrash about on the couch in sexual distress. Little splatters of her pussy cream flew into the air as Gary smacked her cunt lips harder and harder, all the while encouraging her to plead for his cock.

"Beg for it Kathy, tell me what a slut you are and how badly you need my cock in you! Tell me that you're just a hot cunt who needs to be fucked hard and deep!"

"Oh please, Jesus, God, please! Oh please," Kathy begged pathetically. "I want it so bad, Gary, I need it sooo bad. I'm a nasty little slut who needs fucking bad. I'll do anything you want, Baby. Just please fuck me!"

When he heard those words, Gary stopped hammering the outside of Kathy's cunt and finally guided his cock into her deprived little pussy. Kathy let out an unintentional groan as his thick fuckstick slowly, but surely, split her cunt lips wide apart. She looked down and watched with palpable relief as her pussy tunnel grudgingly stretch open as Gary powered his big prick deep inside her.

"Oh God," Kathy bleated softly, "It's so damn big! You're gonna wreck my pussy with that thing!"

"I know it's big, Baby," Gary responded with an arrogant leer. "And your tight little cunt isn't used to a dick this thick, but don't worry, you're gonna love every fucking inch of it!"

"Egotistical prick." I thought to myself, but I knew he was right as I watched him sink his fat dick to the balls into my wailing wife's willing, quivering cunt.

"Fuck! Kathy are really are tight," Gary hissed in approval, "But don't worry, I'm gonna fuck that pussy hard anyway!"

Soon, the room was filled with the sounds of wet pussies being fucked, and two powerless sluts moaning and whimpering for cock. Kathy and Diane looked over at each other and smiled weakly, their shaved cunts fully stuffed, and both blissfully satisfied. I watched, trembling cock in hand, as Gary's big dick disappeared time and time again into Kathy's tight fuckhole. He fucked Kathy for long minutes, much longer than I ever had. Ten, fifteen minutes went by and Gary continued to effortlessly clobber Kathy's insatiable cunt.

Watching her friend get drilled, Diane reached over and lightly rubbed Kathy's clit as Gary incessantly thrust his massive cock into Kathy's tight pussy. Kathy returned the favor, and soon both girls were on the verge of cumming. The hot girl-girl touching energized Gary and Mark and they fucked Kathy and Diane harder and faster, seriously pounding their shaved cunts. I could clearly see and hear the men's balls smacking against Kathy and Diane's asses on each powerful down stroke. It looked as if they planned on going for hours!

I knew that wasn't going to happen though, because I finally heard Gary announce, "Ohhhhh shit! Her cunt is grabbing at my cock!" It's starting to squeeze hard on it!

Mark concurred, "This one's is too. These bitches are gonna cum!"

Mark was right. Kathy and Diane began to quake and quiver, whipping their pretty heads from side to side in rapture. Gary grabbed Kathy's ankles and spread her legs wide apart as possible as he furiously plowed his ready-to-erupt cock in and out of Kathy's cumming, spasming cunthole. I watched, entranced and helpless, as he slammed his big dick repeatedly into Kathy's defenseless, clasping twat.

Kathy looked up at him frantically, her tight pussy milking every inch of his rigid cock. "You gonna cum baby?" She asked loudly, "You gonna cum now?"

"Fuck yes! Ohhhh, yessssssss," Gary grunted loudly. "Where do you want it baby? Where do you want me to shoot my cum?"

"In my cunt!" Kathy whimpered loudly, "Shoot it in my hot cunt! Fill me up with your stuff!"

"Fuuuuck!" Gary gasped as he pounded into Kathy's cunt harder and harder. "I'm gonna blast you full, Baby! I'm gonna cum so fucking hard in you!"

"Yes, Baby. You're gonna cum!" Kathy yelped and pleaded loudly, "I can feel you're about to cum! Please, Gary, shoot your load in me! Aggghhhh! Come on, Baby! You can do it! Please, shoot it in me! Shoot your cum in me!"

Gary was helpless to do anything but watch as Kathy shuddered and struggled. He felt Kathy's pussy convulse spastically around his cock and, as his throbbing shaft swelled even larger in Kathy's tiny cunt, he commenced to fire jet after jet of hot creamy cum into Kathy's greedy pussy.

Meanwhile, Mark was also humping furiously as he filled Diane's thirsty cunt with a huge load of steaming jizz. My cock couldn't take it, and I shot huge streamers of fiery cockcream into the air as I watched Kathy's beautiful face as she begged another man to squirt his cum deep inside her cunt.

The room went quiet except for the heaving breathing of the two men and Kathy's and Diane's passionate, contented sighing.

"Ummmm, that was great!" Kathy finally announced after a few minutes of rest, "I think, though, we should switch partners for round two, don't you?"

Gary laughed and matter-of-factly responded, "Kathy, I'm not sure there's going to be a round two; your cunt sucked my balls dry!"

Oh, yeah?" Countered Diane, "It's still early, and I bet that Kathy and I have ways to make you recover quickly!"

With that, the two men and I let out quiet, weak groans, as Kathy and Diane positioned mouths to pussies and began to eat each other's cream-filled cunts. Mark's flagging cock immediately started to show signs of life and Kathy quickly looked up to my hiding place and flashed me a wicked, pleased grin.

"Ohhhhh, fuck!" I though to myself, "Looks like there will be a round two after all!"

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 Anonymous8 months ago
Round 2

Hubby gets up and leaves. When wife gets home and finds hubby gone.

cdCindy1cdCindy1almost 4 years ago

I would love to see my wife and her best friend suck cock and get fucked by 2 studs with big cocks. Then, when they licked each other's pussies, I would shoot my creamy load all over their bodies. I can't wait to read chapter 2.

NateBiDudeNateBiDudeover 6 years ago
Fucking hot

Oh man. I barely made it to the end before blasting a huge load. Nice job.

 Anonymousalmost 12 years ago
Absolutely loved the hot, raw sex!

Loved the assertive, nasty talk of the two incredibly horney girls. The fucking was great, the sex talk the best.

Keep it, & us, cumming. Thanks.

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