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Just the Six of Us Ch. 06


"Grab a handful of that, now damn you!"

"I wasn't trying to make things difficult for you," she said, turning on the blender.

"I know," he replied, feeling his eyes inevitably dropping back to her impressive cleavage.

"I wish I didn't have these damn things," she said, looking down at her breasts.


"Huh? Why?" Mike asked, truly surprised.

"Well, I just wish that someone who would get some actual use out of them had gotten them. I..." she trailed off. "Danni or Emma would be much better suited for these. They just seem wasted on me."

Mike was quiet, not really knowing what to say. He didn't agree of course.

"Boobs are good."

'Thank you, Captain Obvious,' Mike thought.

"I just don't really know how to go about, talking I guess. I mean, the few guys that do talk to me are only interested in gawking at these giant things and usually don't' have a brain in their heads. You are the smartest guy I know, and that's not really saying much."

Beth really couldn't sugar coat the truth for anyone, another thing that her family adored about her. If you needed an honest opinion, you asked Beth. "I can see how that would make dating anyone difficult."

"I just wish someone would see past the tits and we could have an intelligent conversation instead of 'Come here often' or 'Nice tits'." She grabbed a glass from the cabinet and poured herself some smoothie. Mike grabbed a towel suddenly and offered it to her. She looked confused.

He wrapped it around her neck and draped it across her chest, completely covering her cleavage.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

She laughed, her chest shaking beneath the towel. "Thanks," she said, rolling her eyes.

"For what it's worth," he said, turning and trying to look her in the eyes, "I think they were meant for you. Beauty and brains," he said, smiling.

She smiled and headed back upstairs.

Mike headed back to the living room. He glanced at the TV and sighed. It was on a Spanish channel. Emma was sure to have bought the 'I'm watching TV not your ass' routine he had thrown her earlier. He switched channels to Sports Center.

An hour or so later, Danni and Beth both came back down, sitting down in the den and wrestling the remote away from Mike. Danni lay with her head on his shoulder, idly watching and flipping through the channels. Beth had a thick book in her hand, Atlas Shrugged, or some equally difficult book to read. Sarah came out of her room, planted a kiss on everyone's cheek and headed off to the washroom to start the day's laundry. Emma came back from her run a few minutes later, limping and holding one of her thighs.

"Ow, ow, ow." She was saying limping over and pouting at her brother. He knew what she wanted and rolled his eyes, leaning up and gesturing to the floor in front of him.

She grinned and laid down, feet towards him on her stomach. She was wearing her spandex running shorts, he noticed and suddenly realized what a bad idea this was.

Mike thought unsuccessfully for a few seconds for a way out of the difficult situation, before he gave up and decided to do it quickly and get it over with. He rubbed his hands together for a few seconds to warm the chill out of them. He'd be massaging three more women before too long, he realized. He wished briefly that he wasn't so good it.


Emma's spandex running shorts came to just below her buttocks, which were pressing tightly against the sleek blue fabric, threatening escape. Mike began to run his hands from her ankle upwards, kneading and prodding gently on the muscles until he got to her thigh. As he reached the sore muscles just below her apple like ass, she moaned and raised her butt in the air a foot or so, arching her back in pain.

"Sorry," he said, releasing the pressure.

"It's a good pain," she said, relaxing a bit. He glanced at his other two sisters in the room, both of them looking away as his head turned. 'Strange,' he thought. He kept gently pressing and rubbing her thighs, trying to find the spot that elicited the reaction from earlier. Sure enough, his fingers pressed on a familiar spot and her butt came up, her back arching like a cat.


'What if I just look at it in a suggestive manner,' Mike chuckled internally.

"Damn you!"

Her ass looked exquisite when she arched like that. It pressed outward and upwards, accentuating the womanly curve as her muscles flexed. Mike thought he'd lose his mind, right then and there. Glancing back quickly, he suppressed a smile as both Beth and Danni glanced away from Emma's ass. Even they couldn't look away from what a nice specimen their sister was equipped with.

Mike ran his hands further up his twin's leg, towards her buttocks. She laid her head to the side and closed her eyes as his hands began to press, poke, and prod the bottom of her buttocks. He slipped his hand under the edge of her spandex and lifted upwards, pulling it up over her cheek. He warmed his hands again briefly and began to rub gently on her naked rear. Glancing back at his other two sisters he briefly caught both of them staring at her and smiled as Beth blushed and swallowed hard as she turned away.

It felt really good to torment his sisters, but Mike decided that he'd better go take care of this hard-on that had started to tent his lounging pants or let it subside. "How's that," he asked, pulling her shorts back down.

"Mmmm," she said, sighing. "More, please," she said with a giggle.

"Nope," he said, starting to rise.

"Slap it"

He couldn't resist. Mike spanked her hard on the non-sore butt cheek, a loud crack issued forth followed by yelp and a "OW, FUCKER!"

Mike cackled and tried to rise but then realized he'd forgot about his bruised ribs and cried out in pain as she turn and leapt at him, bringing him to a crumpled heap at the base of the couch.

"Couldn't move fast enough, huh, you big prick" she said, mirthful anger ringing her face. She began to tickle him, knowing the exact spots that would cause him to burst into a fit of laughter. He squinted his eyes and half-laughed, half-cried as both pain and the pleasant sensation of tickling hit him. He squirmed and rolled over onto his back.

With a leap, she spun around and locked both legs around either side of his head, her butt sticking in his face and her ankles locked around his head. She continued her assault on his ribs and arms as she flexed her legs around his head and squeezed, muffling his laughter with her butt cheeks.

Mike didn't know if he should be mad or not. This was seriously hurting, but he was literally getting an eyeful of the nicest ass he knew of.

She relented for a second, rising up and letting him breathe. "Hold on, let me fart," she said, giggling.

He bucked and wiggled, trying to escape, causing her to clamp her legs back down. Her pussy landed on his nose, and he felt it press slightly into her as her muscled ass cheeks landed back on his head and eyes. He couldn't help but inhale as she lay her pussy down on his nose. He continued trying to laugh as she continued to tickle him, hoping his dick was behaving itself.

"Say you're sorry,"


"Say it."


Mike would play her game.

"Say it or you'll be sorry."

Beth and Danni were both laughing at their siblings, amused at the spectacle. It was a common occurrence between the two, their playful fighting. Mike usually let Emma win of course, he'd never actually hit or hurt his sisters. Mike wondered if she'd actually fart on him. He hoped not, Emma's farts could clear out a room.

"Sorry," he said, feeling her start to rise.

"Damn you"

As she rose up, Mike struck, seizing the opportune moment. She had just risen to her knees, pulling that wonderful smelling pussy and luscious ass off his head. He slid his legs quick out from under her and leapt forward, pushing her to the ground and lying on top of her.

"Ooof," she called, as his weight pressed down.

"Payback," he said, beginning his finger assault on her ribs.

"Oh shit," she said beginning to twist and turn trying to get out of his grasp. He shifted and sat directly onto her thighs, pinning both hands behind her back and tickling her with his free hand. Her feet were kicking him in the back and she was wildly tossing her head and bouncing under him trying to free herself, giggling the entire time. He realized that his dick was pressing into her ass as she wiggled around under him, and to his surprise he could feel her gently pressing back as she wiggled around on the ground.

She had to know what she was doing. She to feel him pressing between her butt cheeks.

"Okay, stop Mike, I can't breathe, stop stop stop, you prick," she said, giggles bouncing from her lips as she gasped for breath.

"Who's the man?" he asked her.

"Uh, Sarah, Sarah is the man." Mike pressed down harder with his hands on her back and she winced, "Okay okay, you are."

"I'm what."

"YER THE MAN," she yelled.

He rolled off quickly and back up out of her reach. "Truce," he warned. She sat up and looked like she wanted to stab him something.

"I know something you can stab her with."

"Cheater," she said.

"It's not cheating if you aren't caught," he said smiling. Then he realized he was still erect and headed upstairs as Emma headed for a couch. Sarah came out of the wash room holding some of his shirts. She saw Mike trying to cover his erection and caught his eye with a wink and a mischievous smile.

He couldn't help but smile as he saw her follow him quietly up the stairs.

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