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It Started with a Kiss Ch. 01

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It should never have happened, but it was only a kiss.
8.1k words

Part 1 of the 2 part series

Updated 04/25/2021
Created 11/28/2019
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Copyright © November 2019 by CiaoSteve

CiaoSteve reserves the right to be identified as the author of this work. This story cannot be published, as a whole or in part, without the express agreement of the author other than the use of brief extracts as part of a story review.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Author's Notes

Foreword #1: All sexually active characters in this story are over 18.

Foreword #2: This is a story and intended purely for pleasure.

Foreword #3: The author does not condone incest, whether consensual or not.

Foreword #4: Please note that there are, intentionally, only suggestive references to sexual encounters within this story.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A screech of rubber and a puff of black smoke told anyone watching that the Dreamliner had touched down on the sun-baked grey tarmac. The white and red livery of yet another tourist filled flight glinted in the bright light of the Turkish summer. Inside, every seat was filled with expectant holidaymakers, each hoping for their little taste of paradise. Young and old, they all had the same dream, and we were no different.

It was meant to be the summer treat, at the end of one more year of hard study. There was something a little different about this year though. Instead of the usual family of four, it was just a young couple who slowly disembarked, walking with a sense of purpose down those few steps and onto the waiting bus. For the first time, and given a lot of persuading, we had been allowed to go on our own for the two weeks. Of course, it had come with a plethora of conditions.

"Make sure it is somewhere reputable," Mum had said.

"Yes, and better to make it all inclusive. That way you don't have to worry about money," added Dad.

"Separate bedrooms but close enough to look after each other," Mum continued.

After a long debate, we had plumped on a five-star all-inclusive resort on Lara Beach. From the reviews, both in the brochure and on-line, it was highly recommended. The rooms were a little basic but the facilities, restaurants and entertainment were second to none. We'd contacted the hotel in advance and they had, as per Mum's rules, promised to give us rooms next door to each other. So, with all set, we were finally off on our way. I can still remember Dad's parting words as he left us at the airport.

"Look after each other, and, don't do anything we wouldn't," he had commented, giving each of us a farewell hug in turn.

There was a touch of irony in his words, I thought to myself. One evening a couple of years ago, when they had left the bedroom door ajar, left little to the imagination. I guess they never knew about the audience they had that night, how I stood there quiet as a mouse peeping through the crack in the door. It was my first taste of real sex — oh, yes, just like everyone else I had browsed the odd bit of porn from time to time, but that just wasn't the real thing, was it?

I can still remember vividly how Mum had gone down on him, and how Dad had moaned gently as she used her mouth to good effect. Then, when she straddled his lap and lowered herself onto his waiting cock, I was totally engrossed with the whole sordid scene. Were parents meant to behave like this, I thought, as she bounced up and down on his hard rod? I guess the right thing to do was turn and leave, consciously wiping the whole event from my mind. Instead though, I stood there, watching intently with a hand now inside my pyjamas, stroking my rampant hard-on. I never found out if she had cum or not, my mind suddenly brought back down to earth by a wetness flooding my pants. It was a couple of years ago, but still as plain in my mind as if it was yesterday.

So, here we were, on a bus heading into the terminal building. It would be an hour or two before we had finally reached our destination, but I found myself smiling down at my younger sister.

"Won't be long now, Susie," I whispered.

She smiled back. "Can't wait," she replied.

"What are you going to do first?"

"Oh, you know me, Danny. A little sun to get rid of this pasty whiteness, and maybe a dip in the pool. How about you?"

"Dunno. Maybe I'll just chill out and watch you."

I smiled once more. Susie, at coming up on nineteen — it was her birthday whilst we were out here in Turkey — was almost two years my junior. We'd promised we would look out for each other, and that's just what I intended to do. I loved Susie — don't misunderstand me, it wasn't in a sexual sense — and I wouldn't have any wrong come by her. It was just that . . . well, maybe . . . maybe she just didn't appreciate her own beauty.

At around five foot eight, she was a bubbly blonde princess of a young woman. Long straight locks ran down to mid shoulder length, framing the most delightfully charming face you would ever see. In terms of build, Susie was on the petite side but by no means skinny. In fact, it was the curves which made her stand out from the crowd. If ever there was a perfect hourglass figure — full bust, narrow waist, curvaceous hips and long slender legs was the image I had in my mind — then Susie was the epitome of this most desirable of shapes. I would tell myself, over and over again, that when the time came to meet my partner in crime I would hope she was the spitting image of my younger sister.

I often laughed that when they were handing out good looks, Susie had taken mine as well as her own, leaving her brother as nothing more than a towering hulk. Even that was a bit of an exaggeration. Yes I was tall enough to fulfill the towering part of that description, but as for a hulk? Well, I'm sure I had the muscles; it was just that they were a bit shy to show themselves.

Eventually we made it as far as immigration, joining the back of an expectantly long queue. It seemed an eternity as one by one our fellow passengers were processed and, with each one, we took a step towards the counter. Five to go, four, three, it was then that I noticed that the happy go lightly Susie had suddenly become much quieter, maybe even a little afraid. Taking hold of her small hand in mine, I gave her a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry," I whispered, remembering how Mum and Dad usually handled any difficult questions. "It'll all be OK. Give me your passport, we'll go together."

I felt her squeeze my hand as she passed over her passport. Minutes later I handed both over to the immigration officer. There were the usual questions — where are you staying? how long for? — but nothing more sinister. No sooner had we handed over the passports than they were passed back with a smile.

"Welcome to Turkey, Mr and Mrs Williams. Enjoy your stay."

I didn't dare correct him, simply picking up the passports and heading off in the direction of the luggage carousels. I smiled down at Susie once more, my sister now walking in a more relaxed manner at the side of me.

"There," I commented, "nothing to worry about."

"Yeah," she replied.

"Unless," I continued, "you consider that he thought we were married."

I laughed at the idea, Susie joining in soon after. We were brother and sister, not husband and wife, and that's how it was going to stay.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

How many times do you rely on photos in a brochure in order to book a holiday and then, when you actually get there, it is such a disappointment. Well, not this time. The resort was everything it had promised. A huge pool complex, crystal clear water reflecting the deep blue sky above, filled around half of the grounds with the remainder grassed over as it led towards a distant beach. Bars and restaurants were almost as plentiful as the free sunloungers. It might have been the peak season, but still there seemed to be space for all.

As for the staff, they were so welcoming. We had been given a promise of rooms close to each other which they duly fulfilled. As suggested, we were next door neighbours. So, I thought as I unpacked, the room itself was a bit basic but I wasn't planning to stay there all day every day. We had two weeks of fun in the sun to look forward to, and today's plan was already set; a quick nibble would be followed by the chance to catch a few rays.

Maybe hunger was the driver, or even just the excitement of our new freedom, but it seemed to take no time at all to unpack. I had a sort of relaxed demeanour, in person and in appearance. It was just me, easy going and chilled. Today was no different. Tee-shirt, swimshorts and sandals were all I needed . . . oh, yes, and a bucket load of factor fifty. I had pale skin for a reason and it was better to keep that look than go lobster on the first day.

When Susie joined me, well, suffice to say she was more classy chic than understated geek. A simple patterned sarong dress covered up her swimwear. Covered up? Yes, technically she was covered but it didn't take much of an imagination to trace the outline of a swimsuit underneath. I shouldn't have done, but I just couldn't avoid the urge to stare deep into the thin fabric as we headed off for lunch and then, suitably fed and watered, went in search of a sunbed.

We were lucky, I guess. Unlike some places where you needed to be up before the birds in order to drop your towel on an empty lounger, hoping it was still there when you returned hours later, this hotel seemed to have beds in abundance. We found a couple, tucked away by the side of the pool, with an umbrella to boot. Perfect, I thought to myself, for a little rest and relaxation. With shades in place, and baseball cap pulled forward a little, I settled back for a little shuteye. It didn't come though, Susie's rummaging at the side of me grabbing my attention.

Once more, as her brother, I shouldn't have done it, but I was all eyes as she removed that so-called dress, revealing . . . well, to say it was a swimsuit might have been an understatement. This was a swimsuit and a half. It was a sexy little halterneck number in black, with a deep open back and cutouts revealing more than enough young flesh. Susie stood there, her shadow blocking out the sun as she smiled down at me.

"Would you do my back?" she whispered.

I didn't react, my mind still taking in the sight in front of me. Other than her still pale skin, in my mind the perfect contrast to the shiny black material, with her blonde locks and ample curves Susie could have come straight off one of those multi-million pound yachts which were enticingly anchored just off the shoreline. She was divine. I ran my eyes down her body, watching as the fabric stretched in every direction, almost covering her young breasts before pulling in around a narrow waist and finally stretching once more above full hips. The fabric eventually tapered down between her long slim legs, an inch or two of thigh gap finishing off the outfit. One of these days, my sister would make somebody very happy.

"Owww," I moaned, feeling her sandaled foot kick into my leg. "What was that for?"

"You, staring," she responded. "Is there something wrong with my costume?"

I paused for a minute. I knew it was wrong to have stared at her like that, but she really was a cut above most. I so hoped that I hadn't upset Susie, not on our first day.

"Oh, no," I replied. "In fact, it is perfect. I guess I was expecting something . . . well . . . something a little more conservative . . . but I do like it Susie."

"But, we're on holiday, so I want to look my best," she replied, a little wiggle emphasising her perfect figure. "Now, would you put some cream on my back? I'm sure red doesn't go so well with black."


"My back," she repeated. "Would you put some cream on it for me?"

With that, she threw the full bottle of suncream right into my midriff. It seemed that I had no option but to comply. As Susie sat on the end of the sunlounger, I carefully covered every inch of bare skin with the creamy lotion.

"Mmmm," Susie almost moaned as I rubbed her shoulders. "I could get used to this," she retorted in a most suggestive way.

"That's enough," I replied, reminding her that we were brother and sister.

"What? I was just enjoying the way you rubbed the cream into my shoulders. It was so . . . relaxing."

"Well, we shouldn't," I continued. "People will get the wrong idea."

"What idea?"

"You know," I looked at her as I tried to explain. "That we are a couple."

Susie laughed. She had the sort of laugh which was infectious and before long I was joining her.

"Don't be silly," she replied, "but, if it really makes you feel better, you can come round to mine tomorrow and help me put my suncream on before we go out."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And so it was. The next morning, as suggested, I dropped in on Susie before breakfast and did the honours with copious amounts of sun lotion across her back. It soon became a sort of ritual, a gentle massage as she lay on the bed and I worked every nook and cranny of exposed skin. I didn't mind, as at least it stopped the possibility of those awkward questions and, after all, it was nothing more than making sure she was protected from burning.

It was on one such morning that I noticed something unexpected about our Susie. No, not about her per se, but more about her possessions and what they suggested about my sister. It was nothing more than a book, sitting there on her bedside cabinet. I hadn't noticed it before, but this particular morning it was almost calling out to me. It was like a magnet, drawing my eyes closer and closer to the title. I just had to ask.

"Interesting choice . . ." I commented, my eyes staring down at a copy of Fifty Shades.


"Reading book," I replied. "Just thought it was an interesting choice. I guess I never had you down as a fan."

"I'm not," she sniggered, getting up and placing the book in a drawer. "It's just that . . ."

"Just that you wanted to know what all the fuss was about?" I butted in.

"Yeah, that's about it. And, yeah, it's just a load of fuss about a book."

"And, what would Mum say if she found you had this type of book?" I teased, not really interested in the answer. The book alone had told me how my sister was moving away from the sweet innocence that she normally personified.

"It's her's!" came a rather unexpected reply. "I borrowed it from her bookcase. You won't tell, will you Danny?"

I simply stood there and stared at Susie, my face telling a story of disgust whilst my mind wondered how far she had read and whether she was indeed being truthful in her response. Oh, and yes, there was a simple matter of the two piece swimsuit she was wearing; an outfit which, whilst good for maximising the tan, did only the bare minimum to protect her modesty.

This holiday I was seeing a new side to my sister, and it soon turned out that I wasn't the only one to have noticed her. I guess it was to be expected, but it still didn't make life any easier. It was just, well, suffice to say that she was picking up one or two admirers. To be precise, it was a small group of lads maybe a few years older than myself. There was one in particular who seemed to show the most interest, or perhaps he was just the ringleader.

Susie would spend her days spread between improving her now glorious tan and dipping in and out of the pool. I, on the other hand, had a sort of predictability about my routine. A touch of water polo in the morning, lunch, and then chilling out with a little music during the height of the afternoon sun. It seemed like heaven in my mind, and gave a perfect opportunity to do a little people watching of my own. I had a habit, a sneaky habit, of sitting there with my headphones in but nothing playing. That way I could not only see what was going on, but sometimes hear as well. It was a couple of such hidden conversations which got my alarm bells ringing.

The guy in question, I guessed he was German or at least from a German speaking country, went by the name of Heinz. I had him down at around twenty-five and was quite the stereotypical Gemanic character; a muscular torso evoking the sportsman within. What he had in physique also become evident in presence. This guy was loud, almost to the point of being obnoxious, and full of himself. He also had a thing for my younger sister. I listened in as she sat on the edge of the pool and chatted with him.

It was just what I expected. A touch of manly bravado interspersed with the odd compliment as Heinz tried his wit and charm on Susie. As an observer it was a bit of a strange situation. I could see the hallmarks of a little holiday excitement, yet Susie seemed to be almost smitten with the attention. I had a duty of care, but she was an adult too. I could say something, and risk her backlash or I could just watch and wait. Maybe he would be leaving before this holiday romance really developed into anything serious. I chose the latter; to keep a watching brief on the situation.

As the days passed, Susie would spend more and more time with her German friend. It turned out he was from Hamburg and would leave about a week before us. I'd listen avidly to her tales of just how sensitive and caring he was, what an exciting life he had, and how much he loved to spend time with her. Before long I was on my own for dinner with Susie off with Heinz and the crew. It was after one such night, as I heard Susie return to her room quite late in the evening, that I decided I needed to say something. The next morning I picked up courage, and, before breakfast, had that chat.

"Susie," I asked, my voice as gentle and warming as possible. "Can I talk to you?"

"Sure, Danny. Why do you need to ask?"

"I guess I don't want you to get upset with me."

"Is it about Heinz?"

There was a hesitant pause.

"It is, isn't it? Well, I don't want to know. You're just jealous that somebody is showing me a bit of attention and not you."

"Please, Susie. Just hear me out. I said I'd look out for you and . . . well . . . it's just that I've seen his sort before."

"What sort? Heinz is utterly charming. Can't you see how much he likes me?"

"That's it, Susie. Does he really like you? You've only known him for a few days so how can you be sure he likes you, rather than just likes having you around? All I am asking is that you be careful. I'm not sure he is what you think he is, and . . ."

"I'll be the judge of that, Danny!" came a rather indignant response. Yes, it seemed that I had gotten the reaction I had feared. It was more a case of annoyance than understanding. "I'm old enough to know what's what, so I'll make my own decisions if you don't mind. And, by the way, he's invited me to a party."

"When?" I asked, now a little sheepish.

"Thursday night. It's his last night and he promised it would be a good time before he goes. Oh, and yes, I do have his number."

"Ok, Susie. I've said my piece. Just be careful and don't do anything you would regret. I only want to look out for my younger sister."

There was a peck on the cheek, and then we headed off for breakfast.

"Thank you, Danny. It'll be alright. I know what I'm doing."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thursday came all too soon. Over the last few days Susie had become obsessed with her new found friend and the idea of that party. I really had my reservations, but what could I do? If I came down hard on her she would go anyway, and in a fit of rage she was more likely to do something she would regret just to get back at me. All I could do was hope she would be okay. She was an adult after all, it's just that I had promised to look after her. We ate together then set off in different directions. Well, she set off and I just turned to watch her go. Susie had on one of her shorter than short skirts, black leather sandals and a white top. She was every inch a party girl.


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