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Indian Mom


As far as I can remember I have always been very close to my mother. My recollection of my father is rather limited as he left us when I was very young. Mother and I lived at my grandparent's ancestral home, in a little costal village in India. Mother was well educated with a Masters degree in English Literature. She enjoyed writing and had authored several novels. Her writing enabled her to work from home and allowed her plenty of time with me. My grandparents were well off and since mother was the only daughter we never had to struggle to make ends meet.

Mother was an amazingly beautiful woman. Over the years she had resisted many attempts of remarriage by my grandparents and other relatives. She always claimed it would be unfair to me, but I suspected it was her love for the same sex, that left her uninterested in men. She had an angelic face, seldom tied her luscious hair that flowed down to her waist. She was never modest in her dressing, it wasn't easy to hide those large curvy D cups and her cleavage was constantly on display. Her slender waist and slight tummy, with a deep navel that was always on show was extremely sexy. Like most South Indian women she had wide gracious hips, full curvy buttocks that ended in pair of well toned athletic legs from years of Bharatanatyam training. She took great care in maintaining the softest and clearest skin you can ever imagine.

Mother was an extremely open minded woman, nothing was too harsh or taboo. The freedom, wealth and the western education that she had received from my grandparents had ensured this. During my adolescence there weren't many girls of my age around our house, due to the secluded and much protected location of my grandparent's house. So when my hormones were raging and my eyes zeroing in on the various aspects of her voluptuous body, mother was extremely sympathetic and understanding. While she never encouraged my lust, she did enjoy my prying eyes on her and never went to any extremities to curb my visual desires.

When I turned eighteen I left home to attend University. I would visit home every weekend, as it was only a two hour ride to my grandparent's house from the city.

One morning I was still asleep, naked and sporting a large erection under the thin sheets. Mother entered without knocking, I guess she had become accustomed to it in my absence for most of the week. She began preparations for her daily bath, running the water in the large bath that was attached to my room. I'm sure she stopped to notice my erection before stepping into the bathroom.

I barely opened my eyes, before dosing off to sleep again when she said "Sonu beta I am going for my bath."

I was awakened again, by the rustling noise of my maid's sari as she walked in with mothers clothes. She was yelling out to mother, letting her know that she had brought her clothes. She was completely oblivious to the fact that I was in the room. I quickly doubled the sheets to cover my erection just as the door to the bath opened.

I was shocked as I strained my sleepy eyes to the full nakedness of mother's body. She had a towel wrapped around her head as beads of water mixed with perspiration trickled down her bare body. The view was heavenly, I had never seen this her naked before. Her dark brown nipples stood erect on her large breasts. My eyes instantly dropped to the dark mound of thick black pubes that covered her entire womanhood and rose up in a thin line all the way to her navel.

Hearing me gasp in astonishment, my maid looked at me and said "Oh Anitha, Sonu is awake!"

Mother turned towards me and smiled without the slightest embarrassment. I could feel the blood rush down to my already engorged manhood.

"Good morning Sonu beta, you?re up!" she said, without making any attempt to cover up.

My maid was red faced seeing this bold new attitude of my mother. I could feel my heart pounding as I continued to stare at her nakedness.

"Anitha didi(sister) your naked." my maid replied again.

"He is a big boy now and a little nudity cannot hurt." mother said with a wink.

They both giggled as my maid left the room. And I wondered if mother's nakedness had the same affect on my maid as it had on me.

Facing me with the sweetest smile and raising her hands to her hips she said "Got a good look?"

The urge to move my hand down and rub my erection was becoming unbearable.

She stood there for a while as she dried off her hair giving me a full frontal view. She looked like a sex goddess. Her dark brown areolas showed distinctly against her creamy white breasts. The deep navel from where a thin trace of her pubic hair sprung into a dark triangle almost called out for me to bury my tongue in it.

She giggled, turning towards the bathroom and enjoying the attention of my hungry eyes, gorging on her naked flesh.

"You look so cute ma." I managed to say with a naughty smile.

Glancing back she winked and said "Thanks!!"

She bent giving me a full view of her delicious buttocks, the protruding labial lips and pubic hair as she picked up her clothes and vanished into the bathroom.

This became a custom on most weekends when I visited home. Mother was very comfortable with her nudity at home and felt I was old enough to accept it as well. Who was I to object, the only part I regretted was she never undressed in front of me.

We used to have a big festival once a year during which it was customary for woman folk to have an oil bath and perform religious ceremonies.

I was in bed, when I heard my maid walk into the room with warm oil and fresh towels for mother's oil bath. Mother was sipping her coffee, as she smiled and exchanged pleasantries with my maid.

"Should I wake Sonu and send him out?" I heard my maid say.

"He looks tired let him sleep, besides what's to hide." mother replied.

They both giggled as they watched me squinting in the morning light. For the first time I saw mother's hand at the hooks of her blouse. My heart almost skipped a beat in anticipation. My maid helped remove the rest of her sari. They kept chatting, as mother disrobed. Her big breasts swung free as they came off the tight clasp of her blouse. She was naked once again as she stepped out of her petticoat.

My maid stole a quick glance at mom's large breasts commenting "Anita didi, my husband would love it, if I had boobs like yours."

Mother enjoyed the attention her breasts received, knowing it was the envy of many of her female friends, relatives and even my maid. The two women were standing facing each other as mother cupped and rubbed each massive globule making her nipples burst to life. My maid seeing this wasted no time in bringing her eager hands in contact with mother's naked body. She began from mother's shoulders, sliding her oily hands all over mother's soft skin. She began kneading, squeezing, cupping and tugging at them. They looked into each other's eyes, as they giggled shamelessly enjoying themselves.

"Ouch!" mother yelped as she felt my maid pinch her nipples.

Mother grabbed my maids blouse clad breasts and squeezed them in retaliation as my maid screamed.

"How does that feel?" mother asked with a smile.

I was so engrossed in watching my maid explore mother's nakedness and feel her intimate parts, that I never realized the sheets had dropped exposing my erect uncircumcised manhood. They gasped as they saw my exposed erection, but said nothing. They stared at my manhood before continuing what they were doing.

Mother turned around giving my maid a full view of her naked behind.

"Anita didi, you have such lovely buttocks, they are so soft and full." my maid said lustily in our native language, as she rubbed mothers voluptuous behind.

My maid's eyes followed her hands as they rubbed, squeezed and traced every inch of mother's buttocks. While mother was enjoying my maid's exploration of her buttocks, she stole a few quick glances of my erection. Then my maid let her hands slip in-between mothers buttocks and pressed her finger at the opening of mother anus, without the slightest of hesitation. Mother gasped, as she clenched down her butt cheeks.

"Enjoying yourself, shameless?" mother playfully said to my maid.

My maid smiled slyly as she looked up raising her hands to mother's shoulders and turning her towards herself. I realized then, that this was nothing new to them and they had probably done it a million times before. Mother briefly closed her eyes as she felt my maid's hand circling her tummy, inching closer and closer to her thick mound of pubic hair. Both women fell silent, knowing full well what was to come. My maid gestured towards me, waiting for approval of my presence. Mother reciprocated by closing her eyes in approval.

My maid did something that shocked me. She dipped her hand into the oil and then brought it over mother's pubic mound. The two women looked into each other's eyes, as my maids hand searched for that delicate spot. When her fingers found the opening they gently eased in, as mother gasped bringing her hands to my maid's breasts. My maid showed a bit of reluctance, but one angry glare from mother devoid her of any remaining inhibitions. Mother undid her blouse exposing two very supple and perky breasts that were only slightly smaller than her own. I saw mother cup and squeeze them ruthlessly, as she brought her lips to one of my maids very erect nipples.

"Ahhh didi!" my maid moaned.

My hands were hesitantly moving towards my erection.

Mother's breathing was getting harder as my maid's well lubricated fingers danced over her large erect clit. Mother was biting her lips and cupping her massive breasts as she felt her orgasm build up inside her. My maid and mother had grown up together almost like sisters. It seemed like second nature to them, knowing what the other felt and desired. Both women ignored my gaze, as my maid masturbated mother with almost clinical precision towards a loud and violent orgasm.

I stroked my erection in full view of the two women. My foreskin rode up and down the glans of my penis. I could see my maid's fingers as they entered and left mother's wet vagina, occasionally tugging on mothers protruding labial lips, sending a shiver up mother's body.

As she sensed mother's orgasm peak and mother's nails dig into her thigh she fastened the pace of her fingers. Biting her lips to control her own urge to scream as mother's nails tore into her thighs. Mother had eased her legs wide apart giving my maid full access to her most private area. Mother moaned loudly, throwing her head back and closing her eyes, as her orgasm finally gave way. Her entire body shook violently, as she came. She moaned loudly, as her abdomen went into wild spasms and my maid's fingers buried themselves deep inside her womb.

I couldn't hold it any longer and felt my own orgasm explode. The sperms came flying out in thick ropes all over the bed. My entire body was pulsating uncontrollably.

Mother looked up and said "My son has finally grown into a man."

What happened next I only wish to reveal after a response from the audience.

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