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tagCelebrities & Fan FictionImpressing Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

Impressing Marie-Claude Bourbonnais


WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (Cosplay and glamour model, appeared at NSPW as a guest star/valet), Cedric Alexander (ROH)

* * *

January 10th, 2015. Following his match to challenge for the North Shore Pro Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Championship at the NSPW Kick Off event in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, the handsome African American wrestler Cedric Alexander has returned backstage, clad in his ring attire from the contest that nicely shows off his muscular body.

"The crowd was into that one... Not a damn bad night at all..." Cedric says to himself as he heads along, his words catching the attention of a nearby female who glances up from her cell phone.

The woman in question is the cosplay and glamour model who made a special guest appearance and had a valet role earlier in the night in the gorgeous, busty French Canadian with short, platinum blonde hair - Marie-Claude Bourbonnais. She's still dressed as she was seen during the show in jeans that hug to her curvy ass, and a tight fitting white sleeveless top with dark pink bra underneath that wonderfully shows off her large, enhanced tits.

"Not bad? I know I had a lot of fun out there..." Marie-Claude says with a smirk as she takes a moment to check out the black hunk.

"Hmmmm? Oh damn..." Alexander says, a smile coming across his face as he stops and sees the speaker, clearly approving of what he sees. "How did I not notice you before?" He jokes.

"Well I could say the same, but I'm not exactly fully clued up about pro wrestling..." Bourbonnais replies as she slips her phone into her pocket. "Sure I have friends here in NSPW, but I'm no expert... And I'm guessing you don't know much about cosplaying either?" She asks in her sexy, thick accent.

"Cosplay? Only thing I know is that awesome chick who rocks Blue Pants down in Florida..." He shrugs his shoulders. "All I know is I'm seeing one hot gal in front of me right now that I'd damn well like to get to know all about."

"Is that so?" She raises an eyebrow. "I've read online about the kinds of "antics" that can happen at wrestling shows... But I think they might be all talk..." She teases, still smirking as she steps forward towards him. "Just like you might just be all talk."

"Is that a challenge girl?" He now questions as he takes a moment to check her out with a smirk. "I'll gladly accept that, and I'll happily show you that it ain't just in the ring where I can impress."

"This night might be even more fun that it has been then..." Marie-Claude says with an approving nod of the head. "You'd better pack up then, and you can show me what exactly a wrestler can do outside of the ring..."

* * *

A half hour later following the conclusion of the show across the city at Marie-Claude Bourbonnais' home in Quebec City, the stunning blonde is clad in just her dark pink bra and matching thong as she sits on the edge of her bed, grinning with approving eyes as she holds the hardening and already mouth wateringly long black cock of Cedric Alexander in her hand as she lightly strokes him.

"I don't think I need to ask if you're impressed by what you see so far girl..." Cedric says with a smile, letting out a light moan from her smooth stroking moment as that touch along with the sight of those massive breasts contained in her straining bra helps him to get rock hard in her grasp, making her lick her lips in a further sign of approval.

"Impressed by a big black cock? Damn right I am! But it's going to take more than this... Because I'm not a woman you can satisfy easily..." The platinum blonde states with a seductive smirk as she leans down and gives the tip of his cock a lick across the head, using her hand to pump away at the shaft with a couple of firm strokes as she teases a little with her brief flicks at the tip of his shaft. Moving back a little to spit down onto the head before stroking it in with a stroke all the way up and down with her palm, she soon moves back in and now parts her lips, taking the crown of his cock inside her mouth.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." She groans already around his shaft, wrapping those luscious lips tightly around his meat as she handles a couple of inches of his tool, her gaze locked up at him as he moans from her soft, testing sucks on his cock and pumps the rest of his rod with another couple of jerks up and down.

"Mmmmm... I ain't no minute man either... If you can dish it, I can take it girl..." The ROH wrestler says as he watches on, a wide smile on his face as the gorgeous cosplay model starts to properly suck on his cock, easily making him moan as her lips glide back and forth along his shaft with her hand expertly pumping away at the lower portion to further double team his manhood.

"Ahhhh... Yeah... I can fucking tell you can give it... Suck that cock Marie..." He encourages with another groan of pleasure as he watches his cock get taken up into her fantastic feeling oral hole and soon reappear as she raises up until just the head of his shaft remains between her lips, and all too eagerly she moves back down with a groan of her own to swiftly suck on that big dick.

"Mmmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm!! Mmmmmm..." Sinful moans are being muffled by the long black cock that the busty white beauty is sucking on, still keeping her hand pumping away on him to work her saliva over those lower inches, focusing her mouth work on the upper half as she keeps her lips nicely wrapped around his meat as she sits on the edge of her bed.

"Mmmm... Mmmmmphh!! Mmmmm..." Bourbonnais groans again, a lustful gaze cast up to the moaning hunk she's blowing as she keeps her head rocking back and forth along his shaft and now moves her hand off from him to onto his thighs, allowing her to push down further onto that meaty rod and cause them both to moan out as more of those inches stuff into her clearly far from inexperienced mouth.

"Awwwww shit!! Mmmm... That's some damn fine head there girl..." The hunky Charlotte, North Carolina hunk says with a moan as he uses a hand to brush her stylish short hair away from her pretty face, her platinum blonde locks now swaying from the bobbing motion she's using to slurp loudly on his shaft as she sinks down deep and ensures his cock is more than generously covered by her saliva.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmm!! Don't take this the wrong way... But you've got to have done this before! Mmmm..." He adds with a smirk as the beautiful French Canadian feasts on his man meat with repeated suck after deep suck as she grips his thighs, face fucking herself onto that nicely fat pole as her saliva begins to drip off her lips and chin, and off of his cock, resulting in her spit landing onto her large tits and down into her deep cleavage to make her chest look even more desirable than usual.

"Mmmm... Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm..." Continuing to suck away on the handsome and hung pro wrestler, the stunning model seductively raises an eyebrow at his comments but doesn'tmiss a beat as she keeps moving her short haired head up and down over his stiff prick, making herself groan to show how turned on she is by blowing one of the performers of the NSPW show she was a guest star at earlier on in the night.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." Slightly running her hands up his sides as she delivers another deep suck, she slowly raises her head all the way up and off of his length with a loud popping sound, and she only took a brief moment to draw in air before she got her tongue working again over him with quick flicks out at the tip, her hand gripping him to swiftly stroke him almost similar to how this blowjob had begun minutes ago.

"We are going to have some fun... But I had a feeling that you could handle a little blowjob..." Marie-Claude said with a lick of her lips, shifting her hips so she can slide her thong down her legs, showing off her moist, tight looking and completely shaved pussy.

"Doesn't look like there's anything "little" about you..." Cedric states as he takes another look at her big, glazed with her saliva breasts still contained in her bra.

"Fill me up good and maybe I'll let these tits out to play..." Bourbonnais teases as she kicks her underwear away, placing her arms back and spreading her legs invitingly wide for him.

"Sounds like a fucking fine idea!" Alexander days with a grin, stepping forward and using a hand to guide his fuck stick into her folds, making them both moan as he firmly pushes that saliva coated shaft into her wet and tight hole, her snatch already clinging to that cock as he grips her legs by the thighs and starts to pump himself in and out of that hot twat.

"Mmmmm fuck!! Shit!! A real fucking... Mmmmm... Good idea..." He groans, not taking long at all in establishing a steady, pumping rhythm with which to bang the beautiful model as she sits on the edge of her bed in her own bedroom, letting out the kind of moans that show that any doubt about his sexual ability has been well and truly squashed as her tight snatch is now getting filled up with long wrestler cock

"Oh fuck!! Mmmmm!! Oh yes Cedric!! Mmmmmm..." She moans in her sexy, thick French Canadian accent as she takes that big American cock deep into her snatch, gazing down to see it plunge right forward into her slick folds before a few inches quickly reappear and the motion gets repeated, a sight alone to make any red blooded female moan and the effects are clear from how she's biting down on her bottom lip lustfully as she's fucked by a man she's only met today.

"Mmmmmm yessssss... Deeper stud! Ahhhhh... Give me all of that nice, black cock..." The curvaceous white model groans the demand even as most of that black cock is already pumping back and forth into her snatch with enough force to make her slightly rock on the edge of the bed, causing those large tits to bounce even in her straining bra, a sight that hasn't gone unnoticed by the man involved in this black-on-blonde action.

"Ahhhhh... Sure thing girl! Mmmmm... Ain't gonna turn that down..." The talented grappler who has been a champion in Pro Wrestling EVO and WrestleForce smirks as he draws his hips back, teasing like he's going to pull out but instead driving in with a stiff thrust to drive in to the hilt. No sooner has the slap of skin hitting skin sounded out with both of their moans, he's working his cock steadily in and out of that wet and snug to say the least snatch to fuck the model who made a guest appearance as a valet at the NSPW show he wrestled at earlier on before this steamy action began.

"Mmmmm fuck!! Yeah... Said it before... But damn you can take some dick girl!" He says with a moan to show his comment was certainly anything but bad as he works his member completely up into her wet pussy before pulling back to just the half-way mark before driving back in with a groan of pleasure that's matched by one of the world's most famous, not to mention sexiest, cosplay models that he's got moaning out as he gives her every inch of his cock.

"MMMM!! Oh yes!! Mmmmm... I love that fucking cock... Give it to me!!" The Quebec, Canada born beauty moans as she shifts herself to lean towards him a little, placing her hands onto his shoulders for support as his thrusts still make her tanned and curvy body bounce a little when he thrusts in balls deep into her tightness.

"Mmmm... OH FUCK!! Mmmmm yes!! Don't stop Cedric!! Oooooooooh MMMMM..." She groans as her big boobs jiggle sexily in her bra in response to her gorgeous frame rocking against the incoming pumps deep into her damp snatch as the glamour model takes this pumping from the talented and handsome pro wrestler between her spread legs as he drives his fuck stick deep in and out of her tight and wet love tunnel.

"Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm... You ain't... Questioning if I can handle you now, are you?" The ROH star takes the chance to tease the stunning beauty he's fucking as he keeps his grip on her legs so he can plunge his rod back and forth into her tight hole, able to switch his gaze from those bouncing big breasts to the pretty, moaning face of short haired Platinum blonde he's stuffing full with his lengthy shaft.

"Mmmmm... Awwww FUCK!! Mmmmm... I ain't hating girl... Not with some fine pussy like this..." He says with a smirk and a moan as he continues to pump his big black cock straight into her tight white snatch that remains clamping around his tool even with the repeated thrusts he's sent deep into her needy hole and how wet she is down there, leaving his cock with an erotic glaze of her juices.

"Mmmm!! Oh no baby... You're fucking good..." Bourbonnais groans with a smile, giving him a hint as she uses her hands on his muscular chest to push him away, and with a smirk in reply he pulls out of her pussy to make them both groan. "Not every man gets this..." She says, pulling her bra up and over her head to finally release those fantastic fake tits.

"Now those are some fine fucking tits..." Alexander states the obvious with a grin and long look over them.

"I don't just mean my tits... Lay down on the bed stud, and let me have some fun with that nice fucking cock..." Marie-Claude says with a lick of her lips as she moves to roll onto her side on the bed.

"Shit, I'm more than down for that..." Cedric says as he takes in invitation, moving up and laying down on the bed with his still rock hard cock pointing right up. "Makes me wonder what we were doing up 'till now if we're only starting to have fun now..." He chuckles as he watches her swing a leg over and mount him, reaching down to line his dick up with her snatch.

"MMMMM!! Even more fun..." She moans out as she sinks down to stuff herself full with that cock once again before she leans forward, placing her hands onto his chest as she starts to rock her hips back and forth to fuck herself on his thick rod, in no time at all breaking out into a steady motion to smoothly take his length in and out of her wet and tight pussy.

"Ahhhhh... Ooooooh FUCK!! Mmmmm!! You like that Cedric? You like... MMMMM... My tight fucking pussy all over that big black cock?" She lustfully asks as she rides the moaning stud underneath her with an already pornstar perfect pace that has her tits swaying along with her short platinum blonde hair as she rocks her tanned, curvaceous body face and forth against his long and nicely thick cock to take him in deep and keep them both loudly moaning out.

"Fuck yeah!! MMMM... Fucking that that dick babe!! AHHHHH..." The hunk from Charlotte, North Carolina moans his approval as he feels that very pleasurable and snug pussy working smoothly and steadily back and forth over his inches as the beauty born in the province of Quebec, Canada continues to show that her body that she's shown off in fully nude photoshoots isn't just for show, she can use it to great sexual skill as well.

"AHHHHH... MMMMM SHIT!! Yeah, get it girl!! Mmmmm... Take all that cock..." He groans as he watches those massive, enhanced tits jiggle above him in response to her body pushing back to drive her snatch right down onto his cock in order to stuff her tightness full with as much of his member as she can get before quickly moving back forward to repeat the motion. Unable to resist, his hands go up to grip onto those mounds, making her moan out instantly as his fingers take a hold of the plentiful flesh in order to grope and squeeze her tits that still bounce in his hands as she keeps on riding him with a swift and nicely forceful pace.

"MMMMM!! Oh FUCK!! Suck... Suck my fucking tits babe!! MMMMM..." The stunning, white beauty shamelessly begs even as she's getting more than filled up with the long, black cock she's slamming her damp snatch right down onto as she quickly rocks her hips back and forth, once again showing her lustful side as drops of sweat begin to trickle off of that wonderfully curved body.

"Oooooooooh YES!! MMMMMM... Oh yes Cedric!! MMMMMM..." She groans in delight as the independent scene wrestler doesn't hesitate in taking that invitation, leaning up and wrapping his mouth around the right breast to suck on her nipple, still squeezing both of her big breasts while the gorgeous cosplay and glamour model swiftly rides him with her very wet and still nicely right twat.

"Mmmmmphhh!! MMMM... Mmmmmphhhh..." Moaning into her breast, the African American stud sucks greedily onto her tit before he switches over to the other jiggling breast of the groaning French Canadian on top of him, ensuring they both still sinfully groan out as she rocks herself sharply back and forth to ensure his rod is lodged deep into her dripping box.

"MMMMPHHHH... MMMMM... Ahhhhhh mmmmm!!" The ROH wrestler moans as he pulls off of her tits for a moment so he can catch his breath before diving back into those fantastic fake tits to slurp and suck on them, making sure to give them the treatment they well and truly deserve while she continues to show off her superb sexual ability by briskly riding his dick, causing him to begin to sweat from the impressive to say the least pace he's using to handle his big cock.

"OH FUCK!! MMMMM!! So good Cedric!! MMMMM... AHHHHHH!!" She loudly moans, leaning forward to press her tits further into the handsome facial features of the hunk she's mounted on top off, almost motorboarding him with her large breasts as she roughly slams her body back and forth against his desirable and nicely muscular frame to fuck herself on his lengthy shaft.

"Ooooooooooh SHIT MMMMM!! Ahhhhhhh!! MMMMM FUCK!!" She gasps as she brings herself to a much needed stop down on his cock, working her hips slightly to grind her pussy against his crotch but still moaning both from the feeling of his pole stuffed into her soaking wet hole and how he's still gorging himself on the massive chest of the platinum blonde and groping away at those mounds at the same time.

"MMMM... Awwwww shit!! You alright there girl??" Cedric asks once he's finally pulled himself away from sucking on her tits, commenting on her laying on top of him now.

"Mmmmm... Never felt better babe... MMMM... We're not done yet..." Bourbonnais says with a sexy grin as she moves herself up and off of his cock, before moving completely off of him to stand up from the bed. "Stay right there stud... I've got something special for you..." She says with a lick of her upper teeth as she moves across her bedroom to open a dresser drawer for a moment, soon pulling out a small bottle of sex lube and all too quickly making her way back over so she can take a hold of his cock and pour some of the liquid down onto his shaft.

"Mmmmmm... I like the way this is going..." Alexander gasps in pleasure as she uses rapid strokes of her hand to apply the lubricant all over his cock, already showing that she's done this before as she gets his long cock more than generously lubed up for what's to come.

"You're going to love where you're going in a minute..." Marie-Claude states with a grin as she lifts a leg to rest the knee onto the edge of the bed, applying lube onto the fingers of the free hand in order to reach under and back, pushing her digit into the super tightness of her asshole. She groans with closed eyes as she pumps her own gorgeously rounded backside, sliding the finger swiftly in and out of her booty and working in the lube in another obvious display that she's no stranger to some anal action.

Just as she's about to start working a second finger into her ass her attention is taken by the hunk she's already sucked and fucked during this sexual encounter despite only having met him a couple of hours ago, as he moves off from the bed and then around it to take a position behind her, lifting her other leg up onto the bed so she's in the classic doggy style position in front of him. Unable to object due to her lustful state of mind, she closes the lube bottle up and tosses it aside as she looks back over her shoulder and watches the hung hunk spread her sexy, rounded white ass cheeks apart so he can line up his long, black cock up with her puckered backdoor. With a smirk to match hers, he grips his member, teasing for a moment by rubbing the head against her hole before he applies pressure, gritting his teeth as he uses a firm push to force his shaft into that tightest of her holes.

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