tagCelebrities & Fan FictionI Fucked Margo Sullivan

I Fucked Margo Sullivan


She was already at the bar when I walked in. It was two p.m. on a Wednesday, and aside from she, I, and the bartender, there were two other people there, the last two sitting at a booth engrossed in whatever it was they were talking about. The woman at the table, though ... I asked the bartender what she was drinking, and when she told me, "Jack and Coke," I sent one over. I didn't look her way so she could acknowledge me for buying it, which is probably what prompted her to come to me.

"You mind?" she asked as she pointed at the empty stool next to mine.

"Please," I said with a smile.

She sat, sipped, said, "Thanks," as she toasted me, then lit up a Marlboro 100. She studied me for a couple of seconds, then said, "I suppose an autograph is in order."

I quickly looked up at her. "You know of me?"

"I—wait! What?" She was working through this puzzle. "No. I mean, I thought you might want mine."

"Should I?" I asked.

"Are you telling me that you don't know who I am?"

I knew good and damned well who she was. I just didn't want her knowing that I did. "I'm sorry, but I don't."

"My name is Margo," she said as she held out her hand.

I lightly grasped it and gave it a small shake, then asked, "What do you do that would make me want your autograph?"

She laughed. It was more like a laugh that blurted from nowhere. "Well, I'm an actress." I said nothing. "In films." Still nothing. "Adult films."

"Ah," I said as I lightly nodded my head. I lifted my glass to hers and said, "To living the dream."

"So, what do you do that I should want yours?"

"I'm a writer."

"Anything published?"

"I had a short story called 'Picking Up the Pieces' that ran in the New Yorker a few months back; I had one titled 'The Cows Came Home,' that appeared in Playboy about six months ago, and then there's 'Second Chances,' which will appear in Top Ten Newest Talents in July. I'm currently ghost-writing Dan Marino's autobiography," I added. This was a lie. I just wanted to give myself a little cred.

"Well, it certainly sounds like you're keeping yourself busy." She sipped at her drink again, then asked, "What do you think sets you apart from any other writer out there today?"

"Give me any genre and any premise and I can come up with a plot on the spot, without fail," I told her.

"Could you do that with me?"

"I don't see why not," I retorted. "Okay, so, your genre is porn. What is the premise?"

"I specialize in incest," she told me. "The thing is, though, that I've done mother-son, mother-daughter, and mother-son-daughter to death. I need something new, refreshing."

"Okay, how about this," I began.

Once I was finished, she said, "And that was off the top of your head? I love it!"

"Just be sure the guy looks to be around your age," I told her. "You know, for the sake of authenticity?"

"What about you?"


"Why not? It's your idea, we look close enough in age that it would be credible."

"I'll be honest, Margo: I really don't have a big penis. It's only, like, six inches. Aren't porn stars supposed to have huge, hulking cocks?"

"Oh, you'll be fine."

"Well, there's my career as a writer to think about as well," I reminded her. "This could adversely affect my future."

"Just give yourself a fictitious name, something like Phil Herrup." She laughed at that, as did I. "Please say yes."

"Um ... Okay. When would you like to do this?"

"Oh, we could do it tonight," she answered quickly. "Just one call and I could have everyone in place in a few hours."

"I might be a bit ... camera shy, if you get my drift."

"We have stuff for those occasions," she assured me. She downed her drink. "Oh, and I usually ad-lib my lines, so there's no real need for a script. We can just discuss how things should go, and—are you okay with that?"

"I'm pretty sure I can pull it off." I finished my drink. "Should I look at some of your stuff to get a feel for how this should go?" I had already seen everything she's ever done. She was my number one when it came to porn actresses. I probably jerked off more to Angel Kelly back in the day than Margo presently.

"If you want, but I suggest that you just do it without the benefit of knowing what I've done before. Just play off me and it should be fine."

"You know, I could probably come up with a dozen more scripts for you, if you like."

"How about I let you take me out to dinner when we're through and you can tell me all about them? But first ..." She pulled her phone out and called someone named Jeff. I ordered us both another drink as she did so, and after finishing them we were on our way back to her house.

As the crew were getting lights and boom in place, Margo and I took turns showering. Once reunited in her living room, she asked, "How are you feeling?"

"Nervous," I answered truthfully. "Um, you may want to give me that Viagra or whatever it is you have. Best to get it in my system now, eh?"

"Oh, right," she said. She gave it to me with a vodka chaser, then sat in my lap. "Don't worry, you'll be fine." She then began kissing me. Oh, Jesus. I can't tell you how long I had yearned for this moment, and it was finally happening. I ran my hands across her full breasts, felt her thick, hard nipples, moved them down to her firm ass. I had a hard-on, and it wasn't induced by the Viagra. I can tell you that much.

I couldn't wait to get to her pussy, though. Margo has the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. It looks so sweet and beautiful and inviting, and I knew as soft as it was on the outside, it had to be even more so on the inside.

"We're ready when you are, Margo," one of the tech guys said. Margo and I went over the synopsis one more time, then we readied ourselves at our stations. I stepped outside while Margo went to the kitchen. Someone called, "Action," and we began.

The scene began with Margo on speakerphone talking to her friend.

MARGO: Oh, Ashlynn. I'm so nervous. Just imagine, meeting a brother I never knew I had for the first time in fifty years. I'm so nervous. I feel an anxiety attack coming on."

ASHLYNN: It's going to be okay, Margo. Just pop a couple of Valium and wash it down with some wine. You'll be calm in no time."

MARGO: (As she takes the Valium and wine) That's easy for you to say. You're not the one going through this. What will he think of me? What will I think of him? (Looks at clock) Oh, Jesus. He'll be here in five minutes. (Starts hyperventilating).

ASHLYNN: Calm down, Margo. Breathe. Have another glass of wine.

MARGO: (Pours wine. Gulps it down. Catches her breath.) There. Okay. I think I'm starting to feel better.

ASHLYNN: Good. Then I'm going to go. Make sure you look presentable. Ciao.

MARGO: (Takes a step, turns, pops two more Valium, washes it down from bottle, leaves. Knock at door, Margo, dressed in green kimono, lightly makes her way across the room to the door. Opens it.) Teddy? (Hugs him to her. Kisses his cheek, then lips. Lingers for three seconds, then pulls back.) Oh, Teddy. Come in.

TEDDY: (Attired in Catholic Priest's garb. Enters, sits where proffered). I must say, Margo, that it's nice to finally put a face with the voice.

MARGO: (Eyes half-closed, smile on face.) Mmm-hmmm.

TEDDY: I can't believe that I found you after all this time. I've devoted the last thirty years to finding my real family. I don't blame Mom for putting me up for adoption. She was fifteen. She wasn't ready to be a mother.

MARGO: (Mumbling) She had to go and be what she wanted.

TEDDY: (Concerned) Are you okay?

MARGO: M'sorry. Wuz nervous. Took some Valium. (Head dips)

TEDDY: (Stands, then helps Margo to her feet) Okay, Margo. Come with me. Sleep this off and we can visit tomorrow. (Helps her to her room).

MARGO: (Sits on bed.) Sorry. Be better tomorrow. (Falls over. Before Teddy walks out, mumbles some unintelligible thing)

TEDDY: (Finds what must be his room, settles in. Sits on the bed) What did she say? It sounded like "Mom had you when she was eighteen. I'm the one she had at fifteen." (Continues to sit and think for about fifteen seconds, then turns out light and lies there. Tosses and turns, clock shows forty-five minutes has passed, he gets up and goes back to Margo's room. Walks in and turns on light.) Margo, I was wondering what—Oh! I'm so sorry. MARGO: (Lying in bed on her back, fully nude, legs spread apart)

TEDDY: Please forgive me. I'll come back. (Turns to leave, hears snoring, stops. Turns back) How many Valium did you take? (Shakes her.) Margo. Margo! Wake up! (More snoring. Moves to cover her body, then just stares at her. Reaches out a hand, then pulls it back. Reaches out again and begins massaging a breast, then the nipple, then takes a nipple into his mouth as he crawls onto the bed. Sucks other nipple, then kisses his way down her belly to her shaved pussy. Begins to perform oral sex, and not "porno" oral, but real oral.)

MARGO: (Unconscious, but reacts to the stimulation with feeble arm and leg movements and erratic breathing)

TEDDY: (Eats Margo's pussy until she cums, then eats her ass before eating her pussy once more, then pulls his underwear off and begins to fuck her as she sleeps.) Oh, this is some good pussy. I'm fucking my sister's pussy with my cock. (Continues to talk dirty until he cums in her, then kisses her on the lips and makes his way back to his room where he says a few Hail Marys before going to sleep.)

MARGO: (Stretches, smiles, dreamily opens her eyes, then looks into the camera) Oh, come on. You know how I do it. He's my brother. Of course, I was going to fuck him.

"Cut," the director said, and that was the movie. Thirty minutes of Margo Sullivan getting eaten and fucked by her brother, which fit nicely with her other videos.

We cleaned up, and afterwards, I took her to dinner as promised. I came up with a few more scenarios for her, and she liked them all. She invited me to stay a few days with her, and I agreed, but only on the condition that the sex we shared would be private as opposed to captured on film. She had no problem with that.

I spent the next two days making love to my favorite porn star.

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