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Hot Fun with a Stranger Ch. 03

Story Info
Deana just hopes their last hot tryst isn't the end for them.
7.5k words

Part 3 of the 5 part series

Updated 10/16/2021
Created 05/19/2019
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Though he was more than happy to let Deana finish, once Damien realized she was just in it for the hot sex they were enjoying, and probably didn't feel a thing for him, his heart wasn't in it anymore, even as she gave him the ride of his fucking life.

Watching her full lush breasts bouncing so enticingly that she had his mouth watering for a taste, it still hurt to know that she was only in it for a little kinky fun and nothing else.

As she mercilessly pummeled his cock, taking him so incredibly deep, with her head thrown back, long dark hair tickling his thighs, the way she dug her teeth into her bottom lip, eyes drifting shut, groaning with a deep sexy throaty moan when she finally came. She quivered into a full-body shudder, coating his balls with her hot slick release. It all just felt too insane to be real and he knew he'd never seen anything sexier than her lost in the feel of him filling her up and giving her just what she needed.

And he'd come with the power of a volcano, flooding her pussy with everything he had, and digging his fingers deep into her ass, hard enough to leave marks. Staring hard into her eyes so she could see what he was feeling, as they climaxed together so wickedly hard it left them breathless. But at least for him, no matter how wickedly good it felt -- it just wasn't enough.

But he still couldn't resist kissing her back when she'd finished by nearly kissing his face off, and wrapping herself around him so tight, he wondered if she'd ever let go.

Hugging her close with her warm soft breasts pressed to his chest, brushing her long dark hair out of her eyes to see her pretty face. What he hated even more was that he knew he couldn't do this with her anymore, at least if he hoped to keep his sanity. And he also hated that he lost himself in her every time they were together like this, especially knowing that she only needed him for one thing -- his big fat cock.

And once she'd gotten dressed, given him one last lingering kiss and taken a taxi and gone home to change her clothes before heading back to the office for the day, he knew he had some thinking to do.

Staring hard at his reflection in his bathroom mirror, Damien shook his head, wondering what in hell he'd been thinking, getting involved with someone like Deana Maxwell in the first place. Not only was she his bosses daughter, which alone should have made her completely off limits the instant he'd learned who she was, but she was so far out of his league as far as wealth and class went, it was laughable. And of course her old man would probably shit a brick if he ever discovered the way they'd been going at it with each other -- which of course would leave him out of job -- a job he desperately needed right now if he was ever going to get his business off the ground and start making some real money -- so he could plan his future.

So naturally it made sense, that she only wanted him for a little naked fun and nothing else. After all he was just a security guard, hired to protect the place, and she was not only a top executive in the firm, but was as close to the owner as could be, seeing as she was his only child. Still, whenever he looked at her, the unrelenting ache in his chest that just wouldn't let up told him that what they had was just too real to be nothing but a fling, despite their differences.

As he reached for his razor and started to shave away the dark scruff on his face, heaving a sigh, he shook his head. He honestly couldn't figure her out. If she was keeping herself detached and just having a few laughs with him, she sure had a funny way of showing it. Especially with how she'd wrapped herself around him like a second skin when he'd held her in his lap last night at her office after they'd made each come so hard they both nearly blacked out. And then again later in his bed, the way she was curled into him so tightly when all they were doing was sleeping, it just felt so right to have her warm and close, so close they were breathing the same air. And he knew she had to be feeling something for him when she'd acted like that.

Then this morning, when she woke him up with his cock buried in her mouth, giving him the best blow job he'd ever had, and then nearly fucked him blind, she couldn't have been faking how she felt about him -- at least he hoped not, because he knew he'd never experienced anything even close to how good it felt with her.

So maybe what he needed to do was step back and give her some space and let her decide if the only thing she wanted from him was his cock, oh and his mouth, with the way she screamed her fucking head off when he went down on her and feasted on her delectable little pussy. And then maybe he'd know for sure if she just wasn't that into him -- unless of course they were naked and going at it.

So, later that morning when he went into the office, as much as it pained him to keep his distance from her, he told the other guard Davey that he'd take a turn at keeping an eye on the security monitors, and that Davey could make the rounds, that he normally did, checking out the building, where of course he'd come across Deana alone in her office, instead of him.

Coming on evening, sitting upstairs in her corner office, waiting to see if her sexy friend would wander in again, Deana was getting so anxious to not only just see him, but get with him again she was nearly crawling out of her skin. Time just seemed to stand still while she waited for even the slightest sound that might be him. And no matter how hard she tried to concentrate on work, nothing seemed to make any sense. All she could think of was him, and how amazing things had been between them, even when he'd had her handcuffed to her desk, nearly fucking her senseless. She grinned, biting into her lip, or maybe especially when he'd done that. And poor pussy was nearly screaming with need, already dripping just thinking about him.

Running her hands over the surface of her highly polished desk, closing her eyes and heaving a shaky breath, recalling every last detail, she knew the night before had to have been the best night of her life, having spent it naked with the most gorgeous hunk of a man she'd ever encountered. And now she could hardly wait for him to show up again, and rock her world all over again. And at this point, she was so desperate to be with him, he could do any damn thing he wanted to her, just as long as he gave her what she needed.

By six thirty she was so on edge, when her phone rang, she nearly jumped out of her skin. But when she glanced at the caller ID and saw that it was just her mother calling to say hello, she rolled her eyes, answered and patiently chatted with her for a bit. But it was same conversation they always had, with her mother's normal little digs: She wasn't still at work, toiling away in her office, was she? And she really needed to get out more and find herself a life away from work. But the funniest of all was when she asked her, "Deana, how on earth do you ever expect to meet anyone when you're tied to your desk?" The moment she said that, Deana almost lost it and had to fight not to laugh into the phone since just the night before, she'd never been more elated to be tied to her desk and fucked to within an inch of her life, by her very handsome stranger. But of course if her mother even had an inkling of what her daughter had been up to, she'd probably have a stroke. And since thankfully they never talked long, Deana was saying goodbye and back to waiting him out within a couple of minutes, staring hard at the door, wishing that he'd magically appear.

And though she was mostly done with her work for the night, she still waited, hoping like crazy he'd show up. She'd already set aside the print ads that would run in all the major magazines and newspapers, and had okayed the TV spots for the Christmas campaign which was about to start Thanksgiving weekend. And now she just had one thing left to do -- get it on with the man who'd pretty much filled her thoughts non-stop since the first time he'd taken her from behind in that little out of the way courtyard.

And at this point she was so desperate for him to come and give her what she needed, she'd happily do anything he'd asked; suck him off, let him tie her up -- and shifting her backside in her chair, she knew she'd even give up her virgin ass, if he'd just show up and stop making her wait.

A few minutes later, she'd just finished emailing copies of the print ads to her father for his final approval when she heard the sound of a door opening and closing and froze with her hands poised on the keyboard. Anxiously lifting her gaze to the doorway, she had to will her heart not to beat out of her chest, she was just so eager to see him again. Time seemed to stand still as she heard a few doors being checked to see if they were locked, and she just knew it had to be him. Her poor pussy was almost dripping with anticipation, and already beginning to tingle crazy hard, just imagining what he might have in store for her tonight, and she kind of hoped he'd have his handcuffs again. Training her eyes on the door, her breath tight in her chest, she couldn't believe her eyes, or how deflated she felt, when tall, lanky Davey poked his head into her office and said, "Working late again tonight, Miss Maxwell?"

Feeling her shoulders sag, she was so disappointed she could barely focus on what he'd asked, but somehow she nodded her head and managed to get out, "Yes." But what she really wanted to ask was where the hell Damien was. And why was he here instead of him? But she knew he'd probably find it strange that she'd even want to know. After all, if they were just here to guard the place, she shouldn't care one way or the other who made the evening rounds. And yet she felt like wailing, she felt so let down, knowing that for whatever reason, he wasn't going to show up.

And normally she wouldn't have cared, with most guys she knew, at least if he hadn't given her the best night of her entire freaking life and then disappeared. Blowing out a disappointed breath, she never imagined he'd be such a bastard about it. Seemed once he'd gotten what he needed from her -- one last good hard fuck -- apparently he was done.

No wonder she'd sworn off relationships when they'd all left her disillusioned like this.

That Saturday night, the big formal Thanksgiving party the office always held prior to the Christmas launch of their latest ad campaign was normally something she enjoyed. But since she'd been saddled with yet another horrible date arranged by her parents, hoping she'd take the hint and find someone they approved of to marry, she was too annoyed with his inane patter to find it in her to relax and enjoy herself. This particular total bore was apparently a lawyer that did some work for the company. Nearly bald, and a little on the short side with remarkably bushy eyebrows that looked like caterpillars wiggling above his eyes while he yammered on about himself, nearly boring her to tears, she could barely stand to listen to him.

Especially when her mind kept going back to Damien and how insanely hot he'd looked even in just his guard's uniform, with his killer body, sexy dimpled smile and of course that giant monster he had in his boxers. There was just no comparing them. Although Nigel the bore was decked out to the nines in what she knew had to be a ridiculously expensive designer tux, he did nothing for her -- well, aside from making her want to scream.

And she also knew there was no way the guy was hung like a horse. And not once in the entire time that he was talking to her, did he smile or say anything clever. The guy was an absolute dud, and all she could think of was losing him and finding a way to leave the party without being noticed. But since the dinner hadn't even started yet, she knew she'd be missed and had to stay at least until the band struck up and the dancing started, which would happen once the speeches were over and she and the other department heads had been introduced by her father, which happened every year.

But since it was a surprisingly warm night for November, she politely excused herself and instead of heading for the ladies room, where she told him she was going, she took a detour and headed out onto one of terraces of the grand old estate where the party was always held.

And tugging her black lacy shawl around her, she was just getting herself unwound, enjoying some fresh air and a fortifying glass of champagne that an attentive waiter had kindly offered her on her way outside. Happily staring out at the surprisingly green gardens, bathed in a soft moonlit glow, wishing she never had to head back inside, she nearly choked on her drink when she heard a deep familiar voice behind her, asking, "Why are you out here all alone, when you're boyfriend's waiting for you inside?"

Turning to face him, her jaw actually dropped at the sight of him, dressed completely in black including his shirt and bowtie, in a body hugging tux, he just looked too delectable for words. And staring at him wide-eyed, she knew he could make big bucks if he ever chose to model, he just looked so fucking hot, that every woman on the planet would want a piece of him.

"He's uh... not my boyfriend," she finally explained, at least once she remembered that he was waiting. "Unfortunately my parents are in the habit of setting me up with a different eligible bachelor every time I have to go to one of these things, so I wouldn't even call us friends."

Damien slowly nodded his head, as he feasted on the alluring sight of her with her dark hair up, with a few sexy tendrils framing her face, diamond earrings sparkling in her ears, and her slender neck just begging to be kissed. And the way the shimmery deep blue dress hugged every last one of her curves, he already wondered where the zipper was, so he could get her out of it, to see if she'd be naked underneath. His cock already thickening, just from looking at her, he wanted to taste her lips so badly, but knew he had to hold back. After all, he was here to keep an eye on things, while doing his best to look like a guest. But damn, though he expected to see her tonight, he never dreamed she'd tempt him to cross the line with her again, especially the instant he saw her, looking just too beautiful for words.

All he knew was that whoever ultimately wound up with her would be one lucky bastard, and he had to admit, it crushed him to know that it could never be him.

Still, against his better judgement, he wandered closer, and smiled into her eyes, when she lifted her glass to his lips and offered him a sip of champagne. Their gazes locked as he had a taste, slipping his hands around her waist and drawing her closer till they were hip to hip. "I've missed you," he told her.

Searching his gaze, confused, she said, "Well, if that's true, then why did you have Davey come around every night instead of you?"

He shrugged, leisurely tracing his finger along her jaw, loving the feel of her silky skin, even as he told her, "Maybe because I realized it's for the best if we stop this thing before it goes too far."

Refusing to accept what he'd said, leaning in and inhaling his intoxicating scent, he nearly had her whimpering, he just smelled so good, and she could feel the warmth of his body getting her all tingly, right through their clothes. And oh dear god, it just felt so good to be close to him again. And right now she knew she'd do anything he asked, if he'd just let her have one more night with him. "Are you here with anyone?" she asked him, praying that he wasn't.

He chuckled. "No, but some of the ladies that work in your office have been following me around so much tonight, that I came out her for some air -- and to try and escape from them."

She grinned, stroking his cheek. "Who could blame them when you look this hot, and I'm just surprised a few of the men aren't chasing, too."

Damien rolled his eyes at the thought. Then as he ran his thumb along her full bottom lip, he said in a low sultry voice, "I should probably go back inside and let you enjoy your drink."

"Or..." She grinned at him coyly, playfully wiggling her eyebrows.

Unable to resist, because she just looked so damned tempting, he tipped up her chin, lightly pressed his lips to hers and whispered, "Or what, Deana?"

She gestured with a tip of her head at the garden below. "Or, you could walk me down to that little gazebo at the bottom of the garden and we could spend a little alone time together before we have to go back inside for dinner."

Studying the glow of arousal in her eyes, he hesitated, and finally blew out an exasperated breath, knowing he wanted nothing more, he still said, "You know, Deana, to be honest, I just can't see this going anywhere. Otherwise I'd love to get together with you again, and just as often as you'd like."

Her brow furrowing, she said, "What do mean?"

"Well, aside from the fact you're the bosses daughter, and I shouldn't even be touching you, you've made it pretty clear that you'd never want more than sex with a guy like me. I mean, being realistic, why would anyone like you want to do more than fuck around with the help?"

She actually pulled back and gasped when he said that. Feeling as hurt as she was confused, she stared at him hard. "Why would you even say something like that? Do you really think that's who I am some snotty society bitch, who'd just use you and toss you away?"

"The thought occurred to me, yes. I mean we're hardly in the same league, are we? I'm just a guy from the wrong side of the tracks and obviously you've always been your daddy's pampered little princess. And I think we both know that I have no business being with someone like you. And you told me from the start that you wouldn't want anything more from me than some naked fun. And I've got to tell you, as amazing as it's been every time we've been together, that I need more than that."

"But, Damien, you know with the job I have, I don't have time for anything more. You've seen the hours I work, staying late every night and sometimes even working weekends."

He heaved a sigh, as he tugged her closer, since somehow he just couldn't keep his hands off her, even though he knew he had to. Running his hands down over her back, giving her tight little ass a good hard squeeze, he told her, "Then tell me this -- how is that you're the only one on your staff who works so late, and the rest of them go home at a decent hour?"

Deana began to stammer, trying to think of an answer, and finally she thrust out her chin and just decided to go with the truth, as sad as it was. "Well, the rest of them have families and loved ones to go home to. And since I don't have anyone in my life, I don't think it's fair that they work the hours that I do, and risk ruining their lives at home, when there's never been anyone waiting for me."

Smoothing his hands over her delectable ass, he drew her tight against him, so she could have a feel of what being this close to her did to him. And despite the conversation they were having, he was so hard for her he ached. But still, he had a point he wanted to make, and then he'd leave it up to her. "But I know you're clever enough to see that if you were to share the load with the rest of your staff, that you'd be able to have a life, too -- a life that might include someone of your own to go home to at night." And hopefully, if he was lucky, that someone might be him.

Biting into her lip, gazing into the compelling look in his warm brown eyes, and loving the feeling of his long hard length pressed hard against her belly, she often wished she could have just that, a life with someone she cared for, instead working herself to a frazzle to try and please her overly demanding father.


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