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His Little Kitten Ch. 01

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A young girl is abducted and altered to please her master.
1.4k words
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Quick note: I'm a feedback whore. Comment, please. Even if it is to tell me I'm incredibly fucked up.



The two men watched their prey silently from their pickup truck as she walked home from school. Samantha's head was down to her phone as it normally was. She sipped hot apple cider from a little thermos and just kept merrily on her way. The truck slowly followed behind her until they finally hit the tree line near her cozy home where she lived all by herself. The men took their chance.

They stopped the truck right next to her, and just as she looked up to see who it was, the larger of the two men jumped out of the passenger side and wrapped her in a strong grip. It only took a second for her to react and start screaming. She kicked and flailed while she reached into her purse for her pepper spray. The man saw what he was doing and knocked the purse from her grip.

"Now, now, none of that sweetheart." He grumbled as he shoved her into the back of the truck.

She was forced down onto her stomach with her arms harshly twisted behind her. The man secured her wrists together with rope and then did the same to her wild feet. Then he tied them together to make an effective hogtie. She continued to wiggle and scream as loud as possible.

"Will you shut her up, for God's sake!" the driver complained.

The man moved closer to her head and she turned around and spat at him. "Get your fucking hands off of me or so help you!"

He wiped the spit from his face and glared. He yanked her hair and brought her ear to his mouth, "Try that again and I will spank that cute little ass until you can't sit properly for a week." He then pulled out a roll of duct tape.

She quickly melted into tears when she saw it. "No no no please I'll be good I swear please please no-"

He cut her off by slapping the tape onto her mouth. Her black hair got caught in the tape and pulled painfully but the man didn't seem to notice nor care. He pulled a human sized crate from under the seat and easily lifted her squirmy body into it and sealed the top, closing her in for the long journey down the road.


They arrived at the small hospital in the middle of the woods about twelve hours later. They drove for hours, only stopping to go to the bathroom. Sadly, she was not allowed out of the crate and no matter how much noise he made, they paid no attention to her. Finally, after hours of holding it in, she couldn't take in and went to the bathroom inside her crate. It was utterly disgusting and humiliating to have to lie in her wet panties as her pee slowed freely around the crate.

The men only said few words to each other on the road so it was quiet except for her moaning and whimpering. Her adrenaline finally wore off and she fell into a light sleep for a few hours until they reached their medical destination.

The crate was pulled from the truck and opened. Before Samantha had a chance to adjust to the sudden burst of light, a syringe filled with a sleeping drug was poked into her. Her eyes widened and she began struggling anew, but quickly and quite suddenly fell into a deep artificial sleep.

The men then took her into the medical compound and left her in one of the few rooms in actually had. Though small, it possessed extremely hi-tech body modification gear, all meant to be used on her. A doctor entered the room followed by his team of five assistants. The assistants began to strip and bath the poor girl while the doctor when to the computer and looked at the information on the girl and requests made by her new owner.

Name: Samantha Kaynic

Age: 18

Height: 5'

Weight: 120

Medical issues: none


Fully operational cat tail, black

Cat ears, black, for show only

The legs of a cat

Black whiskers tattooed on her cheeks

This was nothing out of the realm of anything the doctor had ever done. His sole job was to alter girls like her for the fancy of rich, and secretive, buyers like her new owner. He felt no remorse for what he did, and even enjoyed completely re-doing the makeup of a person. He considered it a real art, a real beauty, to do as he did. He was especially excited to work on such a prime subject. She was very small, with innocent looking baby cheeks. Her tummy was a little chubby, but he liked that on a girl. Her hair was a gorgeous, extremely long, natural black that shined like obsidian and her eyes were a melty chocolate brown. Some would even go as far as to say she had black eyes. Overall, she was just a real cutie, and she was about to get even cuter.

Samantha was dried off and laid back onto the operating table on her stomach. They set to work right away. The doctor made an incision at the base of her spine, exposing numerous nerves. An assistant immediately handed him a three foot long, black cat tail as silky as her hair. It had open nerves at the base to be connected with her body. This was the longest part of the procedure, and it took five hours total. Once it was done though, Samantha had a pretty tail that would respond to her as her finger or legs did.

The team took a quick break to get water and take a rest. More sleeping drugs were given to Samantha and they went back to work. Next were the ears. They left her on her stomach and quickly sewed two velvety black ears to the top of her head. They had a slight curve to them and the insides were a lightly shade of grey mixed with pink. Once that was done they moved onto her hands.

This was also quite easy. The doctor simply severed all of her fingers, leaving her with a round stumpy hand. They stitched the wounds closed and slipped little cat foot booties onto her hands. Inside each paw was a skin adhesive that was basically impossible to get off. It was waterproof, heat resistant and the only way to get it off was with an expensive, dangerous solution that would permanently scar the skin. The paws themselves were black and smooth with the same texture as the ears. The one thing they lacked was claws, but of course no one intended for her to be able to fight her future.

The next part wasn't as simple, and it was a bit more unseemly. For her legs to take the shape of a feline, they would have to be sawed down to size and then broken and reformed at the hip. They cut off her legs a little below the knee, as her knee joint would still serve as such. Then, they broke the place where the hip and the femur connected. This allowed the doctor to reset her legs into a more agile position, fit for walking on four legs and never on two. Because this was such a drastic change, Samantha was secured into a cast to allow her new form to heal correctly. They finished off the legs the same way they did the hands with cute little cat paws glued to the stumps left on her legs.

After nearly 12 hour of constant work, the only thing left to do was the whiskers, which would be extremely easy. An artist was sent in and within the hour, she was sporting new whiskers, three to each cheek and a little black heart on her nose.

She was finally taken to a recovery room where she would spend the next two months healing, unconscious. An IV and catheter were placed in her. The IV would give her all the necessary nutrients to keep her body as it was and prevent muscle deterioration.

There really was no going back now. What had been done was an eternal action. She didn't know it, but she was now a freak of nature to most. Yet in the eyes of people like the doctor and her new Master, she was quite possibly the most beautiful creature alive.

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 Anonymousalmost 4 years ago
C. J

Please keep going, more plz

CourtneybalesCourtneybalesalmost 4 years ago

This story is really creepy

 Anonymousover 4 years ago

At first this story seemed interesting--an adventure with an abduction and being forced into pet play, it seemed exciting. Once she started getting altered, however, it made me want to stop reading. It is almost too gruesome and makes the story seem a lot less realistic. Also, I would like to read more about bondage, so instead of being surgically transformed, they could have used bondage to force her into pet play.

 Anonymousover 5 years ago
honestly, I think it kind of sucks ...

to have your fingers sawed off with your legs in a position were you would never be able to walk again.

 Anonymousover 5 years ago
Need more!

Please write more of this! It is an amazing idea

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