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Her Gentle Man

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Good love making starts with a new kink.
2.1k words
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The waitress leaves to get the check after we tell her, "No, thank you." to the request "How about some dessert?"

I look over at Ann. With a smile I say, "Would you like to do something a little different tonight?"

Her blue eyes narrow slightly, showing her laugh lines and she says, "Maybe. No ropes?"

"No ropes."

Her smile is a little bigger now. "No blindfold?"

"No blindfold. I know you don't like that. And no ice, I promise."

Her smile is now a knowing grin. "What will I have to do?"

"Not a thing," I say, " just enjoy."

"Tell me!"

"No. Just trust me. You'll love it."

I can see she is interested, both by the not knowing what to expect and the anticipation of what it could be. She runs her tongue around her lips and shift back and forth on her chair. Both sure signs she is getting excited.

"OK, sure," she says.

The waitress returnes and I pay for the meal. When I help Ann with her coat I make sure I run my fingers lightly over her neck. A sure erogenous zone.

We talk of nothing much on the ride home, just what two old married people talk about. The kids and their spouses, our jobs, will the car hold up much longer. Twenty-seven years of comfort and understanding.

When we get home there is a flurry of activity. Put the cat out, lock the doors, turn out the lights, make sure the coffee is ready to brew first thing in the morning.

Before long we're in the bedroom. I brush my teeth and while she's busy in the bathroom I put on some silk boxer shorts but ask her to stay dressed. Taking her into my arms, we kiss and I slowly dance her to the foot of the bed and have her kick off her shoes. While she does that I go into the spare room and get the free standing full length mirror. I place it so Ann can see herself from head to foot. I'm pleased to see she has also removed her earrings.

Standing behind her I breathe into her ear and whisper, "Watch what I'm doing, don't look at me. Look at my hands, feel what they're doing but don't watch me."

From her shoulders my hands slide up into her hair. Her eyes droop closed as I massage her scalp.

"Keep your eyes open. Watch ."

My hands come down softly across her face, across her lips, down her neck to the top of her chest. The top button of her blouse pops open and my hands slide around the outside of her breasts, back over her flat stomach, over her hips and down as far as I can reach. Then back up along her arms to her shoulders and gently massage. Ann lets out a moan and I feel some tension leave. My hands move back to the buttons and slowly open each one.

When all the buttons are undone my hands slip under her breasts on top of the blouse. Sliding up they cup her breasts and my thumbs rub over the nipples. Flicking them through the blouse and the bra I can feel her nipples getting hard. Pulling the blouse open, my hands rub the silky lace of her bra and I feel her nipples harden even more. Pulling up on the front of the blouse, it comes free of her slacks, then slides off her shoulders and is tossed aside.

My fingers move caressingly up her arms, across her shoulders, down her chest until I'm caressing her tits again. While doing this, I softly kiss her neck and shoulders with feather like touches of my lips.

My hands stroke down across her stomach and stop at the button of her slacks. I twist the button open and lower the zipper. Putting my hands inside the waist of her slacks causes them to fall to the floor. I go down on one knee and gently lift one leg then the other until the slacks are free and get tossed aside.

She is wearing pantyhose and I curse the day they were invented. My fingers grip the waist band and pull them down. They cling like the second skin they are and I have to peel the legs off. Finally they're at her feet and she steps out of them. They are also tossed aside.

With my hands on her knees, I slowly stand up, kissing and nibbling her back and shoulders and running my work callused hands up her thighs, across her panty covered pubic area, over her stomach and stopping on her bra. I cup her breasts and feel her nipples harder than ever, then with one hand in front I move my right hand behind her and undo the bra strap. Ann lets out a soft moan when the bra lets loose, this has always been a sexual charge for her. She's looking me in the eye again, so I repeat, "Watch yourself".

"But I want to look at you," she says.

"Watch my hands, see and feel what I'm doing."

Her eyes shift back to my hands as I slip the shoulder straps off her shoulders and let the bra slip down her arms and drop to the floor. Now with her tits exposed I slide my hands from her shoulders over her chest onto her breasts and knead them firmly, flicking my thumbs over her nipples until they harden like little grapes. Her breath has quickened and now she's almost panting.

My hands slide smoothly down across her stomach and slide into her panties. I rub the pubic hair and slip my fingers between her legs to rub the outer lips. She is enjoying this, I can feel her dampness. My hands move to her hips and ease her panties down and she steps out of them.

She is now standing before the mirror nude. My hands move up to her ribs, inches below her tits.

"OK, now," I say, "put your hands on top of mine. That's it, good. Now move my hands anyway you want. Anyway you like."

Ann puts her hands on top of mine and test moves them back and forth. My hands slide smoothly under hers. She can see her hands in the mirror, but she can't feel them. What she feels is my rough hands rubbing her body.

She likes this. Her breathing is shallow and rapid and her face is flushed. Her knees buckle a little as she presses back against my erection. She moves her/my hands to her breasts and rubs back and forth, then up and down. Then she scoops her breasts up and rubs my hands on the nipples, far rougher than I normally do. Next she slides my/her hands down to her pubic hair and rubs vigorously. A soft "Oohhoooo" escapes her lips. She pushes my/her right hand fingers onto her vagina and slowly pushes them front to back and side to side. As she does this she moves my left hand up to her right breast and rubs it roughly over the nipple. She slides it to her left breast and does the same thing. Back and forth she moves the left hand. And in and out and around she moves the right hand. She is panting hard now and is very wet.

After a few more minutes of this she's moaning louder. Then her body stiffens and she raises up on her toes and gasps, "Ahhh, Oohhhoooo," as she cums.

Ann falls back against me and I catch her and gently lay her down on the bed. The only sound is her ragged breath and the soft slosh of the waterbed.

After a few minutes Ann opens her eyes and says, "Thanks. That was so intense. My ears are ringing."

I smile and say, "All part of the service, Ma'am. You cum again, hear!"

Ann puts her hand behind my neck and as she pulls me in for a kiss, she says, "Maybe, but let's see if you cum next!"

After a long and wet kiss, Ann pushes me up on the bed and reaches down and caresses me through the silk boxers. After a few strokes she slips her hand under the waist band and grasps my dick. Gripping gently, she strokes up and down and twists back and forth.

"That feels nice," I murmur.

"If you like that, you'll love this," Ann says and leans down and wraps her lips around me. Kissing the head first, then quickly swallowing me as deep as possible, she moves her head up and down, pressing one side with her tongue and lightly scrapping the other with her teeth.

After a minute or two of this I am very close to cumming.

"Stop!" I groan.

"But it's your turn," she says.

"It will still be my turn if you stop. I want it to last longer."

She gives me a pout, swallows deeply one more time and giving it all the suction she can, pulls up and off. I almost cum.

Sliding my hands under her arms, I pull her up over my body until her hips are above mine and her breasts are in kissing range.

My hands wrap around both breasts and my tongue licks her left nipple then her right. My hips flex and my cock presses into her pubic hair once, then bounces up. Now it is lined up to her opening and I slip the head into her wet cunt. I keep kneading her breasts as I suck her nipples and thrust my hips slightly just pushing the head in, then out, then in again, over and over.

Ann is on all fours over me, arms on both sides of my head and legs spread wide over my hips. Now the moaning starts. "Oh, Yes. Yes, Oohhoooo, Uunngh. Yes, Uunngh. Oh, Oohooo. Oh, please, please, all the way, please, all the way in," she pleads.

Rolling us over until I'm on top of her I thrust in all the way, pull out then thrust in again. I pull out once more and start kissing my way down to her tits, then over her stomach and into her swollen hole. Plunging my tongue deeply into her opening, I can taste the sweet cream flavor of this woman. Twenty-seven years and she is still intoxicating.

She continues to get louder as my tongue moves to her clit and flicks over it. I plunge one finger into her, then two.

Her hips are rocking back and forth and she reaches down and grabs me by the hair and says, "No, please, not your fingers. I need you, I need you inside me."

One last long lick and I kiss my way back up her body. When my lips reach hers we lip lock and let our tongues dance. My cock is at the door of his home and with a quick thrust he is welcomed in.

Plunging in and out slowly and smoothly sets up a rhythm that builds faster and faster. Her legs wrap around my hips and her heels keep the rhythm on my buttocks.

I want to watch her cum so I straighten my arms and look into her face. Her eyes are closed and her head is tilted back. Her mouth is half open but no sound comes out, or the sound is too high pitched to hear. Her breasts are bouncing up and down in time to my thrusts.

In all the world there is no more beautiful sight than the woman you love in the middle of a climax.

My speed increases until I pass the point of no return. I'm going to cum so I make one, two, three more hard deep plunges into her and hold the last one. Ann knows this is the signal I'm cumming and she wraps her arms around me tightly and buries her face in my neck. And cums, hard.

"Oh, my love, Yes. Come in me. Oh, yes! Oh! Yes! OH! OH! YES!"

I spasm four, five, six times hard, then slow and stop.

Ann falls back onto the bed gasping for breath and shivering. I bend down and gently kiss her. Lowering my body down on to her to help her stop shivering, I can feel how hard I still am. I know it won't last so I thrust in and out slowly and gently and carefully. All her nerve endings are sensitive and on fire so I can't continue too long, but we both know this last little motion is the dessert of our feast. The feeling of our combined juices filling Ann up and coating my dick as I grow soft within her is the last sweet savor of our love making.

With love glowing in her eyes, she looks at me and says, "thank you, my gentle man. I love you!"

"I love you too, my Ann. I love you!"

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