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Helping Out Sis

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Pregnant sis dumped on brother's doorstep; he saves day.
4.4k words
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[Brother comes to the rescue of his abandoned eight months pregnant sister. If things pregnant don't interest you, then stop here; thanks.]

We were all alone in the world now, just me and my sister Jane. My kid sister was only 18 while I was the elder at 20. On the very day that we laid our mother to rest, Jane told me she was moving in with Frankie. He was much older than her at 35 and a bit sleazy, in my view. My sister was naïve, or perhaps needful with the loss of our last parental pillar of support. In either case, and against my advice, Jane left me. I would not see her, nor hear from her, for months.

I worked for various companies after high school graduation while attending a community college. It was all I could afford while paying my own way. Our parents were wonderful, but a health-related early retirement meant dad would never be rolling in dough. After the final arrangements for both of them, sis and I barely had enough to pay for a taxi home. If I hadn't gotten a research grant, I'd have had to panhandle at the freeway overpass for spending money. Thank goodness my mentor at the big research company on the coast here knew how to get things done, including government bidding.

Well, everything was cool for me. My only longing was to see my sister again. Let me say this plainly; growing up, I never had the least contact with her, not even a kiss goodnight. Being siblings, we naturally kept ourselves at arm's length. Still, I wasn't blind, and my sister Jane was a spectacular beauty. She actually was taller than me at five foot nine, which was a real problem. Most guys (including me) don't like dating women who are taller than them, especially ones taller before putting on heels. It didn't matter that she was identical to Kathy Ireland, another big woman who had all the right curves. My sister's hourglass 37-25-37 figure was just irrelevant to guys who had to look up to her.

For the amateurs out there who are into pop psychology, they might have come to the conclusion that I didn't date often due to a subconscious desire to have my own sister. Well, I couldn't confirm that, but in fact I did date rarely. And, as the experts in pop psy might have predicted, my hoped for 'miracle' occurred one Saturday night while I was having an intimate evening with a Swanson TV dinner and a re-run of Bonanza (in my defense, I had only seen it 17 times before.)

The knock on the door sounded like my kid sister's, but that couldn't be—could it? Sure enough, there was Jane and, my goodness, she was eight months pregnant!

Me: "My God, Jane, what is happening? I am so happy to see you, but..."

Jane: "Oh, Jim, you were were SO right about Frankie. He was a creep. He promised to marry me properly, and each month as I progressed, his promises turned into plans, then more plans (for a wedding). Then one day, I happened to see his Blackberry, which he always kept locked in his glove-box or in his grubby little hands. I learned he was on probation for armed robbery and had another girl friend. Worse than that, he made his money by using his legitimate job as a cover for what he was really doing. So, now I am left high and dry, with a baby I don't want that is too late to 'deal with'. I'm hoping that you can take me in for a few days till I figure out where I should go. I was living with him and had to grab what I could before he decided to slap me around again to keep me with him."

Me: "Jane, you have complete freedom to stay here as long as you need to stay, no rent and no guilt. I am at your service. Speaking for the men of the world, I wish to apologize for the behavior of one of our own." [Jane laughed and kissed me. I was shocked for a moment, as she had never kissed me...ever. All of a sudden, we kissed again, not as siblings and not as lovers, but sort of a middle ground. When we broke the kiss, I felt her shimmering long blonde hair, trying to remember my little sis of yester year. I could tell she was still gorgeous, but to be blunt, the pregnancy did kind of cover it up.]

After I moved all of her stuff in from the old mini-van that she inherited from our parents (wow, that thing could carry as much as an Allied Moving Van), we had our first mild argument. I insisted that she take the queen sized bed of mine while I slept in the foldout bed in the living room. She felt terrible about supplanting me, but I insisted. As I told her, it wasn't politeness but her being eight months along. After the baby, she could sleep on the damn couch. Oddly, she hugged and kissed me, ecstatic that she would have to sleep on the couch. I think she was happy that she wouldn't be permanently displacing me in my own home.

That night at midnight or so (12:09am), in the pitch darkness, I was startled to feel the bed shake. It kept shaking until she knew I was awake. Of course, it was my sister Jane.

Jane: "Jim, I am so ashamed. My God, I woke you and everything, but...I'm horny, I want to ball. I know you're my brother and all, and I understand if you don't want to, but I am so fucking horny..."

Me: "To be honest, I wouldn't know what to do, I mean with you being like that and all."

Jane: "Let's forget about courtesy and modesty. Please come to your room, and bring that big, beautiful cock of yours."

Damn! As I sat up in bed and the covers fell off, my 'morning wood' betrayed me. Sticking out the hole in the front of my boxer shorts was my powerful ten inch cock. It was above my navel and was 'open for business'. When she said she was horny and wanted to ball, I might have had some reservations, but my Johnson didn't. With a stone hard cock pointing to the ceiling, bobbing as I walked to my bedroom, I wondered what sis had in mind.

Jane: "If you want Jim, lay on your back in the middle of the bed. Right here." [I got on my back. She wiggled the overstuffed boxer shorts off and tossed them on a chair. She keyholed my huge ten inch cock to keep it stiff while she told me what she planned.]

Jane: "I want to try something. Before we start, let me warn you. It has been months since anyone has done me. Frankie somehow got me knocked up with his tiny four incher, but as soon as I was officially pregnant, he treated me like I was radioactive." [As she was talking, she stopped her keyholing and got on all fours on the bed, but facing away from me. She backed up till my cock just touched her. She then reached back and put it in. It was the only safe way to do it, with her in control. It was a weird feeling, so tight, so very tight. It was not at all fun or sexy, but I had saved up a huge load and when I heard her have a third orgasm, I just released a few million sperm. If their job was hopeless in a pregnant woman, at least they gave it their all.]

Jane was panting, gasping for breath, and sobbing a little bit. She was so relieved of all the pent-up passion, so exhausted from doing this in the eighth month, and felt so guilty about waking me up.

Jane: "Jim, I feel awful. I kicked you out of your bed, then woke you up just cause I needed a little. I'm going to make it up to you somehow, I swear."

Me: [Smiling.]: "Sis, stop apologizing. You're making me crazy. There's no way this is going to work out. I think the only solution is for us to sleep together. That way at least we won't argue about who is stuck on that horrible folding bed of nails in the living room." [She kissed me, agreeing. She immediately went to tidying up the bed as I went to get my few things from the living room. That night we slept together, for the first time. When I awoke, to my amazement, we were holding hands, with Jane's face inches from mine. She awoke at the same time, and we kissed for the first time as man and woman and not as siblings.]

What little I knew about women, they normally had a care agreement for the entire birthing process. I had to inform my insurance company that I had a new wife. They insisted on a certificate. When I told sis this, she said that would be no problem, if I wanted to get this done. She had actually gotten a civil wedding license with him and had changed her name. What we had to do was right out of the old Seinfeld show...a real crazy scheme. We had to use her new name on her marriage certificate and driver's license. Then we would go to another state to get married. At that point she would be technically married to two people. Then, she would come back to our state to file a no fault divorce. She would divorce Frankie, make our out-of-state marriage legal (well, not really, but who's counting?), whereupon we could apply for her medical coverage. I hope you kept up with all that, because there will be a test.

Even though I wasn't into the pregnant sex that my sister Jane needed, she was begging me for some action. So as a result, we had sex every night during her last few days before giving birth, including the day of delivery. We were in her private room, and my powerful cock pumped a small ocean of sperm into her about to give birth womb. She was THAT fucking horny. As a matter of fact, when I brought her to the hospital to check in, she could barely wait for the room assignment. She ripped off both our clothes and had my huge cock probing and touching her till she got off.

She felt so bad about being selfish that she insisted that she 'make it up to me' and service me right then and there. Before I could stop her, she had 'gone down on me'. It felt so damn good that I couldn't say a thing. As she felt the big uncut head of my cock swell in her mouth, she pushed it out of her mouth. Just holding it in her hand, she got an impish thought. She pointed it at the flowers on the dresser clear across the room. As I closed my eyes and moaned, she felt the huge cock swell even larger. She felt a wave of pressure work its way down the thick shaft and then the bottlecap sized slit shot with frightening power. The cum and sperm sprayed out reached the flowers, ten feet away, and knocked them over. It also knocked over all of her care products and knocked her overnight bag onto the floor. My last and most powerful blast hit the 35 inch color TV on its swivel stand, moving the TV a few inches by the sheer force of my virile explosion.

When the attending nurse came in, before we could lift a finger to clean up, she asked what all this goo was.

I was about to think of something when Jane just blurted out the truth:

Jane: "That's my brother's jizz. To be honest, I was giving him a crank job and it just got out of hand."

Eloise, LPN: "You, you're telling me your brother reached that dresser from ten feet away? Excuse me, miss, but no one has that kind of firepower."

Jane looked at me. She asked: "Well, are you going to take that? Show the lady your hidden assets. It's okay, it was my idea. I'm kind of tied down by this baby inside me, so I want you to feel free."

I shrugged, stood up, showing my still hard ten inch cock. The nurse gasped and ignored the patient (Jane) while making her way to me. She caressed my broad shoulders and bulging biceps. She was wearing one of those weird green wrap around uniforms. It only took four buttons and that thing was off. As my sister looked on rapturously, I proceeded to bend that nurse over the hospital bed tray table and fuck her doggie style. My sister almost got off herself, she was so into seeing this. My rough, uncut cock made the nurse cry so loud that my sis handed her a pillow so she could shriek into it. Finally, I had all I could stand and fired a colossal gusher of potent seed deep inside that nurse's receptive, unprotected, and incredibly fertile womb. She was a complete stranger, yet I had done my best to get her pregnant. How primitive of me. The nurse found her composure after fifteen minutes.

Eloise (LPN)[looking at my sister]: "Is that baby his? I mean, he shoots so damn MUCH seed. Don't tell anyone, but this is my most fertile day. I went off the pill for my husband, and we were going to spend this, our anniversary, trying to make a baby. We had tried for three years now. Woman's intuition, but I can just FEEL it...I'm pregnant with your brother's baby." [She came up to me, tugged on my full head of hair, checked out my broad shoulders, and squeezed my powerful biceps. This was not a woman having a good time; it was a thoughtful medical professional judging my genetic fitness before deciding whether to carry the baby to term and give birth.]

Eloise (LPN)[looking at my sister]: "There is no way; no way I am going to abort this baby. If your hunk of a brother got me pregnant, I will gladly give birth." [She staggered out of our room after all the 'festivities'. She actually snuck into a room that was closed for renovation, plopped herself down on the bed and used the power option to elevate her legs (to assist impregnation.) Later that night, she conceived. While having an argument with her impotent, bald, flabby husband, my alpha male sperm alighted on her ovum (three of them) and the fertilized egg attached itself to the wall getting her pregnant. When the test turned blue some three weeks later, she called me, overjoyed at the revelation as was I. She re-assured me that it was her decision and that she would convince her wimp husband that he had done the deed. He did buy the lie, so I went back six more times, leaving that pretty nurse with five children of mine that her impotent wimp husband thought were his.

Jane gave birth to a baby girl, and there were no complications. Thank goodness for that and the fact that the baby looked exactly like her beautiful mom, my sister, and not her weasel-like father.

Speaking of that weasel, Jane contacted the woman in the Blackberry. She, for her part, had found out about yet another woman also impregnated and abandoned. The three of them had a meeting. They came to me begging for an idea to 'get back at him' and stop him from hurting woman after woman with no penalty.

It took me some time, but I had an idea. It was a crazier plan than the marriage/health insurance plot we carried off. Two of the women had the same OB GYN. They told her their story, and she was 'on board for it.'

I had printed a few dozen flyers about free penile extension operations as part of a university research program. We put them on Frankie's car and home, knowing that he was size-challenged down there. We all knew that that arrogant punk would really get busy if, heaven forbid, he was ever well endowed. But no worry. He contacted the office, and did not even get suspicious about having to go there at night. Sure enough, he went at 8pm. The two women's doctor had to be careful as she could lose her license. She used a vacant office and was covered by surgical gowns and gauze until the general anesthetic took. He woke up later all alone. His 'pride and joy' was completely unharmed though he wasn't any bigger. All he ended up with was a vasectomy. Just to be certain that he would not be tricking other women in the future into parenthood before abandonment, the doctor gave him a 'super vasectomy'; so much was safely removed that no 'reversal' could possibly restore Humpty together again.

The doctor called us on her hands-free cell phone from her BMW 528 after the operation. The women told me to thank her profusely.

The three women had a huddle. Then, they all looked at me. They used my sister as a spokesperson, having me go over to her as she rested from the delivery.

Jane: "My two friends 'took care' of his offspring before giving birth. It was kind of late, but they found a state where it was cool. It has been a few months since then. One of them is married, the other is still available. The point is, both of them are grateful that you came up with a plan to end Frankie the monster's reign of terror. They said they have nothing to offer you but themselves; they freely and happily offer that; they beg that you love them like you love me. [Jane took my hand.] I won't be mad or jealous, just like with the nurse. If you want to, and I KNOW you want to, you can fuck them...make them pregnant. Give THEM your baby. You've been so nice to me, so good for us. If you want to make babies, then we do too." [I bent over and kissed her pliant lips. ]

I went over to them, ripping off my clothes and flexing my bulging biceps, making them coo in approval. I barked that they should sit in my lap. I sat down and the first sat on my cock. As we made out, my cock was lodged deep inside of her, though it was difficult to reach her cervix from a seating position. When she had her third big 'O', I rose up from the chair, pressing down with my powerful hands, and gave her a copious load of lively, vibrant sperm, coating her insides.

We kissed and she got off me. Though I was still rock hard (I was always hard with ladies present), she could see that my balls, the size of mangoes before, now were deflated. She stared angrily at my sister, who got the message and called me over to her.

Jane: "I don't know what effect that this will have on you, but some people call it the ultimate aphrodisiac." [With that, she opened her pajama top and nursing bra. She opened my mouth with her finger as she did with the babies, and then pushed a big brown suckling nipple in without asking. With a flick of my tongue and tug of my lips, the flow of warm, sweet mother's milk began. The second friend of my sister, who was waiting for me to 'man up' watched with glee and delight as my intake of milk was making my testes inflate at the same rate. Once filled with that white gold, my balls once again were swollen with the very seed of life, hanging like navel oranges.]

Feeling my oats again, I went up to that 2nd patiently waiting lover and pushed her over that big chair we had just used. Doing her doggie style, I couldn't believe that I was able to breed another woman within minutes of the first one. It was that damn breast milk. If I had known about the power of that silky smooth drink, invigorating enough to restore virility to a totally deflated unit, I think I would carry a quart bottle with me at all times. As it was, my sexy sister's mother's milk had supercharged me down below. My hopes for a long session with this hot babe fell apart—I was too darn overheated. All I could do was unleash my passion almost instantly. I quickly shot a generous load of life-giving sperm deep inside her very fertile womb. It was so damn exciting to be able to service two women in a night, both of them eager to be impregnated, to carry to term, and then give birth. It was the highest compliment one could get.

At separate times that night, each of the women conceived. The married one pulled off the usual cuckold trick about paternity with her wimpy husband. The single woman just went ahead and had that baby out of wedlock.

Two months later, I was in bed with Jane who surprised me with the revelation about where her baby was: She put it up for adoption. It worked out great, because it gave her much needed money ($50,000, half of which she insisted on sharing with me) and avoided a 'lion king' situation (where the new lion king comes in and clears out offspring from previous fathers.) I would never ever have done anything like that, but I DID like the idea that we could start anew.

Jane: "Well, king of the got that nurse pregnant with triplets. My two friends will soon be heavy with child, because of you. Do you think you could spare your little sister some of your magic seed before it runs out?"

I laughed. Bending over her now restored to beautiful condition body, I kissed her soft ruby lips, giving her only a sliver of my tongue. I caressed those breasts, the only bonus from that pregnancy. She had shed the child birth pounds, but those milk-engorged breasts would be spectacular for some time. With her hands prodding my head down, I drank her white offering. The milk made me super-heated, and I went directly to putting a hard cock into a sopping pussy. I only had to saw back and forth a few times to tantalize the slavering pussy lips and her clitoris. Then I plunged in manfully, delighted in tonight's 'honey do' task of getting my sister/wife pregnant. I put my ten inch cock all the way to the inner wall, and then withdrew very slowly. We did this sex in slow motion with a dozen slow strokes. By the 12th stroke, Jane was shrieking in orgasm and I just grabbed her pert behind and pressed desperately, giving me just enough reach to fill up that womb with my life-giving sperm. I was set; I just wanted a reason to blow my spout. I remembered that she promised to tell me something, some hot news. To her amazement, I actually hung there ready to cum but not quite, asking her to fill me in.


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