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Helping My Wife's Friend

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Helping out my ex-wife's frustrated friend.
2.2k words
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My ex-wife had a lot of friends, but never really a best friend. Mainly because all her friends are arrogant douche bags, but also because she was very inconsistent with contact. She might see one friend or group of friends for a couple months almost solidly, then not see them for a whole year while she spent time with others. There was never that one friend that stuck around throughout. Which worked for me because I couldn't think of a single one, I'd want to see all year round. One particular summer, she made a new friend, Jenny, and for the next 8 months there was no one else, almost including me, in her life.

Jenny was Australian, her parents had moved here when she was too young to remember, so she didn't really have any claim to the nationality, but she made sure everyone knew about it. She was very attractive, she did some kind of sport at a young age, she told me several times, but I paid no attention. It had kept her in amazing shape. She was always tanned, no matter how bad the weather was, and had beach blonde hair that almost certainly came out of a bottle. She definitely ticked a lot of guys, and more than a few women's, boxes when it comes to sexual partners. Although she was a bit lacking in the breast department for my liking.

Jenny had a boyfriend called Todd. He was ok, in small doses. I could chat to him about how bad work is and the weather, but past that we had few common interests. But that didn't matter for long because about a month after we meet Jenny, he got a job abroad a disappeared for 5 months. Which resulted in even more visits to or from Jenny.

A few weeks after he left it was becoming apparent that Jenny was not taking it well. She was still being friendly, at least to the wife, but every now and then she got kind of short tempered and snippy. After a while it became obvious what the problem was, mainly because my wife told me, she was getting horny. Jenny not my wife. Although our sex life had picked up a lot since I accidentally fucked her mother in law. Though she didn't know that was the reason. Jenny and Todd had been in the honeymoon phase before he left, they had been at it like rabbits right up to the day he went. Suddenly loosing that was taking its toll.

About five weeks after Todd left, we were round Jenny's house helping her put up a new cupboard. I'm pretty handy with flat packs so it was a common thing for me to assemble friend's furniture. Jenny and my wife were talking in the kitchen, and I could overhear from the lounge as it was kind of an open plan house.

"Thanks for the help." Jenny said to my wife, even though I was the only one helping.

"Don't worry, you can borrow my husband anytime, keep for the week." She joked, and then added "Just no shagging, you don't know where he's been."

"Oh, don't I'm so horny I nearly ripped the postman's clothes off earlier." Jenny whispered incredibly loudly. "I just need to do something, just a dick in my mouth would do, I'm going crazy here."

"Oh, well that you can do, saves me having too." The wife joked, and she definitely did not mean it.

"Haha, better not, I wouldn't be able to stop myself." Jenny replied.

Then they finished chatting and came into the lounge to check my progress, fortunately I was still assembling the unit on the floor and it was between me and them. Because what I had overheard had given me an awkward erection.

A few days later, we got a call at around 1 in the morning. It was Jenny, her shower had broken and was flooding the bathroom. She couldn't get a plumber and didn't even know what a stopcock was. I offered to go round and have a look; it was Friday night and I don't work weekends. The wife stayed at home because she had a meeting early.

When I got round there, I knocked on the door and she opened it, wearing a silky dressing gown that had been soaked and turned invisible, allowing an amazing view of her underwear. Which was black, and lacey, and seemed far too sexy for bedtime. I tried not to stare but she knew what I was looking at, I tried to focus on the job in hand, but it was hard. Literally. After a few minutes I found the stopcock in the kitchen, and after a few minutes more I turned it off. In my defence, if she wanted me to stop the water sooner, she shouldn't have been standing over me while I was laying on her kitchen floor with my head in her cupboard. After finally turning it off, I went to look at the bathroom. The whole room was soaked but it was a wet room anyway, so no real damage. One of the taps had rusted and broken off of the shower head so there was little I could do.

I explained what I could to Jenny, and she asked if I wanted a tea before I left. It was after 2 by this point so I shouldn't have, but there was no chance I was going to be able to sleep as soon as I got home, so I said. "Yes please, that will help me stay awake on the drive home."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't really think of the time, do you have work in the morning." She asked, but she didn't care.

"No, I was going to go fishing, but it can wait." I replied.

"Oh, ok, thanks for saving me. I don't know what I would have done otherwise."

We chatted as she made the tea, and then she came over to the table with two cups and sat down. Her dressing gown opening slightly as she fidgeted in the chair, giving an amazing view of her translucent bra. She may not have had particularly big tits, but they were very pert, and her nipples looked amazing. After a while, the chat got more interesting. She started talking about how horny she was getting with Todd away, and how they had phone sex all the time, but it was not the same. And then it happened.

"Did you happen to hear us the other day, when I was talking about how I needed something, anything, even just to give a blow job?" She asked me.

"I vaguely heard something along those lines, why do you ask?" I stumbled to say.

"Well, I've been thinking about it a lot since." Jenny started saying, "And she did sort of say it would be ok."

"I'm pretty sure she was joking though." I replied, for some stupid reason.

"Maybe, or maybe she just really wants to help a girl out, and by that, I mean, wants you to help a girl out." Jenny's logic was sounding more and more plausible. Helped in no small part by the way she was stroking the edge of her bra, which by now was on full display.

"So, you just want to suck a cock, and that'll tide you over?" I asked.

"I just want to suck a cock." She confirmed as she eyed my crouch.

"Well, I suppose if that's all, and she did kind of give her blessing, though we should probably never tell her." I agreed.

She didn't need any more than that, within seconds she was on the floor and undoing my belt. She pulled down my trousers and boxers and my cock flung out to greet her.

"Wow, somebody is a lucky girl." She said as she looked me in the eyes. I wouldn't say my dick is huge, but more than average and quite thick.

She slowly reached out a hand and grabbed the base of my cock, working it slowly with her fingers as she stared mesmerised by my helmet. Then she licked her lips slightly and moved in. Just licking the tip to start with. Then working her tongue around the edges until the whole head was in her warm moist mouth. Then she stayed there for a minute, just studying it with her tongue, and occasionally pushing a little deeper. After a few minutes she was halfway down my shaft and I could feel the pressure of the back of her mouth. She worked her lips up and down for a while, occasionally pulling it all the way out to moisten her lips while she stared up at me and occasionally working her way down the side to suck on my balls. Then after a while she pushed on further taking my dick all the way down till her bottom lip was nearly touching my balls. I was in heaven.

My wife was not a fan of oral, at least not giving it. Jenny however was a demon, I have never been sucked off like it, before or since. After a while she seemed to sense I was about to cum, and she decided to stop and change positions. She walked over to her futon sofa and laid down on it, with her head half of the edge. Then gestured for me to come round the end of the sofa and stand over her. By now her dressing gown and bra had disappeared and only her panties were left, but they were so damp they clung to her and showed off everything. I had also removed my trousers and boxers and was just wearing a shirt. I stood over her and lowered myself so she could reach my dick with her mouth. She took it and started sucking as much as her head movement would allow. After a few seconds of this she reached her hands round and grabbed my buttocks and pulled me deep into her throat.

After a few pumps I got the idea and I took over thrusting my now throbbing cock deep into her mouth. I was trying to be careful at first, but built up a rhythm, and was soon fucking her face as hard as I could. She was loving it; she couldn't get enough. Though she tapped my leg from time to time to let her catch her breath. It felt like I had been fucking her mouth for hours, but I suspect only around five or ten minutes had passed. But that is when I noticed. She had got so horny that her hand had wandered down the front of her knickers. And I watched for a moment as she frantically thrust her fingers inside herself.

Women fingering themselves while they suck me off has always been a huge turn on for me. And this was the most insane blowjob I had ever had, so as I watched her finger fuck herself while I was pounding away at her mouth, I couldn't stop. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and shivers of adrenaline coursing round my body. I couldn't help it anymore. "Bend over you slut!" I shouted at her as I took my dick out of her mouth. She sprang up, dropped her knickers, and bent over the back of the sofa. I moved around behind her and was about to slide my dick in her sopping wet cunt. But she stopped me, grabbed my dick from behind her and lined me up with her arsehole. I pushed forwards slowly, and she engulfed my helmet with relative ease. It was very tight, but she had clearly done this before. I grabbed her hips and applied a bit more pressure till I was balls deep in her arse.

I gave myself a moment, I'd had thought of fucking Jenny before, but I never imagined I would be inside her butt. I started to fuck her slowly, and after a few seconds started to build up again to a fast pace. She was making the most amazing sounds I had ever heard. Screaming and howling at the long-awaited satisfaction. I reached down and grabbed one of her arms and then the other and held them behind her back so I could achieve harder deeper thrusts, and this pushed her over the edge. She erupted into a roar that was beyond belief as the waves of an orgasm passed through her. That was all I could stand as my final thrust into her made me cum deep inside her arse, and then the sofa fell over, throwing us to the floor behind it. We collapsed into a heap, trying to catch our breath.

Once we cleaned ourselves and picked the sofa up. We agreed we should never tell my wife, or Todd about the whole thing. She thanked me for fixing her flood and for ending her drought. Then I left and went home. After a few more months Todd came back as the work ended. Soon after that he found another job abroad and they both left this time. We never saw her after that, apart from social media.

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juanviejojuanviejo14 days ago

Cinco Estrellas!

UltimateHomeBodyUltimateHomeBody9 months ago

Bored today, so checking back on things.

Now I know why it was hard to understand your story, it was a sequel according to your response. Try using chapter or part numbers with the same title name for story series.

Otherwise your response just made it more confusing.

Jeff0880Jeff08809 months agoAuthor
I'm not sure I understand the category

The description for LW said extramarital, which this event was, that's why I put it there, but it seems most people expect that to include the couple and others, maybe erotic couplings would have been a better choice.

She didn't get a new boyfriend because she was still going out with the Todd, he was working abroad, he worked at some resort on a Spanish island. It's in the story, I didn't go to far into the details of it to avoid identifying people, I changed their names too for the same reason.

The MIL reference was merely to explain any potential inconsistency with the previous story. We weren't having much sex at that the time of that story, it had picked up a lot since, it tailed off again though unfortunately. Plus I suppose it was intended as a bit of a plug to the previous story. I don't think I really added anything that wasn't somehow relevant, I wanted to keep it to one page, I prefer the shorter stories, the ones where it takes 3 or 4 pages to get to the action tend to bore me.

I said ex-wife in the first paragraph to point out that we have since divorced, not really a necessary fact, but I wanted to put it out there. After that I only said wife because at the time she was.

UltimateHomeBodyUltimateHomeBody9 months ago

This is only erotic coupling story. No real LW content worth bothering with.

You put unnecessary information in the story that just makes the plot look messy. Eg saying ex wife when she is wife at the time of the story, then mentioning sex with your wife's MIL.

Not sure why the wife's friend didn't just get a new boyfriend. You never explained the obvious.

Jeff0880Jeff08809 months agoAuthor
Thanks for the feedback

She's my ex-wife now, but she was my wife at the time of the story. Not because of this event though, that was a whole other thing. The story about my mother in law is in the incest/taboo category, Jenny wasn't related to either of us so that's why this one isn't there.

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