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Gloryhole Addiction


There was a part of my life that I'm not particularly proud of but I feel compelled to tell about it. I was still in high school, life was fun and not much responsibility except sports, boys, and grades. I was barely 18 and relatively new to sex. My experience was basically having intercourse with a couple of boyfriends while either jacking or sucking off a few more. I was at that stage in life when sex was so exciting and fresh, you would have thought I was a guy because it was on my mind so often and I masturbated frequently to satisfy my urges. Who am I kidding, it's still fresh and exciting but nothing can replace that young sexual anticipation.

A girl named Maggie was my best friend and pretty outgoing, but nobody was as wild as our third friend Shay. Shay lost her virginity before all of us and told stories about her exploits. She was one of those girls who was the life of the party and because of that personality, we all loved being around her. We were all in serious relationships so we didn't spend as much time together as desired except when I was at Shay's house. Mostly the reason for going to Shay's house was because I was dating her twin brother Dawson. Dawson was very tall, played basketball and ran track. Their family was very religious so Dawson wanted to remain abstinent until marriage but Shay followed her own rules and never received that group text. I respected his beliefs, but as it turned out, they were difficult to obey.

That year, Halloween fell on a Saturday. We had purchased our costumes at a large retail store in the area when Shay suggested we go to the huge adult novelty bookstore located just a block from her house. We laughed and agreed as we were both very curious about the place. I was in the market for a new and more powerful vibrator while Shay needed some condoms. Shay and her boyfriend did it all the time which made me a little jealous but happy for her. Heading to Shay and Dawson's house, like I had previously done dozens of times, we pulled into the parking lot under the sign that read, "The Power of Love." From driving past it so many times, it didn't look as big as it did right then.

I don't know why but we were a little hesitant going in, but once we stepped into the massive building and saw all the sex items, the nervousness disappeared. We would walk around and see things that we didn't believe existed. We giggled at the many toys ranging from huge vibrators to monster sized dildos that had to be at least 18 inches long. At one point, I picked up the double headed dong and shook it at Shay while making a joke about sword fighting. When we found the condom aisle, I was amazed at the variety. There were different types, colors, shapes, sizes, lubricated, non-lubricated, glow in the dark, and it went on and on. Shay selected her choice and put the rubbers in her basket.

As we proceeded to work our way around to the back, we came to a door that said, "Must be 18 to enter." Of course that sparked our curiosity and even though were a young 18, we were 18 nevertheless. We walked in and immediately to the right was a small room with a guy working on a computer. Fred was a very unattractive man who was probably in his 40s with balding, greasy hair that he tried to hide with one of those hideous comb-overs. He was short, heavy, wore a thick mustache and had bad teeth. What he lacked in physical appearance, he gained in kindness and I would later learn his role at the adult bookstore was the guy who kept inventory of all the items and partly the security guard for the "back room" traffic of people.

At that moment, I had no idea what that entailed but I would later learn. After Shay and I said our "hellos" to the gentleman, we continued to walk down the hallway which contained several doors. We were unsuccessful in opening the locked first door. The second door opened and we found ourselves standing in a small room that had a video screen, an adjustable bar stool type chair, and slots to put in money. The room smelled musky and strange.

"What in the world? What is this? Do guys come in here and watch porn or something?" I asked.

"I'm not sure but I think so. Give me a quarter and let's try it," she replied as I fished around my purse for the coin.

I plunked the quarter in the machine and instantly a porn movie came on the screen with volume turned up. It was a girl riding a guy with a huge cock and she was screaming and moaning. We giggled and continued to look around while occasionally glancing back at the movie. I noticed the walls were made of a thin board type like you would see in office cubicles that I remembered seeing at my mom's work. The porno movie played just a few minutes and shut off.

I naively asked, "Why are there holes in the walls?"

Shay responded, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Those are...I think...glory holes." As my puzzled face displayed my lack of understanding she continued, "You know. Gay guys stick their dicks through them to get sucked off by other guys. You know, Brent and those jerks are always joking about em at school."

"No way," I responded in disbelief. "I thought they were just kidding. Do you think the first door that was locked, a guy was...you know?"

"Probably. Either that or jacking off to the porn movie," chuckled Shay.

In my mind, I was thinking how hot that sounded to see a guy getting sucked off through the wall when a startled Shay let out a short, loud scream. It scared me to death and when I focused my attention on her, she had one hand over her mouth and her other hand was pointing. When I turned to the direction of her pointing, there was someone's hard cock sticking out of the wall. It looked about 6 inches and was very straight.

"Oh my god! Look at that. It's true. Guys do stick their dicks through these holes and trust someone not to hurt them. Men are so disgusting. All they are is a bunch of horny bastards," gasped Shay.

When the shock had worn off, she thought about it and grinned, "Hey, let's do something to it."

"Like what?" I asked.

"I don't know. Let's jack it off," was her response when Shay tapped me on the shoulder in mid-sentence.

I turned and that is when I saw another cock sticking out of a hole on the other wall. This one was longer and a little thicker. Now at that time, I know most 18 year old girls would have ran and not looked back. I will be the first to admit, in some sick way, it turned me on. I actually felt my pussy tingle and instantly get wet. It was shameful.

Even though I felt like we were supposed to act like we wanted to leave but I really wanted to touch at least one of the hard penises protruding proudly from the wall. Shay giggled, "Let's have a contest. We will jack them off and we will see which one cums first. Whoever makes their cock cum first, wins."

She was so blunt and in my horny state I readily agreed but she insisted on getting the bigger one. I didn't care and when I got closer to mine, I could see the hole was big enough to also see his balls. They were hairy and I took hold of his hard-on as close to them as I could. When we were both ready, we started simultaneously. It was interesting to watch Shay jerk this strange cock with her own technique of fast, tight gripped pumping. I started more with the slow, twisting tugs before increasing my pace. When I jack a guy off, I use my thumb a lot and this was no different. The smacking sounds emanating from our handjobs were rhythmic and took place in unison.

My guy was squirming so I knew he was getting closer and I felt I would win. I started stroking faster anticipating my victory when Shay's guy let out a moan that could easily be heard through the wall. His cock twitched and shot his first blast about 3 feet, causing us to flinch in surprise. Shay kept beating him off as each spurt traveled less distance as the previous one until that last trail of slime landed on her fingers. My guy took a few extra minutes before he released a load that spewed everywhere but not near as far as Shay's cock had done.

"I won," boasted Shay as we headed out the door giggling, looking for a bathroom to wipe off our hands.

As we washed our hands in the bathroom, Shay pleaded, "We cannot tell anyone about this. If Dawson or Victor found out about it, they would kill us."

I agreed and we left. The problem for me was that evening at the Halloween party and even later at home, I couldn't get the idea of that place, the glory holes, and what we had done, out of my mind. Just the thought of the nastiness turned me on big time. The sleaziness of the entire situation was what drew me to it. I wanted to go further than just jacking a guy off through the glory hole.

That week at school, it was business as usual. Dawson and I hung out, I studied, I had cheer practice but one thing was different. I still couldn't get that little room out of my mind. A couple of times, I even masturbated with my freshly purchased vibrator to the thought of sucking someone off through the wall. That Friday after the football game, was when I decided to make my bold move and return. It wasn't easy to secretly plan a visit without the knowledge of not only my parents but my boyfriend.

The nice thing for me was Dawson worked on the weekends as a manager at the Foot Locker located at our mall. On Saturdays he didn't get off work until 10pm. I wanted to leave at dark so no one would recognize my Jeep. I made up a story so that Maggie and Shay would not be suspicious. I dressed in black yoga pants and a black hoodie like I was a cat burglar. When I got to the "Power of Love," I was slightly embarrassed as there were quite a bit of people inside shopping for sex aides. I made my way to the back and slipped inside the door. I greeted Fred and conversed for a moment. I headed back to one of the rooms and got myself inside the door without anyone noticing. This one smelled like stale cum and sweat.

I popped the quarter in and on came the movie like before. This time it was two girls locked in a 69 position. It was pretty hot and after the third deposited coin, out came a soft white cock through the wall. Those excited, anxious, partly hesitant feelings overcame me once again. I went over and knelt down and that is when I noticed how thin the walls really were. It was my first cock and I was ready to go. I first needed to get it hard so I rubbed the shaft and balls while I licked the head. I would circle my tongue around the rim before I went into my simultaneous "jerk and suck." The cock instantly grew in my mouth to a full erection.

My crotch had already gotten moist just from sucking this strange cock. I couldn't believe I was actually there doing it. I sucked and slurped while I could feel the guy moving around against the wall. I knew I was building him up but when he knocked on the wall, it caused me to stop sucking and shift my eyes upward. Suddenly, his first blast of cum hit me so far in the back of my throat, it actually went into my windpipe and caused me to cough like I had gotten choked on a sip of water. The second spurt went partially in my mouth and in my hair. I'm coughing uncontrollably while trying to finish this guy off in my mouth. It was truly a mess as my amateurish actions were not very good to say the least.

I was still choking on his seed but managed to squeeze out and clean off the remaining amount in-between coughs. I swallowed all that I had. The cock disappeared out of the glory hole, the guy pulled up his pants and walked away. One would not have to be a genius to see that I was a mess. Not only did I have cum in my hair somewhere, I had worn black and there were droplets on my thigh and shoulder that really contrasted with the white stains.

As it turned out, knocking on the wall was a signal that some of the gentlemen would use to let the sucker know he was about to cum. At that particular time, that would have been useful information and I wouldn't have been caught off guard. When I give head and not deep-throating I use a technique where I roll my tongue underneath the cock and force it downward in order to block off my throat so not to get choked on his shooting cum but when I lost all concentration, that didn't happen.

I was trying to clean myself up when another soft cock came through the hole in the wall. It was longer and really veiny. This time, I used my common sense and rolled the stool over and sat on it. I proceeded and repeated my actions. Even though the other blowjob was a disaster, I was extremely horny and rubbed my clit through my yoga pants during this one. When he knocked, I was able to catch his exploding spunk in my mouth with no problems. It was very bitter and extremely salty but I had gotten my grove back and didn't miss a drop, not to mention me having a small orgasm when he came.

I was extremely charged sexually after that. I have always been orally fixated and when I'm giving head, I actually can get off when a guy climaxes in my mouth. Just by adding this dirty, disgusting atmosphere, my lust took a huge leap. As I could hear the guy zipping up and his footsteps leaving the room from behind the wall, I could also hear the rustling around of another man in a different glory hole. I rolled my chair over, I could see and hear the guy unbuckling his belt and pulling his slacks down. Right before he put his crotch to the opening, I noticed the tip of a necktie just above his shaft and the fact some of his pubes were grey, a salt and pepper look. He was a mature gentleman with a smooth thin cock. He was hard in no time. I sucked and jerked it at the same time. I managed to slip my other hand inside my pants to play with my soaking wet lips. I was masturbating while blowing this older man.

My god, I starting having some powerful orgasms! Being there in that room, sucking off a complete stranger through a glory hole made me feel so slutty and alive. I wanted his cum. I needed to swallow another load. When he knocked, I jerked it even faster while he grunted and shot his thick, clumpy sperm onto my tongue. That caused me to have my most powerful orgasm of the day. My own muffled orgasmic groans with my lips around this shooting cock were probably louder than his. I jerked every drop out of it before swallowing.

I'm not sure but I think I sucked and swallowed one more cock before leaving but because of my excitement, I can't fully remember. As I drove to my boyfriend's house, I thought about what I had done. You would have thought that I would have been ashamed but actually, I was anticipating my next visit. As I'm driving and pulling napkins out of the glove box to wipe my mouth, I kept thinking about seeing that man's tie through the hole which caused me to fantasize about the back story for each guy that visits those glory holes and those guys I sucked off in particular.

I was providing a service and getting myself off at the same time. It was submissive and dominate all rolled into one. I fantasied about that guy wearing the tie and how he was a business man or an administrator who just needed to relieve some stress after a hard days at work. The potential stories for the other guys and the many to come were exponential. One of the guys could be a blue collar man and just stopped off to get his dick sucked before work or maybe an older gentleman who after decades of marriage and his wife no longer interested in sex, is forced to stop in for a little blowie to help him get a better night's sleep.

Additional reasons I imagined for each guy that I had sucked off at the bookstore ranged from that unattractive high school boy my age who had trouble getting a girlfriend and needed to shoot a load just to keep from having wet dreams to a college athlete who needed to get ready for practice or the big game and needed that blowjob for a better performance. Another guy may have been just a homeless bum trying to satisfy his urges or a young father whose wife has been busy with the children and he stops in for head so not to cheat with the secretary at his office. I must have invented dozens of scenarios which were probably correct.

When I arrived at Shay and Dawson's house, I quickly went to the bathroom to wipe off any pecker tracks that were scattered throughout my hair and on my covert black outfit. I hoped I had gotten all of it cleaned up. As the evening wore on, I was trusting that when Dawson and I kissed, he couldn't taste all the strange cum I had swallowed. Thank goodness he never mentioned it.

When I went home that evening, I was already planning my next visit to The Power of Love. I really didn't want to wait a full week until that following Saturday. My next opportunity came on Wednesday. Dawson worked after school until 9 and my cheer practice ended at 7. This time I was going to be more prepared. I put on a skirt so I would have better access to myself for masturbation. I also gathered up some necessary items to put in my purse. Those contents consisted of my small wand vibrator, a bottle of water, a towel, a hair tie, and some lip balm.

Not long after practice, I was pulling into the side parking lot at the adult bookstore just to hide my jeep. I was a little more comfortable but careful nonetheless. I chatted with Fred and entered my booth. I removed my panties, put my hair back in a ponytail and started my session on my knees as the first guy was a routine sucking. He came very quickly and I swallowed every drop while I fingered myself to my first orgasm. I was very wet but hadn't got out the vibrator after just one guy. It was a good ten minutes before I heard the second guy enter and drop his pants. His cock was brown with an even darker brown ring around the head. I was pretty sure he was Hispanic. His cock was hard a rock, very thick and curved upward like a banana. It was beautiful and that is when I got out my wand to buzz my clit while I sucked him off.

Because this cock was so thick, I had to use a lot of hand. It wasn't 4 minutes before I could hear him groan through the wall and knock before he ejaculated in my awaiting mouth. As soon as that first shot hit the roof of my mouth, I came so hard that I shoved my vibrator as deep in my pussy as it would possibly fit. It felt so amazing, my legs shook and I just about collapsed on the floor. I swallowed the mess and went to the stool so I could rest my knees.

I sat there for several minutes, watched a few porn scenes while no cocks appeared through the glory holes. I drank some water, looked at my phone and nothing. It was a slow evening and I went to talk to Fred.

"Hey kiddo, what's up?" Fred asked.

"Slow night, huh?" I asked.

"Yea, sometimes, Wednesdays are like that. Don't worry hon, it will pick up," Fred assured.

I thought about what Fred said, then encouraged him with a smile as he remained unsure, "I want you to come back and take a turn. Yes...now come on. I'll make ya feel real good. I'm in room C."

He got up. I went back in my room and waited. Soon, Fred had his cock up against the hole. Poor man. Not only was he very unattractive on the outside, he had a very small cock. After I jerked and sucked on it, I bet he was barely 4 inches long. He was a sweetie and I wanted to give him a great blowjob to remember. No hand was needed as I had no trouble swallowing him down to his pubic area with each suck. That is one of the benefits of sucking a small dick. When I reached in and tugged his balls, he let out a huge gasp, and let loose a wad for the ages.

All I can say is "OMG." Let me disprove the myth that only large cocks can produce large loads. This tiny penis, literally filled my mouth with his foul spunk. Some of it trickled down my chin as I had trouble pulling off without some slippage. You would have thought such a disgusting looking man would repulse me but that only turned me on more. His cum was bitter and vile but I loved swallowing it for poor Fred because he sure needed that. I stayed for a total of about an hour. I swallowed 7 loads counting Fred's before heading to see Dawson.

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