Futa House


Author's Note: This story is basically gratuitous futa on boy sexy times. Like, a lot of it. Consider this fair warning for anyone who doesn't enjoy that kind of thing.


Part One: Thrown to the Wolves


Christopher MacKenzie sat uncomfortably next to his mother as she chatted away happily with Miss Carlyle. Apparently they were old friends from when they went to university together, the one where Miss Carlyle still worked.

Chris had no idea why his mother insisted on him going to the same school she'd attended back in the day, but she'd been really quite firm about it. Quite unusually so, actually. She wasn't all that strict or overbearing in general.

He'd more or less tuned the two older women out. Their conversation failed to interest him. It was all, "oh, Molly, I'm so glad your boy will be attending, he's so handsome blah blah blah," and, "thank you, Simone, I remember when we were students here blah blah etc."

Ok, so that was an exaggeration, but still.

Chris didn't know anyone going to this stupid school. Certainly none of his friends, at any rate. And his mom refused to tell him why it was so important. She acted like it was some big secret, but really, it was probably just because she went and wanted it to be a tradition. Some nonsense like that.

A knock on the door startled Chris back to semi-alertness. He held out hope for a brief second that Miss Carlyle had another appointment to get to, but neither she or his mother showed any sign of moving from their seats.

"Come in," called Miss Carlyle.

The door opened, revealing two girls around Chris's age. He guessed they were a little older than him, and they were admittedly quite attractive. He did his best not to stare or otherwise act uncool. He was stuck next to his mom, so there was a limit to how suave he could pass himself off as.

"Hey," said one of the girls cheerfully. "Is this our boy?"

Chris frowned slightly at being referred to as 'our boy.' He'd never met these girls before, after all.

Miss Carlyle nodded. "This is Christopher, and Mrs. MacKenzie, his mother. He is, as you say, 'your boy.'"

Chris struggled to keep his face neutral as introductions were made. He'd been wishing he were anywhere but in the room, but somehow it was worse when everybody was talking about him like he wasn't present.

The girls were introduced as Natalie and Sasha. Chris still had no idea why he was meant to be meeting them, and he really would have preferred not doing so with his mom and her friend present.

"You ready to go?" Natalie asked, nodding toward the door.

Chris was slow in answering. It hadn't been made clear to him that there was anywhere he should be going, let alone with these girls. "Um... I guess? Where to, exactly?"

"Your home for the school year," Sasha supplied helpfully, but with an overtone that suggested it should have been obvious.

"Oh," Chris said. "You're showing me around." That made more sense to him, and he relaxed a little.

"Something like that, sure," Sasha agreed.

"Come on," Natalie urged. She took Chris's arm and tugged at him as he rose and followed too slowly for her liking.

"Have fun, sweetie," his mom called after him. "Try not to get freaked out. Remember, I wouldn't let anything bad happen to you."

Chris flushed. Yet more embarrassment to absorb. "Thanks, Mom," he managed through his clenched jaw.

He relaxed a little as he and the girls put distance between them and Miss Carlyle's office. Natalie and Sasha flanked him and seemed quite upbeat and cheerful, and hadn't even teased him about his mother. It was possible no one else cared and he was the only one even thinking about it.

"So," Natalie said, "shall we go straight to your room? Or do you want to bring your things?"

"Um... my stuff's in the car, and I don't have the keys..." Chris said.

"Straight there it is!"

Their path, however, was more meandering than actually straight. Natalie and Sasha took it in turns to point out various points of interest along their snaking march to... somewhere.

The girls were quite disarming. Their bubbly demeanors and general friendliness made it nearly impossible to remain tense and guarded, despite being in unfamiliar territory with people he didn't know.

It didn't hurt that their butts looked particularly good in their jeans, as Chris discovered on more than one occasion when he was presented an opportunity to check them out. And occasionally Sasha grabbed his arm in a way that inadvertently pressed her breasts against it.

Chris decided he wouldn't mind sharing a dorm with the two of them, assuming that was actually what was happening. It still wasn't clear to him exactly what his living situation was going to be.

"How much farther is it?" Chris asked, after having crossed what felt like the entire campus.

"Not long now," Natalie answered. "We're right on the edge, all tucked away in our little corner."

"Like... far away from everything?"

"Kinda, I s'pose. It's not that bad once you get used to walking. We have our own little parking area, so it's not that bad in that sense."

"Sure. But I don't have a car," Chris said. "And I can't imagine it would make sense to drive to class anyway. I'm mainly worried about, like, morning classes on the opposite end of campus."

"Those suck," Sasha admitted. "But it helps keep you in shape. Walking's good for ya."

"So I've heard," Chris grumbled, still unconvinced.

It really wasn't that much farther. Chris recognized the building before it was formally pointed out to him, based on its somewhat secluded location.

It looked nice enough from the outside. It was a three-story house, and looked approximately like what he imagined a classy frat house would, based purely on movie knowledge.

"This is it," Natalie pronounced with her arms spread. "Futa House."

"Sorry, what?" Chris asked. "Did you say 'Future House?'"

"Something like that," Natalie with a sidelong smirk. "Out of curiousity, how much did your mother tell you?"

"About the school? Or about this place in particular?"


Chris shrugged. "Not much. Just that she went here, and for some reason it's really important for me to go too, but I don't know why."

Sasha once again pressed herself close, and the softness of her breasts distracted his line of thinking. "We might have some answers for you very soon," she said in a low, conspiratorial voice. A soft, girly giggle ruined any vibe of wisdom she may have been attempting to convey.

"But no answers right now, I assume?" Chris said wearily.

"My, my," Natalie said. "Someone's feeling put upon, aren't they?" She took his other arm, but didn't get quite as close as her friend. "What say you give us a chance. We've only just met, after all."

Chris nodded. "Yeah, that's fair. I don't mean to be pessimistic or anything."

"Of course you don't," Sasha said with the same bubbly cheer her and Natalie had maintained since their first meeting. "You're just feeling lost and confused. Perfectly understandable. We get that a lot around here."

"We'll get you sorted out," Natalie added. "Never fear."

Contrary to her words, the look in Natalie's eye and the tone of her previous statement made Chris nervous in a whole new way. She'd appeared almost... predatory, if only for a second. Like she wanted something from him, though he had absolutely no idea what it could be.

Chris allowed himself to be guided the rest of the way to 'Future House,' still confused about why it would called that. It didn't appear particularly futuristic.

The interior was as nice as the exterior. The building appeared well-maintained and looked after, so far as Chris was any judge of these things. There was no one else around as they entered, except for a girl up on the second floor who waved at them from an area overlooking the main room before disappearing.

"Most of us will be moving in over the next couple days," Natalie said. "A few of the girls are already here. Tiffany, for example," she added, gesturing toward where the unmet girl had previously stood.

"Not much point trying to round them up for introductions right now," Sasha said. "Plenty of time for that later. Let's find your room, shall we?"

"Uh... sure," Chris said. "Did you say girls, though? Like, there are gonna be other boys living here too, right?"

Natalie sighed. "Alas, no. Not this year. Usually we have a couple of you. You'll be all on your own, though."

Again, Chris felt as though there was something he was missing. Something Natalie and Sasha both knew that he didn't. Something important.

"Does that mean you deliberately have much fewer boys than girls here?" he asked.

"Sure does," Sasha said with a sly smirk. "Does that make you nervous?"

"Well... yeah, kinda. Especially given that there's still some kind of massive conspiracy that I'm not a part of."

"Don't exaggerate," Natalie chided. "It's not massive. Just a regular old baby conspiracy." She flicked her head, tossing her hair nonchalantly over her shoulder. "And besides, if you want to know the secret, me and Sasha'd be happy to show you now."

"Ooh, can we?" Sasha asked with a worrying amount of enthusiasm. Her eyes had lit up like beaming stars.

Chris hesitated, but he desperately needed to know what was being kept from him. Plus, he was pretty sure whatever it was couldn't be as bad as his imagination suggested.

"Ok," he said. "What's the big secret?"

"Not here," Natalie said.

Chris balled up his fists in irritation. "But you just said-"

"Hush, now," Natalie said with a patient smile. "I just meant let's go to your room first. Not out here where anyone could walk in on us. A little privacy is in order."

Chris nodded tersely. "Fine."

His room was, in fact, much nicer than he'd anticipated. There was only one bed, which suggested he wasn't being made to share, and it was almost luxuriously spacious compared to what he understood about university living. It was bigger, in fact, than his room back home.

"Well this is nice," he admitted grudgingly. He sat down on the bed with a heavy bounce, just to test. It must have been a queen size, and felt comfortable enough. "This is really my room? Bed and everything?"

"Sure is," Sasha said. "You need room for visitors, after all."

Chris flushed. "What?"

"She's not wrong," Natalie said as she glided elegantly to a seat next to him, one leg tucked delicately beneath her. "Although that might not have been how I'd introduce the subject."

After closing the door, Sasha once again flanked Chris on the opposite side from her partner in crime. He felt himself heating up even further at their proximity, and the... insinuations? But what exactly were they getting at?

"I don't understand," Chris mumbled.

"I'm sure you have a decent guess at this point," Natalie said softly. "I expect it doesn't contain all the details, but what you're imagining is in the ballpark, at any rate."

What Chris was imagining, what he felt was being implied, was that a house full of girls intended to hop into bed with him, at some point or other. And from Natalie's tone, she knew precisely what he was envisaging.

"That doesn't make any sense," he protested.

"It will soon," Natalie assured him. "At least, I hope it will."

Sasha had been getting fidgety on his other side. "We're a bit different here," she blurted. "We're, like, pretty horny. More than a lot of guys, even."

Chris was pretty sure he was going to run out of blood, if it kept rushing to his face the way it was. He studied the far wall intently, as though perhaps the girls would forget he was sitting amidst them.

"Are you?" he croaked.

"We are," Natalie confirmed. "And since you aren't smiling idiotically yet, I assume you think there's quite a massive catch to this arrangement."

"Is there?"

"Well... yes."

"And am I going to be told what it is?"

"Not just yet. I'm scared you'll bolt. You're all wound up." Natalie placed her hand on Chris's thigh. "Just relax," she breathed, her a voice a barely audible whisper in his ear.

Chris swallowed hard. Part of him wanted to do just what she'd said he might, and fling himself out of the house. However, panicked and nervous as he might be, he was also sandwiched between two beautiful girls who were gently running their hands over him. It was a difficult situation to make himself leave.

"We can be lots of fun," Sasha assured him. "Lots and lots."

"I'm not really questioning that," Chris said.

"Good," Sasha said with a grin. "So you'll play with us?"

Chris glanced back and forth between the two girls. Natalie still watching him with an outwardly calm, appraising sort of look. Sasha was less restrained, and more overtly eager to do... whatever it was she wanted to do.

"You promise this isn't a horrible trick of some kind?" he asked, his last token defense.

"Chris," Natalie said seriously, "your mother sent you here, remember? How much of a trick could it be?"

The reminder made Chris feel a whole new set of odd, conflicting feelings. His mom wouldn't have sent him somewhere a horde of mean girls would strip him naked and take embarrassing pictures to laugh at all year or anything. But on the other hand, had she really sent him off with these girls expecting them to jump into bed with him the first chance they got? That didn't seem right either.

The girls weren't waiting for Chris to figure himself out. Sasha rubbed her hand closer to his cock, then made him gasp as her palm pressed directly against his hardening erection. Natalie, meanwhile, nuzzled at his shoulder and neck, and dragged his hand up to her chest. Her breasts were delightfully soft and squeezable.

That was it. Chris knew he couldn't turn down the opportunity. Even if there was still something he didn't know, some catch to it all, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if he passed just because he was nervous.

Sasha took greater and greater liberties with Chris's rapidly expanding hardon, cupping and caressing the bulge in the front of his jeans. He didn't stop her when she slipped off the bed to her knees, then scooted in between his legs.

Chris's hand jerked instinctively to protect himself as Sasha undid his belt. He felt suddenly vulnerable and unsure of himself, but he stopped his reaction before it got too far. He had to relax and let go of his desire for control. The girls presumably knew what they were doing, and if he accepted that he wanted what they were offering, he was probably better off letting them do their thing.

Natalie tilted his head further toward her and met his lips with hers. He hadn't been expecting an actual kiss, not from a girl he'd only just met, but it was hardly the most surprising thing that had happened in the past few minutes. Besides, it was nice. Not as urgently pleasurable as Sasha fumbling around with his trapped cock, but very pleasant all the same.

"Stupid pants," Sasha grumbled from down on the floor. She was too excited, and her fingers were taking a hit to their dexterity as a consequence. She did eventually manage to drag Chris's jeans down his thighs, but then got stopped by his sneakers when she tried to pull the legs past his feet.

Natalie cracked up watching Sasha struggle, though she did eventually help her friend out.

Chris was even more nervous, in an anticipatory way, as the two girls teamed up to strip him. He didn't have Natalie's soft lips distracting him any longer, and all his attention was left for the two pairs of hands scrabbling around his cock.

With Natalie's help, Sasha soon had him undressed down to his boxers and shirt. There should have been a pause there, Chris felt. It seemed right to him that they'd slow down a bit, maybe talk a bit more, or... something.

They didn't stop. In fact, Sasha gave him a sudden shove on the chest, causing him to fall back on the bed. In his prone position, less of his body weight rested on his underwear, and the girls yanked off his boxers without giving him any chance to think about it or protest. By the time he sat back up, mere seconds later, the pair of them were already staring intently at his fully hard cock.

"Not bad," Sasha said in an appraising tone. "Not too big."

Chris flushed even warmer than before. "Gee, thanks."

"What? That's a good thing," Sasha said. "It means I can suck it easier."

So saying, Sasha grabbed a pillow off of Chris's new bed, positioned it under her knees, then dove face first onto his cock. Any further embarrassment or annoyance he might have wanted to express was neatly headed off by the feeling of a warm, wet mouth fully engulfing him.

"She's a little tactless at times," Natalie commented as she slipped back into her seat next to Chris. "But she means well. If it helps any, Sasha's never been good at sucking off bigger dicks. And her sense of scale is a bit off too, I imagine."

Sasha extended a middle finger toward Natalie without ever pausing her assault on Chris's shaft.

"The boys you usually have here tend to be big, do they?" Chris asked.

"Not particularly, no," Natalie said with an amused glint in her eye. "Not that it matters as much you might think."

Chris didn't feel like pursuing that line of inquiry any further. He was far more interested in the blowjob he was receiving. It felt good. Really, really good. Sasha was enthusiastic, and clearly had some experience in spite of Natalie's teasing lack of respect for her talents.

Natalie went back to nuzzling and kissing Chris. She brushed her lips over his neck, cheek, and sometimes his mouth. She also replaced his hand on her chest, encouraging some more boob fondling.

The whole experience was a lot more chill and relaxed than Chris had first expected, once he got settled in. He liked not having to think, and being able to just let the girls do lovely, sensual things to him while casually touching them in return.

He discovered he was able to reach down past Sasha's bobbing head and slip his hand down her shirt. However as soon as he got a handful of her tit, she pulled away. He was all set to apologize for doing something wrong, but she simply discarded her top, revealing her lack of bra underneath, and got right back to sucking.

These two were fucking crazy.

Chris alternated feeling up Natalie or Sasha as the whim took him. He leaned more toward Sasha purely because she was now topless, which gave him better access.

"Having fun?" Natalie asked.

Chris was too dazed and captivated to comment on the unnecessary question. Instead, he just nodded. "Yeah. I am."

"Good. Let's see how you like this, then."

Chris arched an eyebrow as Natalie hopped off the bed. She took a step away, then undid her jeans and wiggled her hips a bit to work them down her thighs.

He wasn't sure what she was up to. She couldn't be after sex, right? Not so quickly. And yet... she might well be. Probably it was just so he could, like, finger her or something. Or maybe she wanted him to eat her out. That seemed more reasonable.

Not that it mattered, in some ways. Chris was pretty sure he was just going to go along with whatever she wanted. It was working out pretty damn well for him so far.

Chris got a decent profile view of Natalie's butt with her panties pulled taught as she bent over and stepped out of her pants. His eyes flicked to her feet, then up her long, smooth legs. His gaze traveled up her calves as she straightened back up, past her thighs to her panties and the bulge...

Wait, what?

Yeah. He'd seen right. No amount of blinking was changing the view. There was an actual tent in her underwear.

"Weren't expecting that, were you?" Natalie said softly. Her voice held an overtone of teasing to match her words, but also a hint of uncertainty. She slid her panties down and kicked them off. "Here's where we see if you freak out or not."

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