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Forced Servitude - Epilogue


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The driver drove for about an hour before coming to our destination, a small unoccupied warehouse owned by Mr. Joseph in an industrial park on the other side of town. Thomas walked with me to a door, which lead into the warehouse. He unlocked and opened the door. He also turned on the lights for that section of the warehouse. Handing me a cell phone, he said, "This building is completely secure. I checked it myself prior to picking you up. If you have any problems before completing your business here call me and I will be here within minutes. Otherwise, call when you have finished in here."

With that said, he back out of the building, locking the door from the outside. I was now locked inside the building.

As I walked from section to section in the building toward my destination, I turned off its lights and then turned on the lights in the next section. The end result of that process was that the only lights on in the building when I reached my destination were the lights at my destination (a small office on the far side of the warehouse). I open the office door. The office was empty except for a few items. In the center of the room was a rather large four posted bed with spotlights in the ceiling above each post pointing their light at the center of the bed. There lying on the bed was a man with his arms and legs secured to the beds post. He was naked, blindfold, and had ear plugs in his ears. There were a few bruises about his face and upper body (apparently he resisted being brought here and tied to the bed). The only other item in the room was a metal folding chair placed near the bed.

I removed my coat and sandals and placed them on the chair. Looking at him, I could see by his breathing that he was scared. I went and got up on the bed. He immediately responded by asking who was there and why he had been brought here. Ignoring his pleas I straddled his chest letting my weight settle on him. He tried to throw me off but he was bounded too tightly. I placed my hands beside his head and lowered my chest until my right nipple was brushing his lips. He jerked his head to the side. I slapped his face. He stopped trying to move. Again I lower my nipple to his lips. This time he understood and wrapped his lips around my nipple and started sucking. A thrill ran through my entire body. I removed the outfit's top. I brushed both of my nipples across his lips. He started getting aroused and was trying to get his lips around one my nipples. I sat back putting my weight on his chest again. Reaching back with my right hand, I found a rather ridged penis pulsating above his crouch. I stroked him repeatedly until he was nice and hard and leaking precum. I pulled the ear plugs from his ears.

Getting off of the bed, I removed the skirt and thong. I put the skirt on the chair and placed the thong over his nose and told him to take a deep breath. He did not respond, so I hit him in the face with my fists. He immediately took that deep breath. I got back on his chest. I inched forward until my clit was touching his lips. I told him to suck. He didn't hesitate this time in following my order. After a few minutes of sucking, he brought me to a powerful orgasm which covered his face in my liquid ejection. I turned around and saw that rigid penis sticking up. Sliding down his body, I left a trail of my fluid on his upper body. Reaching his penis, I lifted my hips up until his penis was touching my pussy lips. I lowered myself down until an inch of his penis was in me. Then I relaxed my legs and drop down completely on his penis crashing my hips into his. He loudly groaned in pain mixed with pleasure. I rode that dick of his for a good fifteen minutes bring me off twice before he filled my pussy with his cum. I fell forward resting my body on top of his.

I gently stroked his face for few minutes which had the effect of calming him down. I softly said to him, "You have one more task to complete before I am finished with you." I rose up and stood over his head. I lowered my pussy down until it covered his mouth. I said, "Clean me. You better get it all out of my pussy and you better swallow all of it."

He turned his face left and right trying to get away from my pussy. I raised my body up, using both of my fists, I punched him four times in the face before he yelled, "OK, stop hitting me, I will do it."

I replied, "You better or I will hit you until I knock you out." In ten minutes time he had cleaned out most of my pussy. I became tired of his effort. My disgust with him had reached a fever pitch. I yelled, "Enough you lousy lay." Sitting back on his chest, I removed his blindfold.

The look on his face was "to die for". "Jennifer?"

"Yes Samuel it is me. I worked out a way to obtain my released from my servitude to Mr. Joseph. I am free of him. I am free of the sick love I had for you. But the cost was high." Taking one of my nipples in my hand, I twisted and pulled on it enjoying the sexual feeling that course through my body. I then reached down between my legs and pulled on the ring that pierced through the hood of my clit. I pulled the ring up and back which caused my clit to really stick straight out toward his face causing me to shutter in the throng of a minor orgasm. I then said, "You see before you the slut that I have become. This is the last time you will ever see me." I punched him in the face again. I turned around, lowering my face to his penis; I gave it a hard and painful bite. Lastly I got off of the bed and reached for the pieces of the poker outfit and placed them on his chest and said, "Something for you to remember me by for you will never see me again." Turning off the four spot lights, I left the room and proceed to the building's exit door turning the lights on and off as I went through the building.

I called Thomas on the phone. Ten minutes later as I stood before the exit door of the warehouse wearing the completely open suede coat and sandals, the door open and the door frame was filled with the body of Thomas. For the first time, I saw him for what he really is, a very attractive young man. I am sure he saw it, my clit coming out of its hood, sticking straight through the gold ring. He held out his arm for me and walked me to the car. As he opened the car door for me, I removed the coat and handed it to him. After helping me into the back seat, he went around the back of the car and entered the back seat from the other side. Once he was seated, I slide over to him and rested my head against his strong chest.

He put his arm around me and pulled me close saying, "I assume that your business here was successfully concluded. What would you like to be done with the individual inside of the warehouse?"

I answered, "Tomorrow at noon, have someone bring him some clothes and released him. He is to be given a stern warning that he is never to contact or bother me again."

We rode the rest of the way home in silence. It felt good to be in Thomas's embrace.

As I exited the car, Thomas helped me put on the coat. He walked me to my door. I turned and looked into his kind face. "What is your first name?"

Thomas replied, "James but please call me Jim."

"Jim, you have seen and been involved with my time of servitude with Mr. Joseph. You know the things that he had me do and the things that I subsequently did on my own. If you have it within you to put that aside and look at me as the person that I really am. I would very much like to see you again, to get the chance to know you and for you to know the real me."

Jim looked down at me and said, "Jennifer (the first time he ever addressed me by my name), yes I have seen and been involved with you for almost all of the time since you first came to Mr. Joseph's home. What I have seen during all of that time was a young lady caught up in an almost impossible situation. I saw a strong individual do what she had to do to save a brother who really didn't deserve being saved. I saw, in six months' time, a girl develop an extremely physically fit body, educate her mind in matters of computer science and finances, and develop into an emotionally strong sexually liberated woman. That woman did nothing of which she should ever be ashamed of. I would be honored to call that person friend and potential more."

He then embraced me, sliding his right hand inside of the coat and around my back pressing my body into his, with his left hand he stroked my right breast and twisted its nipple. Sliding that hand down my body until it was between my legs, he put his little finger into that gold ring and gave it a gentle upward pull exposing my engorged clit which he which he then twisted. Finally he gave me a strong gentle kiss. I had never experience such a kiss.

That was the beginning to the rest of my happy and fulfilling life.

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SweetTemptressSweetTemptressover 4 years ago
Seriously Good

As a woman who loves non-con erotica this is purrfection! Keep it up ;)

 Anonymousover 4 years ago
Loved it but

Ummm. I really enjoyed the story but this ending wasnt what i pictured. But I'm not a writer so i can't be too picky. Just i dont know. Felt the ending was rushed. .. i felt so much emotion in the other chapters but this one i didn't. Maybe I'm wrong. And if i am im sorry. Thank you for taking your time in writing a story for us tho

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