tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFirst Nude Time with Another Couple

First Nude Time with Another Couple


Growing up I spent a lot of time nude I have been sleeping nude since I was a teenager. My family members were not nudists but I sure was. During my first marriage, I spent a lot less time nude than I would have liked but after my divorce I spent a lot more time naked or nearly naked. It was not uncommon for guests and partygoers that dropped by to find me undressed and many even enjoyed shedding their clothes and joining me.

After a couple years, I meet my new wife. My wife Carly and I had only been for a few months when I started staying undressed longer after sex or when I got up in the morning. Soon she started to sleep nude and spent more and more time nude as well. As the years went by, we found that as soon as we got home from anywhere we would shed our clothes. I was wonderful having a nudist wife to share my nudist life with.

As nudists, it's not always easy to let others know, especially family members. Carly and I had spent a lot of time nude together, but as a couple we had not been nude around others yet. Carly and her sister, Maggie, have always been close (I was shocked when I found out how much they had talked about). Maggie and her husband, Greg, spent a lot of time with us and the four of us got along very well. We often would go out to the movies or miniature golf or even just for dinner, but we never really hung out at home together.

One day during a phone conversation, I heard my wife tell her sister that she should call before she came over so that we could make sure we were dressed. That of course sparked questions from her sister about us being undressed. My wife explained that we do not tend to wear much, if any, clothes when we are home. Her sister confessed that her and her husband also spent a lot of time undressed and that they too were home nudists. They chatted about they joys of being clothing free for a bit and I didn't think too much about again.

About a month later Greg and Maggie had to move about an hour away because he had gotten a new job. The sisters where disappointed at the distance that they would be apart but we promised that we would get together for weekends, etc. Well it was another month before the sisters could schedule our first weekend together. We would head up to their new place on Friday night for the weekend.

Friday night we arrived at our destination. Maggie gave us the tour of the new apartment while Greg fired up the grill. We sat around the table enjoying dinner and catching up with our hosts. After dinner, Greg pulled out the cards and we started out playing Spades. After a couple games my sister-in-law suggested that we play poker, my wife asked, "Strip poker?" and after everyone looked around for a moment, "sure," "sounds fun," and "why not" answered her. Well, since the object (as far as I was concerned) was to get naked, I suggested that we play as follows: Guy vs Girls, highest hand wins for the team and each hand is worth an article of clothing (per team member). We counted up how many articles each member had and the Girls had five each (pair of socks was one article) and the guys had four each.

We played five-card draw and I dealt the first hand. Greg won that hand and without hesitation the girls removed their socks. My wife dealt next and she won the hand. Now we all had naked toes, and the excitement was growing. The guys won the next two hands, first the girls removed their jeans, and then they surprised (and disappointed) us by removing their bras. They sat there and did it with out removing their shirts. We lost the next hand and had to remove our shirts.

The girls still had two articles, shirts and panties, and the guys still had jeans and underwear. My wife dealt and I won the hand with a full house. The girls talked about their next move and then without getting up, they removed their panties under the table. They were still quite covered by their shirts (to our disappointment) but they were down to one article. We lost the next hand and stood to remove our jeans letting the girls watch. It was obvious by the bulges in our underwear that we were both excited. My sister-in-law dealt and was a little disappointed at losing another had. Greg and I waited and waited and finally told the girls that the lost the hand it was their turn to remove an article. Eventually and with much prodding, they lifted off their shirts simultaneously.

This was the first time that I had seen Maggie naked, she had seen me in the tub once before when her sister and I were just dating. While her breasts were smaller than my wife's 36Ds (I found out later in life that they were actually 34Bs) they had a more defined and darker areola and her nipples were twice as thick as my wife's. I took my time shuffling the cards as Greg and I soaked in the sight of the orbs before us. I realized that they had nothing left to lose, and I still wanted to get naked. So we came up with a plan. If the girls lost again, they would have to walk around the table. This would give us a full view of their nakedness. They agreed since they also wanted to try to get us naked.

I dealt and we won the hand. Again after a bit of prodding, the girls stood up and paraded around the table and sat back down. What a thrill for Greg and I and my cock was now getting near erect in my briefs. I know that Greg must have had a tent in his boxers as well, since he had to make a few manual adjustments. The girls agreed to the same terms for the next hand and they won the hand big! Without standing, Greg and I pealed our underwear and then Greg quickly picked up the cards, shuffled and dealt. The girls wanted a show and since that couldn't see anything under the table they agreed that the losers would parade around the table.

They won their second hand in a row and Greg and I did our march around the table with out hesitation. "Now what should we play for?" I asked. We came up with a plan that the losers would have to throw darts until they hit a bulls-eye. This turned out to be quite profitable for Greg and I. The girls lost the first hand and they took turns throwing dart for about ten minutes until they each hit a bull. Greg and I enjoyed watching they tits bounce as they threw.

We lost the next hand and Greg hit a bull on his first dart and I on my third so we were back at the table quickly. This went on for a few more rounds before we just decided to play darts (in the nude). We partnered up as couples and the winning couple would get to tell the losing couple what they wanted them to do to each other. Thought of watching Greg and Maggie playing with each other made it difficult to concentrate on darts.

In the middle of the first game Greg and I noticed the girls staring and whispering. "What's up?" we asked. They asked us to stand next to each other facing them. We did and they both moved forward and began to look us over. I have a larger build than my skinny brother-in-law but, at that point, I was still pretty trim. My sister-in-law then reached down and took both our cocks in her hands and started comparing them. My cock was a little shorter than his, he was six and half inches or so, but I had more girth than he did (I get up to an 1 3/4"). Maggie was manipulating our cocks checking them out and both of us responded by getting harder for her. Then it was my wife's turn to inspect us, now we were quite hard as she began checking out our members and being fondled by the sisters as they knelt naked in front of us was quite a turn on.

We finished our turn at the dartboard and then decided that it was our turn to inspect the girls. Like they had done, we put then next to each other facing us. Simultaneously, we fondled them and rubbed our hands over their bodies. Maggie's 32B tits were solid, while Carly's were much softer to touch. Both sisters kept their bushes well trimmed, much to our delight. Their hourglass figures looked very fit and as we walked around them I noticed that Maggie's ass was a little smaller and tighter than my wife's and her overall frame was also slightly smaller.

Greg and I let the girls get back to the darts and we stood watching them with our cocks pointing right at them. Carly and I won the first game and we decided that their first act would be to have Greg suck on Maggie's tits for five minutes. While Greg was snacking on Maggie, Carly leaned over and grabbed my still hard cock and said, "Looks like you are enjoying this." I smiled and pulled her closer and gave her a quick kiss.

We changed the game to 301 to speed up the playing time and Carly and I lost the next game. This time it was my turn to snack on Carly's pleasure orbs for five minutes. My cock was hard enough to etch glass as I sucked on Carly while being watched by them. Now with all this excitement, our dart skills were really declining and both teams were stuck at 1 for a long time. We decided that both teams then would win and lose, and that the girls had to suck their husband's cocks for the same five minutes.

The girls got on their knees and Greg and I watched each other's rockets disappear into the mouths of our wives. This was quite a turn on and I don't know how many minutes actually went by but I knew I was about to blow my load. I was watching Maggie as she bobbed and slurped up and down on Greg's stick and I knew had to do it. I announced my impending load and Maggie opened her eyes to watch. I pulled out of Carly's mouth just as I began to shoot and I stroked my load off onto her face, neck and chest. That was all Greg needed and he groaned that it was his turn. I looked over and watched as Maggie took three or four shots right in the face.

We all cleaned up and noticed just how hot it had become in their apartment. Greg opened the screen door and I moved closer to feel the breeze on my naked body. I noticed that they apartment had a pool but that the lights in the pool area were not on. Greg said that they close the pool and turned the lights off after 11:00. As we looked out we could not see any lights on in the apartments on the poolside of the building. "I think we need to go skinny-dipping," I announced and with very little objection we all agreed that we should.

The girls grabbed a couple towels and we headed down to the pool. Thankfully the gate wasn't locked and the moon was not visible yet. By the time we had slipped into the pool our eyes were adjusting to the darkness. Greg and Maggie went to one side of the pool and my wife and I headed to the others side. The excitement and intimacy grew quickly as we curled up in the corner to make out. Carly loves being nude in the water, something we've been able to do only a few times over the years, and her excitement was obvious. We fondled and kissed in the water and her desire for release became too strong for her to ignore. She pulled herself up onto the patio deck and spread her legs. I buried my head between her thighs and began to lick and suck on her pussy. Carly squirmed and moaned as I zeroed in on the target. I heard her release a deep moan when I sucked her clit between my lips.

She laid back on the deck allowing me full access to her love flower and I slid first one then two fingers into her needy hole. It was only a few moments before she tightened her thighs around my head. I could not hear anything except her groans through her thighs as pleasure swept over her body. I continued sucking her clit while she shook violently.

As her orgasm subsided and she loosened her grip on my head, I heard the sounds of the pool again and then noticed the sound of Maggie also moaning across the pool from me. Carly slipped back into the pool and I put my back to the pool wall. After a few moments I could see Greg and Maggie in the dark. She was sitting in his lap facing him as they fucked and the water churned around them. Carly moved in front of me still facing them as she moved her ass into my lap. My hard cock had no problem sliding into her pussy from behind. I began pumping her and as I reached around to fondle her tits. We watched Maggie fucking our brother-in-law as we fucked. Carly began to moan in echo to her sister and climaxes came in series as first both girls and then Greg and I reached orgasms.

After we recovered from our orgasm, we all began to swim in the pool. It wasn't long before we noticed that it was now easy to see pretty far in the dim light of the night and we figured that we were probably seen by some of the neighbors. We began to dare each other to do things like slide down the slide or dive off the diving board. We had all done some of the dares and I was just about to slide down the slide again when I noticed a light come on over at the manager's house. I quickly slide into the pool and got us all out of the pool. We did NOT head back to the apartment though because we did not want to leave a trail of wet footprints to the apartment.

The girls had wrapped themselves in the towels, but Greg and I were still nude and we headed around the backside of the apartments as the manager was making his way to the pool. We quietly hid in the bushes while he was in the pool area and then we heard the gate close. We could see him walking toward the apartment in the dark and we started to worry about him finding us in the bushes. We slipped around the side of the apartments, but with the lights out front and the lights in the hall, we knew going to the apartment would get us caught. We quickly headed crossed the parking lot and behind the garages.

Behind one garage we found an old picnic table that had only one bench and had to be propped against the garage to keep it up. Greg and I sat on the table. The girls took off the towels and dried off before they sat on the bench. Watching them dry off, being naked and nearly caught was enough excitement for me and my cock was partly aroused. As we were quietly talked, Carly began stroking my cock almost out of habit more than trying to pleasure me. My cock was less than two feet from her sister's face as Carly stroked me, a fact not lost on me but I don't think it was intentional. Maggie also noticed it and gave me a wink, then, taking a cue from her sister, Maggie began to play with Greg's reinvigorated member.

Greg was know rock hard again and he stood up and bent Maggie over the end of the table and slid into her from behind. I didn't need any more incentive than that and I had Carly lay back on the table and I slide my cock into her creamy cum hole as her legs wrapped around my hips. We all began fucking in unison and I noticed that the sisters were holding hands. They were staring at each other as we pumped into them harder and harder, faster and faster. The old picnic table was squeaking and creaking and I hoped it wasn't load enough for the manager to hear. The girls' hands were locked together and they were pulling tightly on each other as their orgasms began. Greg started to shutter as his pumping became more erratic and felt the first of my cum shoot into Carly's juiced pussy. We all fell onto the table for a few moments and the sound of heavy the breathing from the four of us echoed in the dark of night.

Soon we had figured that the manager must have given up on us and we slipped unnoticed, as far as we knew, back to the apartment. Greg threw in a movie and we collapsed onto the oversized couch they had. This was the first night of our weekend and we still had two days left. We fell asleep naked bodies touching naked bodies and as I drifted into dreamland I wondered if I could have dreamed it better.

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