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Fantasy Night - Gloryhole


It had become a new monthly routine for Kim and Mike, they wanted to keep things new and exciting after 8 years of marriage so they had come up with an idea. Well, Mike had the idea at least. 'Fantasy Night' they called it. While many couples had 'Date Nights' to set aside time in order to go out on dates, they had Fantasy Night where each month they came up with a fantasy and played it out. Taking turns playing out each other's of course.

It started innocent enough with Kim dressing up in her old high school cheer outfit while Mike made her audition to be on the team. Of course Kim had played out her favorite already as well, blowing her boss under his desk while he made important business calls. Tonight was Mike's turn for his fantasy and it would be their most daring yet.

They had been working on it all week even, which seemed to make him that much more excited for Saturday night. Monday they posted a Craigslist ad, together with Mike coming up with most of it. It was an ad for casual encounters, w4m, 'looking for first glory hole experience' as the subject line stated. Mike even went as far as attaching a sexy pic of Kim in a skimpy hot pink bikini from a vacation last December, without showing her face.

"Now I'm sure you'll get plenty of replies, but only reply to mine honey" Mike said with a hard on already in his pants as they hit the 'post' button and sent it off.

Throughout the week Mike and Kim exchanged emails as if they really were strangers. Some dirty chat about the meet up at the local adult bookstore on Saturday night as well as a few dirty pics. Never saying a word about it to each other while at home. Trying to make it as real as possible.

Mike went to the bookstore even to make sure they would be able to find a glory hole in one of the booths. He thought it would take awhile to find a booth with a hole in it for them. Either he was lucky, or there were more than he thought. The very first one he stepped into he found one, making a note of the location.

Of course, Kim did receive plenty of other replies as well. All of them were disgusting old men or out of shape men with tiny dick pics. She had almost stopped even opening the emails until she opened the most recent one on Wednesday. Subject line: 'Suck my 9 inches bitch' was what she read. Giving a slight chuckle, but curiosity getting the best of her.

Opening the email at home and alone, she gasped as the first thing her eyes saw as the most impressive cock she had ever seen. It had to of been all of 9" at the least. Reading more on the post about how this man would love to show her a good time at the glory hole and be her first experience.

Kim hadn't planned on even sending a reply, but before she knew it she was. Speaking the truth about the ad between her and her hubby. Wondering how the stranger would take it that this was purely his fantasy. No more than 5 minutes later she got her reply.

'Thats the beauty of the glory hole. He won't even know that he isn't going to be the first cock you blow that night. He never has to know even, just keep it all to yourself. All 9" of me, just for you and your own version of his fantasy.' Was the reply along with yet another cock pic. This time with it laying on a counter of some kind and a shaving cream bottle next to it for reference. The cock was bigger than the canister, both in length and thickness is looked.

Kim and the stranger kept the email chains going throughout the next two days. Knowing she should ignore it completely, she even talked herself out of the fantasy all together since she knew the stranger would be at the bookstore at the time she was going for Mike and would recognize her.

So this was it, Saturday had rolled around finally so it was officially 'Fantasy Night' for the couple. They were just having a cocktail when Mike pretended to get a call on his cell phone. His acting was poor, but getting better with each of these nights. Shaking his head as he walked into the living room looking upset and grabbing his car keys.

"Sorry honey, work just called. Some last minute deadline and everyone has been called in until it has been met." Mike stated as he shrugged his shoulders and left for the garage.

"Shoot on a Saturday night? Well that's terrible, I hope it won't be for long" Kim played her part and watched as Mike left.

As Mike drove off to his favorite bar to kill time until the meet up, Kim hurried to get ready. Knowing she had an earlier meet up that she had talked herself into. Showering and getting all dolled up, as if she was going out for a girls night to dance and flirt. Her wavy blonde hair was down her back, her bright green eyes popped with far too much makeup and eyeliner.

Sliding the tiniest of black mesh g string panties up and snug over her freshly shaved pussy and between her big round booty cheeks. Adjusting the panty before letting it snap on her hips. Then sliding into black fishnet stockings, with lace tops high her up long tanned thighs. For a top no bra was needed with her perky 34C breasts as she wore a small red tube top. Just enough material to cover her breasts, leaving her tight stomach and pierced navel exposed fully. Sliding into her shortest skirt to round out her attire, a black micro miniskirt. Just barely enough length to cover the tops of her stockings, and clung skin tight to her curvy ass. Finishing it all off with her black 5" spike heels as she checked the clock then grabbed her keys in a hurry.

She arrived at the dirty bookstore 10 minutes before the email from the stranger from the ad had arranged for her, and 40 minutes ahead of Mike's ad. Taking a moment to apply a rather heavy dose of glossy red lipstick in her rear view mirror while she tried to calm the butterflies in her stomach. Grabbing a $20 and tucking it in her cleavage she took one deep breath and opened her car door. Hiding her spare key in the wheel well as she did when she went for her daily runs, instead of a wooded parking lot she was in cracked blacktop parking lot of the adult bookstore this time.

Kim's heels clicked across the parking lot quickly and into the front door. Scanning the room for the sign Mike had told her about as she made her way to the counter. Finding the place looked surprisingly clean and well kept, from the sales floor at least.

"Well hello there, and how can I help you" an overweight man from behind the counter quickly approached Kim, eyes focused openly on her breasts in the top.

"I'd like to purchase some credits please" Kim stated and and tried her best to make it sound as though she knew what she was doing and this wasn't her first time.

The clerk nodded his quickly balding head with a grin "Happily sugar, how much you want?" He asked while fumbling to find a card and look at the blonde before him at the same time.

"Oh, $20 should be enough?" Kim fished the bill from between her breasts and thought she heard the clerk actually groan while he typed something up and slid the card through a reading device.

"You got it sugar" he said as he took the bill and instead of putting it in the register he put it to his nose and inhaled her scent a moment. Sliding the card across to her with a greasy smile "I put $50 on for you. Guess ya owe me?" He chuckled as Kim took the card and spun around.

Noticing only a handful of men in the room, which seemed odd since the lot had at least 20 cars in it. Although none made direct eye contact, she could feel all the men in the room were looking her way. Wondering if one of then me could be her stranger, already there and waiting. Whether it was the build up of this all, the attention, her attire, the atmosphere, the few cocktails, or the pervy clerk, she was in the mood suddenly. Grinning to herself as she was only 10 feet from the counter when she dropped her charged card.

Looking over her shoulder, as if she needed to check that the clerk as still staring at her. Then with a grin on those bright red lips she bent slowly at the waist. Legs together and straight as she felt that micro miniskirt rise while she reached for the card. Newly manicured French tipped fingernails snapping at the card to grab it. Taking her time as she knew at least the clerk was getting a great rear view of her ass and barely covered pussy.

Standing slowly up with her card she strutted with confidence towards the sign posted 'video arcade' towards the back right of the store. Into the dark hallway where only a dim red light would light up the path. Making identities much harder to recognize back here she looked for the corner booth. The one the stranger had told her to meet in, not the one Mike had pointed out.

She slid into the booth and quickly moved the small lock across to keep her door closed as she looked around the small booth. A wooden bench style seat across the back of the booth, the video screen directly in front of that. Cheap linoleum flooring and a small trash can to the side. Then she saw it, the hole in the wall. On the left hand side of the wall, directly in the middle of it and waist high, a decent sized hole that had to be an opening to the other booth.

She slid her ass down onto the hard bench seat and put her card into the slot by the tv screen. Flipping though the first few screens until she found something less hardcore than the first selections. Always looking over to the hole as if it were beckoning her. The movie playing typical moans and cheesy porn music, but not too loudly. Until she heard a voice coming through the hole that made her heart skip a beat.

"That you over there Wifey?" The voice asked in a soft tone, but clearly loud enough to be heard.

"It is, it's me from the ad. Are you, my nine incher?" She asked back, knowing it had to be him. Looking at the hole now, no longer the screen as she could see what appeared to be a dark blue eye looking through at her. As she flashed a bright smile and a friendly wave.

"Damn, you're hotter than I thought you would be even. You ready for your first glory hole cock?" He said lewdly. There was no reason to be charming, they both knew why they were here now.

Kim nodded her blonde head at the man looking at her through the glory hole. "I'm ready for my first experience, and my first nine inches too" she replied with a lick across her full red lips.

"Well I've got just the thing for you then. We should have at least 20 minutes for you to work on it too" the stranger noted the time as he knew the time she was meant to switch booths and get to Mike. The eye disappearing from the hole as Kim held her breath with anticipation, hearing the cling of a belt buckle and shuffling of clothing.

Just as teasingly as Kim had bent over for the clerk moments ago the stranger slowly worked his cock through the hole. The big, smooth, round head poking through the hole first. Then inch by inch he eased the rest of the cock through. A soft gasp as it looked bigger yet in person as Kim looked at the veiny, thick, and strong looking cock that now stuck through the hole in the wall and into her own booth.

Kim wasted no time as she reached out for it with a soft hand. Hearing a groan across the booth as the cock gave a pulse at her grip. Her hand not able to wrap all the way around it as she squeezed it, feeling it out hard as a rock. Then sliding her ass off of the seat as if she had done this many times before, she knelt on the sticky cheap floor before the cock in the wall.

"It's fucking perfect" she cooed to herself more than to the man on the other side of the wall. Puckering up her soft lips and leaning in, planting a kiss right on the left side of the smooth head. A loud kiss, that smack of her lips echoing in the booth and leaving a red lipstick mark as she pulled back and jerked the cock.

"Yeah, how's it taste Wifey?" The man spoke louder now, with more confidence in his voice as she felt the cock pulse in her hand as if he were flexing it for her.

"Lovely, just lovely" Kim replied as she used two hands now, jerking from the base in a tight slow grip and working upwards. Working out a nice little bubble of clear pre cum from the thick cock and forming at the tip.

She slid her tongue out far and leaned back in. With a smooth swipe, working her tongue from the ridge under the head then up the slit to lick the stringy pre cum off the head and into her mouth with a soft "mmmmmm" as she swallowed it down. Opening up wide and sucking the strangers thickness into her hot mouth eagerly after tasting the pre cum.

"There ya go, work that cock Wifey" the stranger said in a low growly voice as she took him in. Kim's hand at the thick base of his cock as she started sucking the mans cock. Giving soft moans as she worked it, her jaw opening wide to get the thickness in.

Her blonde head twisting as her tongue worked the cock at every angle she could. Then opening as wide as she could she went for depth. Working down the long cock until it poked her throat and made her give a soft gag. Pulling off to the head, but never letting it from her mouth she took a short breath then went back for more. Working up saliva from her throat as she gagged softly over and over, the drool dripping down her chin and into her cleavage.

Kim slid her hand to her perky breasts, tugging at her tube top to free them. Pinching her sensitive nipples as she worked the drool over her breasts. Pulling off with a soft whimper "fuck" she gasped in a breath. Then spit on the cock and jerked it hard and fast. The man groaning as the booth echoed with her wet handjob.

"Oh shit Wifey, I'm about to blow!" The stranger groaned as she felt it throbbing in her hands while she jerked with two hands furiously. He knocked on the wall loudly, as if he was banging on the front door of a house.

Just as Kim was about to clamp back down around the cock it erupted from her hands. Spraying a forceful stream of hot cum directly into her face, hitting her right cheek as it splattered and hit her nose and hair as well. She kept jerking, having never had a facial before but it somehow seemed right in the moment. Shot after shot of the thick white cum poured from the big cock and unloaded on her face, in her hair, dripping down onto her big tits.

Once the hose of a cock finally seemed to stop bursting she leaned in and put it back to her hot mouth. Sucking at the cock to drain every last drop of the cum she could from the stranger. He was out of breath and moaning as she milked him dry and slurped his cock clean before pulling off with a loud and wet pop from her mouth.

"That was exactly what I wanted for my first glory hole!" Kim squealed with excitement as she leaned back to realize her face was dripping with cum. The large cock pulling from the hole as it hung down down, dragging a snail trail of cum and drool along the wall.

Kim was doing her best to try and wipe her face clean of the massive cum shot she just took, wiping it along the wall by the glory hole seemed appropriate enough. Not able to really clean up better than half of the mess that had been made of her pretty face, she reached down and pulled her top back up.

Gathering herself as she took her card back from the reader and tucked it into her now wet cleavage then unlocked her door. Stepping out of her booth discreetly, only to find that there was now two men standing outside the booth beside hers. "Holy shit. A fucking hot one?" The first guy blurted out in what seemed to be genuine shock.

Just then the door opened beside her and out stepped a handsome man. "Damn Wifey, that was some of the best head I've ever had" he reached out and pulled Kim into his strong arms. Violating the code of the glory hole by now meeting her face to face. His hand reaching down to grab at her ass over her short skirt, catching the soft skin of an ass cheek as he did.

"Well thanks for my first experience" was all Kim could figure out to say. As the hot stranger with the big cock she just blew was groping her ass.

"How about you go do your hubby fantasy thing, then come on back for round 2?" The stranger said with a cocky grin. "Sound like a plan guys?" He asked the two men who were waiting their turn. Both quickly nodding along with bulges in their pants now, one even had his hand in his pants rubbing already.

"I uhmm really should get going" Kim stated as the thought of blowing him again sounded so tempting and hot. Not to mention, what if one of the other men here had a nice cock to slurp on too? Then added in "I mean, just come back to this booth then?" She asked without really thinking.

"Nah, I've got a better idea in mind for you Wifey. Give me your panties, go do your hubby thing, then come find the booth where they are on the door. That's going to be your booth" the man said as he stepped back and held his hand out. The other strangers watching in anticipation.

Kim nodded her blonde head, with a spot of cum still in her hair as she reached for her skirt. Just as she did, the stranger grabbed her by the hips and spun her with his strong hands. Just as she grabbed for her panties and began to slide them down, bending at the waist as she had for the clerk outside.

"What got a fuckin hot one here boys" the stranger said as his hand slid up the back of her left thigh just as she had her panties at her heeled ankles. Sliding up as she stepped out of the panty with one heel, the stranger slid higher up her leg. Taking her skirt with his hand to slide it up and expose her ass. Just as she stepped out with the other heel to free the panties the stranger have her left ass cheek one hard smack that nearly knocked her over.

She stood and spun aback around while tugging her skirt back down to cover the best she could. Holding her hand out with the panties dangling off a finger to the stranger. He simply smiled and took them from her and tucked them into his pocket. "Name's Brad by the way. Come find me as soon as you get done Wifey" he stated.

Kim gave a little grin as he stated his name, not giving Brad her name as she kind of liked the nickname 'Wifey' that he had already given to her. She turned and quickly walked around the corner to the booth where Mike had planned for her. Hoping she wouldn't bump into him along the way she rushed up to the booth and was lucky to find it empty.

Stepping in and sliding the door lock across the let out a sigh and plopped down to the bench seat. Reaching down under her skirt, feeling her pussy as a finger slid easily between her lips. She was soaked! That was the most daring things she had done sexually and she wanted more.

"That you over there, from craigslist? I'm the guy you've been emailing" came from the hole in the wall, the same approximate set up as her first booth. It made her jump, snapping out of her little daydream of reliving what had just happened.

"Yeah, it's me. You got a big cock for me to suck?" She replied, sounding as horny as she ever had now.

"I got just what you want baby" the voice said. Then not a second later a very familiar, and much smaller, cock slid through the hole. Without a doubt she knew it was Mike's so she reached out for it and slid to her knees.

"Ughhhhh" came a grunt from the other side of the wall. Mike had been in his booth a full 5 minutes already and had been jerking off to his fantasy and the porn he was watching. Not knowing at the same the same time his wife had been finishing off a stranger, and setting up to go back to him after this.

"Ooooh you're throbbing for me" Kim said in a soft sexy voice. Opening up and clamping her lips around Mike's cock with a soft moan. With more confidence after working the 9 incher, she easily took Mike all the way into her throat. The head just barely poking at her throat as she felt her nose press against the wall.

Holding the cock in her throat as her tongue slid out feeling the outline of the hole in the wall as she moved her head side to side slowly, rubbing her nose across the wall. It was all too much for Mike though. He had been hard all day, hell all week since they first posted this raunchy ad for Fantasy Night. He was already throbbing and now his cock balls deep in a hot throat was all he could take as he knocked loudly on the wall.

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