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Evil Secretary Ch. 07

Story Info
Two endings for Amy the evil secretary.
3.4k words

Part 7 of the 7 part series

Updated 06/15/2021
Created 04/12/2009
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"Let's get this over with," I said, staring at Freddie.

We walked out into the little garden behind his flat. He tossed the photo albums in the metal bin. He grabbed my wrist before I threw the envelope containing his photos with Mandy. I pulled a handful of photos out and showed him. He nodded. I threw the envelope in with the albums. I watched him pour petrol over them, and then he threw a match. We walked back to the flat. I looked over my shoulder at the flames. Freddie grabbed my arm and pulled me inside. I took off my coat and stood before him in a blue miniskirt, black hold up stockings, blue high heels, and a tight blue vest top.

"You really do the slut well," he said, with a grin.

"That is what you wanted," I said, moving forward.

I stretched up and kissed him. His hand grabbed my neck and he pulled me tighter to him. I whimpered a little, and he looked deep into my eyes with a sick little look. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back. He kept pulling until I winced.

"You are hurting me," I said, through gritted teeth.

I was now on my knees, and I heard high heels approaching behind me. A hand grabbed my hair as Freddie let go.

"Oh, I'm going to enjoy this you little bitch!"

My hair was wrenched back until I was looking up into Mandy's grinning eyes.

"You fucked up everything, so now I'm going to fuck you up for the last time."

I knelt there as Freddie unzipped his trousers.

Mandy let go of my hair and nudged me in my back with her knee.

"Suck him off," she spat.

When I didn't move her knee jabbed harder into my back. I fell forward on my hands at Freddie's feet. Mandy grabbed my hair and pulled me up to my knees. She looked deep into my eyes, and then spat in my face.

"Let me go, please," I whimpered.

"Go on chicken shit, not so hard now are you. God, I've waited months for this. Now suck him off!"

Mandy pushed me forward. I soon had Freddie's cock rubbing over my tightly closed lips.

"Suck him you whore!" Mandy spat, as she stepped on my ankle.

I cried out in pain, as she pressed harder with her foot and started laughing.

"You'll break my ankle, you fat cow!"

She swung her foot into the small of my back. I winced as the pain shot through me.

"Freddie, stop her, I'll give you anything you want," I begged.

Another kick landed in my back. I twisted round and grabbed a handful of her hair. I tugged hard, as she shrieked. My hand came away with some hair that ripped from her scalp.

"I've had enough of you," Mandy spat.

She grabbed my head with both her hands and pushed me onto Freddie's cock. She held me there and chuckled. Her knee was on my back pressing me forward.

"Now suck him off, and make sure you do a good job, because this is the last thing you are going to do on this earth."

She started bobbing my head on Freddie's cock.

"Yeah we are going to kill you. Then I'm going to take your place. Now choke you fucking bitch!"

She pressed down harder. I started gagging and choking. I tried but couldn't get off. I felt a sharp kick again to my back.

"Jesus, Mandy," Freddie snapped.

"Just choke the fucking bitch. Then you and I can be together, I'll marry your dad and we'll share the money.

I heard her kissing him as she pushed me hard onto his cock. He started shooting in my mouth, and I sucked harder swallowing everything I could.

"No more, fucking hell!" Freddie shouted, as he pushed Mandy off, and then me.

"OK my darling," she said softly.

She looked down at me and slapped me hard across my face. Her grin widened when she saw me rubbing my cheek. She grabbed my arm and pulled me up to my knees.

"You are going for a little boat trip, like your father did, and like him you won't be coming back. Poor little Amy, they might find you in a few days. Hopefully the fish would have had a go at you by then."

"And who is going to push me in? Are you going to murder me Freddie? Look, you don't really want to go to prison do you? Let's face it I'm younger than Mandy, and a much better shag."

Another slap landed to my face, followed by a kick to my stomach.

"Freddie, get her down to the boat," Mandy spat.

"Oh aren't you coming?" I asked.

I watched Freddie give Mandy a worried look.

"You'll go to prison Freddie, 20 years I guess."

Mandy looked at him, and then she went to hit me again. I watched as Freddie grabbed her hand. She looked shocked at him.

"Freddie, they will find my body, they will cut me open and find your spunk in my stomach. They will find fibres and skin and hair from Mandy under my nails."

"Don't listen to her," Mandy said, panting hard.

"Do you think I brought all the photos of you and Mandy? Look outside and you will see a man standing over the road."

Mandy rushed to the window, and then turned back.

"Now my friend down there is going to take me to a doctor in Exeter. He'll take swabs, photograph bruises, and I'll explain how I was raped. He'll keep the evidence until he gets a call from me a week today. If Mandy isn't out of the country by then I'll go to the police."

Mandy stood shaking her head in shock.

"Now do we go for the boat trip, or do we help Mandy pack?"

3 days later Mandy took her daughter and left the country, never to be seen again.

Over the next 8 years life was good, apart from my husband getting a heart condition. Still I had the boys to keep me company, if you know what I mean? Of course in that time I found being a housewife a little boring. I put on a little weight, and I found life easier if I had a small drink in the mornings. I rarely went to the office, just now and then. Harris accused me several times of being drunk when he got home from work. I only had the odd glass or two, but for some reason he went off sex with me. I suppose I didn't really care too much. Not until he started spending more time in the town house. Still I loved him, maybe not as much as I used to, but then he would just roll away from me most nights complaining of the smell of booze. Freddie didn't mind though, and Joe had settled down with a nice girl, a little drippy perhaps, but they suited each other.

Freddie had girlfriends too, but his stepmother was always his favourite. I heard one of his girlfriends complaining one night. She was young, 19 or 20. I could hear her muffled cries, and her little struggles to get him off. I pushed open the bedroom door and she came running past me. Freddie just looked up from the bed and grinned.

"He wanted a blow job, he just grabbed my head. I love him, but he is so rough sometimes," she sobbed.

I covered her over on the couch and gave her a drink of water with a sleeping pill. I went back to Freddie's room and knelt down in front of him. I held up my wrists and smiled as he handcuffed them. He grabbed my head and thrust it on his cock.

"I bet you are wondering where I've hidden our photos."

"Just keep them safe," I mumbled, on a mouthful of cock.

He laughed and pulled my head further on his cock, and I choked as he shot in my mouth. He cuffed my hands to the bed and pulled the chain that hung from one nipple to the other. My tits and nipples stretched as I had an orgasm on his finger. I once told Freddie that he would never fuck me, and that it was reserved for his father. But with Harris losing interest in my body over the last couple of years, I now begged Freddie for it. He always rode me hard and delighted in hurting me. I didn't mind, in fact I sort of egged him on.

A few weeks later I was trying hard to get my dress done up.

"Harris, help me, my zip is stuck."

He huffed and tugged.

"Look it won't go up because it's too tight," he said, giving up.

"It must have shrunk in the wash," I said, taking it off again.

Then I saw that look in his eyes.

"What, what the hell are you looking at me like that for?" I snarled.

"Amy, you have put on weight. Maybe if you cut down on the food and the booze. I mean you are drinking every bloody day, I've found the empty bottles."

"Well what the hell do you expect me to do? I'm alone most days in this bloody house, bored fucking shitless!" I spat, "and Marsha and the rest don't seem to want me anymore, and then you. All you do is talk about fucking work!"

"God, you are just like Kath," he snapped.

I threw our wedding photo at him and stormed down the stairs, screaming at Jess the maid to go and clear up the broken glass in the room. I headed straight for the drinks cabinet. I just stood there staring at the empty shelf.

"I've thrown it all down the sink," Harris said.

I looked beyond him to Jess.

"What the fuck are you doing here? Get upstairs and pick that broken glass up!" I yelled.

I watched her pick up a case. Harris handed her some cash and she just shook her head at me and left.

"We haven't got a maid anymore. If you are that bored maybe you should start doing the housework," Harris snapped.

2 weeks later I turned up at my husband's office. For some reason my bank card wouldn't work. I needed cash to get some groceries, and a little bottle of vodka just to help me get through the day. I just stood in shock as this young girl of no more than 19 sat in front of my husband's office.

"Hello, I'm Sue. I'm your husband's secretary."

I didn't shake hands with her. I went straight into my husband's office.

"Who the hell is she?" I spat with rage.

"Sue is my new secretary. She has been here 2 months. Look come on lets go to lunch."

I went out on my husband's arm. I couldn't take my eyes off her long blonde hair that belonged on a shampoo advert. Not a bloody split end in sight! He told her he was taking me to lunch. I watched her twist round in her chair and cross her long legs. God, if her skirt was any shorter it would have been a belt! I sunk back a little as she mentioned a lunch meeting with the owner of Dickson's. Then she gave me that silly little grin. I stormed out humiliated, shoving past some stupid girl that worked there. Harris never came home that night, and I couldn't get him on his mobile. For the next few weeks I nursed bottles of vodka that Freddie got for me. I got him to follow his father, and soon found out he was visiting that little slut of a secretary.

"Give me the photos," I snapped.

Freddie held them over his head, with a sick little grin on his face.

"You know Sue is quite a pretty little thing. Do you really want to see her hot body riding dad?"

I snatched the photos from him. There she was on top of my husband riding him with a big grin on her face.

"That cow, I've invested 8 years in your father and I'm not letting go now!" I spat.

"Do you think dad is going to look at you now? He has her to play with, why should he want a fat drunk wife?"

I went to slap his face but he caught my hand.

"He is my husband I'm not letting go. After all my effort and he treats me like this!" I hissed.

"You know mum is happy with Dylan, even dad has accepted that. Mum has dried out, and she blames you but she doesn't care. Dad is happy with Sue by the look on his face. That just leaves you, all bitter and twisted."

I felt scared and alone, still I had my stepson even if he was becoming rougher with me. I stroked his cheek and went to kiss him.

He pulled my hair back.

"You are fat and a drunk, a lazy cow too. You know it is a pity because you could be so fucking horny if you dried out and lost weight. So I guess I'll have to make plans for my new stepmother."

He pushed me to the floor and stood there grinning at me.

"Please Freddie, didn't I promise you everything? When your father dies you will be head of the company, all this will be yours. I'll be by your side. I'll do what ever you want, I do now, don't I?"

"Look at you, fatty. You don't even bother getting dressed anymore. Sort yourself out, get your figure back and dry out, and if I'm not fucking Sue by then you might stand a chance."

I crawled over to him and pulled his zip down. He sneered down at me as I took his cock in my mouth. I couldn't lose him. I had to keep him on my side. I ignored his little victorious chuckle as I sucked him deeper. He gripped my head and held me off his cock. He pumped himself all over my face, and then he threw me on the floor.

"Let me get you hard again, and then you can fuck me," I panted.

"Why the fuck would I want to shag a fat twat like you?" he said with an evil grin.

Losing weight was surprisingly easy. But letting go of the drink was the hardest part. But after 6 months I was back to my best. Even Harris noticed, but I knew he was still fucking his secretary.

"I didn't think you could do it," my stepson said.

I just smiled, and pushed his head back between my legs.

I made sure to get Harris out of the way one afternoon and went to see her at work. I kept her talking as the office emptied.

"You listen to me, you are going to resign and leave my husband alone."

Her face had dropped but she soon started grinning.

"I don't think that is going to happen, Mrs Silver."

"I know you are screwing him you little tart. I've dealt with better than you to keep my man," I hissed.

I watched her cross her long legs and she sat back and flicked her hair.

"You are past it. You are a drunk. Harris wants someone sexier, and younger, that Mrs Silver is where I come in."

I stood up straight and snarled down at her.

"Now Harris wanted me to get this delivered to you tomorrow, but seeing as how you are here, you can take it now. This copy is going down to the company solicitor, but I had better deliver it," she said, with a grin.

I picked up the envelope and pulled out the papers. I gasped and trembled. My husband wanted a divorce!

"I know who you are, do you think Harris will marry Mandy's daughter?"

She started laughing.

"He knows, I told him when he proposed last week," she leaned forward on her desk, "he proposed, I told him who I was, and he still fucked me."

"He has a heart condition. You could have killed him."

"Well when I'm his wife he is going to get all the fucking he can handle, and more bedsides."

She sat back grinning again. I hammered my fist down on her desk.

"Mum said you were good, but I'm better, younger, and sexier. You don't stand a chance against me. Mum is sat back in France knowing she'll get what she deserved all along."

She stood up and walked towards me. She was confident and enjoying this far too much.

"I'm going to marry your husband. You will end up with nothing, I doubt Freddie will be your fuck buddy then," she spat, "anyway I'll soon have him as well."

"Please don't do this to me. I'll give you money."

"You haven't got any, Harris stopped you bank cards. When Harris finds out about you and Freddie his solicitor will leave you with nothing."

"Don't tell him please, leave me Freddie."

She grinned down at me as I slumped to my knees.

"Oh god mum would love to see this," she said, with a huge grin.

"Sue, I'm asking you one last time. Don't push me to something you'll regret."

She threw her head back and laughed.

"You might have lost weight, and you look good. But it is too late, Harris loves me. You know, I'm going to love living in that big house."

She picked up her bag and the envelope to go to the solicitor's office, and started towards the lift. She stopped when she saw the sign.

"It looks like the lift is out of order again. I'll race you to the bottom of the stairs, on second thoughts I'd win, like I'm going to win everything."

I watched her go through the door that went to the stairs. I looked down at the envelope that contained my husband's letter, saying he was starting divorce proceedings. I sniffed and brushed away a tear.

The End.


John came towards me and we exchanged envelopes.

"You know we could go to a hotel for a few hours, if you want?"

He pulled my hand away from his face.

"I swear to god that is the last thing I ever do for you. If you ask anything else of me I go to the police and tell them everything. As for going to a hotel, I'm happy with Vicky, just leave her, me, and the kids alone. I never want to see you again."

"Well, you came crawling to me for help to pay for that life saving operation for Vicky. So we are even now, I guess you can rest easy. As for going to the police forget it, or Vicky might just find some photos of us together from last month."

He shook his head and put his crash helmet on. I watched him get on his motorbike and roar off. His envelope was full of money from my secret bank account, which I had started when I married Harris. It wasn't hard to cream off £10,000 a month for the last 8 years. I took a deep breath. I suppose I should be at home for my husband anyway.

I cuddled my husband that night, and although he didn't really want sex I did everything he liked. He went into work early after a phone call, he seemed troubled. He came home two hours later and sat in his chair. His face looked drained and grey and he looked worried.

"What is it, darling?" I asked.

"S, Sue my secretary, she fell down the stairs and, broke her neck."

"Oh dear, how sad," I said, wiping his brow.

"I don't know why she took the stairs. The lift was fine. Amy, get my pills."

"Haven't you got any left?"

"I, asked you to get some," he said, panting.

"Darling, I couldn't get any money out, my card doesn't work, remember?"

He gripped my arm and started shaking. His mouth opened and he gasped for air.

"You stopped my card darling, remember? I'll call the doctor."

"Hurry, please hurry," he gasped.

"Doctor, come quick, it's Harris, he's not breathing," I sobbed, into the phone.

I watched Harris's hand fall from my arm. I threw to two envelopes into the fire and watched them burn. I sobbed and I cried like any loving wife would do. Still the millions that now belonged to me would make my life a little easier.

The End.

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JBEdwardsJBEdwardsalmost 3 years ago

Your comment is right on the money. What a fabulous story, and the second ending is perfection itself. As a logician would say, you cannot improve on perfection. While I want more of course (we all do) I am happy with this wonderful story just as it is. I think what is so special is that it is a real story with the protagonist both sexy and fiendishly evil. -- JB

trashcan44trashcan44about 8 years ago
Very Good.

Very good story from a strong writer. I would love to have you 'flesh out' Amy's story with additional chapters. For instance more details about her earlier life and what I assume was her submission to the doctor and even what the doctor was doing to the ex-wife. Plus, further escapades with Freddie and Joe. Thank you and Cheers!

Oz1999Oz1999about 8 years ago
Excellent, riveting Story

What a great story. You had me glued to your tale until I finished.

 Anonymousover 8 years ago
Excellent. However...

I really enjoyed this. Not overly erotic, but definitely a good read... Right up until the end. I prefer the second ending, but don't give your readers multiple choice endings. If you have a vision, go for it. Otherwise, it leads up to a cheat. "Choose how you want it to end" may be interactive fiction, but at that point, it's not your story; it's anyone's.

livingjukeboxlivingjukeboxover 11 years ago
This woman is the best

I first discovered SylviaG's work when I read her Zack series. I've been working through her writings (slowly but surely) ever since and Evil Secretary is as good as it gets on this site. The series goes beyond mere sex (though the sex is hot and steamy); the plotting is devious and full of surprises and just when think you know which way the plot is going SylviaG turns the whole thing on its head and you're off on another rollercoaster of sin and sex. For my money, SylviaG is one of the best writers on LitErotica; brilliant, arousing stuff; long may she reign.

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