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Eucalyptus Moon

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A young couple 'neath the full moon in the Eucalyptus Forest.
3.1k words
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Copyright PennameWombat October 2018

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


"Hey, there, you, bear," Matt yelled at the grey marsupial perched about fifteen metres above the ground, "why don't you get off your arse and do some work for a change?"

"Leave the poor thing alone," Hannah said as she lightly punched Matt in the shoulder, "it's not bothering you. And you know it's not a bear."

"And your tree stinks," Matt decided the animal needed to know, as he twisted his nose and lips at the heavy, brown stripe of sticky goo on the white-grey bark of its tree, almost a metre long and beginning just over a metre off of the ground.

In response to it all the koala simply stretched a hind leg up and scratched behind an ear and then made what sounded like a snorting yawn before it curled up.

The tall and broadly-built young man snorted back at it. He was carrying a picnic basket and the shorter and very curvy Hannah was carrying a blanket. They were in one of the relatively large eucalyptus forests in the hilly terrain north of Sydney. It had been a hot summer day and the setting sun was doing little to reduce the heat.

"It's been on lots of trees tonight," Hannah said with her nose twitching too, "my friends and me have been walking this forest since we moved here five years ago, never smelt anything like this before. It's like someone poured tree oil into Vegemite!"

They'd absconded with a bottle of wine and some sandwiches to escape the stuffiness of Hannah's family house and the too large number of neighbours, relatives and ten year olds over for her decade-younger little brother's birthday party. They were also hoping for some privacy for more intimate pastimes.

"Let's set up right here," said Matt, "give him a show, maybe it'll get him moving."

"You're terrible," said Hannah, but her smile meant she agreed the little round clearing was acceptable to her too, the smell had been everywhere but she was getting used to it. They toed the grass a bit looking for big rocks or large roots and spread their blanket after a bit of searching.

The wine was a twist cap and quickly opened, they'd put two plastic cups in the basket. Her mother had winked at her as they slipped out the back gate but Hannah was sure she'd not be happy to have one of her nice wine glasses broken out here.

They sat next to each other and ate the sandwiches they'd thrown together from the piles of party food and worked their way through the wine as twilight deepened.

"Did you bring the torch?" Hannah asked as she opened her eyes after what seemed like an hours long kissing session and could barely see 10 or 15 metres.

"Yeah, in the basket," replied Matt, "don't worry. And it's a full moon coming up. It'll be fine." He leaned back over her and pushed his tongue into her mouth, his hand going to her large round tit, massaging it through the thin cloth of her sundress as she pushed her hand inside of his shorts.

A short while later Hannah was poised naked on the blanket on her bare elbows and knees as a similarly naked Matt was behind her sliding his large cock into her wet pussy.

"Oh, fuck, Matt," Hannah moaned as the steely intruder deepened its penetration into her flesh, "that's so big."

"I love seeing you like this," he panted, his hands holding her broad hips as his cock reached its maximum depth.

"Ah, ah," panted Hannah as Matt gained speed as he pounded her from behind, every stroke causing a rush of liquids from her stuffed box.

The koala above them made another snorting sound then what seemed like a coughing bark.

"What a moon," Matt slurred, causing Hannah to open her eyes and look up, seeing the massive mottled disk of the moon directly in front of her through the trees.

"It's beautiful," she purred, pushing back at Matt.

"Not that one," he said, slapping her ass cheek, "this one!"

As if in response to that they now heard a guttural growl above them, then a series of gruff barking like sounds followed by a deepening roar.

"You like that, huh, bear?" Matt said loudly, "Like watching the people?"

Another guttural growl, followed by distant responses, gruff, three or four of them. In response the koala redoubled it's grunting and growling.

"Oh, yeah, that's the ticket!" Matt yelled, "Watch and learn, bear!"

"Matt..." Hannah started but that just turned into a moan. He'd never fucked her so hard, so deep, so long. She always loved the way his big cock filled her but it so often loosed its load too soon and he was not a man who offered tongue or fingers for her release. But the challenge from these lame animals was pushing him to drive her almost beyond sensation, shuddering waves of climax cascading through her entire body. It was glorious and she lost herself in sheer pleasure.

"Oh, god, oh oh, yeah," Matt practically yelled, "oh, ah, fu..."

Hannah felt his cock suddenly pulled from her instantly lonely hole, a geyser of her cum following it out.

"Oh my god, Matt," she moaned without opening her eyes, "put it back in. Please!"

But all she heard was Matt's groan and what she thought were scrambling sounds and she finally opened her eyes and looked behind her, her mouth opened wide in a silent scream at the moonlit scene.

Some sort of, creature, was on Matt's back as he knelt, one of its powerful arms around the big man's bare chest, the other on the side of his head. Both arms seemed to be of grey fur and had the three fingers and two thumbs of those stupid koalas, each ending in a long, vicious-looking scimitar-like claw. But larger, so much larger, than any koala she'd ever seen. The head of the beast was facing Matt and growling softly but menacingly. Matt's eyes were glassy and his mouth open in a silent 'O.' The earlier smell of eucalyptus and Vegemite from the tree was strong and close.

She scrambled over to the picnic basket and knocked it over in her panic, the torch rolling away. She threw her arm and caught it, turning toward the commotion and flicking it on as she lay on her back, shining the beam between her spread legs.

She screamed, for real this time, as she saw round grey ears bent forward in anger, the boot heel nose quivering in challenge, a yellow eye full of malice but also with a lustful leer, an open mouth showing fangs bared but not yet being used. Then she saw at the top of the white fur of the monster's chest a bare patch oozing the same, viscous brown paste they'd seen on the trees. Matt's face was being held in front of the gland as she saw the beast's chest expand and push out a toothpaste-like flow of the goo to coat his face. Then she saw Matt's great cock was still fully erect and quivering.

In the silence after her scream she heard multiple loud growls as if in response from the forest and thought they were moving toward her. Matt's attacker looked directly at her and grunted then growled softly and deeply. The beast laid the swooning Matt aside and she saw it in full for the first time, standing on its hind legs. The incongruity of its round, fluffy ears now upright temporarily froze a second scream in her throat, its yellow eyes transitioning from menace to something she took as lust and desire and most strangely, intelligence. Muscular arms and legs, all ending in terrible claws. Its grey woolly fur tightly curled, its stomach and chest blazing white except for the slash of brown on its breastbone. Then she saw its huge pink cock, massively erect, bigger even than Matt's and ending in two terrible heads.

Then she did scream when the creature dropped to all fours and in an instant closed the distance to her and straddled its powerful body over hers. She felt as much as saw the slash of paste rubbed on her from her pubic area all the way up her torso and between her large breasts. The creature's strong arms pinned hers to the ground and she felt hot breath, the aroma first of cough drops and then the overpowering mix of eucalyptus and Vegemite as the goo was pushed into her face.

She felt her will ebb, her muscles relax, a sense of calm surrender. But she also felt a deep, tingling in her crotch, a hunger growing in her recently-sated pussy, a need for it to be filled. By anyone. By everyone.

Her attacker stood then as she heard multiple animals enter the clearing, low grunts and growls from at least three of them. The discarded torchlight was shining on Matt and she saw his glassy eyes trying to focus on where the shapes must be. But her mind was almost wholly focused on her cunt. She needed it fucked. And fast. She'd never felt such lust. But her arms wouldn't work to allow her to rub herself when she needed it most.

The creatures were warily approaching the big one. She saw no more penises so took them to be, females, their grey woolly fur tightly curled, their round fuzzy ears flattening and relaxing as all of them traded growls, barks and grunts. In the distance there were sounds as if even more were coming. What little remained of her analytical mind told her he, her attacker, was presenting his trophies. But for what? And then she was overtaken again by the need to be fucked.

The three smaller ones were sniffing at Matt, she saw, and then licking him as if testing the offering. Then one licked his cock and she saw Matt's eyes close, his mouth opened roundly, in a way she'd seen when she'd given him a blowjob. The creature rose and pushed him onto his back and then straddled him and lowered herself onto him and he moaned in pleasure and lust, the creature moving then like a piston on the prone man. That analytical core in Hannah's brain realised he must feel the same as her and then it was again subsumed by jealousy of why did he get to get fucked and not her!

Then she felt, finally, something pressing to her hot, sodden opening and she realised it was the male's huge, two-headed cock, about to enter her. Her brain wanted to panic, to scream, but the need to be penetrated took over and she moaned as she felt her flesh parted. The monster pushed himself in slowly, as if it was testing her capacity. Her mouth opened in a wordless moan as she was stretched and filled beyond even Matt's most fervent efforts. Then she felt the intruder sliding out, her flesh reluctantly letting go, only to once again be violated as the creature's pumping gained speed, his barking in rhythm with his strokes.

Some part of her mind registered Matt as he arched his back, his eyes closed tightly, a moan of deepest pleasure as he apparently climaxed into the creature riding him. It, she, somehow Hannah's brain managed, lifted off only to present her upraised rump to another, male, creature, smaller than her new lover but with the same rigid, pink, two-headed prick. A different female took her place on Matt's still swollen shaft and began to ride him.

And then she was lost to other thoughts as she felt like her entire body was filled, her skin itself ready to burst, as the massive cock was buried into her with forceful thrusts. She felt her body and her cunt shudder in the most extreme orgasm she'd ever had.

"Aaaahhhh... aaaahhhhh....," was all she could say.

Then she felt as the great beast's own orgasm flooded into her pussy, directly into her cervix, directly into her ovaries, said her overstressed brain. She arched her back and she grabbed the blanket with her fists. Her lover consummated their tryst with a loud, incredibly deep and resonant growl that seemed as if it shook the ground.

She was lost in her swoon as a new, smaller, male took its place between her splayed legs, its huge but slightly smaller prick sliding easily into her ridiculously stretched and lubricated opening.

"Over there, I see something," Hannah's ears were passing the words on to her groggy brain which was only slowly coming online. It was a man's voice and now she could hear rapid footsteps. Her eyes finally open she saw it was light but clearly not long after dawn. She rolled her head and saw Matt, on his side and breathing softly still asleep. They were rolled up in the blanket and using the crushed picnic basket as a shared pillow.

"Matt," she nudged him softly, then harder, "wake up!"

As she stirred she felt a deep ache in her pussy, a feeling of overuse and deep fatigue, as if she'd been stretched beyond anything she'd ever experienced. What had they been doing?

She saw his eyes flutter when her attention was drawn away by two men entering the clearing. She recognised her father and one of her neighbours, Mr. Naidu she thought.

"Hannah!" Her father said with evident relief, "Are you okay?"

She started to sit up when she realised she was naked under the blanket and she clutched it to her throat.

"Y... yeah, I think," she said slowly as Matt turned his head to look with bleary, bloodshot eyes at the two standing men, "can you see our clothes?"

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Matt lift the blanket slightly and look down his body and his mouth formed a mask of pain, mouthing a silent 'ow ow ow,' it was apparent he felt the same as her.

At that moment a series of grunts and barks above them caused everyone to look up and see a large koala in a fork, fifteen metres or so up. To the humans it sounded as if the marsupial was laughing.

"Huh," said her father as he looked down again and around the clearing, "um, no. What's all over your faces? Is that blood?"

Hannah touched her finger to her face and felt the dried paste, scraped a bit and detected an odour of eucalyptus, but faded. The aroma wended into her brain and called forth fleeting memories of yellow eyes, of unending inhuman pleasures.

The koala let out its barking laughs again and the memories fled, such that Hannah wasn't sure she had them.

"No. Dad," Hannah said shyly but answering his question at last, "someone took our clothes."

A couple of months later Hannah sat on the toilet and stared at the cross on a little plastic stick.

"Shit," she said softly, "oh, shit."

A couple of months after that the rangers reported that they were seeing signs of what must be every female koala having joeys. Even stranger, at least half of the females appeared to have twins. Over the next few months as the joeys spent more time climbing about on their own the rangers reported that the young koalas would stare at the rangers, in a way most felt seemed almost human.

In her time, at the birthing centre the midwife asked Hannah if she was in any pain. Her pregnancy had been so smooth her mother had expressed jealousy about it.

"No drugs," Hannah told the midwife, "just some cough drops, please."

Amidst the perplexed stares of both the midwife and Hannah's mother, a new attendant Hannah had no memory of ever meeting handed her a small bag of eucalyptus cough drops and watched as Hannah relaxed, her eyes closing, as she sucked on one.

"First for me," said the midwife softly.

"Where is she?" Hannah heard Matt's voice. He'd taken it hard but had eventually come around after she'd told him. She'd not been with anyone else since they'd been together and she knew he knew that, just those fleeting memories of that night, THE night, in the forest.

He came in from the side and kissed her on the cheek.

"Sorry I'm late," he said as he held up a small plush koala, "but I just had to go buy this!"

"Just in time. We're just taking her in," the midwife told him, "you'll have to leave that out here for now." She was a bit abashed by the depth of apparent disappointment that flashed in his eyes, but then it was gone.

It was the easiest delivery the midwife felt she'd ever seen.

"A beautiful baby boy," she announced as she handed the baby to the masked attendant who'd handed Hannah the cough drops.

"Joey," said Hannah, "we're naming him Joey." She saw a masked Matt nodding.

The masked woman took the baby and made what Hannah heard as soft snuffling sounds as the woman cleaned Joey.

"Such a precious buck," the attendant said softly, then for a split second Hannah thought the mask moved, flattened, where her nose should be, her eyes went yellow, her ears became round and fluffy and her exposed arms were covered in tightly curled grey fur, "and come his day he will be King of the Drop Bears. The prophecy is fulfilled."

Hannah blinked and looked again at the masked attendant, light brown hair, green eyes displaying nothing but kindness. She glanced around and no one else seemed to have heard or seen anything. She relaxed as the woman handed Joey to her.

In the recovery room with her baby Hannah woke up at about midnight as she realised the curtain hadn't been closed and the full moon was shining through across her and Joey and the little plush koala in their shared crib. She smiled and looked over at her new son and she half sat up with a start.

She saw his round, grey fuzzy ears, his nose broad, flat and black, his exposed arm covered in grey woolly fur. His eyes opened, yellow, with a sudden shock of intelligence in them as they bore into her. Joey emitted a soft grunt then a softer bark then broke into a smile.

Hannah blinked and when she looked again she saw her perfect baby, pink, healthy, his eyes closed and breathing softly and slowly. She got up as quietly as she could to draw the curtains and at the window she heard a series of growls and loud barks from the trees near the birthing centre. A birthing centre she'd chosen specifically because of its proximity to the eucalyptus forest.

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SpencerfictionSpencerfictionalmost 3 years ago
Drop bears revealed

Amusingly horrific, 4*

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