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Demonic Tutor


Ted Shapiro looked across the enormous leather desk, sweating a bit. Across from him was the most intimidating woman he had ever met, including his wife Jeannie. He tried his best to not cower in his chair as she leaned across the desk, smiling at him predatorily.

The room was cold, almost too cold for air conditioning, but the woman seated behind the desk was making him sweaty and anxious anyways. Ted scratched at his palm nervously and replied to her last line of questions.

"I'm sure, Mrs. M-Malagasta," Ted stammered, "that we can come to an arrangement in regards to your daughter's tutoring." Ted was a tutor, a private teacher, really and a very well-paid one. He specialized in home tutoring for the children of the ultra wealthy and his unimposing persona helped with this. His networking skills didn't hurt his chances, either, yet for all of the boy bands and heiresses he had put into University, nothing had prepared him for Victoria Malagasta.

"Miss," she breathed across the desk at him and stood up. Her smile was warm and friendly and when she smiled at him the rest of her face smiled too. Despite her obvious charm, she made Ted ill at ease and he couldn't explain why. Her tan was so deep it made her look red and the dress she wore didn't look like clothes so much as a thick layer of paint. At her full height, Ted felt like he was staring at some beautiful, ancient fertility goddess.

Her black hair had a near perfect sheen to it and was styled in an up-swept way that accented her eyes and made her stare seem that much more penetrating.

"I checked your references and you come highly recommended, Mr. Shapiro. A number of your previous clients praised your abilities and your, ahem, discretion."

"Well ma'am," Ted wasn't sure why he used that word, but it seemed... right, "parents with children who are touring musicians want to know their children are safe and they have nothing to fear from their teachers, who frequently sleep nearby."

"Well Mr. Shapiro, there's very little of concern here for me in regards to that. Tatiana doesn't tour or even leave the house, but she can be a handful."

"I've dealt with handfuls, ma'am," he was baffled at why he was saying that word, "Miss Malagasta."

"It's Victoria."

"Victoria," he repeated and started to relax.

"But I do so like being called 'ma'am'," she purred, grinning.

Her teeth set him on edge again just as he was starting to relax. This woman was so like his wife, Jeannie. Jeannie loved to get him spun up and it drove him nuts. He was only here at her insistence. He was here because Jeannie wanted more money. Jeannie always wanted more money.

Three years ago, he'd done a tutoring gig; going on tour with the Dodson Twins and that had set him up for life. The following year he spent on the road with 5 cash-drunk boy banders. That trip had put two nice Hondas in their garage, along with another half of a million dollars in the bank. The Shapiros had a beautiful house across the East River from here, a pair of nice cars and a dog named Buck. Ted also hoped that eventually some children would enter the picture but Jeannie loved her money more than she would love anyone or anything else and she always wanted more. That was why he was here. More money for Jeannie.

"Of course, ma'am," he lowered his eyes for a moment.

"Tatiana has a serious condition that we need to address when the time comes. You can't let her get the upper hand on you and she is not to have contact with other teens. Her condition makes contact with them in an uncontrolled environment very risky. We are going to take a few specific precautions to prevent her from unduly influ- err... affecting you, but other people her age must be properly vetted and brought in by me and me alone."

"Of course, ma'am," Ted produced a file folder with the contracts he had drawn up at her direction from his briefcase and placed them on the edge of her desk. Ted had wondered why Tatiana Malagasta had been confined to the house, but he doubted he would find out today. Today was about signing contracts. Whatever 'condition' she had, it meant she couldn't go outside and she needed to be protected from him or vice versa.

The desk was an enormous and imposing leather-covered affair. It was edged with ornate, rich brass work that seemed ancient, yet untarnished. Into the leather, tiny figures were stamped along the edges and corners. Ted stared at the figures, but couldn't figure out what they were and when he tried too hard, it made his brain hurt. The entire article of furniture had a tangible wrongness to it.

"These are my standard contracts and I've added your specified err- clauses and made the alterations you requested. Ma'am." Ms. Malagasta had requested that he include a blanket 'teacher will take all necessary client-directed, client-specified precautions' clause to protect her daughter and had requested he leave the monetary compensation a blank. Finally, she had added a very strange immunity clause, protecting her from lawsuits in the case that he did not approve of her precautions.

She sauntered around to the front of the desk and bent over the contract, her stunning backside high and pointed right at him. Looking back at him over her shoulder, she grinned, her perfect white teeth setting him again on edge. She scribbled something on the contract and checked a few other pages, initialing the bottom of each page then setting the entire thing down on the desk.

She turned around and with an almost bouncy, bubbly hop, she jumped up to sit on the edge of the desk. She plucked up the contract again and sat right on the very edge closest to Ted. Now, she was so very close to him, her long red-brown legs crossed. This close, Ted felt a certain warm humidity and an ozone-like tingle in the air; it was like just before an electrical storm. She smiled at him and ran her long, blood colored nails along the contract.

He could smell her breath, a cinnamony wisp that when he inhaled too deeply it made him heady and when combined with her rich musky perfume, made it impossible for him to not stand there blissfully, basking in her scent. He stood next to her enraptured and started when she bgan to speak again.

"Yes, thank you." She plucked a fountain pen from the desk and scribbled on the compensation page, a self-satisfied smirk on her lips. Grinning again, she reversed the paper to Ted. The number was an astronomical, decadent amount. He had heard that she was rich, but until now had no idea how rich. Ted exhaled sharply and then took in another few deep breaths, hyperventilating. Her scent hammered at him and he felt funny, like he'd gotten high and didn't know it. He stood there, poleaxed.

She smiled and ran a long nail along his hairline, making Ted even more uncomfortable and suddenly now at her first contact, aroused. The scent, her voice, her smile, and most importantly her electric touch caused him to stir to life down there and he felt the sensation of something 'letting down' inside of him, a secretion or oozing of something deep in his loins. Whatever liquid flowed in him, it was headed to his manhood, which suddenly felt tight in his pants despite being not even half erect.

He wasn't sure if it was the money or his suddenly being turned on that made him lose his footing, but he slumped back into his chair. He felt weird and lost and like his mind was being pawed at.

She seemed to know something was up and she peered down at him in his chair, now feeling so far below her. She gave him the smile of a stalking jungle cat and his knees felt weak.

"Wow," Ted finally said.

Victoria showed her teeth again and it unnerved him. He stammered out a few syllables adn she cut him off with a question, "So I should sign this then?" She slithered off of the desk, her dress clinging to her like paint everywhere it made close contact.

She walked on her toes, her heels several inches off of the carpet. She stalked over to a massive mahogany buffet and cabinet, opening it to reveal a well-stocked bar. She took a pair of crystal glasses from the side and set them onto the small end of the buffet. Into each glass she placed a trio of dark red icecubes. Following the ice cubes came a healthy amount of a brown liquor from an unmarked crystal ewer. Ted assumed it was scotch.

She signed the contract and passed it to Ted, who signed a copy and passed the copy back to her. She set the contract on the desk and passed him a glass of scotch. Floating in the scotch, the red ice cubes were quickly fizzing away to nothingness. By the time the glass was securely in his hands, the red ice cubes were gone. She raised her glass to Ted and he reciprocated and as she killed her scotch in a single gulp, he poured his down his throat.

The scotch burned. It seared down his throat and into his chest. He sputtered as it torched his tongue and writhed slightly, shuddering as it made his skin feel as pins and needles were on it. Ted wondered where she had gotten this scotch, as it had never burned his throat and mouth like this. It wasn't the burn of cheap liquor, it was the burn of ghost peppers and burning embers and fresh wasabi.

Still grinning she asked if everything was all right.

"Yes, just fine," he rasped.

"Well here's to a very successful relationship."

"Likewise," he managed.

"Should we get on the subject of the other clause, ma'am?"

"The protective measures for you?"

"Me? I guess I just assumed it was for your daughter. That she had a compromised immune system or something similar."

"Oh no, Teddy. She has a condition to be sure, but we needed to make sure that it wouldn't affect your ability to be her tutor."


She set her glass on the desk and twirled her finger around the lip of it. She gave him one more unnerving smile, "The precautions are being taken as we speak."


The drive home gave Ted time to think, wondering about what was wrong with Tatiana Malagasta, how powerful that scotch was and how Jeannie was going to react to the news about the pay for this job.

He hoped he didn't get pulled over. He had no idea how potent that scotch was, but he felt like he was slowly losing his mind. He kept spacing out and his thoughts drifted much more randomly than they normally did.

He wanted to please Jeannie so badly. He needed to prove to her that he was worth it. She was always the pretty girl and he was just some guy. She could have landed a doctor or lawyer and yet she was with him.

He drove automatically once he crossed the bridge into Brooklyn and didn't really remember pulling his car into the space on the street in front of his house.

His eyes burned and his skin was still crawling from the scotch as he unlocked the front door and entered the house that he and Jeannie shared. Jeannie was sitting in the living room on the sofa, her back to him. She was reading a magazine and watching some banal thing about a famous family on the TV. Next to her were empty takeout containers from their favorite restaurant. She either didn't notice him entering or didn't acknowledge it and it wasn't until he plopped down next to her that she even took notice of him.

"Oooh, King China!" he said to her, smiling and clutching the contract.

"Yeah, I was hungry."

"Sweet, I'm going to make myself a plate."

"It's gone." Ted stared at her, dumbstruck at the fact that she hadn't even thought to ask him, save some for him, or order for him.

"You only ordered for you?"

"Yeah. That ok?"

Something inside Ted had changed and suddenly, for the first time ever, he seethed. He had just spent an hour with the creepiest (and most beautiful) woman he had ever met. Jeannie had been here all day, jobless and living off of his work. Hell, Jeannie technically had never had a real job despite having a college degree. They had met six years ago, a setup by both of their mothers, single children in their late 20s. Jeannie was sweet and quiet back then and Ted wasn't terribly assertive. Jeannie had once described him to her girlfriend Laura as 'safe and tame.'

Ted wasn't feeling terribly tame right now.

"I just spent an hour with the creepiest woman in the city, kissing her ass for an eight figure tutoring job, and you didn'-"

"Eight Figure?" Jeannie interrupted him. "Oh my god. I can get a new car. A Mercedes or a Hummer. I can get a spa membership and I can't wait to see the look on Laura's face. She will be soooo Jealous. We can get my mom a new car and I can get that coat we saw on vacation, that designer wool coat in London."

Ted listened to her parade of 'I' and 'me' statements for some time before finally blurting out, "You couldn't even bother to order dinner with me and you want me to buy you a stupid three thousand dollar wool coat and a Hummer?"

Jeannie's face suddenly changed. Her smile contorted and twisted from happiness into hatred and contempt. She sneered at Ted and looked nearly to slap him. Ted suddenly realized that this was her real face. Somehow her spell on him was broken; his wife was just a gold-digger. He no longer cared what she thought. He still loved her, but he was sick of her selfish bullshit.

All of these realizations came to him in slow-motion, like a movie special effect where a bullet passes over a man falling into a back-bridge. His mind processed his changing point of view at light speed and when she started speaking, he just gave her a pale little smile.

"How dare you speak to your wife that way? I clean up after you, I am here for you!"

"Like how you cleaned up the house for my return from Nebraska last month? This place was trashed, I had to call a cleaning service. Jeannie, what the fuck? All I am to you is a paycheck and you won't even say yes to having kids."

Jeannie gave an animal snarl and took a swing at Ted, trying to slap him. Ted's reaction wasn't one he would ever have planned, but it suddenly seemed right. It was as if his body wasn't completely under his control and what he did was, to him, robotic.

He reached up under her swing and gently caressed her cheek, just like Ms. Malagasta had done to him.

Jeannie's swinging arm stopped suddenly and her face went slack. Her expression sat neutral for several moments and then, she smiled at him warmly, stupidly. Her entire demeanor had somehow changed. He could tell from experience that she was turned on, maybe more than he had ever seen her. He had just done the same thing to Jeannie that Victoria Malagasta had done to him.

"Oh Ted, what's that smell?" Her voice was airy and distant and she stared off past his right shoulder. "It's like being in the Hamptons before a thunderstorm." She leaned very close to him, kissing him ravenously, aggressively. She smiled and started to unbutton his shirt and kiss him all over. She didn't wait for his shirt to be off to start foreplay.

The top button came loose with a pop and she leaned close to his ear, her bottom lip dragging along his earlobe, "it's suddenly so hot, Ted. You can't be comfortable in that shirt and tie." Ted felt himself grinning and he put his hand on his wife's hip.

She opened the second button and pressed her chest to him, breathing heavily, her lips playfully biting his ear and then his jaw. Kissing, nearly gnawing her way to his mouth.

The third button down and her lips were on his, her teeth pulling his bottom lip into her mouth. Jeannie had never been this eager, this wanton with him. She acted as if the only thing she ever wanted was to get fucked, something Jeannie normally did reluctantly. She yanked his tie open and yanked it out of his collar while sucking on his lip and running her tongue along the tip of his.

The fourth button and Jeannie was sweating lightly and kissing him deeply. Ted didn't understand fully what had happened but his mind went back to the scotch. What was in that scotch?

Jeannie's patience ran out and she yanked his shirt off of him, sending the last two buttons tumbling to the floor and skittering under the sofa. Jeannie attacked him, ramming her tongue down his throat. She dragged her nails down the sides of his stomach, eliciting a loud gasp from Ted. Her eyes glimmering with something like madness, Jeannie jerked his pants down, forcing them to his ankles.

Ted's shaft stood at attention, painfully hard and hotter than fire. The skin crawling sensation from the scotch had somehow concentrated in his cock. As Jeannie kissed her way down his body, each time her lips made contact with him, the sensation concentrated in that spot. Tiny blue arcs of electricity jolted between them, making the room flash with little blue strobes of light. Each tiny shock sent waves of pleasure radiating out from where they touched Ted and Jeannie; after each jolt, Jeannie moaned softly and Ted continued to writhe in near-ecstasy.

As she reached his waist, her tongue danced along his flesh, tiny pops of electricity driving her beyond lust into a desire-driven insanity that would never again leave her. She needed Ted inside of her. She looked up into his eyes but he was too far gone to notice. Jeannie dragged her tongue from the base of his cock to the tip and Ted gripped her hair, forcing himself into her mouth. Jeannie stared into his eyes as Ted fucked her mouth roughly. Strands of precum leaked from her mouth. Jeannie gripped the base of his sex and squeezed more of it into her mouth. As Ted's ardor increased the blue sparks became more and more frequent. Jeannie's moans became shrieks that vibrated his flesh, turning him on even more.

Ted fucked her mouth with such force that he was worried for a fleeting moment that he might hurt her. Pulling his cock back until the tip kissed her lips, he rammed it back into her throat, repeating this over and over again. Jeannie gagged a bit but moaned as she took him in her mouth.

He pulled out of her mouth and she stared at him with a glazed look on her face. Drool and precum flowed out of her mouth and she stared at him without any conscious thought besides getting fucked. Ted worried for a moment that he had actually damaged her with whatever he had done, wondering if Ms. Malagasta had anything to do with it.

He was worried. Why was he thinking about his employer at a time like this, at a time when he was having the best sex he had ever had with his wife.

Electricity arced between them, draining Jeannie's lust and energizing Ted. The more turned on that Jeannie looked, the more energized he felt. The more energized he was, the more glassy-eyed she became. The more dazed and glassy-eyed she looked, the more turned on she got. Her breathing became ragged and she moved on him as he wondered still if tomorrow she would be her old, greedy self again.

He didn't dwell on these thoughts terribly long because Jeannie needed more. She pushed him back onto to the sofa and crawled up to meet him face to face, kissing him deeply and impaling herself on him in a single move. On her third thrust, the sparks reached a crescendo and Ted and she both had the most powerful orgasms of their marriage. Blue sparks ran up and down his skin and pleasure shot through both of them. He felt his seed pulse into her for what seemed an hour until finally she collapsed onto him.

Ted relaxed, letting his hand fall to the side of the sofa and felt the unmistakable sensation of his wedding ring sliding off of his finger without any obstacle, hitting the floor with a loud clear tone. His hands had somehow changed, they had gotten thinner. Ted could feel his bones aching suddenly, but the endorphins from his orgasm kept him from feeling too much pain.

Jeannie was only out for a moment. She lifted herself upright and rode his maleness which seemed unaffected by the sudden pains. She rocked her hips back pushing him deep inside of her. He groaned as the agony caught up with him for a moment, but somehow he felt even harder.

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