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Decorating the Newlywed


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"Just try not to get distracted on your way back," She teased, "I don't want to be stuck painting while you two are out having fun."

"Course not." He replied oh-so-innocently and Shelley smiled in return.

And so, a few minutes later, Mrs Shelley Winters found herself standing in the hallway of her and Hayden's new home with the paint, tables and brushes all stacked up all over the place from the previous decorating trips they had made there the last week. Well, the previous short trips they'd made, anyway.

Standing in the not-so empty house, as paint pots sat around, or brushes and rollers, ladders and decorating tables, as well as a couple of pieces of furniture that were covered by large white cloths, such as the sofa in the lounge, or the few utensils in the kitchen. The place looked...well...chaotic, but Shelley just breathed a sigh of relief knowing that soon all of the clutter and mess would be out and a carpet would be down in each room with beautiful furniture. At least, she hoped it would be soon, they both had work again soon.

Still, even in its not-so pristine state, Shelley couldn't help but smile and think of what a wonderful home the house was going to make for her and Hayden's kids. Now that shouldn't be too long in coming, she hoped. After all, they tried for a baby often enough, that thought made Shelley's cheeks heat as the image of Hayden earlier suddenly flashed back into her mind, and they would no doubt be trying again every day until it happened, still, she didn't mind the 'trying' part at all. Though standing there right then, Shelley could just see what it would all be like when it was finished.

Shaking herself out of her reverie though, the stunning brunette newlywed decided that she ought to get on with something before Hayden and Connor came back and found her doting there like a...well, she should just get started.

And so, heading into the first room on the right, Shelley smiled as she looked around her favourite room in the whole house, the room with the large French doors standing opposite the hallway door. Searching through a pile of rags and large covering sheets, she pulled one of Karl's old shirts from the pile, a sky blue thing spottled with various colours of paint from the last few days, and pulled it on smiling as it hung down her toned thighs as she buttoned it up nearly all the way to cover her gypsy top...which she loved way too much to get dirty, though she did leave the top couple of buttons open, the gypsy top was moderately low-cut after all so any paint would land on her skin, and the house was a little warm from the summer's sun.

Rolling up the cuffs, Shelley set one of the decorating tables up and opened a large can of white paint. Nodding to herself as she got the brushes and rollers ready, she looked around the room as she brushed her hair back with her fingers, held it up and slipped a band on to hold her long, wavy-dark brunette hair in a ponytail.

Taking up a brush, she was determined to get the room done that day, even if it was somewhat large. So, ignoring the scraps of newspaper littering the floor and the pile of rags and cloths in the corner of the otherwise empty room, Shelley loaded the brush and walked to the wall by the door to the hall, the wall that made the other side to the lounge wall, and began to paint.

The gorgeous brunette wife hadn't been painting long, though she had stopped briefly to open one of the large French doors - the fumes and slowly growing heat of the day had soon brought that idea to mind - when the sound of a car pulling up in front of the house announced that Hayden had returned with his friend...well, that and Connor's ever-enthusiastic voice as he seemingly jumped out of the convertible rather than opening the door by the sound of Hayden's jest.

Continuing her up and down strokes, Shelley listened as the keys sounded in the door before Hayden pushed it open.

"Shelley, I'm back." Her husband of three weeks called out and Shelley smiled to herself, she liked the sound of that.

"No shit Sherlock." Connor teased his friend before suddenly a song scratched on into the background and this time Hayden's friend announced the obvious. "And we brought a radio to liven this place up."

Shelley smiled amusedly and brightened more so as Hayden came to the door, a large grin on his handsome face.

"I knew I'd find you in here." He said before he leaned down and kissed her gently.

"Careful who you tease Mr Winters," She warned him playfully, holding the paint brush up. "Or you may end up with a white nose."

Hayden grinned, as did Connor as he came to stand next to his friend holding the radio in his hand.

Connor McAlister, with his styled brown hair that occasionally flopped into a fringe, his encapturing grey eyes, strong and toned though not muscular build, ever-present mischievous smile and lively, adventurous personality was always a presence. The fact that he was of Scottish descent also added to his charm, especially when he had turned up at their wedding wearing a kilt in his family's tartan.

Despite the fact that he knew they were painting, Connor had dressed little different to usual, though he did have a white and red plaid shirt on over what appeared to be a tight white vest and stone-washed jeans. His trainers looked a little painted up though, so perhaps this was his way of being prepared to decorate.

"I think she means it Hayden." Connor jokingly warned his friend and Shelley's amused smile turned on him next.

"Don't think you'll get away with it either mister." She teased and Connor held both of his hands up, as best he could anyway while holding the radio in one hand.

"Don't shoot, I yield." He protested and Shelley laughed lightly. He was such a joker. "At least I know who wears the pants in this house." He added to Hayden and Shelley mockingly pulled a face as she flicked her wrist sending paint at him.

Connor however anticipated her move, dodging behind Hayden for protection, and so the white paint shot out and plastered the one hall wall. Shelley held her hand to her mouth to hold back a giggle and Hayden grinned, looking from the wall to her.

"What colour were we going to paint the hall?" He asked with amusement in his voice.

"I guess white." She replied, still holding back her laughter.

"Looks good." Her sweet husband replied and she laughed as he did then.

Connor peaked out behind Hayden's shoulder then, but before he could say anything, probably something along the lines of whether it was safe to come out, Shelley spoke up.

"Come on you two, stop wasting time. We've got a lot to do, so no slacking." She said, wielding her paintbrush like a stick.

Hayden grinned and nodded, however Connor, of course, couldn't miss the opportunity.

"See, I knew she wore the pants." He jibed and Shelley pursed her lips, holding back another laugh, as she held the paintbrush up again threateningly.

Holding his hands up, Connor smiled innocently, making sure to keep Hayden between him and her as they walked further down the hall. Once out of sight though, her husband's old friend made a comment just conveniently loud enough for her to hear.

"Never mind the pants, I never knew you liked Dom's." He joked and Hayden laughed.

"Don't you start Connor McAlister, or I'll show you who's a Dom." She called amusedly down the hall, there was just no stopping that guy. Crazy.

Both Hayden and Connor broke out in laughter at that, and Shelley turned back to start painting the wall, shaking her head as she laughed lightly to herself. She would never get anything done if she carried on joking with that guy.

An hour or so passed before Shelley finally managed to finish the wall she had started, not because it was large enough to take an hour to paint, but simply because she either had Hayden or Connor coming in every five minutes to ask if she wanted a coffee break already, was almost keeling over laughing in some of the things the three of them were saying, or because Hayden kept sneaking in, with the excuse of needing the bathroom, and giving her sneaky kisses. Not that she minded that last, though, but she was adamant to get this place finished by the end of the week and at this rate she wouldn't even get this room done by then!

Still, it was nice listening to the various tunes that popped up on the radio, even if she did have a little dance along with one or two of them instead of painting properly...so alright, she was as bad as either of the guys, but still, she would get her room finished and there was only her painting it unlike in the lounge.

That was, at least, until she suddenly caught the end of Hayden's sentence before he came walking through to her, leaving Connor painting in the lounge.

"...get some on the way." He finished as he came in, shades in his hand, with a warm smile for her.

"Get what?" She asked as he walked over and held her slim waist gently, leaning down to kiss her tenderly.

"We're almost out of paint next door." He answered as he once again leaned down to kiss her soft lips, this time a little more forcefully.

"Oh yeah?" She asked with a hint of playfulness, placing her free hand on his neck as she smiled and kissed him softly back.

"Yep..." He answered with another kiss. "...and I forgot to bring the wood gloss over from dad's this morning."

Shelley tutted teasingly, her eyes brightening as she stared into her husband's piercing green eyes, those feelings that had faded from earlier coming back quickly as the image of that morning once more flashed vividly into her mind.

"You'll have to go get it then, won't you." She replied softly, more than a hint of the electricity coursing through her fine 27-year-old body coming through in her tone.

Hayden smiled as he kissed her again gently, once, twice, then three times as one of his strong hands slowly descended from her waist to grip her tight ass through his shirt, pulling her closer to him. A faint thought passed through the newlywed wife's mind that it was a good job she had managed not to get paint on herself so far, she wasn't usually that lucky with decorating, otherwise her sweet loving husband would have covered himself, not that either of them minded right then as they stared with ever-brighter eyes at each other.

"I suppose so." He said in reply before he kissed her deeply and Shelley's eyes closed as she stood up on tip toes, kissing him enthusiastically back, her whole body almost quivering from his touch.

Finally, however, after too short a moment, Hayden broke the kiss and Shelley sank back onto her feet somewhat breathless and more than a little hot.

"It's a shame your friend is here or I'd rip your clothes off right now..." She almost growled hornily at her handsome husband and Hayden grinned deeply, looking almost on the verge of tearing her clothes off anyway right then and there...oh how that made Shelley feel even more intensely turned on. She almost hoped he did. "...Shame, you'll have to wait till later, bad boy." She added teasingly and Hayden's expression of disappointment almost made her laugh.

For a long moment the newly-married couple stared into each other's eyes, words going unspoken and the room filling with enough electricity to light the house for a month, before the moment was broken by Connor calling from the other room.

"Where's the bathroom in here guys?" Her husband's old friend called from down the hall and both Hayden and Shelley grinned at each other. When they were alone.

"Follow the hall and take the second door on the left." Hayden called back before he leaned down to kiss her on the nose. "I best get going. The sooner I'm gone the sooner I'm back."

Shelley nodded with a smile and once more hefted her paint brush.

"Yeah you better, or I'll never get this room finished." She replied playfully.

Hayden laughed lightly as he took a step back into the doorway.

"You should get Connor to help, he can't do much more in the lounge until I bring the paint back anyway." He suggested and Shelley nodded, smiling as she let her eyes feast on the man she loved.

"Grab something for dinner while you're out?" She half-asked and half-reminded him, then added, "And for Connor too don't forget."

Hayden nodded with a grin as he raised his shades to his face.

"How could I ever forget Connor." He joked and Shelley laughed, nodding in agreement. "See you soon babe."

"Soon" She responded lovingly. "I love you."

"Love you too." Hayden replied caringly before he tapped the doorframe and walked towards the front door, both of them unaware of how different things would be when they saw each other again.

Breathing a little heavier as her heart pumped quickly in her chest...phew...Shelley heard Connor call from down the hall.

"Don't forget the paint Hayden." He jibed good-naturedly and Shelley could almost see her husband's amused smile.

"Yeah, yeah." He replied mockingly, no doubt pulling some face or sign as Connor laughed. "You two be good. Won't be long."

"Bye!" She and Connor called at the same time and then the door closed behind Hayden.

Smiling contentedly, though her blood seemed to be boiling in her veins, Shelley turned to look where to paint next and decided on the wall the door was on, opposite those lovely large French doors.

The radio blared on and it was a few minutes before Connor actually came through, obviously he had been using the last bit of paint he had, however as he did he brought the radio with him, placing it on the decorating table as Shelley was behind the door painting the wall.

"So, where do you want me?" He asked, placing his hands on his waist and Shelley half-turned to look at him and almost burst out laughing when she did.

Completely unaware, Connor had managed to get paint right on the end of his nose. It made him look like some kind of clown the way he was standing.

"What's so funny?" He asked and Shelley bit her lip to stop herself from actually laughing as she walked over to him and unravelled one of her shirt sleeves, holding it over her hand as she wiped the paint off his nose.

"You looked like a clown." She teased as she moved back grinning at him, rolling her sleeve up once more.

Hayden's friend cottoned on then and began laughing himself, obviously imagining how funny he must have actually looked trying to appear all serious with a painted nose.

"Thanks." He said when he stopped laughing.

"No problem." She replied with an amused smile as she once more returned to the wall. "You can start that side and work your way towards me, that will get this wall finished quicker."

Nodding, Connor looked around himself for a spare brush, having left his other paint-covered one in the would-be lounge room, before he loaded his brush and began painting in the opposite corner to her.

As the two of them began painting, Shelley smiled to herself, she knew she would get this room finished today.

Connor McAlister always enjoyed spending time with Hayden and Shelley, they were good fun and as spontaneous as he was in their own way, though no one was ever really as spontaneous as him, not that he had ever met.

Still, it was good fun joking and talking to Shelley while the two of them painted the wall white and listened to the radio. The five minutes since they had started seemed to pass quite quickly and they managed to make quite a good headway on the wall at the same time, even if Shelley did somehow manage to start flicking a few blobs of paint on herself when she reached up.

Not that she was short, it was just that the room was quite tall and she had to stretch to reach for it and had overloaded her brush too much.

That reaching hung the loose shirt she was wearing over her large breasts, and somehow, even while hanging far from her, emphasised her flat stomach and tight, round ass. Not that Connor actually really looked, he had never looked at Shelley that way, oh he could acknowledge that she was a stunning woman, no doubt, but he had just never looked at her any other way than as his old friend's girlfriend, fiancée and now wife.

Still, he did try to help her by offering to paint the higher places, for which she gratefully accepted, though true to his nature he couldn't let that slide without a little bit of a joke. Though as usual Shelley gave as good as he did, and as the two of them drew closer to each other, their brushes almost meeting on the wall to finish it, Connor was once again glad he had nothing to do that day. Hanging out with his friends was always the best option...

Little did the Scottish descendent know just how 'best' that option would be...

Hayden Winters drove contentedly, the radio playing on the same station Connor had put on while they were painting, as the wind blew warmly through his hair. The day couldn't get any better as far as the newlywed husband was concerned, he had his beautiful wife, their home was coming on as planned, they were both happy, and they were having a good day with his friend. What more could a guy ask for?

Turning down the road onto the highway that would take him into Downtown, Hayden leaned back in the car seat and tapped his fingers on the wheel along to the tune on the radio...a classic song that reminded him of the days he and Connor used to cruise in the latter's Charger.

Little did the husband of three weeks realise, as his wife and old friend were equally unaware of, what was about to unfold as Shelley and Connor's brushes swept up and down closer to each other. Little did he know what his decision to bring his friend over to help decorate, or to have him help his wife while he went out leaving them alone, had begun that ever-warmer summer's day in Shorehaven, or what would follow after it, if he did, Hayden may never have left them alone in their new house together...

...as Mr Hayden Winters drove on, blissfully unaware of events unfolding, Mrs Shelley Winters continued painting, impulsiveness about to lead to unexpected pleasure...

Shelley smiled at Connor as she began painting the wall faster as both of them competed to be the one to actually finish painting the last wide square on the wall. Up and down their arms moved, across and quicker, until both of them began laughing.

Both began to draw closer to the last portion when suddenly Shelley bumped her side into Connor unexpectedly for him, though intentionally for her, so that he staggered back and with swift wrist movements she covered the last remaining area triumphantly.

"I win!" She exclaimed victoriously, grinning widely as she turned to raise her arms.

"You cheated!" Connor replied and Shelley laughed in response.

"Sore loser, Connor? Aww, what a shame." She teased and laughed.

"Right..." Hayden's friend said with a playful grin as he lifted his brush and with a flick of his wrist sprayed her with paint from his brush.

Gasping, Shelley held up her hands as she froze for a moment at the sudden spots of white paint that coated her. Connor, meanwhile laughed very amusedly before he walked over to the water pot to wash his brush.

"You did not just do that!" Shelley gasped as she stared at his back in playful shock.

"That's what you get for cheating." Connor replied with amusement as he stirred his brush in the water, grinning over his shoulder at how she looked with flecks of paint covering her shirt and some on her pretty face.

"Right, you asked for it..." The newlywed wife retorted and instantly flicked her wrist sending a large shower of thick paint blobs all over Connor's back and half-turned face, so much so that her husband's old friend, stunned at the unexpected retaliation, twisted to try to defend himself.

A clutter and clatter marked the sound of the paint pot falling over, huge globs of thick white paint running into the water bowl, turning the barely white water thicker and more pearly white. Stumbling back and knocking the table, Connor wiped his face as it was his turn to gasp and Shelley's turn to giggle in delight.

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