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David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 21

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Peeping Tom continues to orally pleasure the school.
6.4k words

Part 21 of the 26 part series

Updated 03/30/2021
Created 02/05/2008
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(It was late autumn of 1960 and I, David Shaw, was 20 years old and was following my hobby of bird watching. I had unfortunately been detained by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being an alleged 'Peeping Tom' in the grounds of 'Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old' one Friday. There were 120 girls registered at the school. Clearly I was not a so called 'pervert' but I could not prove it.

I had decided not to get the local police involved by agreeing to submit myself to the traditional 'Punishment Rules of the School' as applied to 'Peeping Toms'. This involved being stripped naked and spread-eagled on the headmistress' study carpet, and tethered with ropes and leather straps to metal rings set in floorboards at each corner of the room. I was then required to orally pleasure the 'whole' school. This is part twenty one of my sorry tale.)


Monday morning


. Miss Radford lifted off her lemon coloured panties from my neck and unexpectedly kissed me full on the lips and asked whether I would like to sleep with them that night.

It suddenly dawned on me that after Class 2B I had the whole of the third year to get through and the other members of staff. Would I ever complete this mammoth task?

Lois Cooper had unusual green eyes and very full lips. She clattered and clicked her way across the room in her three-inch high heeled shoes. I knelt naked on my heels as I took in her beauty. She truly was a very attractive young woman. Her hair was swept up in a high pony tail and she flicked it from side to side as if she were a free untamed spirit.

"Knickers off please Lois," barked the headmistress who had now removed her dark glasses. Miss Wiff-Naseford did look rough and I felt sorry for her even though her drunken state was self inflicted.

The tall girl tottered up to me and smiled down at me. "You'll like sniffing my panties; I've worn them all night for you," she said slipping them down her ankles and over her shoes.

I looked aghast as I noticed how stained they were. She held them up and shook them in front of me. They were pale pink knickers with a bold lacy edge. Slowly she pulled them over my face and twisted them about so as to ensure the inside of her panty crotch was pulled tightly against my nostrils. I could feel and taste the encrusted cream and brown coloured stains as she rubbed her hand over my face, ensuring maximum contact with this disgusting undergarment. Without doubt they were one of the worst pairs of knickers I had ever smelled. They had a metallic ammonia farmyard stench to them, and I found it difficult to breathe.

She and her classmates laughed aloud at my predicament and Miss. Wiff-Naseford appeared to join in. I spluttered and coughed, throwing my head from side to side to get them off me. Miss Cooper appeared visibly weak through giggling and pushed them further against me. I hated being treated this way; it was so demeaning. I had to put up with this public humiliation as in the head teacher's eyes this was all part of my punishment.

Eventually the tall nineteen year old yanked her underwear off and stood in front of me. She was still giggling as she spoke the required words.

"Tom, head up skirt, now," she sniggered lifting up her pleats and wide flared petticoat. I ducked my head under as she shuffled forward and was greeted by a waft of warm stale air.

Her pubic area smelled just as fetid as her knickers, but again I had little choice. I pushed out my tongue as she dropped her silky petticoat and thick plaid skirt over my head and shoulders. In the darkness I lapped at her labia, running my tongue between her protruding lips, stopping short at her prominent clitoris. I felt that I wanted to get my own back on this girl for her rudeness so I deliberately failed to stimulate her most sensitive nub.

She clearly realised that I was unwilling to masturbate her and I felt sharp finger nails digging into my head through her clothing. I continued avoiding her clitoris with each sweep of my tongue. She groaned in disbelief and gripped my head more firmly, adjusting her stance in an attempt to pull me into her. I stubbornly failed to lick her and eventually retracted my tongue and kept my head perfectly still between her legs. She appeared to become very angry.

Suddenly she grabbed me and swung one of her long stocking clad legs over my shoulder and pulled me towards her. I felt her spike heel shoe dig into my back. My face was twisted to one side and held. Then she began a long intense process of rubbing my facial contours against her genitals. I shut my eyes and tried to remain impassive as she jerked my head over her fleshy folds. Her pubic hair dripped with cunt-juice and I could barely breathe. Eventually after what seemed a long time. She juddered and shuddered and brought herself off on me, swearing like a trooper as she orgasmed.

Immediately she stood away from me and stared angrily. Miss Wiff-Naseford was clearly aware that I had not carried out my duty. I spat out pubic hair and attempted to appease her anger by adopting my 'little boy lost' and 'puppy dog eyes expression. This enraged her even more and she aimed a kick at my shoulder, which connected, and was painful.

"Remember 'Mr. Tom'," she said, "The police are only a phone call away."

"You bastard," said Lois Cooper pulling up her knickers and returning to her friends, at the same time flicking her tartan pleats from side to side.

"If you don't play ball again Tom. I shall be very annoyed. Now please, lick them between their legs; that's what they are expecting you to do, and that's what I expect you to do. Understood?" she whispered with a face incandescent with rage.

"Next girl please. Oh it's Geraldine Wilson isn't it," the headmistress cooed at the tall slim girl with blonde curls standing next to me.

I stared up at her angelic features. She looked like a Renaissance painting. Her eyes were pale blue with incredibly small pupils. Her skin was pale as if it was carved from marble and her hair hung down in tightly curled ringlets.

I dropped my gaze and stared at her shoes. They were three inch high heeled court shoes in patent leather. Her black stockings were of the finest denier. I was intrigued at the tiny wrinkles of nylon across her ankles.

Her skirt hem brushed my shoulder as she clasped the top of my head to provide support as she hauled down her knickers. They were pure white and unsoiled. I noticed that they were trimmed in deep crisp Calais lace and had a tiny bow and rosebud sewn to the waistband at the front. They looked very delicate and feminine.

Needless to say my penis began to take an interest in the proceedings and started to stiffen. It stiffened further as she stepped over me and straddled my kneeling knees. By degrees she shuffled forwards so that I was pushed back on my heels with her skirt pushed firmly against my face.

"Head up skirt," she said to me in a friendly and courteous manner.

I stared up into her eyes as she pulled up her pleats and petticoat and draped them over my face. The silky smoothness of cool nylon petticoat against my cheeks immediately jerked my heavy penis into life.

It felt refreshingly erotic to be under the skirt of such a superior being. I felt her rearrange her clothing so that her pleats and underslip hung evenly down from her waist and hips so that I was enveloped neatly between her legs. I was greeted by intense odours from her blonde bush which rested on my nose. Her skirt hem tickled my naked shoulders as I knelt, almost in reverence, at her vagina in front of me.

Within seconds I was tonguing her 'portals of pleasure' and easing apart her outer labia using just my tongue and nose. In the dimmed light under her uniform I could see her clitoral hood and engorged bud awaiting my further attentions. The environment under her skirt and between her legs smelled and tasted purely of sex. This contrasted dramatically with her prim and innocent outer appearance, which she presented to the rest of the room.

She was clearly aroused and receptive to my tonguing. After only a minute of stimulation droplets of her female 'nectar' began oozing onto my face. I lapped it up in adoration of this heavenly creature astride me.

Geraldine's hands held my head as she began slowly thrusting her pelvis and grinding her genitals over my upturned face. I tilted my head back further and enjoyed her wiping her slimy genitals over my eyes, nose, lips and chin. She smelled intensely of warm fresh young cunt. I held my face up as she continued with her masturbation. Gradually she increased the pace and I felt her hands on the back of my head pulling me even closer inwards. After many minutes my face was subjected to fierce stabbing pelvic jerks and cries of "Yes, yes, oh yes," from the nineteen year old above me. Gradually she 'came' in waves and judders, and I felt her vagina muscles contract around my tongue which was buried deep inside her.

"Too much'" she screamed as she pushed me away, "much too much," she sang in her 'home counties' accent.

Clearly she was now far too sensitive to touch and I ducked out from under her skirt and dribbled out blonde pubic hair that had filled my mouth.

Miss Wiff-Naseford held up my chin and spat on my face then dribbled long harp strings of saliva over me. She wiped it off with her soiled long-legged directoire knickers, in an attempt to clean me up. I told her that I thought she was wasting her time and that could we not just finish off Class 2B so that we could all adjourn for lunch.

Rebecca Anderson strutted across the room wearing her four inch high-heeled court shoes. I rotated my neck from side to side in an attempt to loosen my stiff shoulders. I knelt up and flexed my legs leaning forwards and backwards, then resumed my heel-kneeling position. Her skirt flicked from side to side revealing a lace edged petticoat.

I turned and looked up at the girl. She appeared very ordinary except she had her dark hair pulled back into two bunches which stuck out sideways just above each ear. They made her appear very young, but at the same time she resembled a large doll. It was most unusual. She held onto me as she pulled her panties down to her knees then stepped out of them. They were pale pink with white lace trim. I could see that they were stained and wondered what she would smell of between her legs. She threw her knickers on the settee and, still holding onto my head swivelled round so that her skirt clad thighs were pushed against my face. The material felt warm and I could feel her suspender clips through it. I could also hear the swishing sound of her petticoat sliding over her stockings beneath her smart pleated school skirt.

"Push your head up my skirt," she cried in a coquettish manner.

I ducked my head under as she lifted up her pleats and slip. I tilted my head backwards and pushed my nose into her pubic hair as she dropped her clothing over me. She smelled intensely of warm vagina and urine. I breathed her in and felt my penis rise. Soon my tongue was buried inside her and she squirmed deliciously, thrusting her pelvis against me, her pale pink petticoat sliding over my ears and neck.

Droplets of precum formed on the bulbous purple end of penis and dribbled onto my thigh. She clasped my head to her and jerked against my face more viciously.

Before long my features were plastered with vaginal spendings and I had to snort to clear my nostrils. Beneath her skirt the atmosphere became more and more humid as our combined sweat dripped down my face and onto my chin. Her gyrating hips drove her stockings and suspender clips into my naked shoulders and they became unusually sore.

She held onto my neck and jerked more furiously, sliding herself over and over my facial contours. I closed my eyes as all around me was a shaking mass of pale pink petticoat, swishing and crackling. My face now resembled a smooth sticky slimy mess as she extracted every last ounce of friction from me. She rode me onwards, her jerking becoming more frenzied and I felt that I was drowning in her secretions.

"Yes," she cried, "Oh yes, oh yes, yes yessss," she hissed as she grunted and came, her vagina rippling with muscular spasms around my tongue.

She backed away from me, exposing my face to the harsh light of day. I must have appeared a total wreck. My hair was lank and sticky with cunt juice and beads of sweat covered me from hand to foot. My now flaccid penis was oozing pre-cum all over my thighs. The 'mad harridan', Wiff-Naseford, ambled up to me and spat in my face several times in an attempt to clean me up. She wiped me once again with the nylon legs of her knickers. I felt so humiliated and was also desperate to wank.

From across the room I heard the familiar click, click, click sound of high heels walking towards me. I stared into the face of a freckle-faced nineteen year old with a gap-tooth grin. She looked like a Norman Rockwell painting. Her hair was in plaits and she looked much younger than her age. She also was chewing gum and I wondered whether this was frowned upon. The headmistress did not appear to mind and merely told her to pull down her knickers.

The girl reached under her skirt and pulled them down as far as her knees. Taking the cue from other girls she waddled in front of me and pushed her thighs into my face, at the same time lifting her skirt and petticoat over my head.

I knelt with my head angled downwards as she opened her thighs. She shuffled forwards and rubbed her stocking tops and suspender clips against my temples. I eased my way in between her long slim legs and stared down into the soiled gusset of her white lacy knickers. Gingerly she pulled them up again ensuring that my head was trapped between them and her hairy genitals. My face was plunged into the smelliest part of her undergarment. The odour was unquestionably rank and extremely unpleasant although, once again, my penis appeared to disagree.

The more I breathed in this mixture of dried vaginal secretions, urine and perspiration the stiffer it became. I just could not get enough of her female scent and breathed it in deeper and longer. Just as I thought that I would become terminally intoxicated she slid her frillies down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She grabbed my cheeks through her skirt and twisted my face so that my nose rested against pubic curls. Opening her legs she pulled me into her so that I was in the perfect position to 'bring herself off'. Again my face appeared to be just a sexual plaything, something which provided a suitable surface against which to masturbate. She clearly did not think of me as a person and became quite brutal in jerking herself over me.

"Keep your fucking head still," she said trying to hold me steady inside her slippery petticoat.

It was a difficult job as clearly slips, by their very nature, are worn by women to reduce friction between a skirt and other underwear, such as stockings and knickers. My head was therefore difficult to position. Eventually her jerking became wilder as she found a point on my nose which perfectly fitted the hood of her clitoris. Ten minutes of incessant grunting, swearing and screaming eventually took her to the edge of her orgasm. Her body shook and shivered as she juddered and spasmed. All around me her clothes shook and lubrication gushed out of her. My face became a slick of slime, and remained so, as she squeezed her orgasm out over me.

I fell back exhausted and looked at the head teacher. She was smiling in a demented way, mouthing the words "Bravo, well done Roberta Chapman, well done young girl."

Roberta retrieved her knickers and staggered back to the door. The other girls were fidgeting and Miss Wiff-Naseford dismissed them. There were now only two girls left to pleasure.

* A New Position.


"We'll try a new position with you two," she said ushering me closer to the settee. "I want you, it's Anita Russell isn't it?"

"Yes Miss Wiff-Naseford," said the blonde haired one wearing glasses.

"Well, Anita, you are going to pull down your knickers and sit on the edge of the sofa in front of Tom here and spread your legs like so."

The head mistress sat in front of me, with her legs very wide apart. She pulled her skirt and petticoat up to her waist. I stared at her now familiar prominent gaping vulva which glistened with juice. Clearly the spectacle of watching her girls being orally pleasured had aroused her considerably.

She pulled me forward. As my hands were fettered behind my back I had little control over my balance and, therefore, crash landed into her lap. She gripped me with her thighs and threw back her garments over me so that I was once again submerged in the dimly lit space between her long legs and under her thick tweed skirt. I began lapping at her lips and worked my way in between them. With unbelievable self-control the head teacher pushed me away mumbling that 'her girls came first'.

Anita Russell sat in front of me with her legs apart and her knickers around her ankles. "Lift your feet dear and place them around Tom's neck," she told her second year student, "...but keep your knickers on."

I now understood why she had suggested that the girls keep their knickers on. I ducked forward staring at the pale skin and hairy bush above her black stockings. She lifted her legs and swung them over me so that my head was between her knees. She pulled me and I toppled forward with my face in her pubic hair. Her legs draped over my back, were kept in place by her taught knickers around her ankles. She flipped her petticoat and skirt over me and I began the long process of bringing her to an orgasm. She appeared very comfortable in this new position and thrust her pelvis up and down allowing herself to be stimulated by my nose. I, on the other hand, had no means of extracting myself from her and was basically stuck with my face lying heavily on her. Once we had built up a rhythm I managed to breathe between thrusts and gradually used my tongue on her clitoris.

"Don't stop what you are doing," she said as her stockings slid over my neck and shoulders and her stiletto heels scraped my back.

"Faster, quicker," she groaned as I persisted with my tonguing.

Beneath her pleats her cunt overflowed with a mixture of my saliva and her natural lubrication. My air space was very confined and had an intense sour-sweet stench. She gripped my head with the pale flesh above her stockings and she pulled me even further into her. By now her movements were frenetic and around my ears and cheeks I felt the tight coolness of her underslip sliding over me. Her jerking increased in pace and as she brought herself ever closer to her 'ultimate pleasure' she gripped my head so hard almost as if her very life depended on it.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh," she whispered over and over again as she upped the pace even more.

My penis stood out like a ramrod and was almost painfully stiff. I vowed that I would get one of the two remaining girls to suck me or wank me off. The morning had been a continuous period of sexual frustration and I felt that I could not survive. I was determined to speak to the headmistress and insist on some changes.

Eventually Miss Russell rippled and spasmed and I felt her orgasm through her thighs which were clamped tightly to my ears. She pulled up her skirt and I gasped for breath. Her petticoat was wringing wet and had absorbed a good deal of moisture. She swung her legs over me and got up, pulling up her panties and shaking down her pleats. I tried to spit out pubic hair. Miss Wiff-Naseford pulled me back so that I was kneeling on my heels again. She dribbled saliva on my face and, with her knickers, once again, tried to clean me up.

The final girl was Sally Thomas. She had dark, almost black, hair and large brown eyes. I noticed that she had a squint. She sat on the settee in front of me and eased down her knickers. They were lime green French knickers with white lace trim. She swung her black stockinged knees up so that I was faced by her delightful bottom and pubic hair. I leant forward as she opened her legs and draped her knees over my shoulders. The additional weight pulled me forwards and my face ended between her legs. Her aroma was amazing. It had an attraction that only fresh young cunts can exude. It smelled very palatable and I set off licking, delving and tonguing her. She squealed with obvious satisfaction as I parted her labia and exposed her clitoris.


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