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Coming Soon: Tales of Leinyere Story Event

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Lit authors & artists, band together to chart a new world in text & art!
620 words
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What Leinyere is like, the various kingdoms, cities, and landscape, as well as its inhabitants, cultures, and sexual mores, will be illuminated by the authors themselves as they worldbuild within their own stories, just doing our best not to contradict each other. Will there be elves? Will they be tall and graceful, or short and mischievous? What about dwarves? Orcs? Lizardfolk? Etc? How does magic work in this world? Let's all find out together.

It's your mission to chart the history and topography of a vast new world. Authors and artists of Literotica, welcome to

The "Tales of Leinyere" Story Event

Here's more from the creator and organizer of this event Nouh_Bdee:

"Tales of Leinyere" will be a collection of stories set in the same fantasy universe. Any writer who wants to participate can write any story that fits the site's guidelines: from epic tales of star-crossed lovers in the midst of continent-spanning war; to interracial trysts between burly, violent orcs and haughty, graceful elves; to the clandestine efforts of queens scrambling to provide heirs for sterile kings; to dubiously consensual fucking between brigands and either the princesses, or common maidens confused for princesses, that they've abducted; to incestuous romps in the hay-strewn barns of rural direcow (or hucow if the authors introduce them) farms. The world would be built as the writers write, and we will use this forum thread to suggest facts, locations, people, and events that cross over from story to story, complete with a map worthy of the first page in a dusty paperback and an official timeline of the continent of Leinyere.

This event is also open to the Adult Comics and Erotic Art categories as well.

All participants regardless of writing or art experience are welcome to join in the fun - but be sure to read all the rules and guidelines below to make sure your work is included!

"Tales of Leinyere" Story Event Info

Open to all authors & visual artists provided they .
organizer: Nouh_Bdee
submission deadline: January 1-16 2022
challenge date: January 21st 2022

Rules & Guidelines

• The story must be set on the fictional continent of Leinyere (including nearby islands), or some other magical realm accessible only from Leinyere.

• Try not to contradict any of the history or natural laws of this world, and any linked resources. If differences are irreconcilable, let's use a "dibs" system, although I doubt that will be necessary.

• Please communicate, in , any world-building details you create in your story: Kingdom Boundaries and Descriptions, Prominent Historical Figures, Natural Events, etc.

• Any subject, any category, any length you like (Lit submission guidelines apply, as always).

• Author must include the phrase "Tales of Leinyere" in the "Notes" field of the submission. We recommend that you COPY & PASTE it into the NOTES field to avoid typos.

• Please use "Leinyere" as a story tag.

Please see the if you have questions, need clarification, or just want to discuss the event with the participating authors.

If you've got an idea for a themed writing challenge, feel free to ! We're open to anyone organizing a new event.

And if you're looking for a fun way to stretch your skills, check out our list of current !

From all at Literotica a big thank-you to the readers who have supported the site and the writers by way of views, votes and comments.

And a special thank-you to Nouh_Bdee for creating and organizing this epic event!

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HarddaysknightHarddaysknight24 days ago

This is one hell of a challenge! Good luck to all who participate. I am looking forward to reading the stories.

blackrandl1958blackrandl1958about 2 months ago

I wish all the writers the best of fortune. Look forward to reading the stories. Randi.

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