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Coming Soon: Amorous Goods, Season Two (2021)

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The popular writing challenge returns, still open to all!
681 words
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A lifelong collector of goods and objects from far and wide has passed and left the entire collection and the business built around them to the only remaining relative, a niece on a career path of her own. Vikki has taken on the task of administering the estate and liquidating the business and collection. However, she has come to find out that many of the goods have been cursed or enchanted with amorous powers that affect those who encounter them. These are the stories of some of those encounters with objects found at Amorous Goods.

Open the door, and take a step inside:

Last year's Amorous Goods Story Challenge spawned a fantastically fun anthology of supernatural tales. It was so fun for both readers and writers that it's happening again!

Event creator and organizer jaF0 explains the concept:

In television and movies, an anthology series consists of multiple stories written by different authors using a common theme or core story concept.

This concept is an erotic variation of the theme of the TV series, Friday the 13th: The Series, that ran from October 1987 to May 1990. [Please read if you're not familiar with the show.]

Authors should create and develop their own characters as customers of the store, the objects involved and the effect they have on the characters while retaining some contact with the store and the main characters who run it.

Stories may also feature the main characters and the business itself as described and named in the .

Authors can choose any Literotica category, just as they would with any other submission. While there are no real rules outside of Literotica's general rules for submissions, I'd rather not see them get too far into horror and gore or scream queen type content. Preference would be more towards light horror with erotic or comedic overtones. Think of films like 'High Spirits' if you deal with hauntings or ghosts for example. There should be elements of mystery and some unexpected turns.

Sound like fun? Don't be shy! This event is open to all participants - but be sure to read all the rules and guidelines to make sure your work is included in this special anthology/author challenge.

Amorous Goods, A Literotica Anthology Series

Open to all authors provided they .
organizer: jaF0
challenge date: stories submitted & posted October 1-31st, final anthology list posted on November 1st

Rules & Guidelines

• Submit your story sometime in October (from the 1st through the 31st).

• Because this is a challenge - not a contest - you may enter your story in both this event and the Halloween Story Contest. (Be sure to read and follow the Halloween story contest rules once they are posted).

• Story titles should be formatted as 'Amorous Goods: (custom story title)' to help keep within the concept and help readers find connected stories.

• The Prologue (italicized paragraph at the top of this announcement) should also be included at the beginning of each story submission for the same reason.

• You must include the phrase "AMOROUS GOODS" in the "Notes to Admin" field so that Lit can find the stories and add them to the challenge.

Please see the if you have questions, need clarification, or just want to discuss the event with the participating authors.

If you've got an idea for a themed writing challenge, feel free to ! We're open to anyone organizing a new event.

And if you're looking for a fun way to stretch your skills, check out our list of current !

From all at Literotica a big thank-you to the readers who have supported the site and the writers by way of views, votes and comments.

And a special thank-you to jaF0 for creating and organizing this fun event. We look forward to reading your tales of Amorous Goods!

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