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Coming Soon: AI, A New Era

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Join in the fun in this story event based on sexy artificial intelligence!
384 words
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The "AI: A New Era" Story Event

From the creator and organizer of this event bettiezyx:

Artificial Intelligence is more complicated than anything the human race has ever created. How does the creation manipulate the creator **in bed**? This anthology brings together stories of AI and its sexual effects on the intelligent apes confused enough to think they control it.

AI is great friend of people. Make people feel really good.

Open to all authors! Stories may cover the orgasmic as well as the horrifically orgasmic aspects of AI. Let your creative juices flow!

The general theme is that artificial intelligence pushes the boundaries of human experience, from the robot love stories to the Simpson's 'House of Whacks' to psychological programming.

"AI: A New Era" Story Event Info

Open to all authors provided they .
organizer: bettiezyx
submission deadline: 1010 (aka October 10, 2021) thru November 6th
challenge date: final anthology list posted on 1111 (aka November 11, 2021)

Rules & Guidelines

• LITEROTICA RULES APPLY; machines and machine learning will not be an excuse to bypass them. "No sexual activity involving bestiality (you can write stories about supernatural beasts like ghosts, unicorns, werewolves, etc.) or underage persons will be considered. For the purposes of this site, the minimum legal age is 18."

• Author must include the phrase "AI: A New Era" in the "Notes" field of the submission. We recommend that you COPY & PASTE it into the NOTES field to avoid typos.

• Please use "AI A New Era" as a story tag.

Please see the if you have questions, need clarification, or just want to discuss the event with the participating authors.

If you've got an idea for a themed writing challenge, feel free to ! We're open to anyone organizing a new event.

And if you're looking for a fun way to stretch your skills, check out our list of current !

From all at Literotica a big thank-you to the readers who have supported the site and the writers by way of views, votes and comments.

And a special thank-you to bettiezyx for creating and organizing this awesome event!

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bettiezyxbettiezyxabout 1 month ago

I'm still laughing at Legio_Patria_Nostra's comment!

Legio_Patria_NostraLegio_Patria_Nostra4 months ago

Wow... I have a sudden feeling of Uncanny Valley! More coffee! STAT!

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