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Clare Ch. 03

Story Info
Clare continues with the boys from the swim team
4.7k words

Part 3 of the 4 part series

Updated 10/25/2021
Created 11/30/2002
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Clare slowly slid her hands down her sides, over her hips and back to her thighs to hold the denim skirt tight on both thighs. Then she arched her back a little more as she looked back over her shoulder at her own ass, pushed up like she was ready to be mounted. With a slight smile, looking through the blonde hair spilling over her eyes, she began to slowly raise her hands back up her thighs, looking around at the group one by one. All of the men in the semicircle around the chair were silent, save for a bit a jingling in pockets as a few unconsciously cued up for a game of two ball pool.

Clare's eyes swept the men crowded close, taking a glance at their crotches, noting the bulges, and turned the smile into the dazzle that clinched her as a world-class beauty. She had a strong looking physique, with the long smooth muscles of a swimmer. It made her legs seem a little longer and her breasts seem a little larger than on other women her height. As her knees sunk into the chair, her thighs were a little taught, giving them a more beautiful definition as they were revealed, more and more. When her panties were first exposed Brian noticed that she had changed these too, now she was wearing a pair of white bikini style, sheer except in the front panel where they barely covered her sex. In fact, Brian now noticed that right in the middle of the panel there was a growing thin line of moisture on the slightly indented area where the entrance to her cunt would be. He wasn't the only person to notice.

Peter Ham, the butterfly man, they called him on the swim team. Made all state his last two years in high school. Big, beefy for a swimmer, he had been on the wrestling team his freshman, sophomore, and junior years before settling in on the swim team,butterfly stroke and relay. Pete now moved into Clares' 'space' and ran his finger slowly up the back of her leg, along the beautiful thigh and stopped at the hem of her now raised skirt. He turned toward the group with a smile verging on a sneer. "Looks like we got ourselves a hot one here guys."

Clare immediately sat up, sliding her skirt down, and turned around. Some of the men groaned in disappointment. She too had a smile on her face, this time with a slight sneer in it. "Well, it seems as if we've got a real man here. There is usually one in every group in whatever social setting you find yourself in." She was talking to the rest of the men, ignoring Peter even though he had not moved other than to take his hand back. "Testosterone is like any other drug on the planet, some can handle it and some can't." She looked at Peter saying these last words.

"I'm sure you all know someone who can drink coffee all day and fall right asleep, whereas someone else will have a small cup in the morning and be up all night." She looked around as she was saying this and noticed nods of understanding coming from a couple of the men. She stood up, slightly bumping Peter as she did so. He took a step back. "Well there are some men who are like that with testosterone, only this hormone will make you aggressive, and violent." Looking at the rest of the men as she said that, she noticed that they had began to look at Peter. "Too often in the past these oddballs have been honored for their innn-ability to control themselves. She exaggerated the 'n' to bring out there was nothing vitreous about what she was saying. "A Mans man," "Just being boys," and "He really didn't mean to"! are all just excuses that are used to cover up this inability. I hope all you men here will enjoy life, what it has to offer, and not let a few oddballs make it worse for you." As she said this she looked each of them in the eye, a promise of rewards to come were dancing in hers. She then turned toward Peter and said, "So what is your name?"

Peter suddenly felt himself being stared at by all his buddies, not exactly in a friendly manner. He took a step back. "Peter" he stuck his chin out slightly towards her as he did, making Clare think of a scared little kid.

"Peter, do you think what I said is true?" Clare still smiled, now with just a bit of tease in it. "Have you known anyone like that?"

As Brian looked on, the expression of 'put your pud in the mud' came to mind. You could see the change in Peter, and feel the change in the group. There wasn't a man there that didn't want to 'enjoy life, and see what it would have to offer" tonight!

"Yeah, he knows one, it's him!" one of the other men said the last two words coming out between his teeth. He quickly stepped a little closer to Peter.

"Hey, hey now." Clare said stepping in front of him and putting her hand on his chest. She had to look up at this one, he was well over six feet tall. "What is your name?"

"Mike" he said almost reverently, looking in her eyes.

"Hi Mike," Clare blazed him with a wide smile. "Don't let your chemical reactions get away with you either." She gave him a little up and under look, raising her eyebrows as if to say, OK?

"Well, I've known Peter since third grade, and what you were just talking about has happened before," he said earnestly.

"I'm sure it has," Clare said with a dour look at Peter. "But I don't think Peter is going to let it get away from him this time, and maybe not in the future now that he knows what to look for." She gave him a small smile. "And maybe you, and all of you," she looked around at the whole group, "could help Pete out, and any other testosterone challenged acquaintances of yours. But tonight, don't we just want to have a little fun?"

A resounding "YES!" filled the room. Clare smiled again, and the men chuckled a bit as the tension seemed to leave.

"So! you," she said looking at Pete, "no hard-guy stuff, OK? just take it a little easier. Like Mick said, You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need. And you," she said turning to Mike and giving him a smile, "have got to be careful with your own testosterone getting out of hand. But your coming to defend me was sweet. And sweetness should always be rewarded, I think." Saying that, Clare took the couple of steps between her and Mike and stood on tiptoes, kissing him with a peck on the lips.

"Woooo!" the group howled. Clare had a slight color come into her cheeks.

Making her look so beautifully innocentBrian thought, and then remembered earlier in the evening.I know she's anything but.

Clare turned and getting back up on the chair asked, "Well, do you think I'm the right age for a great ass? We still haven't answered that question." As she said this she pulled her skirt right back to where it had been when Peter had stepped forward before. The wet spot had spread, but seemed to be drying a bit. "I sometimes think it's a bit too big," she pouted.

"Oh no, not at all!" numerous voices reassured her.

"But look how tight my panties get." she said innocently as she pulled them up into her crack and tight on her mound. The wet spot began to spread again. A lip of her cunt slipped out one side. She ran her hand along her hip and down her thigh as she looked at the men around her. When she got halfway down her thigh with her hand she began to run her finger up the inside until she reached her crotch and touched the lip that had come out of the gusset of her panties. "Oh!" she pretended surprise. "I think these panties may be too small." she tucked her lip back inside, and pulled the gusset over her cunt more fully.

A group groan went through the men.

"I guess I was right, huh guys? My butt is too big!"

"NO! NO! It's not!" came from the men around her.

"If anything, it's those panties that just have to go." Mike said deadpan, in a moment of quite. He was staring at Clare's legs and ass like a pilgrim at the birthplace of Christ.

She smiled at Mike. "Hey you are right. Maybe I can make this a little better for us to tell if I'm up to snuff. Brian, can I talk to you for a moment?" Once again, to groans of the men, she straightened out her skirt and got down off the chair. "We'll be back in a moment gentleman, maybe someone could make some tea?" she asked in a teasing voice.

She took Brian to bottom of the stairway (he would always refer to this stairway as 'The Stairway to Heaven' after tonight) and turned to him. "Bri, do you think your mother would mind me 'borrowing' a couple of her pieces of clothing tonight? I mean, I'm not going to take anything out of the house, and they aren't due for a week, right?"

"No. I mean yes, of course you can. No, they won't be here for two weeks. But what do you think my mom would have that you would want to wear?"

"You'd be surprised Brian, I'm sure. You know your parents didn't dry up as soon as you were born. If I remember right your mom was a good looking lady when you and I were in school together. She hasn't blimped out or anything since then has she? I'm sure I saw a fairly recent picture of her in the hall earlier."

"No, she hasn't blimped out, but the stuff she wears is, you know, mom-like clothes I can't imagine anything I've seen on her that you would want to wear."

"Ah! That's what I met, when I said you would be surprised. I just hope she hasn't taken all the good stuff with her on their vacation. Can I go look? Or maybe you want to go with me?" She looked at him in the most teasing way, totally innocent. "Maybe you should keep an eye on me to make sure I don't ruin some of your mom's clothes."

"No, er, yeah!, er, I know you will be OK with the clothes, but, yeah....well Clare, I'm still half drunk, and this is all pretty confusing to me."

"OK Brian, I'll be your designated driver for tonight." She took him by the arm and started to lead him upstairs. She shouted over her shoulder, "We'll be back in a couple minutes guys! Just a quick change! Don't go anywhere!"

Shouts of, "Don't worry! Just hurry!" echoed back as they reached the hallway at the top.

I'll never look at this room the same again. Brian thought as they came into his parents bedroom for the second time that night.

"You just sit on the bed again Brian. Oh, that's right you weren't sitting on it last time were you?" Clare looked right in his eyes teasingly. "Well, you ended up on it anyway. Sit there for now and let me see what I might find. I'll bet with a classy lady like your mom there will be plenty to choose from even if she is on vacation. Vacations are to fill in your wardrobe that you brought, so it's necessary to leave something home!" She was now talking to herself as she began to look quickly through the drawers of what was obviously a woman's dresser. Clare was pulling out brightly colored panties and bras, matching a few up and tossing them on the bed next to Brian.

Brian looked almost spooked at the clothing on the bed. Clare, noticing the look, smiled and said, "Surprised huh? I told you! You just see the outside of your mom. All the other men of the world do too, but they are trying to see the inside too. And for us ladies it is the layers between in and out that seem to make a slight difference between how much in and outwe get. If you get my drift. You still with me Brian?" She looked at him directly and noticed he was looking at her in such a 'puppy dog' way that no matter what she said it would be taken for gospel truth. "I guess so. You don't seem to be tracking too well, did you have anything to eat tonight before you began drinking?"

"Ah, yeah, but everyone just kept shoving drinks at me after you left and wanting to know what we did earlier up here. I wasn't telling so they kept them coming. I guess they got a little away from me. Maybe some coffee.."

"Oh, that's so nice. You were protecting me!" Clare sat down next to Brian on the bed and took his hand, looking into his eyes. "Brian, you are such a sweetie. Some coffee would be good, yell downstairs while I finish looking around here and get them to put some on for you." She stood up and went to the walk in closet.

Brian went down the hall to the top of the stairs and looked down. He saw a couple of the guys hanging around the bottom of the stairs, and someone was obviously in the kitchen area. "Hey! Can one of you guys get some coffee going too? It doesn't look like this is going to be an early night." He saw both men grin at each other before heading to the kitchen. Brian went back to his parents bedroom.

As he walked in he saw Clare just reaching behind herself, undo the bra strap, pull it off and toss it on the bed. She half turned and was picking up a light blue bra when she noticed Brian staring in the doorway with his mouth open.

She smiled as she turned toward him and said casually as if he saw her dressing every day, "So, are they getting some coffee going?" She laughed to herself as she noticed he still hadn't taken his eyes off her breasts.

"Waaa?" was all that Brian was able to get out.Oh my God! They're perfect! They're perfect! Brian was thinking over and over. He shook himself and finally looked up into Clares smiling, knowing eyes.

"Is someone making you some coffee?" Clare repeated, her eyes laughing. Brian obviously was gentleman enough to keep his eyes on a lady when talking to her, but just couldn't seem to keep them on her eyes, where a gentleman would. She stood for a moment longer letting him get in as much of a look as he wanted. Then she turned slightly as she put her arms through the light blue bra that she had picked up off the bed and asked, "Brian, would you do it up for me? It's much easier when I've got some help." She turned her back all the way toward him and held up her golden hair.

Brian got a hold of himself for a moment, thinkingI have been with so many women over the past three years, I can't believe how I am acting! I've got to get myself together around Clare! "OK, I can do it up, but I've got to tell you, I'm more practiced at undoing!"

She grinned and thought to herself,I'll bet you are. As soon as Brian had fastened her bra, Clare bent down and removed her panties, and upon coming back to her standing position, grabbed the matching pair to her bra. She immediately put them on and while adjusting them comfortably said, "I can't just give you a one man show Bri." She winked at him, sat on the bed and taking a garter belt the same color as the bra and panties, wrapped it around her slim waist and fastened it. "As much as it would appeal to me to play with you on a one on one," she rolled one nylon stocking into a donut shape in order to get to the toe, put her right toe into it and pulled it slowly up her leg continued saying, "it wouldn't be right, or healthy, for any of us to back out on the agreements that were made downstairs, vocalized or not. We'll still have a lot of fun Bri, stay close to me, OK?" She went back to total concentration on getting the stockings on straight and fastened to the garter. She looked up at him when she was done, sitting up with a straight back, making her breasts seem to jut out further. Brian suddenly realized how vulnerable she really was, and was immediately honored that she would put so much trust in him, and saw a whole different depth to her. It just made him want her more.Wow! here I am falling even deeper in love with this girl I've fantasized with for years. Earlier she gave me the blowjob of the century, now she's just changed her clothes to go down with a room full of men and ...? and just what?"Hey Clare, just what do you plan to do down there?" he asked tentatively. He sat down on the bed.

She had gone into the walk-in closet that was on the woman's side of the room and came out in an orange knit dress that clung to her thighs and showed off her slim waist. Her breasts looked incredible. Brian liked what he saw immediately.Well what would I expect? That she was going to look bad? Shit! She'd look good in a gunny sack. "Wow!" is all he said.

"So you like eh?" Clare teased. She had grabbed a brush and was running it through her hair. She put it back down. Turned to him and like a little girl asking if she was OK to go to school said, "Think we're ready now?"

"I guess so, but you never answered me, what are you going to do down there?" He tried to put a stern look on his face. He wondered how it looked and hoped she wouldn't laugh at him.

"Oh, Bri, you still do care a lot, don't you? " She sat down next to him, tears came to her eyes, drying almost immediately as she said, "I'm not sure what's going to happen Brian. I didn't know what was going to happen when we came up here earlier either. Isn't that part of the fun sometimes, even most of the time? Not knowing what's going to happen? I know most men find me beautiful. I hope you understand I'm trying to state this as a fact, that if you would ask most men and point me out they would sign off on that one, that I am beautiful. That's the one thing I like to play with. Beautiful women just don't do the kind of stuff that we will be doing down there. At least very very few, and they usually charge incredible amounts of money, make their life off of it. That's what makes it exciting for me too, I know that. Almost all men appreciate that. I am a free spirit. Do I know what is going to happen down there? No. But I have a general idea of the way I want it to go, and with the right ground rules followed, we will all be satisfied." She looked into my eyes.

What could I say? What did I do? Followed.

Clare got up, pulled Brian to his feet and holding his hand, walked back out of the bedroom and toward the stairs. When they reached the top of the stairs and then began their descent, Brian became very aware of the effect the new bra and top were going to have on Clare. Her breasts began a much looser up and down motion as she descended the stairway. Not lost on the men below. Again, imitating fish, the men seemed to know that she had arrived, and by the time she was at the bottom, all the men were in the foyer, yet no one had called them in. It was almost silent.

"Well. Hi Guys! We're back!" Clare clowned, waving. There were a lot of smiles, some chuckles. "Anyone make some tea? coffee? I could use a cup." Clare headed toward the kitchen.

"That's OK," Mike said, "I've got you covered. Tea right? decaf herbal or earl gray?

"Herbal would be wonderful," gushed Clare.

"Do you use cream?"

"No I don't, but thanks for asking. Almost no one offers in the States.

"My grandma drank tea. She taught me. I'm a cream tea drinker."

"Another sweet thing about you Michael."

Mike usually didn't care for anyone to use his birth name, the only time it had been used around him when he was growing up was when they were angry for some reason. "Michael Roy Donahue!" was one of his mom's favorites. But the way Clare said it, it almost made his dick hard.

"Can we bring these into the living room Brian?" Clare asked.

"Sure, just take saucers too. And maybe some napkins in case of a spill." Brian answered.

"Oh, that reminds me. Brian could I use a beach towel? or two? They'll need to be washed afterward."

Everyone perked up at this and looked from Brian to Clare and back. It was obvious that Brian didn't know anymore than they did. "Sure Clare, just a sec." Brian left through a door that Clare had thought was the garage, but could have been a washroom. He came back less than a minute later. "Here you go, will these do?"

"They are fine. Just something to wipe up everyone's spills!" As she said that she took her tea, towels and saucer into the living room. The men hesitated for a second, looked at each other with delighted grins and headed into the living room.

Most of the men were already there, some already sporting hardons that Clare would have loved to pull out right there.If these guys knew the thoughts that went through my head....she took her tea to the side table by the chair she had been kneeling in earlier. She sat in it and pulled her tea and saucer onto the towels across her lap. "OK guys listen up!" she said sharply.


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