tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChastity and Ice

Chastity and Ice


Those of you who have not experienced forced chastity out there, listen to this. Imagine that you are locked into a steel chastity tube, the inside dimensions roughly the same as your flaccid state. You become aroused; your penis tries to respond; blood pumps in; the penis fills the space instantly, but it is only a shadow of the size of what it would be, had it been free of the steel that binds it. Oh, it is hard, but it cannot grow, the engorging blood is repulsed and it cannot become erect, and it may not and can not ejaculate. Imagine that torture and now I will tell you my story.

My wife Jade is a playful and firm young woman, imaginative in all things sexual. She was sitting on my lap facing me. We had just finished a wild and fulfilling sexual experience and my hands were still cuffed behind the chair. My juices were running out of her onto my thigh and I was becoming distinctly uncomfortable. I was gagged and could not complain, at least not verbally, although guttural whimpers escaped me.

"Not so fast my little stallion," she said, brushing my hair back from my sweat-stained face. Her leather corset squeaked in a leather way as she rocked on my thighs.

"Remember those measurements I made of your privates about three months ago?"

She did not wait for an answer, nor could I have given one. "The device has arrived and now it's time to try it on." I had no idea what she was talking about and implied this with my furrowed brow.

Jade flicked her long fingernails across my nipples and I started to get hard again. I was never able to resist her; her passion and domination are overpowering, a drug as powerful as coke, as sweet and smooth as Chardonnay. She noticed my penis twitching weakly and laughed. "That's what I'm waiting for," she said, and threw her head back slightly, laughing, as her hair cascaded backwards over her shoulders.

"I am going to lock a very, very uncomfortable and heavy steel collar on you now my dear, just to ensure that you do my bidding. Do you understand?"

I nodded, as I had no other alternative.

She left me then and walked from the room. The breeze of her exit fanned my wet thighs and I felt a brief shiver, partly from the cold, partly from the anticipation of something exciting and unknown. I watched her exit, her perfect body encased in the electrifying corset, the stiletto boots thudding on the bedroom carpet, then clacking on the slate of the hallway. I could not move as my legs were also cuffed to the chair legs, nor did I want to move. I had never been disappointed in one of her imaginings. Nonetheless this seemed a bit off; a heavy uncomfortable steel collar? To ensure her bidding? However, it was not fightable, so I waited.

Her arms were full with two boxes on her return, one of which she put on the bed, the other on my lap. It was heavy, very heavy; I estimated it at about two pounds.

"It's three pounds," she said as she removed what looked like a cast iron collar about four inches high from top to bottom, hinged at one side and a large padlock hanging from the clasp at the open end. She opened the collar and I choked in fright, as I began to struggle and attempt to say no. It was lined with spikes, not sharp ones mind you, but spikes nonetheless, and the bottom of the collar, the part that rested on the top of the shoulders, was similarly spiked.

She smiled. "Lift up your head my dear." It was the way she said it, so playful, and yet so firm and confident that I did not have anything alternative to do. She waited. And I complied.

First sensation, cold, very cold. Second, the loud clang as it shut at the front. Third, the prodding of the spikes as the fourth sensation hit my brain like a thunderbolt, the lock clicking shut. She let it go then and I felt the full weight of it hit my shoulders and I groaned through the gag.

"I'm going to hide the key to the collar my dear, and then I'm going to release you from the chair. Comfy collar isn't it? I tried it on earlier today. I still have red spots on my neck. See?" And she pushed her hair back to reveal what I had already seen but had not brought to her attention as I thought they had been zits of some sort and I did not want to spoil the mood earlier.

When she returned she did as she said. I was free of everything but the awful collar.

"Jesus Jade, this collar is horrible. What's all this about? You must have something pretty serious up your sleeve."

"Close your eyes," she said. I heard her opening the box on the bed, the swish of tissue paper and a faint but distinct clinking sound. "Now open them."

She had in her hand a stainless steel tube shockingly similar in dimensions to a penis and for a moment I thought that she was going to make me bend over and take a steel dildo in the rear, but then I noticed another steel ring at the end of it about two inches in diameter. The tube was locked to it with a silver padlock.

"What the hell is that?" I said as I reached out for it. This device was also cold and heavy.

"It's your chastity belt," she said matter of fact. You are going to put it on and lock it. After it is locked on, I will unlock the collar."

"Really? Are you serious? Where's the key?"

"Oh, that's hidden away. Don't worry, I know where it is. Lock it on lover-boy, and the collar comes off. I'll be in the kitchen with a nice glass of wine. When you are done, come see me." She left, still in her corset and heels, and I stared after her in disbelief.

Twenty minutes later when I figured out how the chastity device came apart and how to put it on, the pain from the collar was becoming intolerable. I made the decision that this had to be a simple mind game she was playing. Five minutes later I clicked the lock shut and stared at my predicament. The chastity device was also spiked in appropriate places to prevent removal and discourage engorgement of the penis. Removal of the device was impossible as the ring encircled both the penis and the testicles. I lifted the lock at the top and let it drop, hearing the clink sound and feeling the weight of the device as it dropped. The collar was killing me so I pulled on some boxer shorts and padded out to the kitchen.

"Jade, this collar is too much. Jesus, get this freaking thing off me!" I twisted my head in an attempt to be comfortable, "Ow, Ow...ow! Shit!"

Jade smiled and said nothing, simply approaching me and feeling the chastity device, checking the lock. Satisfied, she smiled again.

As I strained to find a comfort spot within the collar, she paced back and forth in front of me very slowly and said, "From now on I am going to control when, where, and how we have sex. You will no longer be able to initiate sex, you will no longer be able to masturbate, you will no longer be able to fool around..." she looked at me sharply. I looked down at the floor.

"Look, I told you she meant nothing to me. It was the circumstance, that's all."

Jade ignored me and said, "and best of all, you won't even be able to become erect unless I say so."

"Jade are you fucking serious? This is a joke right?" I attempted to lift the collar off my aching and pinched neck and shoulders.

"We need to go outside. Get dressed," she said, a statement seemingly out of context.

"What? Why? What about this collar?" I said in exasperation.

"Just do it. You're in no position for rebellion." She strode into the bedroom with me following rather obediently.

"Where are we going? Could you unlock this God damn collar?"

"Just into the back yard. Just wear what you had on before." The collar issue was on "ignore".

I had spent the early afternoon digging a hole in the backyard before freeze-up for the planting of a large spruce tree. The hole was deep, about three feet, and I had fought through hard clay and embedded rocks to get it that deep. My clothes had suffered sweat and dirt to achieve the desired result, so I said, "Those clothes are kind of dirty."

"Jesus," she said, "just put something on okay?"

"All right, all right. Whatever..." I chose not to argue.

Jade left her corset and hose on while she removed her boots and put slacks and a sweater on to go out with me. It was late October and still warm in Calgary. Some golf courses were open, but not for long. Like most autumns in Calgary, they ended abruptly. This year was no exception, as a severe cold front was to come through that night, with temperatures plummeting to minus 20 Celsius. The long, six month winter would begin with a bang.

We went down the stairs to the walk-out basement and, before I opened the door to the back yard, Jade said, "Put your hands behind your back."

"What? Are you going to cuff me again? What's going on?" But I did what she said.

In bondage again, I followed her outside and she led me to the hole that I had dug. I wondered abstractly if she was going to bury me alive or something, but when we got to the edge of the hole she threw in a small metal box about the size of a pack of cards.

Before I could ask, she said, "This is a short term time capsule. I'm planting it in hopes the contents will yield desirable results in the future. You were never digging a hole for the tree."

"I see. No I don't see, actually," I said, "What's in the box?"

"You'll find out in due time."

Over the next twenty minutes I watched her fill in the hole in a rather strange way. Five buckets of sand were dumped in followed with a full saturation of water, then layers of the clay and rocks which I had painstakingly removed earlier, followed by another saturation. The box was underneath about thirty inches of water-saturated sediment now. The last six inches was filled with more sand mixed with white quartz rock fragments. The hole was then filled with water to overflowing.

As if I cared, she said, "The quartz is to reflect the sun, so it thaws late. This is going to be an impermeable and un-diggable pit by morning; it will be frozen solid."

I looked at her and said, "Have you flipped out or something?" With my foot I nudged the quagmire in front of me which used to be a hole, "Why the hell have you brought me out here to watch you spend twenty minutes filling a hole. In a very odd way, I might add. And why am I cuffed for this?"

Jade smiled and said, "You're going to remain cuffed until tomorrow evening. I'll remove the collar when we go in. The unique burial of the box is so that it cannot be dug out before spring."

Puzzled, I asked, "So why is that so important?"

"Oh, no big reason. Well, maybe one. The key to your chastity device is in the box."

There was a nanosecond of silence while I absorbed this, "You're kidding right? You're just pulling one of your "mind-fuck" routines, right?"

She just smiled and walked into the house. I looked at the filled hole wistfully, trying to figure out how I could dig the box out right now. One cannot dig a hole with his hands cuffed behind his back. She had thought of everything. I followed her inside.

"Why the hell would you do that? That could be frozen for six months!"

"Yeah, cool huh?"

"No, it is NOT cool. I've never gone more than a week without an orgasm; how the hell can I go six months?"

"Easy," she said, "You can, because you have to. There is no alternative."

I tried a different tack, "Jade, please, this is a bit much. You know I like your dominance and the bondage and all, but that's because I get an orgasm associated with it. This is different."

"Yes, it is different isn't it? For the next six months, you're only going to be able to service my needs. All your efforts will be for my pleasure. Your pleasure will be that I get mine."

I got angry then. "No, that's NOT the way it's going to work. Why would you even think that? All this means is that NEITHER of us gets satisfied, so stop this bullshit! Listen to me! Give me a shovel before it's too late." I looked to the west nervously to see the approaching black cold front. I estimated its arrival on time as the weatherman promised.

She got steely eyed then and said, "No, now YOU listen to ME. For the next six months, you will listen to me. The difference between you and me now is that I can get satisfied any time I want. You can't. Closeness and intimacy are all you will have, and believe me you will cherish that. Orgasm will become a desire but not a necessity. You are orgasm driven, and that's about to change."

I looked at her, stunned. We were back in the bedroom, and for some reason she had stripped back to her dominatrix outfit, having even put her boots back on. Then it dawned on me; she was enjoying this dominance. Immensely.

"Take your clothes off," she said.

I smiled then, as I now knew this was all just an elaborate prelude to more sex. I did as I was told as much as possible with cuffed hands, and waited for instructions while she unbuttoned and removed my shirt. When she had finally unlocked and removed the "colarus horribilus", she seemed to bask in triumph.

"What are you waiting for? Oral sex please," she demanded, as she lay down on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge.

I had never been more aroused in my life, as I kneeled down in front of her and brought her to several mind-blowing orgasms. When sated, she grasped my head and placed it on her corseted belly. I waited. I wanted her so badly. Finally I whispered, "Where is the key then?"

No response. She was asleep.

The night was long. The wind howled and I fidgeted, trying to find physical comfort in this state of cuffed bondage. However, the psychological discomfort was far more severe. Hard ice and snow pellets plinked off the window, and the house creaked and cracked as the cold front moved in. Twice I got up to check the temperature. At 1:00 it was minus twelve already. By 4:00 it was minus twenty-two with a wind chill factor of probably minus thirty-five.

Jade was blissfully unaware, asleep like an innocent angel. She had to be kidding, I thought. She just had to be.

I woke up at 11:00. My hands were numb, so I struggled to get up to allow circulation to return. It was Saturday, and Jade was up and about, checking her business emails. I smelled coffee.

I pulled on some sweat pants and searched her out and she greeted me as if everything was normal. She got up, kissed me, and asked if I wanted some coffee with a straw, as I seemed to be "tied up" at the moment. I laughed and said yes.

It was not a day to go outside. The wind screamed through the rafters while the temperature bottomed out at minus twenty-nine, minus forty with the wind chill. We stayed in; she fed me like a baby and we laughed and cuddled. I never let on that I now knew she had been kidding. It was fun, and I knew that rewarding sex would again follow this evening, if only she would uncuff me.

At 5:00 Jade got bundled up and went outside. She said that she would be right back, so I thought she had to go to the corner store or something. Instead, she was back in five minutes. She smiled and said, "It's done." And she unlocked the cuffs.

"What do you mean, "It's done."?" I asked, not really wanting to hear the answer.

"Frozen solid," she said, "For six months. Go check for yourself."

"Look, come on, I know this game. I get it, okay?" I said. But I went out to check anyway. The filled hole was no longer a quagmire, but a solid brick of ice, soil, sand, clay, and rock. The shovel was still there so I tried to dig. It clanged off the white quartz rocks embedded in the ice/sand mixture on the top of the hole. I began to have doubts. I turned around and looked back at the door. Jade was standing there. No smile on her face. Shit.

Five weeks passed. November was turning into December now, and I realized this was no joke. I had not been released from my chastity device. It weighed heavily between my legs. Strangely, something changed within me. Jade had been right. I did want to please her. It did please me. I knew our sexual encounters could not end with my orgasm, but there was an odd intimacy and comfort in knowing that caressing Jade and loving her like I had never loved her before, that created a peace within me.

Oh yes, there were times when I pleaded with futility that she unlock me, but she just laughed and responded that she could not even if she wanted to, and to wait for spring. And there were times when I got angry with her for this horrible bondage, for that was what it was. True, my hands were not tied, but my penis was inaccessible. There was no sexual relief.

Jade always responded to my anger in the same way. "Careful my dear. There's a price to pay for your anger with me. I keep notes."

I would seethe and shut up.

January arrived with the new year; February passed sunny and cold. The ground-hog saw his shadow, but I was numb to the forced chastity now, because Jade was happy like I had never seen her before. Sexual encounters were more common than before and I achieved a sense of peace from them.

March arrived and I started to watch the weather. There were days when the top of the hole was wet and slushy, but a tap with a hammer or shovel always yielded the same result. April arrived and the white rocks on the top of the hole were serving their purpose well. While the rest of the yard was beginning to green, the hole remained frozen, but each day the slush got a bit deeper, changing to water. Finally, I knew it was time.

April the tenth. With Jade watching, I carefully excavated the remaining sediment from the hole. The last shovelful was still ice but the metal case was jutting out of the side. I looked at Jade and smiled, like a psychopathic idiot. She looked on impassively.

After chipping away the ice I opened the box. It was empty. My heart thumped wildly and I looked back toward Jade. She had left.

I raced upstairs with the empty box and waved it in front of her face, "What the fuck? What the hell is this? What the fuck is this? You had the key all along. Jesus. Okay, go get the key and unlock me now."

Jade just looked at me levelly and said, "For that outburst, it's another week added to what you already registered through the winter. Let me see," and she checked her little notebook, "the total is six weeks. You have a chance to get unlocked in six weeks."

I wanted to scream at her, but I remained silent. I saw where this was going.

Then she stared at me and said some words I had heard before, "I told you. From now on I am going to control when, where, and how we have sex. You will no longer be able to initiate sex; you will no longer be able to masturbate; you will no longer be able to fool around..." I looked down at the floor.

She continued, "If you don't play by my rules you will never become erect again."

I was checkmated. I silently turned away and went to the bathroom for some privacy. As I sat down to urinate, I realized that this sitting position was now permanent. I looked at the steel device and wondered how long it had been since I had even seen my penis, let alone touch it. For some reason I was aroused and the organ tried to respond. The hardness was there, but there was nowhere to go. I realized then that I could not allow myself to think about this any more; it would drive me insane. I dabbed myself off with a tissue, like a woman, and came back to Jade.

"I love you Jade," I said. And I embraced her.

She said, "I love you too. Five more weeks." And she smiled.

"You said si...oh, I see," I said.

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by Anonymous

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by Regrets01/13/20

Great idea

It was great when he found the box empty. I was sorry when she had deleted a whole week from the penalty period just because he was nice. I wish that she had stayed in character and, instead, had now producedmore...

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by Anonymous10/13/19

Loved the story, the mindfuck with non-key holding frozen hole, the bondage, the FLR aspect. Eloquently written it had me captivated from start to finish.

I’m surprised that Sublocked even takes themore...

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