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Blackmailing My Bitch Mom

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Blackmailing... And force fucking mom.
1.8k words
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Blackmailing My Bitch Mom

By : DickThePimp

Rough Sex Parody... For Twisted Entertainment Purposes Only



(Slapping sounds)


(More slapping sounds)

I'm smirking in the hall outside my parent's bedroom. I got home from work early and I was gonna see if I could peep my huge titty mom, but I got something even better. She's fucking our landlord Tom. Old motherfucker has a reputation for fucking his female tenants when they owe rent... and when they don't.

My perverted mind is working. I'm gonna turn this little discovery to my advantage. I always wanted to fuck my mom. I fucked her sister, aunt Christy, and my grandmother Kathy, but not mom. My big dick gets flso fucking hard when I'm around her. She's always showing off her massive cleavage in low cut, skin tight tops. Mom's a big time cock tease... and she's fucking awesome at it.

I'm jerkin my hard dick, listening to the fuck action, peeping through the crack in the door. She's riding that fat old dude and his fat old cock with intense carnal fury, slamming her gorgeous pussy down on it, those massive, heavy hooters flopping like giant pillows of awesome on her chest. Mom's long, wavy blonde hair is whipping around as she's moaning and riding, slapping Tom silly, a cocky, sexually charged smirk on her... and his... face.

"I wanna cum on that sexy fucking face, bitch! Hurry... here it comes!" The old fart jumps up, pushing mom off his cock, standing on the bed. He jerks his fat wrinkled cock fast as mom holds her gorgeous face up for him, waiting anxiously for his slimy load. "Yeahhhhh! Here it cums, bitch!" Tom jerks out his watery load. Four fat blasts of thin cum splattering mom's slutty ass face. She grabs his old dick and jerks it ridiculously fast, smacking it all over her dick goo covered forehead, cheeks and lips.

I watch and jerk my twelve inches, my dick bouncing in my hand, so hard for my gorgeous, slutty mom.

Mom sucks that fat old weiner clean, popping her mouth off it, biting it softly, then sucking it some more.

I run in, huge dick bouncing as I do. "GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE, YOU OLD MOTHERFUCKER!" I yell at sleazy ass Tom.

Mom is surprised. "JAMES... WHAT ARE YOU DOING HOME SO SOON?" She asks, standing up and grabbing her robe, throwing it on.

Tom is shocked too. I punch him in the face, knocking him off the bed. I kick him a couple of times. He begs me bit to hurt him, but I punch him again, knocking his tooth out. He quickly grabs his clothes, bloody mouth and all and runs outta the bedroom as I kick him in his old hairy ass. "DON'T COME BACK, BITCH!" I yell at him in the hall as he speeds out the front door.

"Well, well... my slutty mom fucking the landlord. Hmmm..." I look at mom, cocky, perverted smirk all over my face. This is gonna be fun.

"What the fuck did you say? Don't talk to me like that, James." Mom gives me a disapproving scowl, arms folded under her huge, heaving jugs. Her robe is loose. Her awesome cleavage is certainly catching my full attention... my cock's too.

"Put that thing away. I'm your mother." Mom orders. She checks out it though. Mom digs my big ass meat stick. I can tell.

"Listen, bitch. You're in no position to give orders. I'm the boss here. Show me your huge fucking tits. NOW!" I keep smirking, licking my lips. My dick jumps in anticipation of seeing those awesome hooters of many of my hottest dreams.

Mom can't believe my arrogance. I chuckle. I'm fucking loving this shit. I'm fucking this super sexy, super busty bitch whether she wants me to or not. I start jerkin my cock again.

"I'M NOT SHOWING YOU MY TITS! YOU'RE MY SON... STOP DOING THAT!" Mom trying to be all motherly and shit. Too late for the goody two shoes routine. She just had that fat old farts dick up her pussy.

"Listen, bitch. I'm telling dad all about your little side fuck fun with the landlord. He's already mad at you for wrecking his car so I'm sure this won't make him feel any better about you. So... SHOW ME THOSE GORGEOUS FUCKING TITS. NOW!" I rip open her robe. I slap mom in the face too. She can't believe what I'm doing. Her mouth is wide open, jaw dropped in disbelief. I slap her again for good measure. I've always wanted to rough fuck my mega busty mom... and today is the fucking day! My huge dick won't stop jumping in anticipation. It's so fucking hard it could break steel.

"JAMES! STOP THAT! I'M YOUR FUCKING MOTHER!" Mom slaps me in the face, hard. Fuck yeah. This shit has got me so fucking excited. I yank her hair, hard, whipping her head around, smirking at her slutty, angry ass.

I roughly grab mom's tits. The tits of my fucking dreams. Massive mounds of heaving, heavy awesomeness. Huge pink nips, milk dribbling outta em. I slap the shit outta her thick, rubbery nips, pulling em hard, milking her mammoth titties some more. I lean in and bite the fuck outta em. Mom screams and yanks my hair, trying to pull me off of em. I grin, sucking harder on her milk shooting nips. Fuck! Her titty milk tastes great. I keep sucking as mom keeps yanking my hair, slapping my face and screaming at me. It spurs me on even more. I bite all over her awesome cans, motorboating em wildly.

I pick her bbw ass up by her beautiful ass as I keep sucking both massive, milky udders, happily drinking down all the creamy, tasty milk. Mom keeps slapping me. "STOP THAT, YOU ASSHOLE! STOP IT! I'M YOUR FUCKING MOTHER! STOP IT, JAMES!"

I keep smirking and sucking, squeezing that big, bodacious butt. I throw mom on the bed and yank her fucking robe off. She keeps screaming, kicking at me. GOD, I'M SO FUCKING HARD! I give her a nasty, very cocky, sleazy smirk and jerk my dick, slapping at her legs with my other hand. I flip her over and lay on her, holding her down on the fucking bed.

"You're gonna give me this pussy, or I'm telling dad." I laugh. Mom spits in my face. I keep laughing, spitting back in hers. She's got the angriest scowl ever on her very sexy milf face.

"NO! YOU'RE NOT FUCKING ME! NO, JAMES! I'M YOUR FUCKING MOTHERRRRRRRRRR!" Mom lurches forward as I enter her rough, hard and not giving a shit what she says.

It feels so fucking good. My dick slides up that pussy with ease. Even my fat twelve inches. Damn... mom must be one helluva slut. Gotta keep up on that.

I pound mom so fucking hard, driving her full figured body down into the bed, pinning her there. Force fucking my mother with such happy intensity and carnal delight. My dick throbs the whole time it drills all the way up that vibrating twat.

Mom keeps screaming no, but her body tells another story, trembling constantly with sheer ecstasy, her bushy blonde pussy auctioning hard on my fat rod, cumming all over it as mom grimaces, trying so hard not to cum.

"STOP ITTTTT! JAMES... STOP!!! I'M YOUR MOTHERRRRRR!!!" Mom cries, but biting her lips, not wanting me to know what I already do. That she's actually enjoying being raped by her only son.

I pull out. Mom takes a deep breath. I smirk again. I push against mom's tight ass ring and POP THROUGH. HOT FUCKING DAMN! I ass bang my mom hard and fast, my fat dick throbbing so God damn hard as it powers up that tight butt, stretching it wide, slam fucking my mother's rapidly pounding bowels. The sensations are FUCKING AMAZING!

Mom screams in pain/hidden pleasure. I grin so wide, power drilling up her booty harder and harder. The bed fucking breaks, but I keep anal assaulting my mother. I push her head into the bed, then pull her fucking hair and spit in her face over and over. God.... It's so fucking hot!

Mom cries, screams... and cums... trying desperately to prevent the latter... with no luck. I keep anal raping her, driving my massive dick so deep up her trembling bowels. I can feel the cum racing from my balls so I pull out and straddle her still cum covered from before face.

I smack her face repeatedly with my precum pouring cock... and I cum! Hard! A give my very slutty mom a massive facial. My cum plastering her face, completely covering Tom's watery cum. It pours out by the gallon, thick, creamy dick goo pumping out all over every inch of that beautiful face. It slides slowly down her face, into her open, crying mouth.

I can see mom lapping it up, finally giving into her sensually depraved side. I slide the cum with my cock into her mouth. Mom gulps it down, trying not to show me. I shove into her cummy mouth and force fuck her it and her throat. I drive all the way in, balls deep. Mom gags and pukes all over my cock. I smirk and fuck her throat even harder. She pukes again. I pull out, let her take a deep breath, and force back down her fucking throat.

I start pissing, shocking my mother. It splashes back outta her mouth. I pull out of her gurgling mouth and piss all over her cum covered face, washing it down into her mouth. She swallows the pissy, cummy mixture reluctantly. I smack her fucking face again with my still pissing, thumping like crazy cock, drenching her blonde hair with my tangy dick liquor. Oh yeahhhhhhh.

"Now... I'm gonna be fucking you every day, as much as I want... if you don't want dad to find out about you and ol Tom. You're gonna be my new bitch... bitch! You understand, mom?" I laugh, sliding my softening dick across her slime covered face. She tries to act all defiant, giving me an angry look. I know better though. She does too. She bites my dick, making me grunt, but then she sucks it clean, piss, cum and puke... spotless. She doesn't need to answer. We both already know she wants it too. It's fonna be fun around here from now on. Me and mom are gonna get real fucking close... and freaky. Ha ha ha.

By : DickThePimp

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