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Beach CFNM Fantasy


I'd gone to the clothing-optional beach near the villa as I usually did -- late in the afternoon, wearing nothing but some suntan oil.

I walked down to the water by the front of the house, a rocky area where I lay my towel and beach sandals down, and then waded into the water. It was cool but not cold, and I enjoyed the sensation as I slipped in.

I swam with the current towards the beach. It was early and there was almost no one there -- a few families at the near end of the beach, and then a large empty stretch.

I saw a pair of girls wearing tiny bikinis all the way at the end of the beach, on two green lounge chairs, and made my way towards them. One girl was wearing a pink one and one a green one. I moved closer, bobbing in the waves--one had a beautifully curved ass, and the other a nice set of tits.

I decided they were who I'd expose myself to today. I had always enjoyed occasional clothed female nude male fantasies and walking naked in front of bikini-clad women on a clothing optional beach was a pretty safe way to enjoy the fantasy -- as long as I didn't get too excited.

I walked out of the water and up the beach. The heat of the sun felt good on my body, and immediately began to dry me off. I figured I'd walk up to the edge of the beach towards the bushes like I was looking for something.

They had turned over and were now on their backs. Good. One was reading and the other looked asleep, but I couldn't tell because of the sunglasses she wore.

As I got closer I slowly started to recognize the girl in the pink bikini. Oh God! It was Kikka, the German girl from dinner the night before!

My wife and I had eaten at our favorite restaurant with some friends we'd made a few years ago. They had introduced us to a young woman who had come on holiday from their home town. She was 21, a student, and traveling after leaving College.

She'd really flirted with me the night before. She had been full of that volatile early twenties energy -- and that wild naughtiness that is hot, but a little scary. She had a tight, athletic body which I'd enjoyed looking at, and her attention had turned me on.

She'd rubbed her leg against mine at the restaurant, which had jazzed me even more, and I had enjoyed it, and pressed back, but felt bad about it, confessing to my wife later on what had happened.

She'd laughed and told me she'd thought I'd been feeling something, but to enjoy the attention if I ran into her again.

It was too late to turn back. I was nearly past them. Best to act natural and then head straight back to the water.

The beach was empty at this end---there were no umbrellas to duck behind, or people to look like I was going to join. I was exposed on the beach, naked, and very likely to be seen by a hot woman I knew!

The idea was kind of sexy. Damn! Don't think THAT!

I briefly thought about trying to go through the grass surrounding the beach. No.

I walked towards the water, a near erection at the thought of being caught by Kikka--she had small, well-shaped tits I could see now. It had been her backside I had admired earlier.

"Roy! Is that you!"

Shit, she'd seen me. I turned, bending my body a bit to hide my semi-erect state.

"Roy? From last night?" She'd sat up from reading.

"Yeah--just on my way back into the water."

"Wow, hey no---" she said, looking at me. She jumped up and ran over to block my way to the water. I saw her glance down and my penis twitched.

"Come sit with us for a bit!" she said. She grabbed me by the wrist and tugged me over to their towels.

I didn't have a towel with me, so I knelt next to her in the sand, which left my penis clearly visible.

"This is Nixie," she said, introducing the other girl.

Nixie was the one with the big tits I'd noticed earlier. She smiled at me, and I could feel her eyes raking over me as I knelt there, naked.

"I've never seen a guy who shaved there before," said Kikka, indicated my cock. I'd shaved my hair down to a tiny square patch that was only millimeters long -- a thin tuft over my cock, and my balls were bare.

"I did--in a porno!" said Nixie.

They both giggled.

"Are you a porno star, Roy?" asked Kikka.

I laughed, maybe a bit too hard.

"No," I said, "I just like it that way."

"Does it make the feel better?" Kikka asked. "I mean, does your wife's--ah"

She touched her crotch, which was covered by a flimsy pink scrap of cloth. I could see the outlines of her labia.

"Feel better -- you know, tighter or hotter?"

To emphasize her point she pressed down on her mound as she said 'tighter,' and wiggled the cloth a bit as she said 'hotter.' The cloth rode up her slit slightly making a perfect cameltoe.

My self control was evaporating. My dick was definitely stiff. Almost hard.

"Pardon?" I said.

She seemed to be reading my mind as she spoke. She smiled at me and looked down at my cock, not hiding her glance.

"What is the fantasy -- clothed woman nude man?" she said looking over at Nixie.

"Oh, it is clothed female nude male," said Nixie, leaning forward to look at me, "CFNM. My favorite." She pronounced the letters in some kind of accent that was sexy.

"I think you like that too," she added, looking directly at me and then down at my cock, which was now definitely, visibly hard. And the more I thought how embarrassing it was, the harder I was getting.

Oh my God.

"You are excited being so bare and excited before two women are you not? Your shaved hair makes you all the more exposed."

Fuck, they knew! They knew I liked it!

She licked her lips and smiled again.

I blushed, feeling my face get red.

"Ah, that IS it," said Kikka. "You like being naked in front of us!"

"Mmmm," said Nixie.

Fuck, they were turning me on. Kikka was feeling my fantasy exactly and I was definitely responding. And had Nixie said it was her favorite?

"I think there has been a definite change in you today, Roy," said Kikka, giggling.

She was right. I was hard, in front of her, because of her. I squirmed a bit, shifting my legs, leaning forward a bit to hide it.

Kikka waggled her finger at me.

"No no no! You want us to see, so let us! Enjoy your position! Your. . .thrill!" She reached forward and pushed me back upright.

"Come on," she said, "apart."

I moved my knees apart, knowing I shouldn't, but not able to stop I was so excited. I knelt there in front of the two of them, my hard cock throbbing helplessly.

"Very nice cock," said Nixie, "So hard!"

"Yes," said Kikka, "nice shaped head."

I was blushing but turned on beyond belief.

"Uh, thanks," I said, just to be saying something.

"Should we tell his wife he got hard for us?" Kikka said, smiling a wicked grin, looking at Nixie.

My face must have shown my shock—I didn't think my wife would mind, might actually get a kick out of it, but I didn't know. . .

Kikka smiled, a slow, cat-has-the-canary smile.

"We will ask you to pose for us," she said, "And if you do, we will forget everything, okay?"

Panicked, but excited, I slowly nodded. Posing would be okay, wouldn't it? And there weren't too many people on the beach -- and most of them on the other end.

Both girls stood up and moved the sun loungers into an L shape with the point aiming towards the water and me in the middle of the L. They then sat, one each on the loungers looking down at me, on my knees.

What now, I wondered?

"Ok, open your legs more," said Kikka.

I leaned back and opened my knees wide, feet still together. My cock was totally hard by now and it was totally exposed to them.

"Feet apart," said Nixie, smiling a saucy smile.

I moved my feet apart. Now I was totally open.

"Put your hands behind you and lean back," said Kikka.

I did, letting my back arch and my head hang back.

"This is fun," said Kikka, then, "Hold that pose for a second."

I held still and then I heard the sound of a phone camera clicking.

Shocked, I looked up, in time to see both girls aiming cell phones at me, clicking away!

"Oh that is so funny!" said Nixie, and Kikka laughed.

"Your face is priceless!" she cried.

"You didn't say anything about pictures!" I said, protesting.

"Now we have proof of your desire to be exposed," said Kikka, "Keep doing what we say and we won't show your wife!"

"But we will keep the pictures," she added, with a devilish grin.

My cock throbbed harder at the thought -- captured forever by these two sexy hotties.

"I think his cock likes that," Nixie said, and Kikka nodded.

"Yes, I think you do too, don't you Roy?" she asked.

I groaned a bit, but nodded.

"We could put up a web page -- hot guy naked on the beach," she added.

My mind whirled, totally turned on and mind fucked.

"Touch yourself," said Nixie.

I complied, wanting to touch myself in front of these hot girls -- and they wanted me to! Plus I had no choice -- they were blackmailing me. . . I took my cock in my right hand and began jacking off.

"Is that how you do it?" asked Kikka.

"Yes," I said, "Most of the time."

"What else do you do?" asked Nixie, "When you are playing with your cock?"

I couldn't believe I was being asked! I hesitated.

"Tell us!" said Nixie.

"Or else," said Kikka waving her phone.

"Sometimes I switch hands for a bit," I said, showing them, "And when I really want to go crazy I pull my skin back and hold my hand at the base to get harder, and then use a circle of my ring finger and thumb to stroke under the head, just short strokes, slow then longer ones, faster then short, counting to ten each time until I can't stand it," I said.

"Show us!" ordered Kikka. "Do it!"

I did, and it felt so hot under the sun, and their eyes. The short strokes let me tease myself by rubbing the most sensitive part of my cock for maximum stimulation but without enough time per stroke to easily come.

"Again," said Nixie, "Drive yourself crazy!"

And I did it, my body going crazy, so turned on by them and what I was doing.

I groaned and shuddered as I did it, and I could feel the two girls' energy -- excited that I was torturing myself for them and that they were controlling it. They turned me on too, and it seemed like they could feel that, that there was a connection being made where they were excited by me being excited and me by theirs, looping and looping.

"What thoughts are you having?" asked Kikka.

I was silent for a bit, barely able to think straight about her question, and then I though, 'What the hell, they're seeing everything, might as well tell them.'

"I want to see you both naked," I said, stroking myself ten short, "And suck you, lick you everywhere, fuck myself while I lick your holes, make you get on your knees and suck me, lick my balls, kiss your tits -- be made to suck you off -- get tied up and have you do this to me until I come -- "

"Suck you and make you cum -- taste you on my mouth, fuck your cunts and hold your hips. . ."

Kikka stood up and walked over to me. She was breathing heavily as she stood right next to me, her waist right at my face level.

"My pussy?" she said, pulling her bikini aside, "You want to suck me?"

Her cunt was perfectly bald with a hard clit at the top, peeking out with tight labia wrapping it.

"Uhhhh yeah," I moaned, still touching myself. I could tell she was turned on, her clit looked big and was poking out of her labia a bit, and I could smell her arousal. Her belly was moving as if she were breathing harder, and her hands fluttered with her bikini bottoms, holding them down.

Nixie stood too and came over. She reached behind her and undid her top, dropping it on the ground, then pulled her bottoms off, letting them drop.

"Pose me," she said, "any way you want.'

I reached up and grabbed her hips, lust taking over my actions, pulling her down putting her on all fours, holding her hips. I ran my hand over her ass, stroking her, feeling her cleft, running my fingertips over her slit, feeling how wet she was, sliding a finger up her, and then holding her hips and putting my cock between her legs which she squeezed tight. I thrust between her legs and reached under her grabbing her big tits, cupping them, moaning. I flicked her nipples which were super hard, like little rocks. Her tits were firm and heavy in my hands, perfect.

Kikka slid forward pulling her bikini all the way down, exposing her perfect cunt. She pushed her waist towards me, brushing my lips with her lower lips and I leaned forward wanting it, kissing it, licking it.

She untied her bottoms and they fell off and she opened her legs so she could run her open cunt over my face and I licked her, kissed her, French kissed her pussy, my tongue dipping in her wet hole. It was like I was diving into her pussy, it opened on my mouth and her lips slid to either side of my mouth covering my chin and lips.

"Fuck yeah," she moaned.

My hands kept running over Nixie and I spanked her ass, making her yelp and say "Yes," before I finger fucked her and penetrated her ass, two fingers up her, my cock still between her legs, but not in her, thrusting for pleasure.

I turned her over, spreading her thighs slapping them, hitting her, sliding my cock up and down over her wet soft lips, dipping it between them, teasing us both and then she pulled me inside, fucking herself on my dick and I began thrusting into her, fucking her, my hands on her giant tits.

Kikka had clamped her hands on the back of my head and was face fucking me with her bald cunt, and I was giving as good as I got, licking and sucking and rubbing my lips on hers. My perception shifted between the taut skin of her pussy on my face and the feelings of my hands on Nixie's tits and my cock in her pussy.

Kikka came, filling my mouth with a satisfying creamy taste which I swallowed and loved, and she pushed me away, dropping to the ground, trembling.

Nixie slid off me and stood up taking her friend's place, grabbing my head and pulling it to her pussy, squatting slightly so her hole would be open to my tongue and face. As I had with Kikka I sucked with abandon, wanting to taste her to make her come, taste her cream.

Kikka had gotten on her knees and was pushing her ass against my cock. I felt her hand reach and take me, my throbbing cock still seeking pleasure, and she pulled me inside her.

I fucked her hard, driving forward, my balls slapping her perfect ass. She groaned and I spanked her slapping her ass as Nixie rode my face, moaning.

I reached forward and felt her tight tits, and felt tiny barbells in them which blew my mind -- somehow I hadn't realized her tits were pierced. Hot.

I tweaked them, tugging on her barbells, pulling her nipples with them and she moaned and cried out in excitement.

The girl's voices were music -- Kikka moaned "Fuck me baby, fuck me baby, fuck me," as Nixie moaned, "Suck it bitch, suck my hole you slut, suck it, suck it suck it suck meeee."

Orgasms -- Kikka grunting deep, holding still and trembling as I tugged her nipples, then Nixie gasping and filling my mouth with her richer sweeter taste.

She dropped to the ground to recover as I pushed myself out of Kikka. I had fucked her so hard my cock was becoming desensitized.

I stood over both of them, my face covered in their juices, my cock still hard and throbbing, my pleasure not sated, my power over both of them crested as they sat below me.

I slid forward and pulled Nixie up on her knees wanting to pose her again.

I put her head in front of me at my cock level and put her mouth on my balls. She looked up at me and began licking, sloppily sucking and tonguing each of them, making me even harder.

Kikka joined her and they took turns on each of my balls, sharing me, their faces looking up at me.

Kikka then moved higher, taking me in her mouth as Nixie continued to lick my balls, and my inner thighs, then pushing between my legs to tongue deeper, closer to my asshole. Kikka deep throated me, taking me to the hilt, looking up at me with sexy eyes and her puffy lips looking fantastic on my dick.

Kikka suddenly slid me out of her throat and stood up and Nixie took her place, diving forward on my cock, taking me all the way inside her throat, deep throating me even harder than Kikka had.

Kikka reached down behind me and came up with her bikini top, and took my arms pulling them behind me, binding me with the strings, tying my elbows together. She got another piece of one of their bikinis and then tied my wrists together.

She paused for a moment as her friend deep throated me, kissing me deeply, looking into my eyes and licking her and Nixie's come off my lips.

Then she pushed Nixie off me and took me in her hands, making the same ring and forefinger I'd done when showing them what drove me crazy. Nixie came back and licked my balls as Kikka teased me with this new method.

"Lick him, pinch his nipples, rim him," she said, "I want to drive him crazy."

Nixie grunted assent and moved between my legs, planting her face in my ass, her hands still reaching up and tickling my balls, pinching my nipples and spanking me.

Her tongue did something I'd only felt a few times licked my asshole.

Meanwhile Kikka was short stroking me, teasing me, holding the base of my cock to engorge me with more blood, filling me up and making me taut as a wire, feeling every stroke.

She teased me and stroked me and I couldn't stop her, I was tied up, naked in public being driven out of my mind.

Electric tension made my body go rigid, my cock like an overinflated balloon, every whisper of a touch multiplied by its tautness. She stroked me lightly, slowly, merciless in her attention having learned my secrets and using them to maximum, mind-blowing effect.

"Oh God!" I cried as she brought me up another level to higher excitement and pleasure but not yet able to come.

Nixie's tongue didn't stop rimming me, teasing my asshole making me feel dirty and excited all at once, wanting it but feeling so naughty to take that from her. Her hands were busy too, stroking me and touching me, my inner thighs, my nipples, slaps on my ass, tickling my sides, making me quiver.

And the wind on the beach seemed to want to help them, soft air blew on my exposed skin adding even more levels of sensation.

Nixie reached up and used her long nails to pinch my nipples hard, making me groan and throb and the pain offset the intensity of Kikka's edging me, moving me a step closer.

I didn't want it to end. I knew I'd probably never do this again, would never let myself be so caught and exposed and it made it all the sweeter. I moaned and quivered and they took me, totally in control as I relaxed into their control.

They seemed to feel it, to know that I'd relaxed into their care and they intensified their efforts, nipples tweaked harder, ass tongued deeper, cock teased even harder, her touch slowing to tiny short strokes that made me feel everything more intensely.

It was so intense. It was so overwhelming. I was tied up, I was theirs and they could read my every reaction and knew my body better than I did. . .

I came, unable to stop them from making me, unable to want to, wanting it to last forever, but it didn't -- and it was incredible.

I shot come everywhere, tensing and crying out and Kikka stroked me faster and harder with more sensation, expanding my orgasm, exploding it, my come lubricating her hand as she jacked me off full tilt and I came on her face and pierced tits, her eager face looking up at me.

Nixie pushed her tongue even harder into my asshole and the combination blew my mind and I started to collapse, but Nixie and Kikka held me up, lowering me gently as I came and came in their arms.

I trembled and trembled and Kikka climbed up me and fucked me, somehow making the orgasm thrum even harder, switching with Nixie who fucked me again, rode me on the beach in public.

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