My wife had arranged for the babysitter to stay overnight as we didn’t know what time we’d be home. As it was we didn’t front up until after two in the morning. Gloria had had a few and she was buggered. As soon as we got home she hit the bed and flaked out. I very much doubted that she’d wake up early.

As designated driver I was just pleasantly tired. I thought I’d just check out the kids before I went to bed. I checked little Bobby first. He was lying face down, nappy clad bottom stuck high in the air. He’d kicked his blanket off but the night was hot enough that he was probably more comfortable without it.

Over to Michelle’s room. She was curled in a little ball, blankets tossed all over the place but sheet still draped over her. I dropped a kiss on her forehead, and headed towards my room.

Passing the spare room I noticed that Kathy, the babysitter, had left the door open, presumably so she could hear the kids if they woke up. I went to close it for her, figuring that I’d hear the kids and be able to respond if required.

I glanced towards the bed as I reached for the door. Ay yay yay!
Kathy had left the blinds up and the full moon was streaming through the window. She’d also kicked her blankets off and was hunched up on the bed in an almost identical way to the baby.

Legs bunched under her, bottom hoisted to the sky, head burrowed into the pillow. Also like Bobby, her nightie had slipped forward and was bunched up around her throat. There the resemblance between Kathy and the baby ended.

The baby was male but Cathy was ever so female. She hadn’t worn a bra to bed. Why should she? With her nightie bunched around her throat and bottom high in the air, her breasts were swinging free, and a lovely pair of breasts they were. Also, where Bobby had his nappy on, Kathy had a pair of lacy panties, and not very large panties at that. Her bottom was on display, and I hope she was proud of it, because a very fine tush it was.

Her panties, I noticed barely covered her pussy. The manufacturers had certainly skimped on the material making those ones.

Now you’re probably wondering how I could see all this detail from just glancing through the doorway as I shut the door. I could say it was because the room was well lit with the bright moon and I had excellent eyesight. A more accurate reason would be because I wandered in and inspected the sleeping beauty at my leisure.

It also seemed quite reasonable to me to take a couple of shots for later perusal. Then I stood there, admiring her figure and trying to remember what I currently knew of her.

Cathy was a reasonably outgoing girl, mildly flirtatious, even with me. I seem to recall her mentioning to Gloria that she was between boyfriends. Age? I was trying to recall. Then I remembered that Gloria had bought her some ear-rings a couple of months back as an eighteenth birthday present. So, eighteen and legal.

I wondered how willing she would be if I tried my hand at a little seduction? Would her flirtatiousness lead to more or would she protest? If she protested, I decided, no problems. I’d go quietly and no harm done. What would Gloria say if she found out? She’d probably spit chips but then let it go.

I reached over and lightly stroked Kathy’s breasts, fingertips just skimming them, and then lightly pinched each nipple. Both nipples puckered and hardened, standing out from her breasts. Kathy moved slightly and moaned, but didn’t waken.

I spent a few minutes just playing with those dangling globes. Kathy was making odd noises in her sleep and was now a little restless. Her breasts were slightly swollen, enjoying the attention.

Moving around behind her I ran one finger along her slit, just scratching her through her panties. Kathy gave another moan and her pussy pressed towards me. This was not, I knew, approval and permission to continue, because she still hadn’t woken. I eased off for a moment and Kathy seemed to settle slightly.

Moving carefully I eased her panties down, leaving bottom and lover mound fully exposed to my lecherous gaze. And I was feeling very lecherous. I cupped her mound and started gently massaging. Kathy was muttering in her sleep and moving with me. Her pussy was heating up and I could see her lips were swelling and parting slightly. Her pussy was flowering in expectation of things to come.

Moving slowly I eased a finger between her lips, softly probing and exploring. I was wondering if I could actually slide my cock into her without awakening her. Difficult, but it might be possible. Then I encountered a tiny problem.

Kathy, it seemed was still a virgin. That set me back a little. Did I really want to deflower a virgin? Silly question. My erection had just got harder at the very thought.

I got on the bed, moving carefully so as not to wake Kathy prematurely. Another gentle probe between her lips confirmed that she was aroused and wet, but Kathy was starting to stir in earnest. I eased her lips apart and positioned myself.

A gentle push and my cock was passing between her lips and introducing itself to her virginity. Kathy was definitely stirring now so I moved things right along. A firm push had me breaking past her hymen and moving down her passage. Kathy woke with a squeal, all of a sudden alive and vibrant under me. I pushed in even further.

- - -

I was babysitting for Gloria and John. They were going to be out late so I was sleeping over. No biggy. I’d done it before. I liked Gloria and John and the children. John was one of these big gruff men that a girl feels safe with. I could flirt with him, knowing he wouldn’t try anything funny, which I sometimes thought was a pity.

Gloria and John shot through and I played with the kids for a while before putting them to bed. I watched some TV and finally went to bed myself. They have a spare room, which is rather convenient at times like this. I hate it when I have to sleep on a couch.

Seeing I had a little privacy I’d brought a nightie and went to bed wearing that. Mind you, I had to leave the door open in case either of the kids woke up. The first thing I found myself doing after I got in bed was kicking the blankets off. Far too hot for them. Then I zonked out for the night.

At some stage I started dreaming. It was a case of ‘oh, wow’. I’ve occasionally had wet dreams before. I mean, really, who hasn’t? But nothing like these. I was having trouble telling if I was awake or asleep. Generally in a dream, if you focus and say to yourself, this is a dream, it just vanishes. This time it didn’t. Talk about your erotic nightmares. I was so far into it that it was all too much and I was trying to wake myself.

All of a sudden, in a really nice part of the dream, there was this sudden stab of pain and I snapped awake real fast, and was happy to do so. I could still feel the memory of that sharp stab of pain in my pussy.

I lay there for a moment and very quickly realised that a memory of pain wasn’t the only thing I could feel in my pussy. I was all set to start screaming when several things happened.

I caught the scent of a person, and recognised it. I knew who was there, even though I couldn’t see him. At the same time I felt pressure inside me and what I assumed was a cock slid deeper into me. The final thing was that I found I liked the feel of that cock sliding in.

I was being raped, and I knew it, but it seemed to me that I had avoided all the nonsense of trying to fight my assailant off and my cherry had been popped while I was asleep, so I didn’t really feel it. What was left was supposed to be the fun part and, the way that cock was filling me, I thought that was probably true.

So I didn’t scream. I just took in that big breath ready to. Then John, and I just knew it was John, the rotten bastard, taking unfair advantage of a young woman, pushed even harder and I let my breath out in a soft squeal.

Intellectually, a girl knows that men have cocks and that they swell up for sex. That doesn’t really prepare you for that first time, when what seems to be a very large cock is busy making your acquaintance.

John kept on pushing, not hard so much, as determined, and every time he pushed it seemed to me that more cock was in me, with no apparent end in sight. And it felt wonderful.

I didn’t really give a damn that this was rape. I might worry about it afterwards but right then I was quite happy to have it continue. I didn’t say so, of course. A girl has a certain amount of pride. This started off as rape and it was going to continue to be a rape all the way through.

I wasn’t completely silent while John took me. I squealed each time he pushed in, but softly. No way that I wanted to risk waking the kids. It would be such a letdown if Tommy started wailing and I had to go and attend to him.

Can you imagine it? Sorry, John, I have to attend to Tommy. Please put off the rape until later. That sort of thing would spoil the whole mood.

There was one last push that actually lifted me up off the bed and I could feel John’s hairy balls pressing against me, the hairs actually tickling my lips slightly. I guessed that meant he was all the way in, and it certainly felt like it. My whole world seemed to have narrowed down to one thing – cock – inside me.

Then I became excruciatingly aware that I also had breasts. John’s hands just reached around me and glommed onto them. I noticed that my nightie was bunched up around my neck and wondered how he’d managed that. For that matter, how had he managed to move me into such a nice fuckable position without waking me? I wondered if he’d tell me if I asked.

John started playing with my breasts. Quite roughly, I thought at first, but then found my breasts and nipples were enjoying it. John obviously knew more about this sort of thing than I did.

I knew that there was more to sex than just having his cock stuck in me, so I was waiting to see what was next. I wasn’t really surprised when he pulled back and drove hard into me again. No, I was absolutely astounded and I didn’t give a damn if the kids hear me. I squealed very loudly.

Then he was doing it again and again and my pussy was going mad. There was this giant cock running rampart in me and I didn’t know what to do. All sorts of sensations seemed to be flooding into me and the whole world seemed to be in some sort of chaos.

Things slowly settled down and after a while I found that things were moving smoothly. John’s cock was still pounding in and out of me, but there was a definite rhythm to it, and my bottom was bobbing up and down in time to that rhythm, doing its part in ensuring that John was sinking fully into me with each thrust.

If a girl is being raped, is she supposed to hump her hips and do her best to ride her assailant or is she supposed to just lie there and take it? Is there etiquette for rape? Maybe someone should put out a how to book. I figure a book called Rape for Dummies would be a hit. You could have one for men and one for women.

But I digress. I was being raped and I was just going to make up my own rules. Every time that cock invaded me I pushed back hard against it, relishing the feel of it rasping across my soft flesh. I’d reluctantly let it retreat and then do my best to skewer myself when it returned.

The whole thing was great fun and, best of all, I had no guilt trip about yielding my virtue to a man. After all, rape is rape, and not my fault, so I just happily humped away.

It was a most invigorating experience. Every time John drove home he seemed to leave a little more excitement behind. I’d never have guessed that excitement could accumulate like this. It started as nice, built up to fantastic, and then moved on to indescribable. I didn’t know what was next, but I wanted it.

It turned out that what was next was John suddenly stiffening and turning his cock into a runaway jackhammer/hose. He was suddenly frantically driving into me and squirting deep inside me and my indescribable just blew up around me.

I suppose what happened to me was I climaxed and orgasmed, but I wasn’t in a state of mind to calmly analyse it. All I could do was live it, although I thought I was dying at the time.

When I finally gathered myself together, John was standing next to the bed, looking down at me. He opened his mouth to speak, but I beat him to it.

I held up a hand.

“No,” I said sharply. “Don’t say a word. No apology would be acceptable. I’ve just undergone a horrific experience and would prefer you to just leave quietly so I can get some sleep.”

I flapped my hand at him, indicating he should go. He gave me a funny look and left, closing the door behind him.

I lay down, smirking and absolutely glowing. It was a case of wow, so that was sex. Sensational. I stripped off and nipped into the bathroom to clean myself up. I was sweating and covered with all sorts of sticky fluids. I returned to my room. John was standing at the doorway of the master bedroom, but I just stalked past with my nose in the air.

Would you believe he laughed at me? Very quietly, but definitely, laughed. It wasn’t until I was climbing into bed that I got the joke. I’d stripped in my bedroom. When I stalked from the bathroom back to my bedroom I’d been completely naked, showing off everything. I guess you can’t do hauteur very well when you’re naked.

But I really need that book on Rape Etiquette. What do I say in the morning? Am I supposed to avoid him? Pretend it didn’t happen? Rape him for revenge? The last sounded appealing.

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