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Animal Instinct


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I stood there poised, my cock less than an inch from her swollen labia looking into her wild eyes that seemed to be begging me to fuck her, and I stopped.

In my head, I saw a flash of memory. Julie and me in my dorm room our first time. Her all innocent, nervous, not sure of herself but wanting to do this anyway because she wanted me so badly. I remembered how she looked up at me, sighing, "I know you won't hurt me."

"What's wrong?" asked Kristie sounding surprised at my hesitation.

"Having second thoughts, Charlie? It's a little late for that, don't you think?" asked the voice.

"You've made your point...why can't you just let us go..." I begged hating the weakness in my tone.

"This isn't about me anymore, Charlie. It's about you and Kristie. Look at her, Charlie, do you want to stop now? Isn't this what you've wanted for months?"

"I don't know! I DON'T KNOW!" I yelled torn by my desperate desire for this beautiful woman and my loyalty to the one I had promised to be with forever. I knew I should be able to make this decision easily, and it hurt to know I wasn't as strong as I believed.

"I'm running out of patience, Charlie. Maybe I'll end this my way..."

Kristie leaned up, putting a hand on my chest.

"Keep going...Please, Charlie...for both our sakes...I...I'm so ready for you...Please...Please, Charlie..."

It was the begging that got me, that and looking into Kristie's pretty face all flushed and needy. I plunged forward rewarded for my brashness with a loud cry from Kristie when I sank every hard inch of my cock into her tight, slippery cunt. It was tight too, so much tighter than Julies, almost virginal. My hips began to thrust automatically seeking to push me deeper into her body, and Kristie held onto my shoulders her face contorting into a mask of pure lust with her mouth hanging open, groaning, gasping each time I slammed home.

"Uh...Oh...fuck...Charlie...God Dammit! You're stretching me so good! Ah! God! Ah! Ah! So Good! Ah...Ahhh...Uhhh..."

I held her tighter overcome by the need to feel those perfect lips on mine again, and we started to kiss frantically almost choking each other with wild, hard thrusts of our tongues back and forth. I don't think either of us had hopes of lasting for very long, and only the desensitizing nature of the condom I was wearing kept me from going off prematurely. One of her tits found its way into my hand, and I squeezed it hard, pinching at her stiff nipple. Kristie broke our kiss to yell even louder her need to orgasm starting to build.

"Shit! AH, SHIT! Charlie! I going to fucking cum..." she moaned.


The voice had been so low and conversational to this point that it's sudden earsplitting demand brought us to an instant halt in our tracks.

"What? What are we doing wrong?" I called out more than a little frustration in my voice. I had been getting close myself.

"You're such animals, aren't you? I think you should fuck like animals. Take off the condom!"

My eyes went wide, but Kristie's went even wider.

"No! We can't! I'm not on birth control it's not safe!"

"Since when does an animal care about who they mate with, Kristie? Go on, Charlie, or face the consequences."

"Why can't you leave us alone? We've done everything you've asked of us!"

"You're still learning Charlie. You're not there yet, but you're so close..."

I was breathing hard, panting like a horse running the long track on a wet day. I wanted to spare Kristie this humiliation but didn't know how.

Her hand was on my cheek then, and she looked at me almost sympathetically.

"It's o.k. Charlie. Do what he says...Take the condom off..."

I could see she was trying not to cry and my heart went out to her though there was a small, dark part of myself that wondered at how much better her tight pussy would feel with nothing between us. I rolled the condom off, tossing it aside, but Kristie seemed to have it in her head that she would bear the responsibility for what came next. She pushed me up and came off the counter, pulling me to the floor with her and climbing on top of me. When I was horizontal, she leaned down, kissing me softly before she reached back and took my cock sitting up to rub it on her soaking wet labia.

"I'll try not to cum...maybe we can fake it," I whispered as quietly as I could.

She nodded and lowered herself onto me.

Fuck. It did feel way better.

Her pussy was a sea of fluid, so hot and tight I could feel it wrapping around me like a well fitting glove. I knew within a dozen hip thrusts that my boast about holding back my orgasm had been a foolish pipe dream. Kristie was an epic fuck, and I had about as much chance of not cumming as I did winning an Olympic gold medal. She rode me so good, grinding her clitoris on the base of my cock then alternating that with fast, hard pushes down onto my dick. Kristie looked gorgeous up there, firm tits pointing straight out from her body, bouncing in unison with her movements. Her every grunt and cry making me hornier and more desperate to cum. My balls felt hard as steel, my orgasm seconds away.

"Kristie! KRISTIE! I can't take much more! I can't take it!" I warned her.

"So close...I'm so close...So close..." she moaned again and again her eyes glassy and far away. I didn't think she could hear me anymore lost in some world where only her orgasm mattered.

I felt helpless, not wanting to go inside her but not seeing anyway I could last much longer. In a last-ditch attempt to stave off the inevitable I rolled hard to my left and came up on top of her figuring I could at least pull out at the most dangerous last second for all the good that would do. We hardly broke stride our bodies still smacking together with movements that were rapidly becoming disjointed and frantic with the need to release growing too close to be ignored any longer. Then Kristie pulled me to her and whispered something that set me off like a cannon.

"It was never this good with my boyfriend...God! Charlie...Never this good..."

My brain snapped again, and I felt possessed as if by a demon, or some disembodied spirit Hell bent on the need to fuck. I started to pound her pussy, so roughly her ass was bouncing off the floor and coming back up to meet my thrusts. My balls surged with pent up jizz.

"Fuck, Kristie...You're so beautiful...My wife never felt this good...I'm going to make you cum harder than your fucking boyfriend ever did!" I replied, harshly into her ear, my voice quivering with unrestrained emotion.

"AH! CHARLIEEEEEEEEE!" she screamed suddenly arching her back off the ground as she climaxed so hard it felt like her pussy was going to crush my cock.

"Kristie! FUCKKKKKKKKK!" came my answering yell a split second later.

I never came so freaking hard in all my life. My cock erupted violently inside her spewing forth huge, long ropes of my semen flooding her unprotected pussy with my seed. We clung to each other our bodies racked by multiple orgasms until finally dropping back to the floor trying in vain to catch our breath.

"Filthy animals...Just like I said..."

Something was wrong.

I tried to get my breath back, but it seemed as if it was getting harder to breathe and not easier. I rolled onto my back gasping for air and looking over at Kristie who appeared to be having the same problem her face turning a mottled red.

"Kri...Kristie..." I managed to croak out my vision dimming.

The bastard was killing us anyway, some gas pumped into the room maybe, not that it mattered. I lamented for a moment about all the things I would never do, and all the people I would ever see again. There would be no goodbyes for me, not to my parents, my friends, Julie...

The room swam away from me, and I sank into the dark.


I awoke with a start sitting up so fast I banged my knees on the steering wheel in front of me.

I was back in my car in the Java Joint parking lot only it was dark outside, much later than it had been. My mouth was as dry as the Sonora desert, and I coughed feeling sore all over like I had endured a ten-mile run.

Something banged on my driver's side window, and I realized what had woken me up.

There were a pair of police officers standing there looking in at me. I turned the key rolling my window down.

"This isn't a hotel buddy you can't sleep in your car here," said one of the uniformed men.

I tried to reply, but my voice wouldn't work. I attempted to communicate again but barely managed a dry rasp.

"Are you o.k, Sir?"

"Where...What time is it?" I asked, struggling to get my thoughts in order.

"You drunk, Pal? Why don't you step out of the car?"

One of the officers opened my door, and he took me by the arm, trying to help me to my feet. My legs wouldn't support my weight, and I ended up on the ground.

"Geez...This guy must be wasted," remarked the second cop.

"I don't know he doesn't smell like he's been drinking."

"Ah, Crap! You think we got another one?"

"Could be. Better call Detective Fryer and get him out here."

"Wonderful! The paperwork alone on this is going to take the rest of the night!"

I lay on the ground staring up at the starry night sky vaguely aware of the sound of the cops radios, and the distant glow of whirling blue and red lights.

They called some paramedics, and by the time the detective arrived, they had me sitting up in the back of their ambulance on oxygen. I was starting to feel better, my head clearing of the effects of whatever gas had been used on me.

"Charlie Prentiss? I'm Detective Fryer."

He looked like a character right out of a T.V. show with a balding head and a long trench coat.

"We called your wife, and she is on her way. If it's o.k. I have a few questions for you?"

My face must have turned pale again as I considered what I would say to him. How was I going to explain the missing hours of my life? Would I tell him that I had been held captive and forced to have sex with a beautiful woman then released with no harm done? What would Julie say to that if she found out? My time in captivity now seemed like a dream that I just wanted to put behind me. I briefly worried about Kristie, but I reasoned if I had been released unharmed, it was likely she had as well. I was willing to bet she was sitting in a similar position to me right now probably being interrogated the same way.

"I'm not sure what I can tell you. I don't remember much," I lied.

I remembered everything, every sweet touch, every hot kiss...I had a hunch I wouldn't forget any of it for a very long time.

The detective frowned but hit me with a series of question anyway all of which I deflected. By the time Julie arrived his patience with me was wearing thin and I couldn't entirely blame him.


Julie ran up to me, throwing her arms around my neck. I held her close drinking in the scent of her hair, feeling her warmth pressed to me.

"I was so worried when you didn't come home from work. Are you o.k.? What happened to you?"

"I'm fine, Sweetie. I am a little hungry. Is there anything more, Detective?"

"You should come down to the station and make a formal statement, but given what you've been through I suppose that can wait until tomorrow," he replied in a tone that indicated he felt I was holding back on him, that I knew far more than I was telling.

"Tomorrow...Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I just want to go home."

The paramedics made a fuss about wanting me to go to the hospital and get checked over, but I waved them off with a vague promise that I would see my doctor the next day. I was suddenly desperate to get out of there and away from all the staring eyes. Julie guided me to her car. We decided we would just leave mine and come back for it tomorrow. She drove me back to our apartment, occasionally glancing at me out of the corner of her eye, but thankfully not questioning me further. I had endured about enough of that for the time being.

She couldn't resist at least a few questions once we arrived home. I certainly couldn't blame her for that, but I pleaded amnesia just as I had with the police. I saw no way to explain to her what had happened to me that wouldn't damage our relationship. What could I say? I had been a part of some crazy persons social experiment and that I failed miserably proving that I was a man with no self-control and a broken moral compass? I could undoubtedly justify things by saying I was coerced, but deep down, I knew the truth I had gone willingly, and I was every bit the animal that voice had made me out.

We went to bed, and Julie cuddled up to me, but I didn't feel like I deserved her affection anymore. I almost pushed her away, but it seemed a cruel response after her anxiety of the past twelve hours, so I reluctantly let her fall asleep on my chest. I lay listening to her breath quietly in the dark, contemplating the dark walls of my apartment while my mind went in circles. My last thoughts were of a strawberry blond, and her beautiful face composed in ecstasy.

Strangely, the events of that day slowly faded from my conscious. The police hit me up a few times with more questions, but I continued to plead ignorance, and eventually, they left me alone. Julie was not as easy to mollify, but even she came to accept that I was never going to remember what happened to me during that time I had been missing. The guilt still reared its ugly head every now and again, but it too started to hurt less as the days rolled by, and my life returned to its usual routine. There was a good chance I might need therapy one day to resolve my feelings over the whole thing, but for now, I found myself making my peace with it. In a way, I emerged a better man seeing my failings as pathetic, but correctable, and maybe that was the one good thing that could come out of this mess I reasoned. There was the possibility that the voice had done me a favor making me appreciate the value of my relationship with Julie.

I kept deluding myself about things until a month after that fateful day at the Java Joint. I came home from work a little early to surprise Julie with some flowers and a nice dinner out. The minute I entered the apartment, I could tell something was wrong. The place was far too quiet, and when I went into the bedroom, I realized that Julie's things were missing. A quick check of the closet and our dresser confirmed that her clothes were gone as were her cosmetics from the bathroom. I stood in the living room bewildered and calling her phone merely sent me to her voice mail.

I was thinking about dialing 911 when I saw the laptop computer sitting open on the kitchen table. Julie and I shared one computer since mine had died the previous year and I hadn't wanted to spring for a new one yet. The screen had one application running on it, Julies e-mail. The one she had been reading had an attachment open, a video, and I clicked on it to restart it.

My stomach flipped over, and I began to feel nauseous while I watched the video stream play out in front of me. I recognized the bathroom, Kristie looking like a Playboy playmate in her lacy underwear standing near the bathroom counter staring at me in my boxers. The video had been carefully edited to remove the strange voice and our reactions to it. What remained looked very much like a consensual sex video between two people enjoying themselves to the hilt. The microphone used to record it must have been wonderfully sensitive it even picked up our whispers including my comments about it being better with Kristie, and how I was going to make her cum harder than her boyfriend ever did.

I sat down slowly at the table, not sure what to do next. I could only imagine how heartbroken Julie must have been seeing these images of me plastered all over her computer screen. I doubted there was anything I could say that would make up for what happened and distantly it occurred to me that I should have told Julie the truth at the beginning as crazy as it would have sounded. It was probably too late now. The voice had made sure its lesson was driven home, and I had only myself to blame.


I hated this part. The closet was tight, and I'm just a tad claustrophobic, so the wait before I sprang the door was almost eternal for me. I watched the video monitor in front of me until my latest subject began to stir at last then I waited until the motion sensors tripped the computer to start its dialogue. This had been the hardest part to get right at the beginning, but I had learned my computer skills from the best, and my dad had always been a wizard when it came to building reactive A.I. constructs. It hadn't taken me long to work out the conversation trees; in the end, men were so predictable in their reactions.

My dad...I always had trouble thinking about him without wanting to hit something. If he had been half as good at being a husband as he had been at working with computers, perhaps he and my mom would still be together. My mom used to say a hard dick has no conscience, and in his case no sense of morality either. I can still remember the arguments and his denials. My childhood had been filled with angry shouts between my parents as my mom caught him yet again with his penis in the metaphorical cookie jar.

My subject was on his feet looking a bit more in control now that the anesthesia was wearing off. It was almost time to join him. I was no actor, but I had discovered long ago that my mom was right about something else, when a man sees you in your underwear they can't think straight half the time anyway.

He was trying the doors now, discovering that he was trapped.

I pressed the button to free the electronic lock, took a few hard breaths to flush my skin, and focused on looking distressed and panicked as I rushed into the room. The door closed automatically behind me, and I turned to face him, letting my lower lip quiver as if I was about to cry.

"It's o.k. I'm not going to hurt you!" he said, holding his hands out palm flat toward me.

"Who are you? What's happening?" I would never win an Academy award, but his eyes were so focused on my chest I was sure it didn't matter.

"I think we may have both been nabbed by the same person...I'm Donnie, by the way."

"Kristie...I know you don't I?" I asked, pushing my strawberry blond hair back out of my face.

"Kind of...We both work out at the 10th Street gym...I've seen you there," said Donnie.

He had seen me there alright, practically raping me with his eyes every time he came in the building, and my intercepts of his cell phone calls had painted an even more lurid story. I was sure his girlfriend of two years, Stephanie, had no idea how her lover boy secretly wished he had my legs wrapped around his ass. He would get what he wanted before this afternoon was over, and what he deserved not long after.

They were all animals after all ruled by their instinct...every single one...filthy animals.

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 Anonymousalmost 2 years ago
Mhhheeeeeee boring bat shit crazy cunt play moral judge for fucked up parents

Slut at least gets fucked constantly

 Anonymousalmost 2 years ago
Nice twist!

I never saw it coming.


 Anonymousalmost 2 years ago
Very Good.

Very different approach.

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