tagLoving WivesA Text to My Hotwife

A Text to My Hotwife


Disclaimer: This is my first time submitting a story to this, or any other, site although I've written a few others. This story is of the hotwife/cuckold genre. If that's not your thing you may want to move on to something else.


This story actually began as a text to my gorgeous hotwife who was visiting her favorite lover, who I call bf, halfway across the country in NYC a couple of weekends ago. She was there with him for four days and they spent hours fucking and sucking, each and every one of those days. While I've never actually seen them fuck, the last time they were together they went to a sex store and got a dildo that she says is almost an exact replica of his cock. She said he got it for her so she could use it to remember what he felt like inside her when she missed him. It's a good 8+ inches long and about as thick as a pop can and he's got an east coast accent and attitude which she gets instantly wet for. It's really no wonder why she'll literally drop anything and everything to fuck him every single chance she gets.

A little back ground for those interested. My wife and I are high school sweethearts and have been married for more than 10 years. We've always had a very hot and active sex life and other than a one night stand by each of us shortly out of high school, we had been faithful and only had sex with each other. That was until about 5 years ago when I was out of town working for an extended period of time.

We'd role played many times and one of both of our biggest fantasies was her fucking another guy, preferably one with a much larger cock than mine. She'd admitted to me a few years after we were both out of high school that she'd always had a crush on one of my best friends, John. After she disclosed that, he began to come up relatively frequently while we were having sex and was my go to during our dirty fantasy talk to really get her off.

We called John 'Dirk Diggler' in high school because he had a 9" cock and he certainly wasn't shy about whipping it out at parties for girls. The few times when some of my friends would take turns on a girl, no one wanted to go after him. My wife hadn't actually seen 'it,' but she'd heard us joking and telling stories and I know she got herself off more than once back then thinking about fucking him. She was always a little shy and anxious when he was around and I'd seen both of them check the other out on more than one occasion.

One night while we were talking dirty on the phone while I was out of town, I told her to imagine fucking him as she masturbated with her favorite large vibrator on the other end. It wasn't long before she stopped talking, her breathing got heavy and then all I could hear was the buzzing of the vibrator as she came. When she finally breathed again as she came back to earth, she audibly laughed a little bit and I asked her what was so funny. She didn't want to tell me at first, but after some prodding and reassuring her that I wouldn't be upset, she told me that she'd cum so hard she'd squirted. She had never squirted with me and while I felt a twinge of jealousy, I was also insanely turned on by the fact that she had done that thinking about him. I told her how hot it was and that I wasn't upset at all. After a brief pause on the other end, she asked me if this was just a fantasy or whether I would really be okay if she fucked him. When I asked her why, she confessed that she'd seen him a couple of days before and that he'd invited her to come out sometime if she was lonely since I was gone. I asked her if she was lonely and wanted to go out to meet him and she admitted that she was but that she wasn't sure what might happen if they did meet up and wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize our marriage. I asked her if she wanted something to happen but she didn't answer at first. As I reassured her that I was more than ok with it I could hear the buzzing and squishing sounds in the back ground and knew she was using her vibrator again which gave me all the answer I needed.

That Friday night I got a call, from my clearly already intoxicated wife, asking if I was Sure that I was ok if she met up with John, and I told her again that I was. 10 minutes later she texted me saying that she was on her way to the bar where he was at to meet him and an hour after that the text just read, 'Are you SURE???' We had a brief exchange after that with more reassurances from me that I loved her and always would and me telling her to have fun. After a rather sleepless night my phone rang early the next morning and when I answered the first thing I heard my wife say is, 'I did it, I fucked John last night and it was sooooo fucking good baby!' The description of that night that I got later is a story for another time...

That was the first of many times now that she's fucked someone else which leads us to last Saturday nights text. It was night three for her and she texted me to tell me they were just going to stay in for the night after going to a swingers club the night before. After my response she bid me good night and I knew I wouldn't be hearing from her again until the following day. With my mind racing over what they might get up to, I decided to send her a text telling her how I imagined the scene would play out if I was there with her. Below is a slightly edited version of what I sent:

I would love to be there watching what you're doing right about now. I'd love to watch you put on a show for me sucking his big dick, showing me how you worship, suck and please his thick 8" cock. How much you love taking his cock down your throat, and showing me how much of it you can take.

You'd stay down there for a good long time kissing along his heavy shaft, flicking your tongue along the underside of his bulbous head, sucking and stroking and taking it so far down that he hit the back of your throat gagging you, until he was ready to shoot his hot cum down your throat.

You'd want him to. You'd want to show me how much of a slut he makes you for him and how you'll swallow every last drop of his masculine cum. But he would have other ideas.

He'd want to put on a show for me as well. He'd want to show me what your pussy looked like stretching around his massive cock. Show me how your eyes would roll back into your head as he thrust himself inside your swollen but loosened pussy from what he'd already done to it the previous couple of nights.

He'd pull his raging hard-on out of your hungry mouth and pull you up off the floor, spin you away from him, and then roughly push you back down onto the bed on your hands and knees. He'd squeeze your perfect ass and give it a loud smack before he looked over at me and smiled as you moaned and pushed yourself back against him; searching, wanting, needing his cock to be inside you, filling you full like only he has. He'd rub his cock up and down your dripping snatch, teasing you mercilessly, until you begged him to fuck your married pussy.

Finally he'd enter you, slowly pushing his fat cock inch by thick inch into your eager pussy, sending chills down your spine as the sensation of the pain from the swelling and the pure ecstasy of feeling your boyfriends cock bury itself inside you, made you weak in the knees.

Once he'd buried his manhood all the way inside you, he'd pull out slowly, moving to one side to give me a better view of how your stretched out pussy still clung to his thick shaft as he withdrew it. He'd relish in the knowledge that sex with me wouldn't be the same for weeks after three nights in a row of him fucking and fisting your tight little cunt (the cunt you tried so hard to keep nice and tight for him for weeks leading up to your trip).

Then he'd start fucking you, fucking you with the experience of someone who's turned many a woman into a wanton slut, someone who knows how to fuck a girl mind, body and soul. He'd fuck you with hard but measured thrusts that hit the spots in you that very few, including myself, ever have or will. It wouldn't be long until you felt the waves of your first orgasm of the night washing over your entire body causing your eyes to flutter and roll back into your head as you came hard for your lover.

He'd slowly fuck you thru your body shaking, sheet gripping orgasm before removing his glistening cock from your spasming pussy and pulling you back off the bed, he'd tell you to suck your cream off of his throbbing erection. Of course you'd eagerly and voraciously drop to your knees, and without hesitation go to work cleaning his magnificent cock, lost in complete abandon for this man who knew just what to do to turn you into a filthy whore that would do anything he wanted or asked.

At this point there would be nothing else in the world for you, just you, him and his glorious cock. You'd meticulously clean every inch of his rock hard monster and then begin to slowly work him in and out of your mouth, opening your eyes to make eye contact with your lover as you sucked and stroked his dick lustfully. You'd want to show him how much you enjoyed and appreciated having his cock in your mouth. How much you wanted to please it, and him, and you'd plead with him thru your gaze to fill your mouth with his manly seed.

After a few minutes of your slow and loving oral administrations, you'd pick up the pace until he he couldn't take anymore and his balls began to tighten as he prepared to give you what you so wanted. You'd deftly continue to stroke him, locking your lips around his manhood as he filled your mouth with spurt after spurt of his masculine cum, draining him dry and making sure you didn't lose even a single drop.

He'd say something completely dirty to you like, "tell me how much u like my cum, slut," to which you'd respond by eagerly showing him that you'd swallowed it all and telling him that you loved swallowing every drop of His cum. Smiling once again, this time even more cockily, he'd tell you to turn around and show your husband what a dirty little slut wife you were and that you'd swallowed all of his cum.

It would be just then that it would come back to you that I was even there. While you would flush briefly in a mix of embarrassment and guilt, and think about resisting, you would ultimately do as he wanted. Turning towards me with your eyes lowered you'd open your mouth and raise your tongue to show me you'd swallowed it all.

After raising your eyes to meet mine and seeing the relieving look of lust on my face, you'd flash me one of the most devious smiles I've ever seen, then turn back to bf telling him you were thirsty and ask him to go with you to get a drink. Standing and moving towards the door, you'd look back over your shoulder and smile teasingly then blow me a kiss as you walked out of the bedroom holding his hand and giggling with him about what had just transpired, pulling the door nearly shut behind you knowing that it would drive me crazy.

Moving to the kitchen you'd ask him to make you a drink and begin fondling him and kissing his back, neck and shoulders as he mixed the vodka and red bull for your long night ahead. Once he'd mixed both of your drinks he'd grab his vape pen and you'd each take a couple draws off of it, giggling like high schoolers from the immediate effects of the oil and the alcohol already in your systems. After you'd giggled and fondled and teased each other back to high arousal, you'd suggest heading back to the bedroom and, bringing the vape pen with you, you'd make your way back to where I anxiously waited slowly playing with myself so as not to cum while replaying the erotic scenes that I'd just witnessed over and over in my head.

Returning to the room you'd hand me the pen, give me my first kiss of the night, a small peck on the cheek, and a wink, then turn your attention back to your lover.

You'd begin again by kissing him deeply and passionately, buzzing from the euphoria of the oil and cocktails as well as the glow that still remained from the amazing orgasm he'd already given you. You'd grab his rapidly growing erection with one hand and begin to stroke it, continuing to kiss and be in the moment with him while wrapping your other arm around his broad shoulders. He'd reciprocate by grabbing a handful of the hair on the back of your head in one hand and roughly squeezing your tits with the other.

After a few minutes of this you'd break the kiss and, backing towards the bed, look lustfully into his eyes and tell him you wanted him to fuck you in the ass in front your husband. He'd smile smugly back at you enjoying how he'd made you His slut for the night, your words feeding his competitiveness and desire to mark His territory. He'd tell you that he'd do it soon, but first he wanted to stretch your pussy some more as it was still too tight for him. He'd guide you back onto the bed and you'd obediently spread your legs wide open to give him access to your yearning fuck hole.

Your pussy would be gushing again at this point as he began fingering you with no need for lube. Starting with three fingers, which would slide easily into your slippery gaping hole, he'd work his way up until he was pushing his entire hand and halfway up his forearm into your cunt. He'd start fucking you with his hand, stretching you as much as he could, and soon you'd be writhing on the bed, begging him to stretch your tight married pussy, as you began squirting copious amounts of pussy fluid with each thrust, making a squishing sound that echoed off the walls. Within minutes you'd be cumming again, nearly blacking out from the intensity of being completely filled and another body wracking orgasm.

Without even waiting for you to come down from your blissful high, he'd grab a bottle of lube and begin generously spreading it inside your butt cheeks and massaging it inside your asshole. As your eyes popped open wide he'd roughly push first one, then two fingers inside you, causing a flash of searing pain as your taboo hole was penetrated. He'd work you methodically until you began to relax and arched your back to accommodate him, pushing back onto his digits to feel him deeper inside you. He'd grab your hips and roughly flip you over before grabbing more lube to rub onto his cock, then pull you to your knees as he positioned the tip of his pulsing dick at the entrance to your rear access. He'd then slowly push the head of his thick member into your loosened asshole, entering the only hole that he hadn't already violated that night.

I imagine that he'd at least go slowly as his huge dick entered your ass, allowing you to accommodate his size before he'd really go to work tearing your ass up. After the initial pain subsided you'd begin egging him on, begging him to fuck your ass harder, to make you his filthy whore, to fuck your slut ass in front of your husband. Soon he'd be pounding you, his balls slapping against your gushing pussy while you feverishly rubbed your clit. This would go on for a while as his superior stamina allowed him to keep a steady pace until you began to cum once again, throwing your head back and crying out in ecstasy as your squirting pussy soaked everything in the vicinity. As your body wracked with another powerful orgasm, your asshole would clench around his throbbing cock causing him to unload a torrent of his hot cum into your ass.

You'd both collapse onto the bed in a sweaty pile of flesh and his deflating cock would make a popping sound as it slid from your gaping ass which overflowed with his second load of the evening. You'd both lay there catching your breath with glazed over looks on your faces as I looked on in awe of the fucking you'd just received. After a few minutes he'd move closer and begin kissing your neck and whispering into your ear, giving you goosebumps and causing you to giggle once again. You'd roll over onto your side and the passionate kissing would begin anew, this time not as feverish but more sensual. The connection between you would be palpable and I'd be mesmerized, and a bit jealous, at the chemistry that was on display.

Finally you'd look over at me smiling and ask if I was having fun and enjoying the show and I'd respond by smiling back and showing you my rock hard cock. After sharing a look between the two of you, you'd ask bf if he could leave us alone for a minute and after taking another quick glance in the direction of my erection, and smiling smugly once again, he'd look me in the eye and ask if I'd like to have a turn fucking my wife's used pussy. You'd giggle again at his comment and playfully elbow him, then tell me to come over to you as he headed to another room to give us a few minutes to ourselves.

I'd come over and crawl on top of your sweaty, flushed body and begin kissing you passionately. Wanting to devour you in the same bed you'd just been fucked in, I'd attack your lips with mine as thoughts of seeing my beautiful wife getting fucked raced thru my mind. After just a minute of our heated oral exchange you'd break away and smile sweetly up at me with a playful glint in your eye. You'd thank me for letting you fuck him and then ask me if I wanted to try and fuck you to see if you could feel me. Grinning at you I'd move between your sticky legs and position my cock at the entrance to your well fucked and gaping pussy. My cock would easily slide into your wet, stretched hole as I'd bury myself in one smooth stroke, pausing briefly to feel your warmth engulf my throbbing erection, and then slowly begin fucking you, feeling for the first time just how loose he'd left you.

Soon I'd quicken my pace as I looked for some welcome relief from the pressure that had built from my constant arousal over the last hour plus. Coaxing me on you'd tell me to fuck your used pussy, to fuck the pussy your boyfriend had fucked and stretched for the last three days. It wouldn't be long before I'd be ready to explode and fill you with my own seed, but seeing the tell tale signs of my orgasm approaching, you'd slow me down and tell me not to cum inside you. Speaking in that sweet little voice you have, you'd tell me that you only wanted his cum inside you on this trip. Unable to hold out any longer I'd pull out and spray spurt after spurt of my pent up cum over your torso until I'd drained every last drop onto your glistening body and then dismount and lay down next to you.

After laying there on bf's bed next to each other for a few minutes you'd ask me to grab my boxers and clean you up. Once I'd finished we'd get up to head back out to where bf was waiting, but before we left the room you'd smile and tell me I should put my boxers back on, 'for my sake.' You'd kiss me sweetly and then walk out the door briskly to find what you were really there for and to get back to fucking the man you can't get enough of.

Well that's it for tonight, hope the real thing was even better than I imagine!

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by esky02/10/20

Loved your story 5*

My wife has done exactly the same things with her lover Geoff and loved it ,as did I

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