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tagLoving WivesA Naughty Honeymoon

A Naughty Honeymoon


This story is based on actual events in the lives of my wife and me, with very little embellishment. What works for our lives may not work for yours, and that's fine. I hope you enjoy. I'm hoping this falls into the "Loving Wives" category, and any future installments would definitely be put there.


I met my wife my final year of college. She stands around 5'6", 130 lbs, blue eyes and gorgeous brown naturally curly hair. We met through mutual friends and hit it off immediately. I was doing an internship in a different city so we spent the first month of our relationship just talking on the phone, which, in our opinion, helped to form a solid base for our relationship since all we could do was talk. The first weekend we were able to hang out as a couple, we went through the usual chatter about taking it slow...though by the time I left that weekend we ended up with a pretty intimate knowledge of each other's bodies.

As I said, we talked a lot on the phone and the talking invariably turned to sex, and our sexual histories. My wife (Lisa) was raised fairly conservatively, so getting her to open up did take some time. She had only been with three men before me, not losing her virginity until she was in college. It turns out that the blowjobs she gave me were the first ones she had ever given (it was fairly obvious while she was going down on me that she was inexperienced in that regard, but she was enthusiastic about it and was willing to swallow, so I wasn't complaining). She had only had guy on top sex, and it was -- according to her -- fine. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. I was a fair bit more experienced, so it became one of my goals to see how much I could get her to open up (pun intended).

The first weekend that she came to visit me, I offered to go get her bag from the car since it was winter and the snow was blowing. When I got back inside she was sitting on the couch in just her bra and panties, which were a nice lacy dark blue ensemble she had picked up on the way to visit me from a local Victoria's Secret store. They framed her 36C's nicely and the panties hugged her ass just right. We spent that whole Saturday in bed, missing out on dinner plans we had with her parents. By the time I was pumping her full of my third load of cum we decided to just order in and tell her parents she wasn't feeling well. She was willing to try almost anything I suggested, and even got to give her a facial before she drove home.

Once she graduated college she moved back, and though her official address was her parent's house, for all intents and purposes she moved in with me. Over time I was able to get her to open up more, both with what she was willing to try in bed and what fantasies she had. I was able to talk her into trying anal sex fairly easily, and to this day we still do it on occasion, and she is one of the lucky girls who Is able to cum from having anal. Also, rarely, she has squirted for me which, if you haven't experienced it, is a sight to behold.

One night after a good round of fucking, we were lying in bed just coming down off our respective orgasms.

"So that was pretty good," I said.

"Meh. It was OK," was her response. She was smiling as she said it, letting me know that she enjoyed herself at least as much as I did.

"If it was just ok, what can make it better? What is a fantasy you have that you would like to try some day?"

"I don't have any fantasies. Your tongue and your cock are enough for me."

"Well, that's a line of bullshit, but I'll take it. Come on, what is a fantasy you have?" Now I started pressing the issue.

"All right. I guess if I had one fantasy it would be to have sex somewhere outside where we would run the risk of someone seeing us."

That admission set off alarm bells in my head. I, like most guys, have often thought about my girlfriend/wife showing off a bit when we go know, shorter skirts, lower cut tops, push up bras, etc. Something that will get her noticed by other people but knowing that she is going home with me. Over the ensuing years her wardrobe gradually changed to having more of those types of outfits for the times when we would go out, and she decided one day to get herself a Victoria's Secret credit card and completely change over her lingerie drawer from mostly plain bras and granny panties to a lot of lacy push up bras, thongs, sheer bra and panty sets, and various corsets, teddies, and other pieces of lingerie. She decided, at my urging as well, to try out a Brazilian wax as well and hasn't looked back since.

After we got married, we took a honeymoon to the Caribbean. My wife packed for a tropical vacation -- short, thinner dresses, light tops, and skirts. She bought several new bikinis for the trip...she had worked hard on her body before our wedding and she wanted to show it off. I, of course, had no problem with that! As soon as we got to our room she got on her knees and gave me a blowjob, swallowing my load. As she stood up she said "there's a lot more where that came from this week!" She winked at me and headed into the bathroom.

Our second night at the resort we got dressed to go to dinner, her wearing a very nice red sundress with a sexy black push up bra underneath it. I was dressed in a polo and dress pants as the dress code required. After dinner, we went to one of the beach bars to have a couple drinks. After we were a few in, Lisa turned to me and said "I have a little surprise for you." She took my and placed it at the hem of her dress, smiled and arched an eyebrow at me. I rubbed her leg a bit, and once our nearest company moved away started sliding my hand up her leg. I was very surprised when, instead of panties, I felt just some damp pussy lips. She leaned over and whispered "do you like me being out without panties?" Before I could answer she reached over and rubbed my rapidly hardening cock and said "I'll take that as a yes."

We finished our drinks and headed back to the room. We grabbed drinks from the mini fridge and headed out to the balcony. She put hers down, leaned over the railing, and told me that she had something else I could drink first. I got down on my knees behind her and put my tongue deep into her very wet pussy. It didn't take long before she shuddered and came on my face. I figured that there was no point in waiting, so I stood up, unzipped my pants, and shoved my cock all the way into her before she knew what was happening. She moaned loudly at my sudden invasion.

"Oh, shit. That feels so good. Fuck me, baby. Make my pussy come again!"

I fucked her hard, knowing that I wasn't going to last long. As I looked over her body, I saw a couple walking by. It was hard to tell how old they were, but I saw them slow down and one of them point in our direction. They both stopped and stared at us. That was all it took as I filled her up with a big load of sperm.

She said, loudly, "I'm there. Keep going baby, make me cum! Oh, I'm cumming!"

After we both finished cumming, I leaned over and whispered in her ear "did you notice our audience?" Her eyes got wide as she saw the couple looking our way and she turned a little pink, letting me know she was a little embarrassed. I told her not to worry about it, they seemed like they had a good time. I waved to them and we headed back inside.

We both went inside and showered. When I came out, she was laying in bed wearing a sexy little teddy, with garter straps holding up some sexy sheer black thigh high stockings. I was surprised she was ready to go again; it was rare that we ever had sex twice in a night. I lay down on my back and she immediately began sucking my dick.

"What got into you?" I asked.

"Hopefully you will shortly," she answered with a grin.

Once I was hard she stood up, pulled off her panties, and sank right down on my cock.

"Oh FUCK yes," she said.

She was extremely wet as she rode me up and down. This wasn't making love, this was pure fucking. She was in it to cum and cum fast. I pulled her down to give her a hard kiss.

"What turned you on so much?" I asked.

"Maybe it was the audience we had," she replied.

"Oh, yeah? You liked being watched?"

"Shit, that feels so good...yes, I liked it. I was a little embarrassed but also really turned on...fuck, give it to me. Fuck me hard!"

"Okay, roll over!"

Once she did that I shoved my cock deep into her pussy a few times, then pulled out and positioned it at her asshole.

"You want to fuck your horny wife up the ass? You had better do it hard. I was naughty...I let someone watch me have sex tonight and need to be punished for that...OH FUCK!!" She screamed out as I shoved my full 7 inches all the way up her asshole. I fucked her with hard long strokes as she reached under to play with her clit.

"Fuck me hard, baby, I'm going to cum with your cock in my ASS!!"

She spasmed hard and fell down on the bed. I would have slipped out if her asshole wasn't gripping my cock so tight. I knew I was close, and since she had already cum I knew she probably wasn't going to again. I fucked her hard for another minute or two before releasing my load deep into her bowels.

Once my cock softened a little I slowly slid out of her ass, looking at her asshole gaping just a little and a small trickle of my cum dripping out. I went in the bathroom to clean up, came back, put her panties back on her so she wouldn't leak all over the bed and then tucked her in for the night. All the while I was thinking about what may have been unleashed inside her...

The next day we headed down to the beach. Lisa was wearing one of her new bikinis, a black one with a little bit of push up and a bottom that was cut kind of high, showing off a good amount of her ass. I was glad I picked an adult only resort for the honeymoon, because when we got to the beach I saw several attractive (and some not so attractive) women there with their tops off in an effort to reduce tan lines. Lisa looked at me admiring the scenery and giving her a wolfish grin. She smiled and said "you wish."

We lay on some beach chairs for a while, me reading my book, Lisa napping on her stomach. She had undone her bikini top and pulled her bottoms a bit more into her asscrack to avoid the dreaded tan lines herself. At one point I decided that since we were at an all inclusive resort there was no reason to not have a drink in our hands so I got up to go get them. When I came back, I was surprised to see Lisa now lying on her back, her top completely off, with her tits on display for all passersby to admire.

"I just figured...when in Rome," she said.

I was not going to complain at all. We lay there for a few more hours, I managed to count at least 30 guys who walked by and looked directly at her. Once she got enough sun I figured it was time to go rest in the room for a bit. We both dozed off for a while before showering and getting dressed for that night's dinner. Our outfits were much the same as the previous night; again Lisa decided not to wear any panties under her dress. We ate a very good seafood meal, and decided that we would hit the dance club at the resort that night. I'm not much of a dancer, but Lisa does enjoy getting out on the floor. We went and got a drink or two and then headed out to the floor. I am completely devoid of any sort of natural rhythm (think the African Anteater Ritual from the 80's movie Can't Buy Me Love), but Lisa was able to sway along and move her hips in a way that I was very happy just simply hanging back and watching. At one point we found another newlywed couple that we had met and I politely excused myself while telling her to stay and dance with them. I got another drink and found a seat where I could see her and contented myself with just watching.

After a couple of songs the other couple left and she was alone for a moment. At that point a random guy came up and whispered in her ear to ask if she would dance (she told me that later). At first I was a little weirded out that my wife was dancing with a stranger, but I figured what the hell, I am more than happy to have her show off for other people, what's a bit of dancing? They moved a bit to the middle of a crowd so I couldn't see her the entire time, but every once in a while her head would pop up or I would catch sight of her bright yellow dress so I knew she was fine. She was out there for a while, probably close to an hour. I was about to go out to get her when I saw them move to the edge of the crowd. Lisa gave the stranger a hug, whispered something in his ear and then came over and found me.

"Let's get out of here," she said. "I need some personal attention."

Who was I to argue? I asked her if she enjoyed dancing with that guy. She just smiled and said "yeah, it was alright."

When we got back to the room, we both decided to take showers before bed since we had both worked up quite a sweat over the course of the day/night (it was the Caribbean in late May, after all). I asked Lisa if she wanted to shower together and she said no, I should go first. A little disappointed, I did my thing and when I came out she went into the bathroom carrying a tightly closed bag. She definitely took her time, so I busied myself watching some 20 year old rerun of the Simpsons that was dubbed into Spanish.

When the bathroom door dropped, my mouth dropped almost to my chest. Lisa was wearing a black lacy corset with a tiny thong, garters, stockings, black stilettos and a choker to match. She looked amazing. She looked at me and said "you like it? I bought it a week before the wedding when Sarah (her maid of honor) and I went shopping. She approved, so I figured if it was good enough for her it was good enough for you. She bought a similar one for herself. I think her boyfriend will be very happy as well."

Shit, I wouldn't go soft for a week thinking about the two of them in those outfits. Sarah had a similar build to Lisa, except her boobs were significantly bigger. Lisa told me once they were a 34DD, but I've never been able to verify for myself, sadly. Chalk that up to one of my fantasies.

She walked over to the end of the bed and crawled up toward me, giving me an amazing view of her tits hanging down encased in the tight lacy fabric. My erection was threatening to rip my boxer briefs to shreds. Lisa kissed her way up my leg, pulled my underwear down and engulfed my entire cock into her throat. There are times when she sucks my cock just because she wants to get me hard, there are times she sucks it because I want her to and she isn't really into it, and there are times she sucks it because she wants my cum. This was the last one. She bobbed up and down, she sucked hard and soft, she ran her tongue all over my shaft and balls, and then took me into her throat. The combination of enthusiasm and suction had me cumming within about 10 minutes. She swallowed it down, not missing a drop.

After finishing she slid her way up my body and gave me a long kiss. I'm not one of those guys who has an issue kissing after cumming in my wife's mouth, as long as she doesn't have a mouthful of cum (not ready for that leap yet). I could feel her soaked panties sliding up and down my shaft. She got up on her knees and slid her panties down, and I could see a string of pussy juice connecting her to the panties. She dragged her pussy up my body, leaving a trail of wetness from my leg to my chest. Then she crawled up and planted her pussy directly on my face.

"Oh God, baby. I need your tongue in my pussy so bad. I'm so turned on."

"I can tell. What's going on with that?"

"I don't know...oh, keep going...this whole honeymoon has just gotten to me...shit, I'm going to cum...I'm just constantly horny...SHIT YES! KEEP LICKING!!!"

With that last scream I felt a flood of wetness over my face, letting me know she had cum and cum hard. I tapped her on the leg so she would move before she smothered me. She slid down and immediately engulfed my cock in that wet pussy.

"Damn, baby, you are really ready to go tonight!"

"Are you complaining? You have unlimited pussy available to you this week!"

"Not at all! You just seem more ready to go than you have been so far."

"Mmmm, your cock feels so good...that's just what I needed. A hard cock in my pussy after all that sexy dancing! Oh, it's filling me up so good!"

Her phrasing got me dancing? I had barely danced with her.

"Wait a minute. What do you mean sexy dancing?"

I grabbed her by the hips and held her still on top of me.

She averted her eyes and stammered "n-n-nothing. I didn't mean anything by it. It just came out."

Obviously she was hiding something from me.

"No more fucking until you explain."

She looked down and sighed heavily. "OK, but don't get mad. I may have accidentally crossed a bit of a line tonight on the dance floor after you left."

I was intrigued by this, and to my surprise my cock stayed just as hard.

"So when the other couple left, you saw that someone else came up to dance with me. His name was Brandon, and he was here as a part of a wedding group. He had some decent dance moves, so I accepted. We started moving and our moves just worked together. We started swaying to the music in part of the larger group, but eventually we started dancing with each other. At one point I felt his hands on my hips, not thinking much of it. Not long after I felt him moving closer to my backside, and maybe I encouraged things by grinding a bit on him.

Before long he was grinding back on me, and I could feel something pressing into my ass. Turns out he was getting hard and rubbing his cock on my ass. His arms went all the way around my stomach and we were not really dancing anymore, just pressing our bodies together and moving. When the tempo increased, so did we, and before I realized it his hands had slid up my body and were cupping my breasts. I know it was wrong, but it felt so good and so dirty at the same time, having another man grab my tits while my husband was out there looking our direction but not being able to see anything.

I came to my senses and told him I was married and he shouldn't be touching the off limits areas of my body. He just grinned and said 'sorry, I've been stealing glances down your dress from over your shoulder and couldn't resist knowing what these beautiful breasts felt like.' I smiled back at him and slid his hands down to my hips again and starting dancing more to give us a little bit of separation.

After a couple of songs the crowd became bigger and we were pressed together again. By this point his cock was rock hard and pushing tight into my ass. The combination of that, the music, and the closeness of our bodies made me lose myself again and I felt his hands wander south this time. I was getting so horny I let him go and felt his left hand slip under the hem of my dress and make its way up my leg. He gently ran it over my bare pussy as he whispered in my ear 'god damn, I was hoping you weren't wearing any panties.' I spread my legs to allow him access and he pushed his middle finger right into my pussy. He only went in and out a couple times before I came all over his finger.

I pulled away from him right away and said 'I'm sorry, I need to leave.' We walked to the edge of the dance floor, I gave him a hug, whispered in his ear 'thank you for dancing with me, I really enjoyed myself.' Then I came and found you."

She looked at me, her lip slightly quivering and her eyes watering just a little. "I'm so sorry baby, I don't know what came over me. It won't happ..OHH!"

I had lifted her up, thrown her down on her back and was fucking her has hard as I could. I had never thought about my wife being intimate with someone else but for some reason I was so turned on by her story I couldn't help myself.

"Fuck baby, that was so hot. You were such a slut!"

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