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A Much Needed Bath

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He takes care of her after long day at work.
1.5k words
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It had been a really long day, everything that could go wrong did. My spirits dragging and my mood hectic on the drive over, thinking I can handle anything else as long as I finally get to feel your arms around me for a little while. Sighing softly as the light turns green and every car in the line stays put. Another traffic jam, probably a wreck up ahead. Turning the stereo up a little louder, trying to drown out my frustrations. Just a little longer, just a few more minutes and I'll be safe and warm in your arms. Just a lil farther.

Pulling into the driveway and getting out, the door closing behind me as I run up the steps and lift a hand to knock. Finding a note stuck there.

"Pam, I'm sorry baby but I got called in to work late tonight. Come on in and wait for me. I shouldn't be too late. Love you, Gabriel."

Another long sigh escaping my lips. Great, just great. Something else to go wrong tonight, to spoil our limited time together. Bending to take the spare key from beneath the mat and slipping it into the lock, pushing the door open and going inside to wait.

Finding the house dark, I drop my stuff onto the couch and consider just stretching out here to take a nap until you get home. A glance toward the empty kitchen reminding me that you probably haven't eaten yet and will be hungry when you finally come in. Going into the kitchen and pulling open the fridge to look inside, not finding anything easily made there or in the freezer and finally turning to check the cabinets.

"Yikes, someone needs to go shopping." Laughing softly to myself, knowing that's one of your least favorite chores and making a mental note to do the shopping tomorrow so you won't have to bother. Reaching up into the cabinet for a glass and filling it with ice, pouring tea from the pitcher to fill the glass. Not exactly my choice of beverages but at least it's cold and wet.

Hearing a splash from the direction of the bathroom and looking around. Who the hell would be in there? Surely if you'd come home early you would have taken down the note and turned on some of the lights.

Making my way carefully toward the back of the house in the dark, unsure what I will do if confronted with an intruder but determined to get rid of this problem before you come home. Not about to let anything else keep your attention from me tonight. Not anything.

Slowly, quietly approaching the closed door, just noticing the flickering light coming from beneath. Carefully, so very carefully turning the knob and opening the door just a crack.

Seeing a shadowed back through the crack in the door, candles everywhere...splashing the room in soft light. Pushing the door wide and stepping inside. "What the...."

The large tub filled with steaming water and lots of sudsy bubbles. A bottle of wine and two glasses set carefully on one edge, a huge pile of towels folded carefully on the other. An adoring smile curving your lips as you turn at the sound of my voice, soft music filling the room from somewhere behind you.

Your arms opening, welcoming. Only a towel wrapped loosely around your waist to hide the perfection of your body from my eyes. Moving without thought or sound into those open arms, losing myself in you the moment our bodies touch.

Tipping my face up to receive your ready kiss. Your mouth pressed tight to mine, tongues dancing sensuously. My sudden need for you flaring hot and deep. Without saying a word your hands reach to unbutton my shirt, peeling the material from my shoulders to let it drop to the bare tile floor at our feet. The lace of my bra a mere memory as those talented fingers pluck it from my body. My skirt slid slowly to my feet, panties tugged and discarded to leave me standing before you, bared and ready.

The soft groan escaping your throat the only evidence of your need, the press of my body into yours giving proof to the words that are whispered against your neck. "Oooohh Gabriel, I need you baby. So very much."

"Shhhh, just feel and enjoy my love. Tonight is ours."

Your words bringing the first true smile to my lips all day. That smile only growing brighter as you turn me towards the tub, urging me to step into the hot water as your towel drops and the hard press of your arousal teases my bare ass. Mind and body warring as I'm tempted to beg for you here, and now. Tempted to plead for you to take me here on the floor but stepping carefully into the tub and sinking slowly into the steaming bubbles. Shifting forward as you follow me in...leaving room for you to slide in behind me. A soft sigh of utter delight escaping my throat as I lean back against your chest, the water surrounding us as steam rises to fill the room with a fragrant scent.

Closing my eyes as my head is pillowed on your shoulder, your arms sliding around me to drag slender fingertips over my tummy, tracing my scar. Shuddering softly, simply relaxing and enjoying the slow lazy movements of your hands, the feel of your body behind me. The water easing tension from both our bodies, our passion creating a new tension to sing between us. Feeling the brush of your lips across the back of my neck, my thighs parting as one hand drops gracefully between them to tease wet skin. My hips rocking smoothly to meet your touch, murmuring softly, "Mmmmm you feel...heavenly baby. I needed this so much."

Watching you reach for the soap and lather your hands, those large gentle hands moving slowly over my body. Washing my shoulders and chest, a quivering tummy. One hand dropping to my ass to lift me from the water as soapy fingers slide between my thighs to clean me there, shuddering softly as my need grows quickly.

Sinking back into the water to rinse away the suds, fingers still probing between slightly swollen lips, finding my clit and tracing tiny circles there against my flesh. Groaning softly, hips rocking harder. Crying out and clinging to your forearms as you bring me quickly and simply to orgasm. Your name touching my lips and filling the room again, and again. My cunt clenching tight as your hands drop away only to reappear at my hips, turning me to face you.

The look of love and need in your eyes nearly bringing another climax, my cunt clenching tight around the head of your cock as you guide me down onto you. Filling me slowly, my back arching as I'm impaled on your hot hard flesh. Slick muscles gripping at you and pulling you deeper as my hips grind and bump against yours.

Eager to please you, eager to feel the heat of your pleasure fill me. Rocking mindlessly, knowing only the mutual need that brings our bodies together. Your hips thrusting up to fill me with each downward press of my own. Your cock pressing so deep, splashing water over the rim and onto the floor with the movement of our bodies, our need. "Fuck....oohhh god baby..you feel so good...so perfect...so right!!"

My panted breaths growing quicker, louder. Your own moans of pleasure increasing to fill the small room. The candlelight flickering softly over our wet bodies, my back arching sharply. My screams filling the room as my cunt suddenly convulses, milking your cock as my body thrashes about above you. Your cock pounding harder into me, riding the waves of my orgasm with an eager greed. Filling me, hands at my hips to keep me moving above you. Screaming only louder as you thrust harder, deeper and your throbbing length explodes inside me. Hot ropes of thick cum coating my slick inner walls, cunt muscles working harder to milk every last drop from your body with a last ear splitting screech of pleasure.

Tears of much needed relief streaking my cheeks as I finally lift my head to look up at you, your gazing holding a look of love so deep it brings physical pain to the general region of my heart. Hearing your words through the lazy cloud of my own pleasure. "I love you Pam...for now and forever. You are mine and mine alone".

Shuddering softly as my cunt clenches with the tiny aftershocks only a good orgasm can bring, arms curling around you...holding onto you.

"And I love you gabriel, more than I ever thought possible." Sighing soft, content...sated. Reaching for the soap to lather your shoulders and chest, never letting you move from the tight hold of my body. Soft kisses raining across your face, tender fingers washing your body. Lost....in you.

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