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A Mother's Love

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Son's massage of pregnant mother gets out of hand.
4.9k words
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"Are you okay, Momma?

Jake Callahan, 22, found his forty-six-year-old pregnant mother sitting on her bed staring into the distance. Her sparkling grey eyes were red-rimmed and puffy from crying, her shoulders were slumped, and she was nervously twisting a Kleenex in her hands.

Allison Callahan was lamenting her pregnancy. All she wanted to do was change her birth control prescription. Her doctor either never told her or she forgot that she needed to use some other form of protection until the new pills took effect. She was stunned speechless when she found she was pregnant. Tom, her husband, took it badly, blaming her for changing the course of their lives.

Tom was of little help as her pregnancy progressed. Just as he had 22 years ago when she was pregnant with Jake, he avoided her. He never said it, but she knew he found her swollen body disgusting. The further she advanced in her pregnancy, the less affection he showed her.

"What? Oh, yes, son! I'm fine!"

Allison was not fine. She hated how she looked. Once her body was the envy of other women and the object of lust for men. She was Amazonian in stature, Rubenesque in shape with a 34E bust, slim hips, and a waspish waist. She and Kate Upton had a lot in common.

She hated her pregnant body. Her swollen belly made her feel like a beached whale. Her breasts were like the udders on a dairy cow, full of milk and horribly swinging when she walked. They were near 38 inches when last she bought a bra and were well down the alphabet on cup size, probably G or H. Besides that, her back hurt, her feet were so swollen all she could wear were house slippers, and her husband had not fucked her in weeks. She spent the last hour crying and feeling sorry for herself.

Her son was the one bright light in this otherwise dark time in her life. He cared about her. Unlike his father, he showed no disgust with how she looked. He treated her like she was the sexiest woman in the world.

He was her shoulder to cry on, her confidant and her masseuse. His being there for her, also giving her back, belly, and foot rubs, made her pregnancy bearable. The massages were their twice a week ritual since her twentieth week.

Allison loved the massages and looked forward to them. They were soothing, easing the discomfort in her back, legs, and feet. If she had a concern, it was that the massages were becoming more sensual. Sometimes Jake's hand slid further up her thigh than she thought it should. Other times, while giving her a back rub, his hands touched the sides of her breast.

Even so, she loved the feel of his hands on her body. The gentleness of his touch was something she never experienced with his father. As her husband grew more distant, her relationship with her son grew closer.

Jake sat next to her, put his arm around her shoulder, and pulled her to him. To him, she was still the sexiest woman alive. As a teenager, he masturbated with her used panties. His favorite thing was to inhale the musky fragrance of one pair of her panties while stroking his cock with another pair.

Four years at college and numerous lovers, both male and female, cooled his ardor for his mother. However, she was still the benchmark for his girlfriends.

To Jake, his mother was a goddess. Her body was the most sensuous he ever saw. Ogling her breasts jiggling when she walked gave him a hard-on. Her wide hips and swollen belly had him again masturbating with her panties. The intoxicating aroma of her vaginal discharge was sweeter, stronger the further her pregnancy advanced.

Allison felt secure and loved snuggling in his arms. The aroma of his maleness caused her to think back to better times with his father. Back then, Tom couldn't keep his hands off her. They fucked on their first date and never stopped. His was not the first cock she had, but his was the best.

When Tom suggested they explore bringing a third into their marriage bed, she was reluctant. He convinced her that it would only strengthen their commitment to each other. She came to enjoy the feeling of another cock in her hole or, eventually, the taste of another woman's pussy.

When they decided to start a family, she was hesitant to give up what had become a sexually satisfying lifestyle. Again, he reassured her. Again she complied.

The fire began to cool while she was pregnant with Jake. Her husband found her bloated shape offputting. The flame never fully rekindled, even after Jake was born and grew to manhood.

"Jake, do you have time for my massage?"

"Certainly, Momma! Give me a minute to get the oil and light the candles."

"Jake! One more thing!"

"Yes, ma'am?"

"The ...uh...last time few massages have been more sensual than I think is appropriate for a mother and son. You've been getting a little...mmm..handsy."

"Uh! Sorry, Momma!" Jake blushed bright red with embarrassment. A few times, caught up in his lust for his mother's voluptuous pregnant body, his hand slid up his mother's thigh before she stopped him. It was just that touching his mother's body and inhaling the distinctive fragrance of a pregnant woman drove him mad with lust.

Allison patted her son's hand. "It's not your fault alone. Your father should be doing these things for me."

"Maybe when he gets home from his business trip, I could teach him how to give a massage."

"That's not the issue."

She paused, reflecting on the state of her marriage. In some ways, her son was more partner and helpmate than her husband. It was Jake whose face glowed in wide-eyed wonder when he felt the baby move. It was Jake who did silly things like talking to Allison's belly as though he were chatting with the fetus.

"Let's get started," she sighed. She didn't know what she would do if her son weren't there to help.

Jake knelt behind her, poured massage oil into his hands and warmed it by rubbing his palms together. "Momma, lower your robe."

Allison did as he asked. It took several sessions before they were comfortable with her being partially dressed. Now neither gave a thought to her being only in bra and panties.

At first, it was strange having her son touching her in such an intimate manner. Gradually, she grew accustomed to it, even craved it. The feel of her son's hands on her body became a substitute for Tom's lack of affection.

She purred when Jake's strong hands kneaded her shoulders and stroked her back. This was what she needed. The tension drained from her body as he used a circular motion, his hands going from her neck down her spine and back up the sides of her body. When the tips of his fingers brushed the side of her breasts, she didn't chastise him. Her warning was perfunctory. His touches were a reaffirmation of her womanhood. It was apparent to Allison that her son had no issues with her bloated body

"That's a nice touch," Allison said, indicating the lit candles and dimmed lights in her bedroom.

"Well, I've been reading about pregnant women. The articles say that creating a relaxing atmosphere enhanced the effects of the massage. Hence the darkened room lit by only the candles and the lavender oil to help you relax."

"You're so thoughtful! What are the pillows for?"

"You'll be on your side, so I want to be sure your head and belly are supported."

"Maybe I should take off my robe and unclasp my bra. The oil stains are hard to get out in the wash."

They paused for a moment, neither wanting to be the one to acknowledge what would be an escalation of their relationship. Allison took a deep breath and shrugged off her robe, letting it drop to the bed.

"Undo my bra" There was a tremor in her belly unrelated to her pregnancy. She wasn't sure where this would lead, but she implicitly trusted her son.

Jake's fingers felt like unresponsive sausages as he struggled with the clasp. He sat back on his heels, watching his mother let the bra dropped to her lap. He almost lost it when she absentmindedly scratched under her big jugs.

"Momma," he croaked, his throat constricting, and his mouth dry, "you're beautiful!"

"Don't be silly," Allison tittered. "I'm 27 weeks pregnant, I'm fat, and I pee a lot! There is nothing beautiful about that."

She purred when he began the massage again and smiled when his fingers brushed the sides of her breasts. Still, Allison didn't chastise him. She accepted his fascination with her body as an affirmation of her womanhood. It heartened her to have a man show interest in her, even if that man was her son.

Initially, she wrongly believed he, like his father, was disgusted with their appearance. Then she noticed the significant bulge in his shorts when he ogled her waddling around the house.

I thought I looked like a dairy cow! But my son is getting hard looking at them! Her eyes widened at the size of the bulge. Nice cock, she thought!

Allison was immediately ashamed. She was so sex starved that even her son was turning her on. She read somewhere that some women's libido decreased as their pregnancy progressed.

However, Allison was horny as a hoot owl, using her toys every night. Her libido increased as her pregnancy progressed. When she fell asleep, she dreamed of the good times. The times when she and Tom were swingers, and she had a different cock almost every week.

Lately, she eyed her son's bulge, imagining how it would feel in her mouth, in her pussy and yes, in her ass! She shook herself out of her reverie. Allison was like a person accustomed to feasting, who was suddenly on a starvation diet. They craved food. Allison craved cock!

"MMm! That feels amazing! Move down some. My lower back aches constantly! "Mmmm! Baby, that feels amazing," Allison cooed, leaning her head back against Jake's chest. He surprised her when he cupped her breasts and gently squeezed.

"What did I tell you about getting handsy!" Her warning was dutiful, not intended to make him stop but her attempt to keep them from going too far. His hands felt incredible. She enjoyed that he was not put off by what she thought were ugly udders.

"Sorry, mom!" Jake wasn't sorry, and he didn't stop caressing his mother's breasts. He had given her enough massages to know that she didn't want him to stop. With each massage, he intentionally pushed the limits of what she would allow him to do. Each time she admonished him but let him go further the next time. He hefted her tits and was startled at their weight.

Allison covered his hands on her breasts with her own. Her body tingled from his touch, and she felt warm all over. "You'd better stop, baby," Allison murmured. She regretted it when he obeyed her. However, it was for the best. Their closeness was getting out of hand.

Jake positioned the pillows for his mother's head on the bed. He held her hands as she lay back on the bed, then turned to lie on her side on the pads.

"I could never do this without your help!"

"Momma! Stop it! I'm your son. I love helping you."

Jake poured more oil in his hands, warmed it by rubbing his palms together, and stroked the sides of Allison's belly, careful not to apply too much pressure. He smiled when the baby moved.

"Did you feel it move," Allison asked, taken with the miracle of life gestating in her? The baby moving was an exciting avowal of that life. Sharing these intimate moments caused the mother and son to grow closer.

"Yes!" It's an active little sucker,' he chuckled. "When are you going to tell me the sex of the baby?"

Allison knew the baby's sex for some time. She shared the news with Tom before he left on his business trip. However, he was indifferent to the news.

"It's a boy!"

"Hey, little fellow," Jake said, talking to her belly.

" Stop it," Allison giggled. "you're so silly!" She covered her son's hand on her stomach with her own. She felt closer to him than she ever had.

"Use lots of oil on my belly. I read in a book on pregnancy that oil massages can minimize stretch marks."

Jake massaged along the sides of his mother's distended belly, his hands sliding under the swell of her breasts. His cock, pressed against her behind, was hard and dripping precum. One hand drifted down and stroked the inside of his mother's thigh just below her pussy. The heat from between her legs warmed the side of his hand. With the other hand, he squeezed her tit. A whitish clear liquid oozed out.

Allison's hips pressed back against the steel rod of her son's cock pressed against her rump. The warmth from the oil combined with the sensual touch of his hands permeated her body, heightening her arousal. It reminded her of a sensual massage one of her and Tom's sex partners gave her years ago. It felt almost as good as what Jake was doing now. The difference was that the masseuse fucked her afterward while she sucked her husband's cock.

"Can I taste it?"

"Huh? What did you say?" She was lost in the sensations suffusing her body and with thoughts of sex.

"Can I taste your breast milk?" Jake intended to get a few drops on his fingers and lick the liquid off them. His mother's reply stunned him.

"Yes, baby. Why don't you just lean over and lick it from my nipple?" I need to stop! What am I doing?

"UH...are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure! But don't tell anyone," she said, wagging a finger in his face. "especially your father!"

Jake was tentative at first, licking the warm sweet droplets from his mother's nipple. When Allison didn't stop him, he took her nipple in his mouth and nursed hungrily. Suddenly his mouth flooded with milk. He snapped back, startled. "What happened?"

Allison laughed indulgently. "I'm far enough along that stimulation of my nipples causes me to express milk."

She caressed his head as he again suckled. It was like he was a baby again. She recalled the intimacy of those long ago days when she breastfed him. She savored the feeling that, just like she did when he was in her womb, she was nourishing him with her body. However, he was no longer a baby. He was a grown man! That added a decidedly sexual connotation to his suckling. Allison's pussy was getting wet.

The side of Jake's hand slipped up her thigh, pressing against Allison's pussy as he nursed. She knew she should make him stop, but her body was on fire. They were crossing lines that a mother and her son should never cross.

Her arousal increased, and she pressed her son's head tighter to her breast. Her hips pumped against his hand. She wanted to be fucked in the worst possible way, to feel a cock fill her cunt and pound her until she screamed. She reluctantly pushed him away.

"Uh! Maybe you should do my feet!"

"Yes, ma'am!" Jake groaned. His cock was so hard it hurt. The breast milk was like a narcotic, causing his head to spin. They had gone further with this session than they ever had. His mother let him suck her nipple and touch her pussy. Surreptitiously he brought his hand to his nose, inhaling her intoxicating fragrance.

"Help me roll onto my back!"

Allison hissed as Jake's hand slid across her Mons when he helped her roll to her back. This session was out of control. The pregnancy massage was now sensual, and she was wet! So wet her pussy squelched when he rolled her to her back.

Jake and his mother's eyes locked. They had crossed the societal barriers that dictated behavior between parent and child. They were a woman and a man engaging in the dance that leads to sex. Allison lay on her back with her legs spread and bent at the knee. The gusset of her drenched panties was between her meaty cunt lips. Droplets of breast milk spotted her belly.

Jake fought the urge to crawl into the cradle created by his mother's legs, to push aside her wet panties and enter her squishing hole. Her look said she wouldn't stop him.

"I always feel helpless, like a turtle, when I'm on my back like this," Allison said suggestively, eyeing her son's bulge. He was at least as big if not bigger than Tom. She wondered how her son's cock would feel in her? Would she stretch her? Would she squeal in ecstasy? Take me! Take me now, she thought!

"Don't worry, momma," Jake croaked! "I'm here for you."

The aroma of his mother's arousal filled the bedroom. His dick ached to be between her thighs, to enter the succulent hole he came from 22 years ago. Do it, he thought! Crawl between thighs, push her panties to the side and fuck her!

"Maybe you should do my feet now."

Allison's mouth was dry. She wanted him, her body ached for him, but one of them had to snatch them back from the brink. The lust they felt would overcome all societal restrictions. If they started fucking, there would be no stopping.

"Yes, ma'am!"

Jake knelt and took his mother's foot in his hand. He held it in one hand while the other stroked her calf while his thumbs were making small circles in the sole of her foot.

Allison's cooing told him he was doing it right. But his eyes were fixed on her pussy. Her vaginal lips were engorged, gleaming with dew like droplets of moisture. He leered at the gusset of her panties, disappearing between her pregnancy thickened pussy lips.

Impulsively he sucked her big toe into his mouth. He simulated fellatio, caressing it with his tongue while sucking it.

"Oh, my God!" Allison's hips pumped while her son lavished kisses on her foot. Her arousal heightened. She was close to an orgasm, writhing under her son's expert loving of her feet.

Jake's cock was trying to rip a hole in his shorts. He rearranged his junk to relieve the aching.

I can't believe he finds this grotesque body exciting. His father barely looks at me! And my feet! Dear fucking God, that feels amazing!

Allison writhed on her back, her hips pumping, her legs thrashing as her son licked and sucked her toes. It was a poor substitute for a good pounding or the love and affection of his father, but it would have to do.

She closed her eyes, giving herself up to the total relaxation permeating her body. She was only dimly aware that Jake had stopped stroking her feet and was lying on his belly between her legs. She was slow to react when he scooted forward and kissed her swollen .labia

"Jake! Stop it!" Allison's words were weak and unconvincing.

"Oh god, Jake! What're you doing?" Her hips thrust against his head when he pushed her panties to the side and ran his tongue between her vaginal lips.

Allison grasped her son's head, pressing it tight to her pussy, riding the waves of pleasure his tongue caused in her hole and giving herself up to the inevitable.

"Oh, Jake! Jake! We mustn't!" Her hips thrust against his face, driving his tongue deeper, belying her protest.

Jake's hands caressed his mother's distended belly as he licked her pussy. Her taste was incredible, kind of a musky sweetness that made his head spin. His face gleamed from the copious flow of her pussy juices.

"Momma, your pussy tastes amazing. I could lick you all day!"

Allison surrendered. She somehow knew they would eventually become lovers. She fought it even as she allowed Jake's seduction to continue.


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