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A.I.: A New Era

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Artificial intelligence and the human libido meet. Read all the tales!
259 words
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The "AI: A New Era" Story Event

Please see this announcement for full details about this special themed story event.

And now - the stories!

AI Era: A Love Repurposed by MoonlitOpal

AI Era: Bots are People Too by PennameWombat

AI Era: Loss Function by Bramblethorn

AI Era: Turing Topped by InsertHere99

A.I. Mom by DocWords

AI New Era: Pan-Dimensional Dating Application by bettiezyx

Always Master's Slave Pet by KristinKailey

Build A Boyfriend by JuanaSalsa

Diagnostic Test by Pluna

Johnny Hedonic by OffNSFW

My Buddy by IJS0904

My GF the Engineer-Beta Released by LibertyMarshmellow98

Phantom Code by chloehunt

Time to Serve by wildflower2176

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story lyricsmaster.ru
Coming Soon: AI, A New Era Join in the fun in this story event based on sexy artificial intelligence!
AI Era: Loss Function Rivals become lovers, until their time runs out.
AI Era: Bots are People Too Viv's had a bad run with boyfriends. Is Lachlan different?
Dark As The Sun A male sexbot on an off-world colony's brothel.
The Fate of Terra Ch. 01 Introduces Michael and sets the stage. (no-sex chapter)
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