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tagIncest/Taboo27 Hours

27 Hours


Normal disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or dead is coincidental. All persons depicted in sexual acts are at least 18 years of age and consenting adults. This story involves incest. If that's not your thing, then you should stop reading now. Otherwise, enjoy yourself.

Special thanks to Jim1855 for his proofreading efforts.


I had a long time to think. Twenty-seven hours of solitude. I was driving from San Antonio back to Philadelphia. Twenty-seven hours of driving with nothing to do but think. I suppose it could be worse, I could have taken the bus. That would be more than two days to think about everything.

I thought back to how it started. Why I was in Philadelphia in the first place. I had enrolled at Temple University in Philly out of high school. What was a Texas kid doing so far east you ask? Well, I wish it was something cool, like basketball or football, but I'm a computer nerd. Temple has an extension campus in Japan, and I really wanted to study there. Starting out at Temple was the easiest way to get accepted there. Plus, because I had great grades, they offered me a really nice academic scholarship. That made paying for school much less of a burden on the family.

This was a good thing, a really good thing, because I come from an absolutely HUGE family. I have four siblings, two sisters and two brothers, aged from 14-26. Mom has six brothers and sisters. Dad has seven siblings. That's right, I have thirteen sets of aunts and uncles, all of whom have good sized families. All totaled, I have 58 first cousins. That's not a joke. I'm not sure I could name them all if I had to. There are a good many I have never met.

You see, while most of Dad's family all live relatively close together in the Texas Triangle (Dallas/San Antonio/Houston) Mom's side are spread throughout the country. Portland, Oregon; Pensacola, Florida; Denver; Boston; Anchorage, and so on. Not to mention her youngest brother John (not to be confused with my dad's elder brother John or my two cousins named John) is an Army officer, so his whereabouts change every few years, and have even included some overseas bases.

All this is to say, it was a really good thing I got a nice scholarship offer, or I would still be back in Texas choosing a community college to attend with my numerous other relatives instead. That wouldn't be bad per se, just not ideal for my intended career path.

Anyway, I quickly settled into a normal college life. I made a few friends, did a little partying, did a little more drinking, did a little less studying than I should have, & had a lot of fun. After a few weeks, I got into a pretty good routine of classes, part-time work in a campus lab, and letting loose on the weekends. There was always a party to attend on campus, not to mention the numerous college bars & clubs. The Greater Philadelphia area has five NCAA Division I universities alone, not to mention about a dozen other smaller colleges as well. If there wasn't something fun to do near my campus, I could always drive out to near Villanova or Penn or Drexel and find something happening.

I was at a club near Villanova one random Friday night. I spent the evening dancing, trying to scam someone into buying me a drink, watching the girls, and trying my luck with them. Eventually, I saw a petite girl with chestnut-colored hair dancing with a group of friends. She was stunning, with soft features and eyes that wouldn't let you look away. She was short, probably not more than 5'1 or so, but that was ok, since I'm only a bit over 5'8 myself. She had on this low-cut dress that flowed with her body as she walked. I made my way over beside her and did my best to strike up a conversation.

Miraculously, it worked. We talked for a bit. I wanted to buy her a drink, but the big black X on my hand was going to eliminate that possibility. To my shock, she ordered two martinis, and the bartender seemed to either not realize I was talking to her or didn't care. Either way, I thanked her and soon had convinced her to dance with me.

As I put my arms around her waist on the dance floor, it felt as if the rest of the room faded away. She smiled so beautifully and never broke eye contact as we made our way across the floor. I was hooked. This girl was sexy and beautiful. And it seemed she was into me too, reacting exactly as I hoped every step of the way.

The night wore on, the club got louder and smokier, and I was hoping to seal the deal. She excused herself to the ladies' room and when she came back, discretely handed me a baby blue thong that matched her dress. She smiled at me and nodded towards the door. That was all the hinting I needed. I led her out by the hand. As soon as we hit fresh air, she was kissing me. I leaned back against a wall and we made out, tongues dancing as we had done so inside. We took a Lyft to her apartment. She told me to be quiet, as she didn't know if her roommate was home or not.

We eased in the door, kissing and groping each other as we made our way to her bedroom. She eased the door closed and immediately went for my belt, frantically undoing my pants and freeing my throbbing dick. I broke the kiss to remove my slacks. As I stepped out of my boxers too, she crawled onto her bed and flipped the bottom of her dress up, showing me her nice round ass. She reached back and started rubbing her bald little pussy, spreading her lips with her fingers and clearly showing me her hot little cunt was already very, very wet. I knelt behind her and licked her juicy little slit up and down, savoring her nectar. She growled out "Fuck me. I need your hard cock now."

I grabbed her hips and slid my cock right in. She was so tight & wet, and the heat emanating from her was intoxicating. I knew I wasn't going to be able hold back. I fucked her as hard as I could for as long as I could, slowing only to reach under and grab her firm tits a few times. The popping sound of flesh on flesh echoed between the walls, and I silently hoped her roommate wasn't home, because there would be no way she could not hear us.

Without warning, I felt her pussy tighten on my cock as she came. She pressed her hand on her clit and whispered for me to "fuck harder" as she continued to cry out. I gave her a few more thrusts, then felt the surge as my orgasm burst forth, spewing wave upon wave of cum deep in her pussy. I got slightly dizzy, and leaned back on my knees, panting. Marie collapsed on the bed and flipped over on her back, her dress still on but bunched up under her tits, twisted around her torso. She rubbed her clit hard for about 20 seconds and grunted loudly, cumming one more time before she went limp. I pulled my shirt off over my head and fell beside her. I was asleep within a minute.

That next morning, I woke up to a pleasant sensation. My dick was hard and throbbing. I felt some gentle pressure, very nice and pleasurable. Then the sensation changed. It got warm, wet, and even more wonderful. As the haze started to clear, I realized I was the now recipient of a very masterful blow job. What a perfect way to start the day. I relaxed, never even opening my eyes as I felt the mouth engulfing my hard cock, a talented tongue swirling around the head and along its length. A hand putting just the right amount of pressure on the base of my dick as the mouth continued its ministrations. Ahhh. It was glorious. I wondered how much of our dried cum she could taste. I pried my eyes open to enjoy the view. I saw a head of long blonde hair bobbing up and down. Blonde? I could have sworn Marie had darker hair. I had a lot to drink last night, but not that much.

Just then, the mouth and hand adjusted their pressures and I heard myself groan out loud. The blonde head looked up at me, and although the eyes were similar to Marie's, the rest of the face was not. It was rounder and fuller. She gave me a 'shhh' and a wink, then silently resumed her sucking. So, this was the roommate? Wow. She had a pretty face. Her shoulders were bare, and I could feel bare skin along my groin and thighs, so I was guessing she was topless. I thought I was feeling some soft, larger than average breasts resting on my legs, but honestly, I wasn't paying close attention to that at the moment.

I stifled a groan as she began to use her mouth to fuck my cock. No longer a soft, playful blow job, this was a fast and hard face fuck. She rolled her eyes up to meet mine and I felt her mouth moaning around my dick. I tensed up and came immediately, shooting several blasts of cum in her open mouth. She swallowed some, and as the secondary spurts hit, she let the cum drool from her mouth and down my shaft. I got off one last burst before the last ounces oozed out of my cock head. She licked her lips and wiped her mouth with a satisfied smile on her face.

She stood and whispered that Marie was in the shower and I should clean up before she noticed. As I wiped my dick off with the sheet on the bed, I saw her fully now. She was standing topless, with large tits - at least a D cup I guessed - protruding from her chest with just a hint of droop to them. Her nipples were nice and pink with large round areola. She smiled and put her hands on her hips proudly and watched my gaze travel down her body. She had a cute face and was fairly tall, probably my height at least. She had little extra padding around the midsection and nice wide hips, which were currently covered with bright pink panties. She turned and revealed the words 'Curvy Gurl' across her full butt. Curvy described her well. She was sexy in her own right, just in a totally different way than Marie was.

Speaking of Marie, she walked in mere seconds after the blonde vanished. Marie informed me her sister was awake and to make sure I was dressed before I left the room. Sister? I thought she was the roommate? I was confused. Or was I still buzzed and couldn't remember? Perhaps it was a sorority thing where they just call each other sister? That had to be it. I mean, they did have similar bright, entrancing eyes, but looked nothing else alike otherwise. Marie dressed and left the room. I shook off the remaining cobwebs in my head and found my clothes, then headed out of the room once they were back on.

It was a small apartment, with barely room for a couch and chair in the living area. I saw ahead of me the small kitchen with no room for a table. Both girls greeted me there, and I smiled and waved. A coffee cup was handed to me and I took a sip, watching them eat some eggs and toast and wondering what secrets there were between them. I had just enjoyed some really intense sex last night with the one girl and gotten my dick sucked this morning by the other. I hadn't experienced anything more awkward, yet awesome, in my young life.

Marie kissed me on the cheek and told me to text her later as she left. The blonde introduced herself as Susan and said she needed to leave in 20 minutes. I got the hint and ordered another Lyft ride back to the club where my truck was. I thanked Susan for the coffee and walked to the street. Wow. What a morning.

I texted Marie later that afternoon after I got home and told my roommate the story. He didn't believe me, but I stuck to my guns. What I had failed to do was get a picture with or of Marie the night before. Oh well, even if it ended there, it was a great night and I was sure it would fuel my stroke sessions for months to come at worst. At best? Well, Marie was texting me back, so that was a good sign. Maybe the best was yet to come.

And wouldn't you know it, Marie and I did really hit it off. She was 22 and a junior at Villanova, studying International Business. I found her to be honest, engaging and funny, heck she even laughed at all my lame jokes. She was smart and very quick-witted. I would probably have tried to date her no matter what she looked like. (I did enjoy her smoking hot, tight little body too though, no doubt.) We liked the same music and had similar tastes in restaurants and movies. I asked her out for that same night, but she had plans to study with friends. She did express an interest in a date but wanted to take things a bit slower before she was ready for an actual relationship. I was a bit disappointed, but I agreed. We'd keep talking in the interim.

Depending on traffic, it was at least a 45-minute drive from my dorm to her apartment. Since that would make seeing her every day difficult, taking it a little slower made sense. No need to get ahead of ourselves. I had a hard time convincing my dick of this though. We texted back and forth throughout the day, and the next, and every day after that. I made dumb jokes, while she made little innuendoes. And back and forth like that we went.

Due to our class schedules and work, pre-existing plans, and whatnot, it was another week or so before we got together for an official 'first date'. I picked her up in my truck and we went out for dinner and a movie. We talked throughout dinner and held hands during the show. I really wanted to make a move during the film, but I resisted, sensing it might be too fast for her.

I found out Susan was indeed her actual older sister, five and a half years her elder, and a grad student at Penn. She had three younger brothers at home as well. Marie had only transferred to 'Nova this year. She had started out near home at UMass. She wanted a change of scenery after her last relationship had ended and was planning on changing majors too, so joining Susan in Philly worked out perfectly. They had a large family also, with loads of uncles, aunts, and cousins as well. So much in common we had, and I was smitten, falling head over heels for this girl.

The night was young still after the movie, so we went for a drink. She knew a quiet place where I wasn't likely to be carded and we drank and laughed and danced together. A slow tune came on and she melted into my body. Nothing ever felt as right as that did, holding her close on that dance floor, swaying slowly to some 90's boy band track. The big 'L Word' was on the tip of my tongue already, but I knew I needed to wait. She wanted slow. Or so she said.

We went back to her place again. (because even a small apartment is always better than a cramped dorm room) She nearly ripped my shirt off, buttons flying, as soon as the door closed behind us. She said we needed to be quiet, as Susan was home already and might not be asleep yet. We tiptoed down the hall and into her room, kissing and groping the whole way. She attacked me, knocking me to the bed as soon as the door was closed. She ran her tongue slowly down my chest and tackled my belt again. I let her open my pants up and free my stiff dick, then grabbed her and flipped her onto her back. I pulled the zipper of her skirt down and saw she wasn't wearing any panties.

"If I had known that you weren't wearing any panties, I would have pulled you in the restroom at the club and fucked you silly" I told her, working her skirt off her hips. She smiled wickedly and lifted her butt, allowing me to pull the garment down her smooth legs and out of the way. Her freshly shaved little pussy looked so inviting, I spread her legs and settled down between them. I kissed her naval then along the insides of her thighs, enjoying her squirming a little at my touch. I licked her pussy lips lightly, feeling the heat of her arousal on my face. I used my thumb and flicked her clit, and she sucked in her breath sharply. I looked at her and grinned, then licked up her slit long and slow this time.

"Mmmm yes." She cooed, and I went to work eating her pussy. Licking and sucking her clit, sucking on her labia softly, and gently easing a finger in and out of her. I added a second finger, then started the 'come hither' motions, finding the little patch of her G Spot, then latching on to her clit and sucking with steady pressure. Her hips came alive below me, and her vocalizations got louder and more vulgar. "Fuck! Oh fuck yes! God Damn, God Damn HOLY SHIT!" She cried, and I felt the burst of fluid from her pussy as she came. "Holy Fuck. I can't remember cumming that hard before." She whispered in between pants as she caught her breath.

I rose from my position and she reached forward to grab my cock. She stroked it firmly and smiled up and me before guiding it right in her soaked cunt. I slid in easily and started fucking her with long deep thrusts. Marie closed her eyes and smiled as she moaned. I leaned down and started sucking on her hard nipple, flicking it with my tongue back and forth too. She cried out, then suddenly pulled away and was on all fours again, her round ass looking so inviting as she arched her back and thrust it back at me. She turned her head to look at me, eyes full of lust. "Hard and fast," is all she said. I complied, smacking her ass as I grabbed her hips and impaled my cock into her hungry cunt once more. Again, the echo of flesh pounding flesh seemed to shake the walls, and Marie wasn't keeping quiet anymore. Her moans and words seemed to get louder as she thrust her ass back at me to meet my cock, trying to bury it deeper inside her each time.

I felt the load begin to boil over in my balls. I moaned out that I was about to cum, and she pulled herself off me and spun around, nearly swallowing my dick whole instantly. I stroked it a few times, and I saw her hand busy rubbing her clit hard and fast to cum again. I gave myself one last stroke and the I let loose with what felt like 8 or 9 hard, full bursts of cum shooting into her mouth. She moaned on my dick and the rest of the load spewed forth, letting a stream of cum roll down her lips and onto her chin. I fell to the bed, spent and empty. Marie knelt there above me for a moment, eyes closed, seemingly savoring the moment, before she curled up along my side. Sleep came quickly.

I had never experienced Deja-vu before. But I swore I was dreaming, reliving the first morning-after I had spent in Marie's bed. Everything was the same. Hard cock. Soft hands with just the right amount of pressure. A warm, wet, wonderful and willing mouth. A talented tongue teasing and licking all the right places. I could feel my dick throbbing, that wonderful feeling that it was as hard and big as it could get, almost ready to burst out of its own skin. I popped my eyes open and there she was, blonde hair bobbing up and down, dragging her lips along my shaft exquisitely. Susan looked up at me and smiled, those enchanting eyes she and Marie shared beaming at me. So sexy. I thought about her body, big, soft looking boobs, full, curvy hips. My cock twitched.

I smiled back and noticed black straps along her shoulders. She was wearing a bra. This wasn't a dream. I wasn't just reliving the encounter from weeks back, it was happening again. I groaned aloud, and she again shifted gears. Gone was the slow, passionate blow job and on came the same fast, rhythmic mouth fucking I had gotten weeks ago. Up and down her head bobbed, faster and faster. She closed her eyes and focused on the task at hand. The faster and deeper she went, the closer I got to erupting. She rolled those eyes back up at me again, and again I shot load after load of cum into her throat and mouth. Again, she eased up and let cum roll down my shaft and coat my entire cock. She gave me the same satisfied smile and stood, showing me the sexy black bra and panty set adorning her curves. She put a finger to her lips and winked before she scurried out the door.

I gathered my wits about me, and as if on cue, Marie strolled in, again wrapped in a towel. She sat beside me and kissed me. I ran my hands along her trim legs and kissed her deeper. She smelled so delicious. She broke away and smiled. She had to go to work soon. Susan would be leaving pretty soon as well. I nodded and told her I would get dressed and follow her out. She wanted me to stay but was nervous about Susan. Apparently, her sister had recently been through a really messy break up and didn't think she would be too keen on some guy she barely knew hanging around their place for too long. I said I understood, although inside I was laughing at the though of Susan being shy around me. How could she be shy around me after sucking my dick... twice!

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