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2020 Literotica Reader's Choice Awards Winners

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The best of 2020 - as chosen by you, the reader!
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The stories and authors below were chosen by our readers as the best of 2020, in voting which took place here. Though these are not the only wonderful authors and stories on Literotica, they are all worthy of praise and recognition.

Thanks to all of the writers for providing us with hours of reading enjoyment, and to all of the readers for your input, support, and attention.

Congratulations to ALL nominees and winners!

Winning authors: please to receive your prize. In your message, tell us which award(s) you are claiming.

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The 2020 Literotica Awards: Most Helpful Editor




* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Most Influential Writer







* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Most Influential Poet








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The 2020 Literotica Awards: Sexiest Female Character in a Story

Nellie in A Very Nellie Christmas by MsCherylTerra


Catherine Earl in 1920 Vampire Dhampir - The Daywalker by ElorraButler

Ellie in Firestorm Pt. 01 by SpaceFirefly

Rhonda in Spanksgiving by silkstockingslover

Stardust Wong in I Married a Heptapod by ChloeTzang

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Sexiest Male Character in a Literotica Story

Dr. Wes in Head Above Water Pt. 01 by norafares


Daddy in Best of Both Worlds: Classroom BBC by silkstockingslover

Evan in Missed Connections: New Orlean by Erozetta

JP in A Very Nellie Christmas by MsCherylTerra

Ziggy in I Married a Heptapod by ChloeTzang

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Sexiest Transgender/Non-Cisgendered Character in a Literotica Story

Sasha in Family Reunion: Mother’s Day by silkstockingslover


Quin/Jennifer in The Sissy Mark by Son_of_Battles

Raven in Trap or Treat Ch. 02: Shaded by MColton84

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Most Literary--Genre Transcending

Wheels In Motion Ch. 01 by BrokenSpokes


Family Reunion: Mother’s Day by silkstockingslover

Obedience and Betrayal by stev2244

Pie Thief by chasten

Turn the Page by blackrandl1958

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Most Original Sex Scene

from The Trainer Pt. 03 by Salandar


from Fantasy Fulfilled by Fantasy Fulfilled

from I Married a Heptapod by ChloeTzang

from Runaway Pt. 02 by MsCherylTerra

from Warlock Reina Pt. 05 by Liethra

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best Anal Story

Yawning Abyss by JimBob44


In The Gallery by Vitorio

Mandy's Sexcapade: Anal Virgin No More by Syzoth

The Freebie by Maria_McGeorge

When Jessica and Yazmin Stayed Over by Estrellita85

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best Audio Story

Hey, I'm Your Masseuse Today! by heartdamage


Edging You Into The New Year by theangeloftemptation

Lazy Sunday Morning Quickie by olivia_wren

My Fucktoy by InMyHandsAudio

Two In One Valentine by LushinLace

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best BDSM Story

The Twelve Zenati Pt. 23 by xelliebabex


Cupids Binding by fierycougar

Doctor's Orders by BelleCanzuto

No Turning Back by soppingwetpanties

S.A.D., the S is for... by tomlitilia

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best Erotic Couplings Story

The Last Time by MsCherylTerra


A Nice Mug of Tea by Ginlover

Dating in the Dark by SolarRay

The Fishing Trip by BufoAmericanus

Senior Year Memories Ch. 30 by aimingtomisbehave33

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best Erotic Horror Story

The Hunt by BrokenSpokes


Let's Make a Deal Ch. 01 by Deanstiel

Return To Point Hollow Ch. 02 by WifeWatchman

The Succubus Heart Squad by manyeyedhydra

The Woman in White by majicman21

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best Exhibitionist & Voyeur Story

The Dirty Sheets by PickFiction


Shaking It Off by Voboy

Single Male Chaperone by TooTallToFall

Teacher's Pet by ProperlyTwisted

The Halloween Skits by spyralout

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best Fanfiction & Celebrities Story

Willow's Way Ch. 02 by silkstockingslover


Kanto Ep. 03 by icedragonmo3

Play Testers Wanted Pt. 14 by Lost Boy

Surefoot 52: ...This Means War Pt. 01 by Surefoot

There and Back Again Ch. 194 by ElyssaCousland

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best Fetish Story

Spiced-Up Marriage: A Big Surprise by silkstockingslover


Broken Breast Pump Ch. 02 by Jay626

Lucy and John by riderofdragons

The DomBox by Iwroteathing

The Year of the Cat Ch. 13 by Jugg_Head

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best First Time Story

Runaway Pt. 04 by MsCherylTerra


Meaningful, Meaningless Sex by SpindleTop

Sofia by R410a

The Masks We Wear by Bebop3

Zeb's First Time Experiences by silverfern

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best Gay Male Story

Bisexual Quarantine Seduction by SluttyBisexualGuy


The Crash by marq_andrewx

The Roommate by SecondCircle

Tied Up in Knotts Ch. 06 by Mrsgnomie

Western Skies Ch. 04 by Zorse_D

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best Group Sex Story

Human Resource by AwkwardMD


A Halloween to Remember by tdallyn

Mr. and Mrs. Bohaven Ch. 02 by SluttyBisexualGuy

The Quislin Factor by BradentonLarry

Wild Card Memories by MWater

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best How To Story

What I Wish I Knew by Bebop3


Blow Job School by ilovebananas

Chick Magnet by olderhormones

How to Give a Man a Happy Ending by BlowjobSuzuki

Squirting for Beginners by CurvyGirl73

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best Humor & Satire Story

The Idiot, the Farmer and Me Ch. 03 by Androgynousother


Not So Lucky in Love... by Frankenstein1962

Santa, Baby by TarnishedPenny

That Fine Line by SouthernCrossfire

Truck Got Stuck by PaperbackWriter007

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best Illustrated Story

Christmas Carolyn: A Lesbian Orgy by silkstockingslover


A Hot Summer's Night Ch. 06 by DarkBreezly

Charity Slave Auction Ch. 08 by Kay_Evans100

Picture Story: Easter Hunt by AnnieLit

Quarantined with Mom - Illustrated! By HeyAll

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best Incest Story

A Legacy of Shadows by LateStageInfernalism


Happy Birthday to Me! By LexxRuthless

My Cousin, My Escort by Thongluver69

Trapped in a Game Pt. 07 by Kousakacomplex

Unconventional by Rollinbones

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best Interracial Love Story

Customer Service by Sir Galahad


Falling for Grace Pt. 06 by Rabbitman55

Hailey's Sexcapades Ch. 01: Caught Skinny Dipping by VivicaSnow

Mixed Emotions Pt. 03 by R410a

XXXam by RejectReality

* * * * *
The 2020 Literotica Awards: Best Lesbian Sex Story

'Twas The Night Before... Ch. 02 by BrokenSpokes


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